FCA US reaches settlements on diesel emissions at estimated cost of $800M

Green Car Congress

The estimated total cost of settlements is $0.8 FCA will provide free software update for an estimated 100,000 vehicles; service provided through an emissions recall and does not require any hardware modification Settlements include an average of $2,800 in compensation for each eligible customer affected by the recall Civil penalties under the settlement total approximately $400 million, payable to various U.S.

2019 253

DOE awarding $209M to 26 national lab projects; EVs, batteries and connected vehicles

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding $209 million in funding to 26 new national laboratory projects focusing on electric vehicles, advanced batteries and connected vehicles. The US currently relies heavily on importing advanced battery components from abroad, which exposes the nation to supply chain vulnerabilities that threaten to disrupt the availability and cost of these technologies. 3D Printing of All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries.


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BMW i Ventures invests in GenXComm to increase speed and lower cost of 5G rollout; microphotonics-based full-duplex, high-speed communication

Green Car Congress

BMW i Ventures has invested in GenXComm , a company with technology that improves the performance and capacity of communication networks, and which aims to increase significantly the speed of global 5G deployment. GenXComm is ushering in the next revolution of computing and connectivity. Autonomous systems, like self-driving cars, are essentially datacenters on wheels, and require fast, low latency connections.

2020 161

5GAA hosts C-V2X connected vehicle demo in Berlin

Green Car Congress

The 5G Automotive Association ( 5GAA ) hosted an interoperability demo of cellular-data-enabled connected vehicle (C-V2X) applications in Berlin. Using both direct short-range communications and mobile networks offers complementary capabilities as showcased in the demos, which involve tele-operated driving and the provision of emergency traffic information between vehicles using multi-access edge computing (MEC) functionality. Connected vehicles CV2X

2019 252

ADB: Projected cost of Uzbek Oltin Yo’l GTL plant increases by 37% to $5.6B

Green Car Congress

The projected cost of the Olin Yo’l GTL project in Uzbekistan ( earlier post ) will hit $5.6 As originally outlined by founding project partners Sasol, Petronas and Uzbekneftegaz, the project was estimated to cost some $4.1 The scope of the project includes a three-stage GTL process unit, utilities and offsites, and connecting pipeline and rail. The majority of production will be GTL diesel and GTL kerosene.

2014 262

Ford poll finds Europeans want freedom of car ownership, but worry about traffic, cost of driving, environment

Green Car Congress

A new Ford Motor Company-sponsored poll of 6,000 people across Europe found that most Europeans remain committed to car ownership, but have growing concerns about traffic congestion, the cost of driving and the environment. The Ford survey showed the majority of people say life would be “impossible” without a car; however 76% of Europeans say they are affected by stress from traffic congestion and fuel prices.

2012 261

Why are some EV chargers more expensive than others?

Green Charging

You’re online looking at an array of EV chargers. Since we live in a world of scarce resources, it pays to be more economical. There are various types of EV chargers. Their cost varies. Here are the reasons why: Type of charger. Location of the charger.

Ford targeting smart parking as element of Smart Mobility; vehicle sensors, connectivity and big data

Green Car Congress

At CES 2015 in January, Ford CEO Mark Fields announced “Ford Smart Mobility”—a plan to use innovation to take Ford to the next level in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience and big data. Three of the initial projects announced as part of the plan address the ongoing problem of urban parking. Bosch, earlier post ] Both of those sources provide very good high quality data. —The High Cost of Free Parking.

2015 218

DOE awards nearly $7M to 4 projects to reduce costs of electric vehicle chargers by 50% over next 3 years

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding nearly $7 million in research and development funding to four projects to reduce the current costs of electric vehicle chargers by 50% over the next three years. Two of the four selected projects will focus on improving electric vehicle chargers that attach to consumers’ homes and are used by the owners to charge their vehicles while they are at home.

2011 191

LILEE partners with Fluidmesh Networks on connected rail

Green Car Congress

LILEE Systems, a provider of advanced wireless communication solutions in industrial IoT and cloud-based network solutions, is collaborating with Fluidmesh Networks, manufacturer of fast-roaming wireless networking products, to provide train-to-ground communications to railways around the world. The system provides up to 500 Mbps of usable throughput on-board trains traveling at a speed of up to 220 mph (354 km/h) and supports both vital and non-vital applications.

2017 150

California roadmap for grid-connected energy storage technology

Green Car Congress

The California Independent System Operator (ISO), the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the California Energy Commission (CEC) unveiled a comprehensive roadmap to assess the current market environment and regulatory policies for connecting new energy storage technology to the state’s power grid. The state currently has several pilot projects, and is working toward commercialization of energy storage. Reducing costs of integrating and connecting to the grid.

2015 196

ADB approves $240M to help Kazakhstan modernize transport, improve connectivity

Green Car Congress

Improved transport connectivity will help increase trade links between Kazakhstan and the markets in East Asia, the Caspian Sea region, and further to Europe. The project will reconstruct and upgrade about 299 km (186 miles) of a deteriorated section of the Aktobe–Makat road in the western part of the country, and introduce a modern transport information system to increase road traffic safety and logistics effectiveness.

U-M study: Induced driving miles could overwhelm potential energy-saving benefits of connected, self-driving cars

Green Car Congress

The benefits of connected, self-driving cars (CAVs) will likely induce vehicle owners to drive more, and those extra miles could partially or completely offset the potential energy-saving benefits that automation may provide, according to a new University of Michigan study. In addition, automation will allow vehicle occupants to make productive use of travel time. Higher fuel economy of CAVs will cause the per-mile fuel cost of travel to drop.

2019 194

U of Michigan Study Finds Costs of Plug-in Cars Primary Key to Broad Consumer Acceptance

Green Car Congress

Probabilities at different price points for at lest some chance of purchase. A newly released University of Michigan study found widespread consumer interest in buying plug-in hybrid electric vehicles; however, the cost of the cars is much more influential than environmental and other non-economic factors as a predictor of purchase probabilities. The findings were released at The Business of Plugging In conference in Detroit today. Surveys of Consumers.

2009 191

Hitachi leading European project on cooperative connected infrastructure for fully electric vehicles

Green Car Congress

Laboratory (ICTL), will a project funded by the European Commission aimed at developing an integrated IT electric mobility platform that enables the connection and information exchanges between multiple infrastructure systems—such as road IT infrastructure, Electric Vehicle (EV) backend infrastructure and EV charging. The estimated total cost of the project is €4,265,317 (US$5,338,471), with funding from the EC of €2,960,000 (US$3,704,736).

2012 221

Berkeley Lab report finds installed cost of solar PV systems in the US dropped sharply in 2010

Green Car Congress

Environmental Energy Technologies Division researchers at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have released a new study on the installed costs of solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems in the US, showing that the average cost of these systems remained largely unchanged from 2008 to 2009, before showing a sharp decline in 2010. Modules typically represent about half the installed cost of a PV system.

2010 186

DOE to award up to $180M for offshore wind demo projects; targeting lowering levelized cost of energy (LCOE) below 10¢/kWh

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is soliciting ( DE-FOA-0000410 ) proposals for up to four offshore wind energy projects to receive up to $180 million over six years, including an initial commitment of $20 million in fiscal year 2012. The US has offshore wind resources estimated at more than 4,000 gigawatts, with strong, consistent winds located in the Atlantic, Pacific, the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico.

2012 191

ARPA-E issues RFI on energy efficiency optimization for connected and automated vehicles; vehicle dynamic and powertrain control

Green Car Congress

The Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) has issued a request for information ( DE-FOA-0001473 ) seeking input from researchers and developers in a broad range of disciplines including automotive vehicle control, powertrain control and transportation analytics regarding the development of advanced energy efficiency optimization technologies for future connected and automated vehicles (CAVs).

2016 150

rFpro developing virtual model of Applus+ IDIADA proving ground for development of connected autonomous vehicles

Green Car Congress

UK software specialist rFpro is developing a highly accurate virtual model of Applus+ IDIADA’s proving ground to be used for the development of vehicles in simulation. The Digital Twin of the proving ground enables vehicle manufacturers to accelerate the development of ADAS and CAVs (Connected Autonomous Vehicles) by testing them in a fully representative virtual environment before validation on the track.

2018 161

Navigant forecasts connected vehicle revenue to grow to $36.6B by 2025

Green Car Congress

According to a new report from Navigant Research, worldwide revenue from connected vehicle systems is expected to grow from $96.3 Vehicle connectivity for this report includes vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V); vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I); vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P); vehicle-to-cyclist (V2C); and other combinations of communicating with vehicles. million annually in 2016 to $36.6 billion by 2025.

2015 191

FEV Completes Phase 1 of EPA-Funded Project to Understand Incremental Manufacturing Costs of Advanced Powertrain Technologies

Green Car Congress

FEV Inc, (FEV) a developer of advanced powertrain and vehicle technologies, has completed the first phase of a project under contract to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to determine manufacturing costs in the development and operation of fuel-efficient, lower-emitting powertrain technologies. The program involved determining the incremental direct manufacturing costs for a set of advanced light-duty vehicle technologies.

2010 170

New Report Concludes That Real Costs of Adapting to Climate Change Will Likely Be At Least 2-3X Greater Than Current Estimates

Green Car Congress

Representation of damage from climate change avoided by adaptation, and damage not be adapted to (‘residual damage’) over the longer term. Source: “Assessing the costs.” Scientists led by a former co-chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are warning warn that the UN negotiations aimed at tackling climate change are based on substantial underestimates of what it will cost to adapt to its impacts. in connection with ocean acidification).but

ClipperCreek announces plug-connected HCS-40P 30A 240V chaging station starting at $644

Green Car Congress

ClipperCreek announced the availability of its HCS-40P plug-connected 30 Amp, 240V charging station with factory installed NEMA 14-50P or 6-50P wall plugs. With standard 25 feet of charging cable, a 3-year warranty, and a 3-step installation process, the HCS can be installed anywhere there is a 240V wall plug. Utilizing a plug-in residential charge station can significantly reduce the cost of installation and ownership for our customers.

2014 192

University of Michigan to build test facility for connected and automated vehicles

Green Car Congress

The University of Michigan Board of Regents approved plans to proceed with the design of a unique environment for testing connected and automated vehicles. The facility, which simulates a dynamic urban environment, is a critical element of a joint project with industry and government to develop and implement an entire system of connected and automated vehicles on the streets of Southeastern Michigan by 2021.

2013 210

ATT Becomes Lead Customer for Ford Transit Connect Electric Vans

Green Car Congress

Azure Dynamics Corporation announced that AT&T has agreed to purchase two of the first Ford Transit Connect Electric vans. Azure, which provides and integrates the electric powertrain into the Transit glider provided by Ford, is responsible for the sales of the vehicle—an arrangement similar to that for the production and sales of the Balance hybrid.). It has a top speed of 75 miles per hour (121 km/h).

Applied Information announces full C-V2X roadside and onboard units; upgrade to 5G, DSRC buy-back program

Green Car Congress

a leading provider of intelligent transportation infrastructure solutions, announced the availability of full Cellular Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X) Connected Vehicle Roadside Units (RSU) and Onboard Units (OBU) with an automatic upgrade to 5G NR when the technology becomes available. The units are configured to be upgradable to new cellular technologies such as 5G and 6G which will be supplied as part of ongoing communications plans. Applied Information, Inc.,

2020 260

Volvo Cars, POC and Ericsson to demo connected car and bike helmet prototype at International CES 2015

Green Car Congress

Volvo Cars, protective gravity sports gear manufacturer POC and Ericsson will present an innovative safety technology connecting drivers and cyclists at the International CES in Las Vegas next month. The technology consists of a connected car and helmet prototype that will establish 2-way communication, offering proximity alerts to Volvo drivers and cyclists with the goal of avoiding accidents.

2014 219

Ford and Verisk collaborate to offer telematics data to insurers; usage-based insurance programs

Green Car Congress

Owners of eligible Ford and Lincoln vehicles will soon have easy access to usage-based insurance programs from the many US auto insurers that connect to the Exchange—including three of the ten largest US carriers. The new telematics integration with Verisk will make it simple and convenient for consenting drivers of connected Ford vehicles to share their driving data securely to unlock these offers and benefits—no additional hardware or apps required.

2020 251

Union College Partners with EV Connect to Provide EV Charging for Faculty, Staff, and Students

EV Connect

About Union College is one of the oldest private educational institutions in Schenectady, New York. Founded in 1795, it was one of the first schools to be chartered by the Board of Regents of the state of New York as well as having the first unified campus plan in America.

GM expands access of OnStar Vehicle Insights telematics solution to non-GM vehicles

Green Car Congress

Since the introduction of General Motors’ fleet telematics solution, OnStar Vehicle Insights, fleet managers have received nearly 3.5 million notifications and details of almost 16 million trips covering more than 246 million miles. Connected vehicles Telematics Vehicle Manufacturers

Hitachi Automotive Systems and Airbiquity Partner to Provide Global Connected Services for Electric Vehicles

Green Car Congress

a designer and operator of a complete service delivery infrastructure for connected vehicles, have formed a partnership to provide telematics services for electric vehicles (EVs) globally. Through this partnership, Hitachi Automotive Systems and Airbiquity will be able to establish a common system infrastructure for global services, providing vehicle connectivity and delivering essential EV-oriented services and other common applications. Hitachi Automotive Systems , Ltd.

2010 191

ABI Research: implementing DSRC above cellular is more cost-effective than implementing C-V2X

Green Car Congress

New analysis of V2X (vehicle to everything) conducted by ABI Research finds that the cost of implementing DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) above cellular communications is expected to be $13.50 Up until now, the added cost of V2X—a significant parameter—was hardly compared between DSRC and C-V2X. Cellular V2X is a comparatively recent technology, and is subject to a high degree of misunderstanding, ABI noted.

2018 215

2020 EV Charging Infrastructure Best-in-Test: Rating the DC fast charging user experience


However, as Charged and other media have often reported, we’re still in the early days of public EV charging, and the user experience often leaves much to be desired. How do the various public fast charging networks compare in terms of reliability, convenience, coverage and price?

2020 113

GM Electrochemists Suggest Ongoing Investment in Both Battery and Fuel Cell Research; Connecting the Science with Vehicle Engineering

Green Car Congress

In a Perspective published in ACS’s Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters , researchers from the Electrochemical Energy Research Laboratory (EERL), General Motors Research & Development, suggest that given the strong societal need for full vehicle electrification and the respective technical challenges and commercial risk entailed, both Li-ion batteries and fuel cell systems for powering electric vehicles warrant continued strong development investment.

2010 185

Volkswagen creating new Group “Car.Software” unit; vw.os and Automotive Cloud for all Group models by 2025

Green Car Congress

The company plans to develop significantly more software in the car and for vehicle-related services itself and to boost the in-house share of software development from the current figure of less than 10% to at least 60% by 2025. This will consist of the vehicle operating system “vw.os” and the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud. Currently, more than 20,000 potential customers have registered for the pre-booking of this electric vehicle.

2019 175

Startup using AI to improve traffic management at intersections; edge computing

Green Car Congress

Israel-based NoTraffic has developed a turnkey traffic management platform powered by V2I communication & real-time optimization of signalized intersections. The system is based on a smart network of plug-and-play AI sensors that can transform every signalized intersection to a smart one. Deploying AI at the edge, NoTraffic’s system reduces the cost of installation and maintenance, and gives intersections the ability to prepare for vehicles rather than just react to them.

2019 150

Ford Smart Mobility shifts from research to implementation; company announces new programs, next areas of focus

Green Car Congress

In the opening keynote at Ford’s annual trends conference, 2015 Further With Ford, CEO Mark Fields announced the next phase of the company’s Smart Mobility plan, originally announced in January this year at CES ( earlier post ). Ford Smart Mobility is the company’s plan to deliver the next level in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience and big data; the initial stage was the creation of 25 mobility experiments across the globe.

2015 277

BlackBerry signs agreement with Ford for expanded use of BlackBerry’s QNX and security software

Green Car Congress

BlackBerry Limited has signed an agreement with Ford Motor Company for expanded use of BlackBerry’s QNX and security software. The deal signifies an acceleration in BlackBerry’s pivot from hardware to software in support of the automaker’s goal of providing connected vehicles and mobility to its customers. The terms of the deal are confidential. The future of the automobile is all about embedded intelligence.

2016 179

Qualcomm and TomTom partner on crowdsourcing high-definition mapping data for autonomous driving

Green Car Congress

Qualcomm Technologies is working with TomTom on using the Qualcomm Drive Data Platform for high-definition (HD) map crowdsourcing, to accelerate the future of autonomous driving. Qualcomm Drive Data Platform intelligently collects and analyzes data from different vehicle sensors, supporting smarter vehicles to determine their location, monitor and learn driving patterns, perceive their surroundings and share this perception with the rest of the world reliably and accurately.

2017 150

Visteon to launch ECU-consolidating cockpit domain controller with European automaker in 2018

Green Car Congress

Addressing the proliferation of electronic control units (ECUs) in vehicles, Visteon Corporation is preparing to launch an industry-first, automotive-grade cockpit domain controller with a European automaker on a global vehicle program in 2018. Visteon displayed the SmartCore connected domain controller at CES 2016. This allows the same basic code elements to be used for all levels of vehicle design, with additional blocks of code inserted for luxury vehicles.

2016 150

Roland Berger study explores need for consolidation in vehicle electronic architectures

Green Car Congress

In a new study, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants explores the strategy of module consolidation as a solution for the feature- and function-driven increasing complexity of vehicle electronic architectures. Consumers increasingly expect the latest and greatest in electronics and safety when purchasing a car, regardless of type. This has resulted in vehicles with as many as 100 ECUs and more than 100 million lines of code in ultra-luxury cars.

2015 192

Two new PEV-specific apps from OnStar targeted at range anxiety and public charging cost

Green Car Congress

The new EV Waypoint application will plot a waypoint route with recommended charging stations is the route is beyond the range of a single charge. Once the destination is selected, based on the distance and battery state of charge, the app will use the distance and remaining battery charge to tell the driver one of four things: Destination is within the range of a single charge, and is sent to the Turn by Turn navigation function.

2012 229

TTI/INRIX study shows US traffic congestion back at pre-recession levels; average travel delay/commuter 2x that in 1982

Green Car Congress

tops the list of gridlock-plagued cities, with 82 hours of delay per commuter, followed by Los Angeles (80 hours), San Francisco (78 hours), New York (74 hours), and San Jose (67 hours). According to the 2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard , travel delays due to traffic congestion caused drivers to waste more than 3 billion gallons of fuel and kept travelers stuck in their cars for nearly 7 billion extra hours—42 hours per rush-hour commuter.

2015 192