EGEB: Thailand builds a huge floating hydro-solar farm


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): Thailand is building one of the world’s largest floating hydro-solar farms. UnderstandSolar is a free service that links you to top-rated solar installers in your region for personalized solar estimates.

EGEB: GM plans to invest $1 billion in its Mexico site to build electric vehicles


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): GM says it plans to invest $1 billion in a plant in Mexico to build electric vehicles. SMUD, Sacramento’s electricity provider, is paying people to become certified solar PV installers.

Mexico 113

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EGEB: Ireland to build the Atlantic’s first floating offshore wind farm


UnderstandSolar is a free service that links you to top-rated solar installers in your region for personalized solar estimates. Tesla now offers price matching, so it’s important to shop for the best quotes.

CATL to build new $280M, 80 tpy LFP cathode materials plant in China

Green Car Congress

China-based battery maker CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd) and its subsidiary Shenzhen Dynanonic signed an agreement with Jiang’an county government (located in south-west China’s Sichuan province) to build a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode materials plant with a production capacity of 80 tpy. Roskill said that in 2020, the installation of LFP batteries in EVs is reported to have increased by around 21% y-o-y, to 24.4

China 207

4 Things to Consider When Installing Your EV Charger


Unless you’re an experienced electrician or DIY wizard, the idea of installing your own electric vehicle (EV) charger might be daunting. Is it possible to install it yourself? Can I install my EV charging point myself? Always hire an experienced and certified installer.

4 Things to Consider When Installing Your EV Charger


Unless you’re an experienced electrician or DIY wizard, the idea of installing your own electric vehicle (EV) charger might be daunting. Is it possible to install it yourself? Can I install my EV charging point myself? Always hire an experienced and certified installer.

2020 52

Lunaz to begin production of electric classic Range Rovers; prices begin at £245,000 excluding local taxes

Green Car Congress

Prices for classic electric Range Rovers by Lunaz start at £245,000 (US$329,000) excluding local taxes. Every car by Lunaz represents an individual customer build.

2020 244

Ioxus launches new ultracap module series for easier design and installation; under the hood for automotive

Green Car Congress

Ultracapacitor maker Ioxus has launched its iMOD X-Series, a family of 22 modules that makes the design and installation at the system level extremely easy for the end-customer. The production launch of the iMOD X-Series simplifies system design and installation for the end-user by offering customers a wide array of possible mounting configurations. The iMOD X-Series is very easy to install.

2015 190

EVmatch Installs EV Chargers At Multi-Family Properties, And They Could Be Available To You

EV Match

Most of these buildings were designed (and built) long before EVs hit the mainstream. If site hosts want to earn even more revenue, our software enables them to offer public access at customizable times and prices. This article was updated March 12th, 2021.

2020 61

The Solangelist Learns To Install Solar & Loves It

Creative Greenius

The extent of my electrical background heretofore consisted of installing lighting fixtures and new wall switches - so long as they were replacements for existing items that got wired the same way. Luckily for me once we got past the conceptual to the nuts and bolts of designing, installing and wiring a solar system, Scott boiled down all the math to the essential Amps x Volts = Watts, and even taught us what amps, volts and watts are.

Solar 215

AECOM awarded contract to build Faraday Future’s $1B N American EV manufacturing plant

Green Car Congress

AECOM’s industrial construction services practice is currently engaged in demolition, including mass grading for the relocation of phone towers, fence lines and the installation of temporary facilities. The project, to be delivered with a guaranteed maximum price, has an approximate construction value of $500 million and will be included in AECOM’s backlog for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2016.

2016 207

Nissan and Eaton broaden xStorage Home energy storage portfolio; 10-year xStorage Buildings deal with Amsterdam ArenA

Green Car Congress

The Nissan/Eaton partnership offers xStorage Home, xStorage Buildings and xStorage Grid-scale products. The expanded range will offer consumers greater choice over power capacity and price as well as units. xStorage Home units will be priced starting at €3,500 (US$3,725) excluding VAT and installation costs for a power capacity of 3.5 The xStorage Buildings system comprises Eaton bidirectional inverters and the equivalent of 280 Nissan LEAF second-life battery packs.

2016 200

Biofuels Power to build small-scale gas-to-liquids plant in Houston

Green Car Congress

to build a small-scale gas-to-liquid demonstration facility in Houston. The parties have established a non-binding target date to complete installation and commissioning of the GTL Pilot Plant on or before 31 December 2014. Since 2010, however, biofuel-fired power projects have not been economic due to declining prices for electricity, which are driven by lower natural gas prices.

Report: Hyundai to cut price of fuel cell vehicle in Korea to compete with Toyota

Green Car Congress

The Korea Herald reports that unnamed sources say that Hyundai Motor has decided to lower the price of the Tucson fuel cell sport utility vehicle ( earlier post ) to compete with Toyota Motor’s Mirai fuel cell car ( earlier post ). Hyundai’s Tucson FCV is priced at the equivalent of $139,000 (excluding subsidies) in Korea; Toyota’s Mirai FCV is priced at the equivalent of $62,000 (excluding subsidies) in Japan.

2015 214

Pinto Energy to build 2,800 bpd small-scale GTL plant in Ashtabula; Velocys microchannel technology

Green Car Congress

Pinto Energy LLC (Pinto), a developer of smaller scale Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) facilities, will build a 2,800 barrel per day (bpd) GTL plant at Pinto’s 80-acre industrial site to the east of Ashtabula, Ohio. Ventech is a global leader in the design and construction of new modular refineries, and will build these GTL plants at their Pasadena, Texas fabrication complex. The modules will be transported to the Ashtabula project site for installation.

2013 218

Bloomberg NEF forecasts falling battery prices enabling surge in wind and solar to 50% of global generation by 2050

Green Car Congress

BNEF predicts that lithium-ion battery prices, already down by nearly 80% per megawatt-hour since 2010, will continue to tumble as electric vehicle manufacturing builds up through the 2020s. We see $548 billion being invested in battery capacity by 2050, two thirds of that at the grid level and one third installed behind-the-meter by households and businesses.

2018 197

Price Parity is Not the Key to EV Adoption in the US

EV Adoption

EV Price Parity With ICE Vehicles Is Fast Approaching. A lot of electric vehicle observers, analysts, and pundits like to say that, “When electric vehicles reach price parity with ICE vehicles – it’s game over gas-powered vehicles.”

Volkswagen’s MEB for EVs: long electric range, open-platform, open-space, pricing for the volume market; “tablet on wheels”

Green Car Congress

The MEB will be the foundation for an entirely new generation of battery-electric vehicles designed not only to be electric and feature extended range, but to be connected, autonomous, open and priced for the volume market as required by Volkswagen’s positioning. concept shown this year at the Paris show ( earlier post ), will—with a range of up to 373 miles and a market introduction in 2020—be priced approximately at the level of a diesel Golf—before any subsidies.

2016 239

M&G Chemicals & Anhui Guozhen form JV to build the world’s largest cellulosic ethanol biorefinery in China

Green Car Congress

The biomass will be supplied by Guozhen under a long-term fixed price agreement, and the enzymes needed for the conversion of the biomass will be supplied by Novozymes as earlier announced. MMtons/year of installed prime capacity, and employs more than 900 employees in more than 14 locations in six countries around the world. M&G Chemicals’s subsidiary M&G International S.à.r.l has entered into a Sino-foreign joint venture with Anhui Guozhen ?,

2014 226

CPUC approves SDG&E pilot EV grid integration project; 3,500 charging stations at 350 sites, dynamic pricing

Green Car Congress

Almost two years after SDG&E proposed its Electric Vehicle Grid-Integration (VGI) pilot project (April 2014), the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved a modified version of the program, enabling the utility to own and to install 3,500 charging stations at 350 sites—businesses and multi-family communities, including in underserved neighborhoods, throughout San Diego and south Orange Counties.

2016 150

Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility vision builds on electrification, autonomous drive and vehicle intelligence

Green Car Congress

The technology will be installed on mainstream, mass-market cars at affordable prices and the first model will come to Japan this year. To date, more than 10,500 quick chargers have been installed globally and in Europe, Nissan is working with partners to even further increase quick chargers that can be used by all EVs, helping to grow the entire market and bringing convenience and confidence to the European EV drivers, not just Nissan drivers.

2016 150

Report: Europes largest wheat ethanol plant to shut temporarily due to high wheat prices

Green Car Congress

Agrimoney reports that the UK’s Ensus wheat ethanol plant, the largest such in Europe, will temporarily shut down in what it believes to be a response to high wheat prices. Wheat prices hit a record £222 (US$360) per tonne on the London futures market last month Ensus has not confirmed or denied the report. A shutdown could enable the site to tap into newly harvested supplies being offered for lower prices.

2011 183

Shell to build LNG units in Gulf Coast and Great Lakes regions; two additional LNG for transport corridors in North America

Green Car Congress

Shell and its affiliates will build two additional small-scale natural gas liquefaction units to provide liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel for marine and heavy-duty on-road customers in North America. In the Gulf Coast Corridor, Shell plans to install a small-scale liquefaction unit (0.25 In the Great Lakes Corridor, Shell plans to install a small-scale liquefaction unit (0.25 High prices also spur strong efficiency gains and the development of solar power.

2013 195

EGEB: This ultrawhite paint could cancel the need for air conditioning


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): Researchers produce ultrawhite paint that can cool buildings and reduce the need for air conditioning. UnderstandSolar is a free service that links you to top-rated solar installers in your region for personalized solar estimates.

EGEB: The Navajo Nation finalizes leases for two more solar farms


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): The Navajo Nation will build two more solar farms that will create jobs, revenue, and electricity. UnderstandSolar is a free service that links you to top-rated solar installers in your region for personalized solar estimates.

Solar 113

EGEB: Up to 100 US waste-to-hydrogen hubs will power heavy-duty trucks


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): Hyzon Motors and Raven will build up to 100 waste-to-hydrogen hubs across the US and globally. UnderstandSolar is a free service that links you to top-rated solar installers in your region for personalized solar estimates.

The Business of Plugging In: Building the Full Ecosystem for a Successful Plug-in Vehicle Industry in the US

Green Car Congress

To get around this, PG&E would like to install a 220 interface in garages with timers and also implement dynamic pricing to encourage customers to charge between 11 at night and 4-5 in the morning. PG&E will start with timers and dynamic pricing. Who is going to install that 240 volt charging system in the garage if that’s what somebody chooses to do? For a long time, carmakers will sell as many as they can build.

2009 190

The Greenius Solution To All California’s Problems: AB 920 + AB 811

Creative Greenius

I’ve written recently about the pulverizing one-two punch that AB 811 – which gives property owners 20 year loans to pay for solar PV installation – and AB 920 – which pays solar PV owners for any excess solar power they produce and pump back into the grid - packs. That equation is going to drive solar installations across the board on every roof in the state. What does AB 920 do about the price solar producers would be paid?

2009 174

EGEB: A ‘molecular glue’ discovery makes perovskite solar cells more durable


Ørsted and Polish energy company PGE to build 2.5 UnderstandSolar is a free service that links you to top-rated solar installers in your region for personalized solar estimates. Tesla now offers price matching, so it’s important to shop for the best quotes.

Solar Powered Greenius Producing Massive South Bay Energy

Creative Greenius

With my pal, Brad Bartz, of ABC Solar forcing the City of Torrance to back down and stop breaking the state solar rights law, With the growing numbers of electric cars and plug-in cars headed our way and the price of oil hitting $71 a barrel yesterday. Just as a reminder, the way AB 811 works is that it allows property owners to receive a 20 year no paperwork/no credit check loan to finance their installation of solar PV electric system or other energy efficiency improvements.

2009 163

Velodyne cuts price of VLP-16 Puck LiDAR sensor in half

The Agitator

Established earlier this year, Velodyne’s San Jose Megafactory today leverages advanced and streamlined manufacturing techniques to build a range of Velodyne LiDAR sensors, including the Ultra Puck VLP-32C and the recently announced VLS-128. Over the last ten years, Velodyne sensors have been installed in thousands of vehicles around the world, traveling millions of real-world miles.

Pensana plans $125M rare earth separation facility in England

Green Car Congress

UK-based Pensana plans to build, subject to funding, a US$125-million sustainable rare earth separation facility at the Saltend Chemicals Park (“SCP”) in Humber, UK. The global rare earth market, driven by demand from industries including electric vehicles and offshore wind, is expected to increase five-fold by 2030 and the NdPr oxide price is forecast to increase at a CAGR of 4.8 - 9.9%, underpinning strong economics for the investment.

Angola 235

Seven Considerations Before Bringing EV Charging to Your Workplace

Plug N Drive

Every auto manufacturer in the world has made commitments to electrify their line-up and consumer demand continues to grow in the face of unstable gasoline prices and a desire to take climate change action. Installing Your Stations.

Enabling Electric Vehicle Charging in Condominiums


However, while installing a charging station at your house is fairly simple, doing so in condominiums can be more tricky. On the other hand, if you own an apartment or the entire condo, you’ll have even more reasons to install EV charging. 80% of EV charging takes place at work or home.

BMW Landshut producing fuel cell drive components for small-series BMW i Hydrogen NEXT in 2022

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group is building on its experience with fifth-generation e-drives to develop this vehicle. The focus now is on building a hydrogen infrastructure at national and international level, from production to application.

BMW 281

Palermo school buses go electric with funding and 50% lower electricity rate from AMPLY Power

Green Car Congress

AMPLY’s services for Palermo include supporting the sourcing of the final funding to secure the project, the installation of charging stations and onsite energy storage, warranty coverage, guaranteed uptime, a resilience plan, and energy bill management through 2026.

Power 256

NY state launces series of initiatives to encourage adoption of EVs

Green Car Congress

EVolve NY to Install Charging Stations along Major Corridors and JFK Airport. initiative, which encourages electric car adoption as it brings the state closer to its goal of installing at least 10,000 charging stations by the end of 2021. NYPA has identified the first 32 locations and is finalizing specific site details with the vendors that will provide and install the charging equipment.

2018 286

Bosch introduces Power Max 2 and Power Max 2Plus chargers in N America; output up to 40 Amps, smaller footprint, WiFi

Green Car Congress

Building on the popularity of the original Power Max, the Power Max 2 is sleeker and more compact offers significantly higher output power and is designed to minimize installation costs. Hardwired or plug-in installation configurations. Front access to station electronics for easier, faster installation. Weather-resistant NEMA 3R rating for outdoor installation. The new Bosch Power Max 2 and Power Max 2Plus are now available, and pricing starts at $674.00

2016 183

On the horizon with EV News 

Electric Auto Association

EV Batteries Prices drain quickly The price of manufacturing batteries for electric vehicles has fallen 89% in the past ten years, enabling EV production costs to be on par with those of ICE vehicles. Canadian firm Li-Cycle announced the building of a lithium-ion recycling plant.

Kia 71

Tesla Model Y joins a new Police Force, and incentives made it an affordable purchase


The Tesla Model Y has officially joined the Ipswich, Massachusetts Police Department, and its price tag wasn’t all that bad considering the multiple incentives that were applied by local groups.

BNEF: energy storage is a $1.2-trillion investment opportunity to 2040

Green Car Congress

The falling cost of batteries is set to drive a boom in the installation of energy storage systems around the world in the years from now to 2040, according to the latest annual forecast from research company Bloomberg NEF (BNEF). We see energy storage growing to a point where it is equivalent to 7% of the total installed power capacity globally in 2040. These nine markets will represent two thirds of the installed capacity by 2040.

2018 233

Daimler and PGE develop the electric truck stop of the future

Charged EVs

Furthermore, as many fleet operators are belatedly realizing, electrifying a fleet involves much more than simply installing a few charging stations. Phase two of the project will add on-site energy generation, storage, and a technology showcase building.

A Complete Guide to the ROI of EV Charging Stations

EV Connect

Installing electric vehicle charging stations can put your commercial property ahead of competitors, as experts predict the EV market could grow to more than $800 billion by 2027. Here’s what to know as you assess the ROI and value of installing EV charging stations.