BAE Systems to supply up to 600 electric power and propulsion systems for new transit buses in Ireland

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BAE Systems has been selected by Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) and the Republic of Ireland’s National Transport Authority (NTA) to supply up to 600 electric power and propulsion systems for its new fleet of buses in Ireland.

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IBM Teams With ESB ecars to develop EV smart charging IT system in Ireland

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IBM has teamed with ESB ecars to implement a fully integrated smarter charging IT system that will help manage electric vehicle public charge points, which are being rolled out across Ireland by ESB ecars. Together the companies will add a layer of intelligence and convenience to the charging process, allowing EV drivers to access, charge and pay, using an identification card.


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Nissan to lead EC-backed multi-standard rapid charge network project in UK and Ireland

Green Car Congress

Nissan is leading a consortium which aims to establish a network of rapid chargers for electric vehicles running the full length and breadth of the United Kingdom and Ireland. The project, named Rapid Charge Network (RCN), was presented at the Trans European Transport Network (TEN-T) event in Tallinn, Estonia, which was hosted by European Commission Vice President Siim Kallas. Estonia was the first country in the world to open a nationwide EV fast-charging network.

Analysis of EV charging in Ireland suggests public fast-charging infrastructure may become commercially viable in short- to medium term

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A study of EV charging behavior by a team at Trinity College Dublin has found that, from the household data available, EV users prefer to carry out the majority of their charging at home in the evening—the period of highest demand on the electrical grid indicating that incentivization may be required to shift charging away from this peak grid demand period. The analysis of household charging was based on a more limited quantity of household data.

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Northern Ireland charges up with new EV bays

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Electric car drivers in Northern Ireland will soon be able to make use of specially designated public charging bays, after the province’s Roads Minister Danny Kennedy announced new legislation to support EVs. From Monday, September 3, EV drivers will have sole use of over 40 public charging bays spread across locations including Belfast, Londonderry, Newry, [.]. Electric cars charging point electric cars Northern Ireland

Electric Cars In Ireland: How To Get To The Tipping Point?

Green Car Reports

Ireland is--or should be--an ideal place for large-scale adoption of electric cars. The island is compact; it has a vibrant IT sector, a favorable policy environment, and petrol and diesel fuel each cost roughly $8 per gallon--about eight times what it costs to charge an electric car on off-peak electricity. By 2020, Ireland is expected to produce

Irish Government, ESB and Renault-Nissan Alliance Partner on EVs in Ireland; Incentives, Charge Points and Cars

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The Irish Government; the ESB, Ireland’s largest electricity utility; and the Renault-Nissan Alliance announced a comprehensive partnership to position Ireland as a European leader in electric transport. The Irish Government’s target is for 10% of Ireland’s vehicles to be electric by 2020. Under the agreement, ESB will roll out 3,500 charge points nationwide by December 2011. for a pilot project in Ireland.

Fast charging network to join Rep of Ireland and Northern Ireland

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Europe’s first cross-border fast charger network will join Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland, making it possible for EV drivers to roam across the two countries. A total of 46 new fast charge points will be installed as part of a €4.2 million project, run as a joint initiative between [.]. Electric cars

Ireland Sets Goal of 10% EVs by 2020

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Late last year, the government of Ireland set a target of 10% of all vehicles in the transport fleet to be powered by electricity by 2020. A €1 million project by Sustainable Energy Ireland to research, develop and demonstrate of vehicles nationally. Assistance for individuals purchasing electric vehicles – publication of a “Buyer’s Guide” and a “Cost of Ownership Calculator” by Sustainable Energy Ireland.

Nissan to lead rapid charging network in UK and Ireland

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Rapid charging for electric cars could soon be in place across the UK and Ireland: with Nissan set to lead a consortium to establish a charging network. Under the project name Rapid Charge Network, the electric car rapid chargers would be the first multi-standard units in public operation across th[.]. Latest News Green cars Electric cars Nissan

Irish Government, ESB, Mitsubishi Motors, MC Automobile (Europe) and MMC Commercials to Promote Electric Motoring in Ireland

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signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the parties to promote the electric vehicle (EV) industry in Ireland. At the same time, Ireland’s first EV trial-project, conducted by Trinity College Dublin’s (TCD) School of Engineering on behalf of ESB, was also announced. As part of the trial, the electric i-MiEV will be used throughout Ireland to support the planning and implementation of the ESB nationwide charging infrastructure.

Ireland hosts international EV summit

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Dublin is about to get ‘Fully Charged’ with the opening of a one day conference this week, welcoming electric vehicle experts from Europe, the US and China. Opening this Wednesday (July 11, 2012) at the Convention Centre in Dublin, delegates will discuss how these regions are embracing the transition to electric transport and will share [.]. Electric cars conference electric car electric vehicle event

Northern Ireland’s DRD and DOE sign with Renault-Nissan Alliance to progress electric vehicles

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DRD and DOE also agreed to consider incentives to make electric vehicles easier for customers to buy and run, while the Renault-Nissan Alliance will share information and ideas relating to charging networks, energy supply and electric vehicle training.

Electric Cars Easier In Smaller Places: Ireland Outpaces U.S.

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The spread of electric cars and public charging stations for them across the United States will be uneven for many years to come. Many analysts and advocates believe that California residents will buy as many plug-in cars as are sold in the next five states combined. With the exception of Texas and Detroit, the early rollout areas--those whose

Irish hotels to welcome electric cars

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That’s because ESB e-cars and Failte Ireland (logo, pictured) have teamed up to start a Green Hotel Drive. Its aim is to install e-car charge points in 100 hotels [.]. Electric cars Green cars Latest news electric cars green cars hotel IrelandThe Irish are renowned for offering a warm welcome – and now anyone with an electric car will feel particularly at home in the country’s hotels.

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NI electric car project selects charging point supplier

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UK-based Charging Solutions has been named an approved supplier of electric vehicle charging points for a new £500,000 in Northern Ireland. The charging infrastructure supplier has teamed up with the ecar Project in Northern Ireland, which earlier this month launched the new Home and Workplace Charge Point Scheme. Electric cars charging point electric car

Vietnam-based e-bike start-up MODMO eyeing US market

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Developed in Ireland, and produced in Vietnam, MODMO was founded by 24-year-old company CEO Jack O’Sullivan. The custom-developed battery is easily removed or charged through the on-frame charging port.

IONITY partners with Shell, OMV, Tank & Rast and Circle K on sites for high-power charging network; 18 countries, >200 sites

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IONITY , the joint venture of BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen with Audi and Porsche that is developing and implementing a High-Power Charging (HPC) network for EVs across Europe ( earlier post ), has formed initial strategic partnerships for the realization of its HPC network. IONITY is working with the Austrian company OMV on the roll-out of a fast charging infrastructure in Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

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Two Fuso eCanter electric trucks delivering mail in Dublin; 150 delivered globally

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With the handover in Dublin, the FUSO eCanter is now running in ten European cities in Germany, the UK, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark and Ireland. With quick-charging stations, the vehicle only takes approximately one and a half hours to fully recharge.

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Pike Research: Europe to have 4.1M EV charging stations by 2020, but needs to address country-specific variations

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million EV charging stations (electric vehicle supply equipment, EVSE) to support them, according to a new report from Pike Research, “ Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment in Europe ”. However, notes the report, the absence of a single alternating current (AC) EV charging connector standard has hampered the deployment of an EV charging infrastructure. If the European EV charging equipment market is to reach. private charging equipment (16%).

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Leading carmakers unite for new UK EV charging network

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Leading electric carmakers are to come together to develop a multi-standard and inter-operable charging network throughout the UK and Ireland. As part of the EU’s Ten-T programme, a partnership which includes Renault, Nissan BMW and Volkswagen will work to develop a UK Rapid Charge Network (RCN) w[.]. Electric cars Nissan BMW Volkswagen Renault

Nissan Forms Partnership in Raleigh, NC for EV Charging Network

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Nissan is forming a partnership with Progress Energy of Raleigh, NC, and the Raleigh-based nonprofit agency Advanced Energy, to advance zero-emission mobility by promoting the development of an electric vehicle (EV) charging network. As part of the agreement, Nissan and its partners will develop plans to promote a charging infrastructure for EVs, as well as the deployment, operation and maintenance of a charging network.

University College Dublin Study finds Prius IV hybrids drive >60% of the time in zero-emissions mode under Irish conditions

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The study—“Energy Behaviour Of Toyota Prius Hybrid Vehicles In Sample Irish Commuting Conditions”—was carried out by four UCD academics and commissioned by Toyota Ireland through ConsultUCD, the University’s managed consultancy service. This is the first study of this type carried out in Ireland, and we anticipate its results would be replicated across the country and also across the range of newly launched Toyota hybrid models.

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Renault-Nissan Alliance and Electromotive to Collaborate on Charging Infrastructure

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The Renault-Nissan Alliance and UK company Elektromotive, a provider of electric vehicle recharging stations, are collaborating in the Partnership for Zero-Emission-Mobility, with the aim of accelerating the installation of charging networks for plug-in vehicles in cities. Elektromotive, which is based in Brighton, England, started developing charging station technology in 2003 and installed its first Elektrobay charging post in Westminster in the centre of London in 2006.

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UK Government Soliciting Bids for 30M for Charging Points; New Office for Low Emission Vehicles

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The UK Government is soliciting bids for £30 million (US$50 million) in funding to support the installation of plug-in vehicle charging points on streets, car parks and in commercial, retail and leisure facilities. The experiences of these locations will inform the future development of a national charging infrastructure. The total number and location of charging infrastructure supported by this initiative will depend on local plans and requirements.

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Airbus Defence & Space and Spectrum conduct a joint analysis of offshore Porcupine Basin potential; radar satellites plus 2D seismic data

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Airbus Defence and Space and seismic multi-client acquisition and imaging specialist Spectrum Geo launched a 2D seismic and seep study program for the Porcupine Basin, approximately 120 km (75 miles) offshore West of Ireland, just ahead of the Irish Licensing Round. The Porcupine Basin, part of the Ireland Atlantic margin, has had limited exploration over the last 30 years.

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ABB launches Terra 53 DC fast charger in NA; SAE Combo and CHAdeMO

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This 50 kW DC fast charging station meets both SAE Combo and CHAdeMO standards for battery electric vehicles. With its 15 to 30 minute charging time, the Terra 53 is suited for highway and city centers, fueling stations, fleets, and other infrastructure providers interested in tapping into the growing EV charging revenue stream. ABB has introduced the Terra 53 for North America, showcasing it at the Plug-in 2013 conference in San Diego.

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Bernal Institute leading €8M EU project to advance batteries for electric vehicles

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Researchers at the Bernal Institute at the University of Limerick, Ireland are leading an €8-million EU-funded project called Si-DRIVE, which aims to develop battery technology to support higher performance electric vehicles. Cell safety enhancements will be achieved through the use of non-flammable solid electrolytes, which will be custom-designed to allow fast charging capabilities desired by consumers.

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Renault-Nissan Alliances Forms EV Partnership in Phoenix Metro Area; Beginning of a Phoenix-Tucson EV Charging Corridor

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Nissan and the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), which represents the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan region, are forming a partnership to advance zero-emission mobility by promoting the development of an electric vehicle (EV) charging network. area, to promote a charging network infrastructure. As part of the agreement, Nissan and ECOtality will develop plans to promote a charging infrastructure for EVs.

Ford Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid available for order in Europe, deliveries by year-end

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Combining zero-emission driving capability and no range anxiety, the first-in-class Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid van can be charged with grid electricity for a pure electric NEDC driving range of up to 56 km (35 miles). The technology will help ensure businesses comply with regulations and avoid charges or penalties. A charging port located within the front bumper enables the new Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid to be charged in 4.3

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Coulomb expands ChargePoint network with features for European market; MIFARE smart card support

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The ChargePoint Network now supports the MIFARE -based transportation smart card that facilitates interoperability among different European energy supplier charging networks, making driver roaming possible. The family of ChargePoint Network compatible charging stations also now includes the ChargePoint CT2500, one of the first Mode3/Type 2 electric vehicle charging stations awarded the KEMA-KEUR safety certification mark for compliance with IEC 61851.

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BMW i and Good Energy partner on green electricity supply in UK

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This partnership includes the provision of 100per cent green electricity to households of BMW customers throughout the UK (with the exception of Northern Ireland).This This will allow BMW i3 and BMW i8 owners to charge their vehicle using renewably sourced electricity while at home. This will take the UK’s supply and demand, as well as typical charging behaviors, into account. BMW i has formed a partnership with Good Energy Ltd in the UK.

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DB Schenker expands its electric fleet with 36 new FUSO eCanter vehicles

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In total, DB Schenker’s electric light-duty trucks deliver almost silently and with zero emissions to customers in inner-city locations in 20 European cities in Germany, Finland, Denmark, UK, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Spain and Italy.

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Tesla Model 3 revealed as having the highest EV sales volume worldwide

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While Tesla commands the electric car market in the likes of Canada, USA, China, the United Kingdom and Australia, Nissan is the EV leader in many European countries such as Portugal, Poland, Ireland and Hungary. . The UK has over 30,000 charge point connectors across the country[ 2 ] with Tesla also having an even distribution of charging points across Britain[ 3 ]. Just last week our Government cut the EV grant by £500 and now excludes EVs that cost more than £35,000.

Adonis reveals new £30m electric car charging points fund

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The UK’s streets and car parks could see thousands more charging points for electric and plug-in hybrid cars thanks to £30 million of Government funding. Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis today invited cities and businesses to join together to bid for the money which will help fund the installation of charging points on streets, car parks and in commercial, retail and leisure facilities. .

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Transport for London orders 20 Wrightbus hydrogen double-decker buses

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The new, modern buses will also enhance the customer experience, with on-board USB charging points. Wrightbus in Northern Ireland will manufacture them, creating new jobs in the region. Transport for London (TfL) has ordered 20 hydrogen double-decker buses as part of its drive to make London’s transport zero-emission. It follows the introduction of the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone last month.

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A strong message from CarGurus:

EV Driver

Motorists in Northern Ireland might need some more convincing ahead of the 2030 petrol and diesel ban, coming last in the rankings for EV interest, well behind the East Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber in the bottom three.

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Ford Focus 1.0L EcoBoost model accounts for 23.3% of Focus orders in April in Europe

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The Euro 19 markets are: Austria, Belgium, Britain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. The new EcoBoost turbo-charged, direct injection engine is Ford’s smallest, yet highest power density gasoline engine yet, delivering the performance of a conventional 1.6-liter engine with improved fuel efficiency and lower CO 2.

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Elektromotive to make breakthrough in Saudi Arabia

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Elektromotive will install 150 Elektrobay charging stations across the campus of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology by September this year. The charging points will be used for recharging the 150 new electric vehicles that will transport staff and pupils around the campus reducing the university’s carbon footprint and improving air quality. .

International review study seeks to improve modeling for plug-in vehicle adoption

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The team reviewed models from 16 countries, including the United States, Germany, China, South Korea, the United Kingdom and Ireland. These studies modeled the decision factors that drive consumers to purchase PEVs: vehicle and energy prices, operating costs, available charging infrastructure and range, among others.

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BMW updates BMW Connected with expanded services, device support and availability

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For example, the vehicle doors can be locked or the battery’s charge status checked. For instance, searches for charging stations for BMW i models or vehicles with plug-in hybrid drive systems can be refined using criteria such as the charging method involved, membership in the ChargeNow network, and the accepted payment method(s). Charging stations which do not meet the selected criteria are not shown.

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Green Car Congress - Untitled Article

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Renault-Nissan EVs are targeted to be in Ireland in two years. ESB Chief Executive Padraig McManus said that ESB will roll out a charging network to support the development. Irish Energy Minister Eamon Ryan announced a new collaboration between the Government, the semi-state electricity supplier ESB and the Renault-Nissan Alliance on the adoption of electric vehicles and the development of the requisite supporting infrastructure.

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Study finds that EV-specific factors rather than socio-demographic variables better predictors of EV uptake

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A study by researchers at the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) examining the impact of financial incentives and other socio-economic factors on electric vehicle (both plug-in hybrids and battery electrics) adoption in 30 countries found that financial incentives; the number of charging stations (corrected for population); and the presence of a local manufacturing facility were positive and significant in predicting EV adoption rates for the countries studied.

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