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Siemens reports successful full load tests of additively manufactured CM247 gas turbine blades

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Siemens has achieved a breakthrough by finishing its first full load engine tests for gas turbine blades completely produced using Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. The project team used blades manufactured at its 3D printing facility at Materials Solutions , in Worcester, UK.

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GM and Honda to establish industry-first $85M joint fuel cell system manufacturing operation in Michigan

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General Motors and Honda are establishing the auto industry’s first manufacturing joint venture—Fuel Cell System Manufacturing, LLC, FCSM)—to mass-produce an advanced hydrogen fuel cell system that will be used in future products from each company.

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Bolt EV Powertrain: How Did GM And LG Collaborate On Design, Production?

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Manufacturing General Motors GM Partnership Mark Reuss plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) lg-chemIn last fall's runup to the launch of the production 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV 200-mile electric car, GM discussed working together with Korean corporate giant LG on the Bolt's development. Mark Reuss, GM’s head of global product development said in October that the company's partnership with LG Chem was "unprecedented." The cooperation was.

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Stratasys demonstrates next-gen 3D printing for aerospace and automotive manufacturing; partnering with Ford

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the 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions company, will preview demonstrations of next-generation manufacturing technologies at IMTS 2016 (International Manufacturing Technology Show, 12-17 September) as part of its SHAPING WHAT’S NEXT vision for manufacturing.

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McLaren Racing signs new four-year partnership with Stratasys to bring additive manufacturing to Formula 1

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McLaren Racing and Stratasys entered a new four-year partnership under which Stratasys will supply McLaren Racing with a suite of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, as the Official Supplier of 3D Printing Solutions to the McLaren-Honda Formula 1 team. Stratasys will work closely with the grand prix outfit as it ramps up its rapid manufacturing capacity at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, UK.

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Alcoa unveils major advance in aluminum manufacturing technology; new Micromill targeting future automotive aluminum products

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Alcoa has developed new manufacturing technology—the Micromill—that will produce what the company says is the most advanced aluminum sheet on the market. Manufacturing Materials Weight reduction

Ballard signs $25M deal with Broad-Ocean for manufacture & sales of 30 and 85 kW fuel cell systems in China

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Under the deal, Broad-Ocean will manufacture fuel cell modules in three strategic regions in China, including Shanghai. In each of the three assembly operation locations, Broad-Ocean plans to engage with local governments as well as with bus and commercial vehicle OEMs for deployment of fuel cell buses and commercial vehicles incorporating Ballard-designed modules manufactured by Broad-Ocean.

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NIST awards $7.4M in grants for additive manufacturing research

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million to fund two research projects aimed at improving measurement and standards for the rapidly developing field of additive manufacturing (AM). Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a group of new technologies that build up objects, usually by laying down many thin layers on top of each other. Additive manufacturing processes face a variety of hurdles that limit their utility for high-value products and applications. Manufacturing

Caltech team uses computational topology optimization to design silicon anode structures for Li-ion batteries

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Researchers at Caltech have used computational topology optimization methods to design optimal multifunctional silicon anode structures for lithium-ion batteries. In order to utilize high capacity silicon as a new anode material, several important design requirements must therefore be met.

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Turbomeca introduces additive manufacturing capability for production engine components

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After years of maturation and prototype testing, helicopter engine manufacturer Turbomeca (Safran) has entered serial production of parts using the latest additive manufacturing (3D printing) process at its Bordes facility in France.

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Toyota investing $1B in new TNGA plant in Mexico, realigning North American manufacturing; expansion in Guangzhou

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Toyota is embarking on a multi-year plan to realign its manufacturing operations in North America in support of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) ( earlier post ), a comprehensive approach to achieving sustainable growth by making ever-better vehicles more efficiently. As part of this strategy, Toyota will invest approximately US$1 billion to construct its newest North American manufacturing facility in the state of Guanajuato in Central Mexico to produce the Corolla.

Argonne VERIFI team improves code to enable up to 10K simultaneous engine simulations; paradigm shift in engine design

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These simulations are typical “engineering-type” smaller scale simulations, which are used routinely for engine design within industry. This massive simulation capacity has opened up a new capability for industrial partners seeking new advanced engine designs. Presently, engineers exploring new engine designs can do a small number of simulations—perhaps 100—on cluster computers, which can take weeks to complete.

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CMU/MIT study finds large-scale battery manufacturing will do little to reduce unit costs past a 200-300 MWh annual production level

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We investigate the role of battery design variables on the cost and performance of Li-ion batteries by first characterizing the tradeoffs in battery design and subsequently using this knowledge to optimize and assess technical and economic implications. electrode designs (e.g.:

Dassault Systèmes and Airbus Group extend collaboration to additive manufacturing

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Dassault Systèmes announced that Airbus Group, after a two-year comprehensive benchmarking process, is extending its use of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform to its additive manufacturing programs integrating design, simulation and production. This provides Airbus Group with digital continuity to optimize its conceptual designs by virtually validating each phase of the additive manufacturing process.

New Silexica SLX Automotive design tools feature Infineon TriCore models

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Silexica , a provider of multicore software design automation addressing complex, multicore platforms, released of its new SLX Automotive Development package, which provides programming support for multicore automotive software. In January 2017, Silexica joined the Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR), a worldwide development partnership of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and other companies from the electronics, semiconductor and software industry.

Shell Project M Concept City Car: Huge Efficiency Gains Possible, Designer Gordon Murray Says

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Famed car designer Gordon Murray will team up with former Honda engine specialist Osamu Goto and oil company Shell to develop a concept for "an ultra-compact, efficient car for city use based around the internal combustion engine." Manufacturing minicar City car Gordon Murray concept Fuel Economy Shell T25

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Pi Innovo and GaN Systems collaborate to offer electronics design services for auxiliary systems for multi-voltage, hybrid and electric vehicles

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Controls engineering firm Pi Innovo and gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor manufacturer GaN Systems are collaborating to offer automakers a pathway to the efficient and effective electrification of auxiliary systems for multi-voltage conventional, hybrid-electric, and pure electric vehicles.

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New 7th-generation Hyundai Sonata updates design, tweaks powertrain

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design language, stiffer body structure, better ride quality, reduced noise, vibration and harshness and advanced safety and convenience features. Theta II featured numerous design enhancements over its predecessor, beginning with a three-stage variable induction system (VIS) which automatically adjusted the volume of the air sucked into the combustion chamber to create an air-to-fuel mix optimized for varying engine load conditions. 2015 Sonata 2.0T Click to enlarge.

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Car Manufacturer Spotlight: Renault

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In recent weeks it has released the final designs of its zero emission [.]. Where we stand: May 2010 Through its Alliance with Nissan, French automaker Renault has been one of the leaders in the production of zero emission electric vehicles and has plans to mass market a range of electric cars from 2011 onwards (see article).

SMDI design study produces twist beam concept that reduces mass ~30% relative to baseline assembly

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mass reduction relative to the baseline assembly, at a 12–15% premium in manufacturing cost at production volumes of 30,000 to 250,000 vehicles per year, respectively. An S-Beam Design based on 22MnB5 sheet, DP780 tube and HSLA550 materials was predicted to have a 14.9%

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Quirky Danish electric car design wins Frost & Sullivan award

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The Danish manufacturer behind the design has been awarded the sought-after ‘2012 European Electric Vehicles Early Stage Investment Opportunity Award’ from internationally renown research firm Frost & Sullivan. Electric car maker ECOmove has won a prestigious award for its QBEAK electric vehicle concept, which is planned for production from 2013.

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New manufacturing technologies deliver lighter and stiffer 2014 Corvette

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Approximately $52 million of the investment went to a new body shop that manufactures the car’s all-new, lightweight aluminum frame in-house for the first time. Fuel Efficiency Manufacturing Weight reduction Aluminum resistance spot welding in Bowling Green.

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Detroit Electric SP:01 Sports Car: Final Design Announced

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Even when the new company shares its name with one of the original manufacturers of electric cars. Starting a new company is always somewhat difficult, but that’s particularly true in the car business. ALSO SEE: Detroit Electric SP:01 - The New Tesla Roadster? The first prototype of the Detroit Electric SP:01 electric sports car was shown in

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BMW lays cornerstone for new Lightweight Design Center at Landshut

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BMW held a cornerstone-laying ceremony for its new Lightweight Design Center at BMW’s Landshut site. Some 160 engineers will research innovative materials and manufacturing processes for future vehicle, starting at the end of 2016. BMW is investing about €20 million (US$22 million) in the center. Lightweight construction is one of the key technologies of the global automotive industry and a key differentiating feature in competition.

NIST, partners create new international standard to improve sustainable manufacturing

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A public-private team led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has created a new international standard that can “map” the critically important environmental aspects of manufacturing processes, leading to significant improvements in sustainability while keeping a product’s life cycle low cost and efficient. Manufacturers, as well as software suppliers that provide analysis and modeling solutions, will be the primary users of the new standard.

Kokam introduces new XPAND Li-ion pack for electric vehicle manufacturers; advanced liquid cooling, 150 Wh/kg

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Ltd, has introduced the XPAND battery pack, delivering electric vehicle manufacturers a safe, high-performance, cost-effective battery solution for electric bus, tram, truck, ground support equipment (GSE), military, marine, special-purpose and other commercial and industrial electric vehicle (EV) applications. Kokam Co.,

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DOE to award up to $70M for Manufacturing Institute focused on reuse, recycling and remanufacturing

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The manufacturing sector, a subset of the industrial sector, consumes 24 quads of primary energy annually in the United States—about one quarter of total US energy use and roughly three-quarters of total industrial energy use. Manufacturing Sustainability

XL Hybrids partners with Knapheide Manufacturing to expand hybrid electric powertrain availability

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developer of a low-cost hybrid electric powertrain designed for class 1 to 3 commercial fleet vehicles ( earlier post ), has an agreement with The Knapheide Manufacturing Company, a commercial vehicle equipment provider in North America, for the installation and distribution of its products. The Knapheide Manufacturing Company is a leading US manufacturer and provider of commercial vehicle solutions. XL Hybrids, Inc.,

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Shell unveils latest ultra-efficient city car, designed by Gordon Murray

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A year ago, famed car designer Gordon Murray announced a collaboration with former Honda engine specialist Osamu Goto and oil company Shell, to be called "Project M." The goal was to design an ultra-efficient city car that would demonstrate radical improvements in the efficiency of both vehicle operation and manufacturing.

For Greener Manufacturing, Think IAQ

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The next generation of cars will be cleaner and greener than ever—but a lot of the manufacturing processes that go into them are still pretty dirty. From the frame to the muffler, automotive manufacturing still involves welding, cutting, grinding and machining.

DOE announces $70M for Innovation Institute on Smart Manufacturing; advanced sensors, controls, platforms, and modeling for manufacturing

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The US Department of Energy announced up to $70 million in funding ( DE-FOA-0001263 ) for the next Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute, which will be focused on smart manufacturing. With this investment, the DOE aims to support research and development advancements that can reduce the cost of deployment for technologies such as advanced sensors, controls, platforms, and modeling for manufacturing by as much as 50%. Internet of Things Manufacturing Sensors

Graphene ultracap manufacturer Skeleton Technologies receives €13M investment; Series C led by FirstFloor Capital

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European ultracapacitor manufacturer Skeleton Technologies has received €13 million (US$14.5 Skeleton Technologies’ devices are the only ultracapacitors to use a patented graphene-based material in their manufacture, allowing them to deliver twice the energy density and five times the power density of their competitors. million) in new investment led by FirstFloor Capital, a Malaysian venture capital investment firm specializing in funding high-growth technology companies.

President Obama launches $500M Advanced Manufacturing Partnership; Ford involved as an initial partner

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US President Barack Obama today launched the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP), a national effort bringing together industry, universities, and the federal government to invest in emerging technologies such as information technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. The AMP is being developed based on the recommendation of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), which today released a report entitled “Ensuring Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing.”

Elio Motors releases body framing and engine cradle design to suppliers for E-Series engineering prototype builds

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Elio Motors, the startup vehicle manufacturer launching a three-wheeled vehicle that will get up to 84 MPG with a targeted base price of $6,800 ( earlier post ), has released to its suppliers the body framing and engine cradle design for its E-Series engineering prototypes. The E-Series prototypes will be used for safety, wind tunnel and manufacturability validation, prior to the start of commercial production.

Novelis enters supply agreement with NIO to provide aluminum solutions for next-gen EVs

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Supply for NIO will come from Novelis’ Changzhou plant, China’s first facility dedicated to manufacturing heat-treated automotive sheet. The plant is an example of Novelis’ long-term commitment and capability to supply product in Asia for auto manufacturers based in that region and globally. This seminal relationship with NIO is pushing the limits of what is possible with electric vehicles from both a performance and design standpoint.

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Acura NSX Hybrid Supercar To Be Designed, Built Here In U.S.

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Honda has now announced the new hybrid supercar will be produced at the company''s Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio. The Honda NSX sports car is ingrained into Japanese car culture, but the latest model will be every bit as American as it is Japanese. Sold under the Acura brand in the U.S, Virtually from the start, the new NSX has been an

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Westport to begin delivering HPDI 2.0 early production-design-intent components to OEMs in Q1 2016

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announced that early production-design-intent components in the Westport High Pressure Direct Injection (Westport HPDI) second-generation (HPDI 2.0) Manufacturing systems engineering and initial equipment orders for this production facility are now well underway. For heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers, minimal change to the base diesel engine means simpler integration into engine and vehicle production. Westport Innovations Inc.

Manufacturing Spotlight: Vauxhall

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Its vehicles are largely identical to those of the Opel brand, which is sold across Europe, with most designed in Germany and produced across Germany, Spain and Poland, [.]. Vauxhall ecoFLEX Manufacturer Spotlight Vauxhall AmperaWhere we stand: May, 2012 The Vauxhall brand of General Motors has been the second largest selling motoring brand in the UK for more than two decades.

Oerlikon expands additive manufacturing R&D and production capacity in the US

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Oerlikon is expanding its global additive manufacturing (AM) business with a state-of-the-art R&D and production facility for additively manufactured advanced components in the Charlotte metro area in North Carolina, USA. Oerlikon expects the demand for additively manufactured metal components to increase rapidly in the coming years, making it one of the key growth areas in next-generation manufacturing technologies.

Toyota progress report on TNGA; half of vehicles sold in 2020 to feature new platforms

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Designed to balance product advances with cost reductions, TNGA supports the grouping of the development of new vehicles to promote strategic sharing of parts and powertrain components. Fuel Efficiency Hybrids Manufacturing Vehicle Manufacturers Vehicle Systems

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