Advocacy group takes electric cars to Capitol Hill to inform lawmakers

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The best way to change perceptions about electric cars is to put novices in the driver's seat—quite literally in this sense. The advocacy group Plug In America went to Capitol Hill recently, with a barrage of plug-in electric and pure battery electric vehicles, in an effort to educate lawmakers on their importance. Politics Washington, D.C. congress Electric Car plug-in cars Plug-in America

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The Long View from SAE 2009 World Congress

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On 20 April, the opening day of the SAE 2009 World Congress, the AVL Technology Leadership Theater presented a forum on “Green Mobility—The Long View”. We are all stampeding towards an electric vehicle future. The upper level will be for pedestrians and light weight vehicles like bicycles, Segways and electric bicycles. Washington, D.C.: by Bill Cooke.

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Ford expands Smart Mobility projects with connected e-bike study

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Ford Motor Company is expanding its global Ford Smart Mobility plan ( earlier post ) with a new experiment to study how connected electric bicycles can work seamlessly with cars and public transport to deliver faster and easier daily commutes and help businesses operating in urban centers.

Volkswagen Group acquires Ballard automotive fuel cell patent portfolio, extends engineering services contract in US$80+ million deal

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Although the Volkswagen Group’s current production emphasis is on battery-powered electric drive (full BEV and PHEV, e.g., Volkswagen e-Golf, e-up! Ballard Power Systems has entered into a Technology Solutions transaction with Volkswagen Group for an aggregate amount of approximately US$80 million for the transfer of certain automotive-related fuel cell intellectual property (IP) and a two-year extension of an engineering services contract. Earlier post.).

Volkswagen of America to invest $10M in EV charging infrastructure by 2016; calls for more legislative support to spur EV adoption

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Volkswagen of America will invest $10 million by 2016 to support the build-out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the US, said Jörg Sommer, vice president, product marketing and strategy. At the same time, Sommer said in his presentation at the 2015 Electric Drive Congress in Washington DC, continued legislative support is needed to reach the next level of electric vehicle adoption. Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Policy

Traveling Through Time, Exploring the String Theory and Hugging the Giant Sequoias

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Indeed as it turned out he knew far more than the President or any member of Congress did on the subject but none of them cared because Gore’s personality and persona didn’t work on TV.

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Help Plug In America renew the EV infrastructure tax credit

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From Plug In America: Last year, Plug In America, along with electric vehicle and EV infrastructure manufacturers from coast to coast, worked with members of the House and Senate to get a critical plug-in vehicle infrastructure tax credit into the stimulus bill. Show Washington just how serious you are about wanting to make sure we can get affordable plug-in infrastructure at our homes and businesses and support plug-in vehicles getting on the road now.

USDA providing $9.6M to create 9,000 acres of BCAP project areas for non-food energy crop production

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The second new BCAP project area ramps up efforts in upstate New York to meet the state’s goal of sourcing 24% of electric and power generation from renewables by 2013. The BCAP project area, sponsored by ReEnergy Holdings LLC, seeks to enroll up to 3,500 acres in fast growing shrub willow to generate more than 100 megawatts of electricity. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is providing $9.6

US DOE announces 3 consortia for $125M US-India Joint Clean Energy Research and Development Center; solar, second-generation biofuels and buildings

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The Department plans to make additional requests to Congress for up to $20 million over the next four years, subject to available appropriations, that will be used to support work conducted by US institutions and individuals. Louis; Corning Incorporated; General Electric Company; Konarka Technologies, Inc.; The US Department of Energy announced the selections for three consortia that will make up the $125-million US-India Joint Clean Energy Research and Development Center (JCERDC).

Hey Exxon! Hey Chevron! My Friends At the EPA Are Declaring What You Do Dangerous & You Will Pay. Pack Up Losers, It’s Time For You to Go!

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One of the other big business groups the WSJ is talking about is the motley group of US Senators and US Congress members who got their money directly from the oil, gas and coal industry. How do you like me now South Bay spewers of greenhouse gases?

Hatch Hopes to Drive Plug-In

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EV world HATCH HOPING TO DRIVE PLUG-IN HYBRID TECHNOLOGY Speech with National Press Club explores alternative-fuel cars Washington — Sen. The group recognized Hatch for his CLEAR ACT (Clean Efficient Automobiles Resulting from Advanced Car Technologies), which Congress passed last summer.

DOE Closes $1.4B Loan Agreement with Nissan to Support Production of LEAF and Batteries

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manufacturing plant to produce the all-electric Nissan LEAF and the lithium-ion battery packs to power them. Modification of the Smyrna manufacturing plant, which will begin later this year, includes a new battery plant and changes in the existing structure for electric-vehicle assembly. Nissan is also laying the groundwork in developing an infrastructure in the US to support electric vehicles. Washington DC, Seattle, Raleigh, N.C.,

June '06 - The Film Opens, CARB Ducks, PHEV Debut in DC

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Who Killed the Electric Car Opens Across the Nation Who Killed the Electric Car?, Plug In America and other Electric Auto Association chapters have been actively promoting the film with a guerilla marketing campaign aimed at raising awareness. PIA created a webad and bumperstickers connecting rising gas prices and the electric car. $3.$4.$5./gallon. Who Killed the Electric Car? plug-in hybrid fuel cell CARB hydrogen Who Killed the Electric Car

BREAKING NEWS: Hermosa Beach To Become Carbon Neutral City! Acting Locally, Thinking Globally

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Here in the United States our President and Congress haven’t shown the leadership or sense of urgency necessary to prevent a climate catastrophe and they’ve given the people no hope for their children’s future at the national level. Many in Congress have acted unethically and immorally with the responsibility they have been trusted with.

FAA launches new Center of Excellence for alternative jet fuels; $40M in funding over 10 years

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Led by Washington State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the COE will explore ways to meet the environmental and energy goals that are part of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). Congress authorized Air Transportation Centers of Excellence under the Federal Aviation Administration Research, Engineering and Development Authorization Act of 1990.

Cash for Volts?

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A coalition of car makers, battery suppliers and electricity providers has come together to ask for federal help for EVs. More details at: Group Seeks US Tax Credits To Spur Electric Car Use. to offer tax credits for buying all-electric plug-in vehicles as part of a $128 billion program to get seven million such cars on the road by 2018. All stressed that plug-in technology already exists and just needs a push on the financial front from Congress.&#.

National Academies issues interim report on overcoming barriers to PEV deployment

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The National Academies has issued a pre-publication version of an interim report on Overcoming Barriers to Electric-Vehicle Deployment. As a result, the National Research Council (NRC)—a part of the National Academies—appointed the Committee on Overcoming Barriers to Electric-Vehicle Deployment. The interim report considers PEV manufacturers, dealers and customers; the charging infrastructure; and the electric grid. The electric grid.

Everybody Happy: Bush to Sign Do-little Energy Bill

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As stated in the Washington Post story today , "For farmers and agribusiness, it is a windfall, providing more support than perhaps even the farm bill." 'Nuf Once a few plug-in hybrids and electric cars hit the market, and they will long before 2020, the relevance of these standards will disappear in the rearview mirror of reality.

Winter Update

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Press was speaking to the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) conference in Washington D.C. EDTA brings together representatives of the automotive industry, electric utilities, battery makers, and hydrogen fuel cell advocates into one group.

Toyota introduces 7th generation Camry for 2012 with improved fuel economy and performance across all models; ~39% jump in EPA city cycle fuel economy for the hybrid

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The 2012 hybrid system produces a combined 200 hp (149 kW)—a 7% gain over the older model—and varies power between the gas engine and electric motor, or combines both, as needed. The EV indicator illuminates when the vehicle is being propelled solely by the electric motor.

Electric Cars and a Smarter Grid - Green Inc. Blog -

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Electric cars and a smart electric grid have a bright future, according to panelists at a roundtable discussion on the subject that I attended last Friday in Boston. “I Mr. Thesen said that a factory in Turkey was being refurbished to be able to produce 100,000 electric vehicles a year.

Summer Update

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These include Pacific Gas and Electric, Kansas City Power and Light and Edison Electric Institute , the trade association for IOUs (see quote below). Afterward several members of Congress went outside for test drives in a plug-in hybrid brought to Washington by Cal-Cars.

Smart-grid project matches wind to electric cars | Green Tech - CNET News

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The EDISON (Electric Vehicles in a Distributed and Integrated Market using Sustainable Energy and Open Networks) research consortium will seek to match power generation from wind turbines on the island of Bornholm, Denmark, with the power consumption of charging plug-in electric cars. Along with other industry executives, IBMs Schurr spoke Wednesday morning about smart-grid technologies in Washington, D.C.,

Envera LLC Nearing Completion of New Actuator Mechanism Project for Variable Compression Ratio Engine

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Charles Mendler, the principal of Envera and the inventor of this particular approach to a VCR engine, provided the update on the project at the Department of Energy (DOE) Merit Review this week in Washington, DC. A Report to the US Congress, April 2001 (DOE). The Envera VCR mechanism.

GM: Putting 1M Plug-ins on the Road Will Require a Plug-In Ecosystem

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GM’s Britta Gross, Director of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Commercialization will participate in a webchat tomorrow to field questions about the development of the plug-in ecosystem. Percentage of 2010 electricity consumption required by 10M plug-ins.

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Proposed Federal CEDA Designed to Help Risky Breakthrough Technologies Cross the Valley of Death; Working with $10+ Billion Fund

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Green Car Congress recently attended the Renewable Energy Finance Forum - Wall Street ( REFF- Wall Street ) conference sponsored by Euromoney Energy Events and the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). Title XVII has structural problems as well and many members of Congress have been looking for fundamental changes to the process of commercialization of promising clean technologies. Over the past year staffers from both houses of Congress have been working on a solution.

Perspective: Regional Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Programs May be the Solution

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Two senators, Maria Cantwell, Democrat of Washington, and Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, have proposed an alternative that they call cap-and-dividend, under which licenses to pollute would be auctioned to producers and wholesalers of fossil fuels, with three-quarters of the revenue returned to consumers in monthly checks to cover their higher energy costs. Sources: Large electric generators. Sources: In 2012–electricity generators and large industrial sources.

How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

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GM has announced plans for public sales in 2010, and almost every carmaker now says it will sell PHEVs or highway-speed battery electric vehicles (BEVs) sometime after 2010. Shifted earlier focus to all-electric Focus in 2011 with Magna. And ride off into the sunset on electric power.