PG&E, Calif. Energy Commission launch 4MW sodium-sulfur grid storage pilot in San Jose

Green Car Congress

NGK Insulators ( earlier post ) is the manufacturer of the sodium sulfur (NaS) battery system which includes the battery modules and control system for managing DC input/output and other parameters for maximizing module longevity. Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and the California Energy Commission today unveiled a utility-scale sodium-sulfur battery energy storage system ( earlier post ) pilot project to better balance power needs of the electric grid.

Coulomb Technologies Unveils First ChargePoint America EV Charging Stations in San Jose

Green Car Congress

Coulomb Technologies has installed its first Networked Charging Station for electric vehicles in San Jose, California from its $37 million ChargePoint America program ( earlier post ). ChargePoint America will offer hundreds of free stations for public and home charging to individuals and businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Jose, for use by individual vehicle owners and by fleets.

California Energy Commission to award $8.9M for completion of California DC fast charge North-South corridors

Green Car Congress

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has selected 8 awardees for a total of $8,875,457 in funding to install Direct Current (DC) fast charging stations on Interstate 5 (I-5), State Route 99 (SR 99), and along United States Highway 101 (US-101) from San Jose traveling South in California.

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Electrify America opening first California EV fast charging station in Torrance; targeting 9 in California by year-end

Green Car Congress

The Country Hills Shopping Plaza in Torrance, California will be the site of the first DC fast charging station to open in the state as part of Electrify America’s plan to install approximately 160 charging stations in California by June 2019. Target locations or “target zones” for each station were identified using Electrify America’s proprietary station siting methodology, which projected the locations where DC fast charging stations will be most needed by 2020.

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Electrify America releases $300M Cycle 2 national ZEV investment plan; metro charging, autonomous charging, renewable generation

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Electrify America also will continue to invest in these Cycle 1 metros: Boston, Chicago, Denver, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle and Washington, DC.

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Rivian introduces two quad-motor, AWD “Electric Adventure Vehicles”

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In addition to DC fast-charging, an 11kW onboard charger facilitates rapid charging at a Level 2 charger. The company has facilities in Plymouth, Michigan, San Jose, California, Irvine, California, and Normal, Illinois.

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Upgrading to Happy Battery Pac on the "Spirit of DC" with Work Sessions with Robb Protheroe at PluginSupply, Monday - Wednesday, 26-28 January 2009

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Cheers PHEV3A'rs, EVADC'rs, & EVnthusiasts, One & All - The "Spirit of DC" arrived at Robb Protheroe's PluginSupply location on Sunday, 25 Jan 09 in order to upgrade the PbA battery pack, which was found quite depleted. So the "Spirit" is just about ready to launch its Sun Belt Grand Finale from San Francisco, California - a run across America to Washington, DC, via an Amtrak Auto Train from Florida.

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Fall Preview and Theatrical Launch

Revenge of the Electric Car

San Francisco. San Jose. Washington, DC. San Diego. This summer has been a wild ride of festivals, terrific opening press and special event screenings across the country.

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Smart Move

Revenge of the Electric Car

Smart will be launching a test fleet of 250 electric cars in selected areas, including: Portland, San Jose, Indianapolis, Orlando, and the Washington, D.C. San Jose, Calif.; and the Washington, D.C.-Boston – Boston Corridor. Read more in the article: Smart to Launch Test Fleet of Electric Cars. By Mike Ramsey for the Wall Street Journal.

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ChargePoint ranks US metro areas for EV friendliness; SF Bay Area still on top

Green Car Congress

The San Francisco Bay Area (including San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose) led the nation, followed by Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego and Honolulu. Although Los Angeles leads the nation in terms of registered EVs (nearly 57,000), the San Francisco Bay Area takes top billing after accounting for population differences (more than 48,000 EVs). San Francisco Bay Area, CA. San Francisco Bay Area, CA. San Diego, CA. San Diego, CA.

TTI/INRIX study shows US traffic congestion back at pre-recession levels; average travel delay/commuter 2x that in 1982

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Washington, D.C. tops the list of gridlock-plagued cities, with 82 hours of delay per commuter, followed by Los Angeles (80 hours), San Francisco (78 hours), New York (74 hours), and San Jose (67 hours).

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CARB approves Electrify America’s second $200M investment in California

Green Car Congress

Partial Consent Decree, CARB moved forward the company’s plans for DC fast-charging in more metro areas, adding charging for regional routes, and strengthening highway networks. Highlights of the California Cycle 2 ZEV Investment Plan include: Metropolitan Areas: The central focus of electric vehicle charging infrastructure investment in Cycle 2 will shift to more DC Fast Charging (DCFC) stations within metro areas, where electric vehicle (EV) drivers are expected to charge most often.

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Electrify America announces $200M Cycle 2 zero emission vehicle investment plan for California

Green Car Congress

Electrify America will invest in nine metro areas inside California, including these new metro areas added for Cycle 2: Riverside-San Bernardino. San Diego-Carlsbad. San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward. San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara.

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Coulomb Technologies ships more than 2,400 public and commercial charging stations in ChargePoint America Program

Green Car Congress

Coulomb’s ChargePoint America program provides approximately 4,500 charging stations to program participants in ten regions in the United States: Austin/San Antonio, Texas, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando/Tampa, Sacramento, Calif., San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area, Redmond/Bellevue, Wash., Washington DC/Baltimore, Southern Michigan (including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor and Detroit).

Arnold Flexing for Flex-Fuels; Fouls Air & Guzzles More Gasoline

Plugs and Cars

As I read in the San Jose Mercury News about California's flex-fuel fleet fiasco. a near silent electric trolley bus passes by my window on Haight St in San Francisco, an old technology tried, true, and spurned by the environmental "experts" of the present and recent past. This is nothing but self-serving propaganda," said [Tyson] Slocum, whose Washington D.C.-based

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Nissan Announces Dates for US LEAF EV Tour

Green Car Congress

San Diego: Nov. San Francisco: Nov. San Jose: Dec. Washington, D.C.: The Nissan LEAF all-electric car will make its North American debut in Los Angeles on 13 Nov. The Los Angeles showing will be the first time people in the United States will be able to see the five-passenger, five-door, gasoline-free car, which is embarking on a nationwide tour.

Coulomb Technologies Installs First ChargePoint America EV Charging Station in Michigan

Green Car Congress

the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area, Bellevue/Redmond, Wash., and Washington DC. Coulomb Technologies has installed its first ChargePoint networked electric vehicle charging station in Michigan from the $37-million ChargePoint America program. ChargePoint America will offer hundreds of free stations for public and home charging to individuals and businesses throughout southern Michigan.

Conference confirms plug-in fever

Plugs and Cars

Coming on the heels of the Google/Brookings event in Washington, D.C., Plug-in 2008 in San Jose, California witnessed a noon-time address by new heavy-weight convert, Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel. Once again, a conference on plug-in cars. Grove brings some needed high-profile gravitas to the community of electrification advocates. One week earlier, former Vice President Al Gore issued his well-received challenge to make the American grid 100% renewable in ten years.

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ChargePoint completes ARRA-funded ChargePoint America program; 4,600 charging ports

Green Car Congress

Ten regions in the United States received EV charging stations: Austin/San Antonio, Texas; Boston; Los Angeles; New York; Orlando/Tampa; Sacramento, Calif.; San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area; Redmond/Bellevue, Wash.; Washington DC/Baltimore; and Southern Michigan (including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor and Detroit). ChargePoint, Inc.

Sprig Electric pairs Tesla Powerpack with rooftop PV system

Green Car Congress

The pairing, installed by Sprig Electric at their corporate headquarters in San Jose, will cut the building’s total energy costs by 80-95%. In addition to five 100 kW Powerpack commercial batteries, the system includes a 250 kW inverter and a DC combiner.

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Sunday, 1 Feb 2009 - "Spirit's" Still in High Spirits. After the Super Bowl. Ready'ing for Santa Cruz, South & Beyond.

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Cheers PHEV3A'rs, EVADC'rs, and EVnthusiasts, One & All - On the initial run of the Sun Belt Grand Finale, the "Spirit of DC" rolls quietly along in the EVMode while taking in the scenic Hwy 49 with the Pacific Ocean on one side and then on Skyline Blvd, the San Francisco Bay on the other side. all en route to Santa Clara and a stayover with San Jose EAA Member, Chuck Olson.

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Yeah, I Got Your Chevy Volt, Right Here. Day 2 @ Plug-In 2009

Creative Greenius

They own and built the ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations which range in capability from 120V 15A to 240V 80A AC charging to future 120kW DC charging. If you’ve been wondering just how real the new Chevy Volt that gets 230 mpg in city driving is , well just take a look for yourself.

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APTA reports record public transportation usage in US in 2013; growth outpacing population and VMT growth

Green Car Congress

Systems that showed double digit increases in 2013 were located in the following cities: New Orleans, LA (28.9%); Denver, CO (14.9%); and San Diego, CA (10.4%). Growth in public transit ridership since 1995 has outpaced population and VMT growth. Data: APTA. Click to enlarge.

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California ARB receives VW’s 1st $200M, 30-month ZEV investment plan

Green Car Congress

In addition, other use cases/technologies are also under consideration including destination charging at California state parks to increase access to L2s, and, for higher power DC charging applications, targeted battery storage to manage peak demand, ease grid loads, etc. Electrify America has identified 5 metropolitan areas for the cycle 1 investment (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, and Sacramento).

2017 81

Pike Research projects California, New York and Florida to lead US in PEV sales

Green Car Congress

Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta and Washington DC are not expected to show strong sales of PEVs; all are forecast to have fewer than 28,000 PEVs in their markets by 2017. San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, CA. San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, CA. Relative to population, the firm anticipates that PEV penetration rates will be the highest in several smaller MSAs including Raleigh-Cary, NC; San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA; and Sacramento-Arden Arcade-Roseville, CA.

Most Hybrid Cities In America

Hybrid SUV Blog

I made my first trip to San Francisco this week and although I expected to see a higher percentage of hybrid cars compared to most Midwest cities, I was really surprised. When I returned home, I wondered how San Francisco ranked in terms of hybrid auto sales. San Francisco.

California Energy Commission approves $46.6M for hydrogen refueling and $2.8M for EV charging projects

Green Car Congress

was awarded $2,902,000 to construct two 100% renewable refueling stations in Los Angeles, and $24,667,000 for 17 stations located in Campbell, Coalinga, Costa Mesa, Hayward, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, La Canada Flintridge, Long Beach, Mill Valley, San Diego, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Saratoga, South Pasadena, South San Francisco, Redwood City and Truckee. Linde LLC was awarded $4,250,000 to install two hydrogen refueling stations located in San Ramon and Oakland.

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Pike Research forecasts US plug-in vehicle penetration rates to be highest in smaller states

Green Car Congress

While the most populous states will see the highest sales volumes, with California, New York and Florida likely leading the way, as a percentage of total vehicle sales, smaller states will lead, with Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, DC, and Delaware among the top states for PEV penetration. The second highest penetration rate will be in California (5.4%), followed by Oregon (5.4%), Washington, D.C. San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, CA. San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, CA.

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Main Page - EAA-PHEV

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

General Disclaimer HV (High Voltage) DC (Direct Current) Warning: Traction Battery Packs, Motors, Chargers, and other HV sources could cause serious injury or death if proper precautions are not taken while working on or around such High Voltage Direct Current sources.


Volkswagen’s Electrify America supplement discusses ZEV charging investments in disadvantaged California communities

Green Car Congress

Earlier this year, Electrify America submitted the plan for the first tranche of spending, directed at 11 cities nationwide—New York, Washington, D.C.,

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Coulomb Technologies to Provide 4,600 Free Home and Public Charging Stations Through ChargePoint America Program

Green Car Congress

the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area, California; Redmond, Wash.; and Washington DC. Locations for the ChargePoint America program. Click to enlarge. Coulomb Technologies, in partnership with Ford, Chevrolet and smart USA, will provide 4,600 free home and public ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations for electric vehicles throughout the United States through the ChargePoint America program.

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More Electric Cars in Las Vegas with Stan Hanel's Story on the RAR'ster. with EVJerr Back to Webblogging, Sunday, 13 September 2009

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

EVJerry" Asher In January 2009, Michael Craner and Madushini “Maddy” Gunawardana started planning a cross-country roadtrip from New York City to San Francisco. He drew support from members of both groups in planning a detailed itinerary from New York City to Los Angeles and then north along the California coast to San Francisco in 17 days. EVJerry traveled with the RAR caravan as an advance scout vehicle in the All American “Spirit of DC”.

Sprint CEO introduces new partners for Machine-to-Machine Connected Transportation initiative

Green Car Congress

ECOtality has begun installing the first of nearly 15,000 Level 2 EV charging stations along with more than 300 DC Fast Chargers at public and commercial sites throughout 2011. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse highlighted the company’s machine-to-machine (M2M) Connected Transportation initiative in a keynote address to the Detroit Economic Club, including the introduction of new partnerships. At Sprint, our vision goes beyond connecting millions of cars.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Sprout at Plug-in 2010

Green Car Congress

Eaton is introducing a full family of products for each of the three product market segments: Level 1 (120Vac), Level 2 (240Vac) and DC Quick Charge (480V). Blink residential unit. Source: Ecotality. Click to enlarge.

2010 88