Southeast Asia market will become a competitive place for Chinese and Japanese car companies

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Europe, the birthplace of the automobile industry, to North America across the Pacific Ocean, has always been the top stage that Chinese car companies hope to step on. For Chinese car companies, there is no reason to reject this opportunity.

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Volkswagen furthers commitment to China

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With the Chinese automobile market continuing to expand at a rapid rate Volkswagen has decided to expand its investment programme for the country by a further €1.6billion. Tags: Green cars Latest news Volkswagen China automobile industry FAW-Volkswagen Shanghai Volkswagen Volkswagen Golf GTI VW VW China

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Balqon to build electric buses in China with SAIG

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California-based Balqon Corporation, a developer of heavy-duty electric vehicles, drive systems and lithium battery storage devices ( earlier post ), has entered into a Joint Development Agreement with China-based Sichuan Automobile Industry Co., Sichuan Automobile Industry Co.

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Oil companies “break the circle”! Total Energy to build tens of thousands of charging piles in China

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When “replacing oil with electricity” has become a trend, the transportation industry has maintained the era of fuel oil for hundreds of years, but it is also undergoing subversive changes. In 2021, one out of every ten cars sold in China will be a new energy vehicle.

Tesla Model Y has the best resale value out of all BEVs in China


The Tesla Model Y has the best resale value out of any other battery electric vehicle in China according to data from the China Automobile Dealers Association.

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Volkswagen Group and SAIC to produce EVs and PHEVs in China

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In about four years, a new electric vehicle model based on Volkswagen’s Chinese bestseller, the Lavida, is due to roll off the production line at the Anting plant—this will be the first fully electric vehicle produced at the plant. The largest investment program in the Chinese automobile industry to date is to be funded from the cash flow of the joint ventures Shanghai Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen.

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Volkswagen Group and FAW to build 2 new vehicle plants in China; “Our most important market”

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To satisfy the demands of our customers in the country, we are engaging in a further substantial expansion of our capacities in China together with our Chinese partner FAW Volkswagen. Volkswagen has been active on the Chinese market for 30 years and is one of the Western pioneers of the automobile industry in the country.

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BYD debuts E-SEED GT concept car, Song Pro SUV and e Series at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show

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BYD debuted its E-SEED GT concept car and Song Pro SUV alongside its all-new e-series models at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. BYD’s latest offerings will bring you a whole new experience, while delivering new power to Chinese cars! The company also showcased its latest Dynasty series of vehicles, which were recently unveiled at the company’s spring product launch in Beijing.

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CHAdeMO, China Electricity Council to co-develop next-gen ultra-fast EV charging standard; backward compatibility with CHAdeMO, GB/T

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CEC, a Chinese Government-approved association in charge of standardization of EV charging equipment, is evaluating high-power charging technologies and promoting demo projects and pilot studies for the creation of a new, Ultra-Fast charging standard to prepare for the expected market needs in the future. CHAdeMO Association and the China Electricity Council (CEC) will jointly develop a next generation Ultra-Fast charging standard.

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BorgWarner China JV begins delivery of dual-clutch modules

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a BorgWarner majority-held joint venture with 12 leading Chinese automakers in Dalian, China, has recently started delivery of its DualTronic control modules and clutch modules with integral torsional dampers for SAIC Motor Corporation’s new six-speed wet dual-clutch transmission (DCT), the first developed completely in-house by a domestic Chinese automaker. BorgWarner United Transmission Systems Co., Ltd.,

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Volkswagen extends cooperation with China joint venture partner FAW Group for 25 more years; enhanced R&D on alt drive systems

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After 20 years of cooperation, the Volkswagen Group and its Chinese joint venture partner First Automotive Works (FAW) are extending their present partnership for a further 25 years—i.e., In addition, the Volkswagen Group and the Chinese joint venture partner SAIC are investing in the Shanghai Volkswagen (SVW) proving ground in Xinjiang province, western China. The Volkswagen Group is one of the most successful companies in the Chinese automobile industry.

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GAC Group begins construction of $6.5B industrial park for electric and intelligent vehicles

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China-based automobile manufacturer Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC Group), the parent company of GAC Motor, has begun construction of a large industrial park for electric and intelligent vehicles as part of its efforts to boost its electric vehicle business. Located in Guangzhou’s Panyu district in China’s southern Guangdong province, the industrial park has a planned area of 5 square kilometers.

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Nidec to form electric traction motor JV with a subsidiary of Guangzhou Automobile Group

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a member of China-based Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., GAC Components is a subsidiary of major Chinese car manufacturer Guangzhou Automobile Group with the sixth-largest market share in the increasingly environmentally strict China. GAC Components mainly manufactures automobile interior parts, electric components, etc. Leading motor manufacturer Nidec Corporation will form a joint venture with GAC Components Co., Ltd.,

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EIA: China promoting both fuel efficiency and alternative-fuel vehicles to curb growing oil use

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To counter this trend triggered by China’s rapid motorization, the Chinese government is adopting a broad range of policies, including improvements in the fuel economy of new vehicles and the promotion of alternative-fuel vehicles, EIA notes. Additionally, in 2012 the Chinese Ministry of Finance announced it would provide annual subsidies up to two billion yuan ($323.6 Consumption of gasoline in China grew from 0.9

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Toyota to launch two new plug-in hybrid models in China; Corolla and Levin

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On the eve of the 2016 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, Toyota announced that it will launch plug-in hybrid versions of the Corolla and Levin—two mass-market models, both of which have conventional hybrid variants—in China during 2018. Levin Hybrid (left) and Corolla Hybrid (right) introduced at the 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in 2015.

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Johnson Controls to supply AGM batteries to Chery Jaguar Land Rover in China; introducing 48V micro hybrid system

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Separately, the company will debut to the China market its 48-volt Micro Hybrid battery demonstration module ( earlier post ) at the 15 th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2013). In prospective development programs with key Chinese automotive customers, Micro Hybrid technology could provide 15 to 20% fuel savings in vehicles, according to Johnson Controls.

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Volkswagen Adding 1.6B to Investment for China; 6B Total

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In view of the dynamic development of the Chinese automobile market, Volkswagen has added €1.6 Growth in the Chinese automobile market has exceeded everyone's expectations”. With the new total of €6 billion (US$8 billion), the Group intends to maintain and reinforce its leading position on one of the key sales markets of the automobile industry. billion (US$2.1 billion) to its current investment program for China.

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charging stations business in India.

Electric Vehicles India

As we all can see how Electric vehicles were growing day by day and there is a lot of opportunity in the automobile industry at moment there are fewer charging stations in India but in the future, it will become a game-changer in Indian business in other.

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Better Place, China Southern Grid sign strategic agreement on battery switching; Guangzhou accord to encourage production of EVs with switchable batteries

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The Guangzhou accord calls for the municipal government to encourage local car manufacturers, such as Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group, to produce electric cars with switchable batteries. Our collaboration with China Southern and the support of the Guangzhou government open the door to new opportunities for switchable-battery electric cars made by Chinese manufacturers for the domestic and export markets. Better Place and China Southern Power Grid Co.

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Continental in strategic agreements with NIO on EVs, Baidu on autonomous driving

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Our collaboration with NIO will contribute to further advance the development of electric vehicles and the Chinese electric vehicle market. By joining hands with Continental, we are striving to upgrade intelligence in the automobile industry and develop a new ecosystem of intelligent mobility and automated driving, thus empowering existing industries and new ones.

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Volkswagen Group to Invest 4B by 2011 to Expand Activities in China

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The investments are to be financed from the cash flow of the Chinese joint venture companies. This year, Volkswagen has already launched three new models on the Chinese market: the Volkswagen Golf, the Volkswagen Passat New Lingyu and the Škoda Superb. The monetary and fiscal measures taken by the government have provided positive impetus for the Chinese automobile industry. The Volkswagen Group is set to continue its growth in China over the next few years.

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Volkswagen Group to invest more than €9.8 billion in China by 2015; efficient products and production

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The Volkswagen Group, through its two Chinese joint ventures, will be investing more than €9.8 The seven new plants will set new standards for sustainable automobile production. Foshan features the first membrane bioreactor in the Chinese automobile industry; 100% of treated wastewater is reused as industrial water.

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China publishes plan to boost fuel-efficient and new energy vehicles and domestic auto industry; targeting 500K PHEVs and EVs in 2015, rising to 2M by 2020

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China’s State Council has published a plan to develop the domestic energy-saving and new energy vehicle industry, which includes battery-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. Natural gas and other alternative fuel vehicle technology is basically mature, the government said, and is headed toward initial industrialization. 2012 Chinese Auto Industry Development Report. Developing the industrial system.

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BAIC BJEV opens Silicon Valley EV research center, planning another for Europe

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BJEV plans to bring a complete lineup of alternative energy automobiles to market. The formal establishment of the Silicon Valley facility will help BJEV gain familiarity with the needs and requirements of overseas markets, raise its profile as well as that of China’s industry as a whole and ultimately facilitate the full integration of BJEV into the global marketplace.

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Top 5 Truck Companies in the World With the Potential to Revolutionise the Logistics Sector

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We don’t have to stress the point that, the automobile industry is going all-electric. In this article, we are going to discuss about the top 5 electric truck companies in the world that have the potential to electrify the logistics industry. #1.

Evonik debuts at Auto Shanghai 2011; focus on technologies for lower-carbon vehicles

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For the first time at the event, Evonik Industries will demonstrate a wide range of applications for cars at the 14 th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2011) from April 21 to 28 in Shanghai, China. The theme of Auto Shanghai 2011, “Innovation for Tomorrow”, reflects that low-carbon, green economy and sustainable development will become trends of the Chinese automotive industry.

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Study of Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing Finds Mixed Performance for Most OEMs, BMW and Toyota as the Clear Leaders

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The BMW Group and Toyota are consistent industry leaders, creating extremely positive Sustainable Value over the entire review period—i.e., The authors note that other leading manufacturers including Porsche, KIA or Chinese manufacturers are still not producing sufficient sustainability performance data.). Findings of the report include: Toyota and the BMW Group are industry leaders. Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing (2009).

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The Magnet That Made the Modern World

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The global market for these magnets is expected to reach $20 billion a year within a couple of years, as the automobile industry shifts towards electric vehicles and as utilities turn increasingly to wind turbines to meet growing demand.

Exploring the adoption of EVs in the US, Europe and China; charging scenarios and infrastructure

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Between 2009 and 2011, Chinese buyers purchased 13,000 EVs and PHEVs—more than U.S. The automobile industry has said that without additional government subsidies they can only sell 600,000 electric cars by 2020 at best. Aspirational targets among seven countries participating in the Electric Vehicle Initiative would see growth from just under 2 million EV and PHEVs to just under 20 million by 2020. Source: “Electric Vehicle Grid Integration”. Click to enlarge.

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Deloitte global survey gauges consumer prospects for EVs in China, Europe and Americas; China leads

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Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited’s (DTTL) Global Manufacturing Industry group conducted a global survey to explore consumer adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). The survey, conducted among 1,163 consumers in China, coincides with the 14 th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2011) this week.

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VW Chief Executive Says Company Will Introduce EVs Based on the Up! New Small Family in 2013; Cautions Against Electro-Hype

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Winterkorn made the remarks during a presentation at the 17 th Handelsblatt-Jahrestagung in Munich on 3 July, during which he outlined VW’s approach to future mobility in the current context of the economic crisis, pessimism about the industry and technology potential. Winterkorn noted that the industry is experiencing its worst crisis in decades, with a collapse in the global market of 18% in the first half of this year. And the auto industry doesn’t hold back on announcements.

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China puts its electric vehicles on center stage - China automotive news

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My Gasgoo Sign in | Join Now | Help Automotive News A Leading Portal for China Auto Industry Make it my homepage Favorite Contact Us Home China News Global News Commentary Interview Blog Data Suppliers Gallery Thursday, April 23, 2009 Home » Automotive News » Commentary » News detail Email This Story Welcome to our registration page. Brilliance Jinbei Automobile Co. and Chery Automobile Co. | ?? |

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Japanese carmakers still ‘most sustainable’

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A focus on tailpipe CO2 emissions has distracted away from the impact of car production, suggests Professor Frank Figge who co-authored the ‘Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing’ study. Disappointingly, the report also found that leading manufacturers including Porsche, KIA and some Chinese manufacturers are still not producing sufficient sustainability performance data.

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How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

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BYD BYD Automobile Company, Shenzhen, China (partially owned by Warren Buffets Mid-America Holdings) Plan F6DM $22,000 PHEV with 60-mile range for sale, starting in China in 2009, in the US around 2011 Chrysler ENVI division developing Town & Country minivan, 200C EV concept and Jeep Patriot and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited SUVs, EREVs (series hybrids) with 40-mile range One PHEV planned for sale in US by end of 2010, others by 2013. By partnering with these two industries.

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GM Says Chevrolet Volt Won't 'Pay the Rent' | Autopia from

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The federal government cant hand out money to a company thats telling them that itll lose money on a $40, 000 automobile that more than half the populace couldnt afford if the economy was in good shape! The big deal was that the oil industry saw real competition and persuaded GM to abandon the project and crush them all like cans. Posted by: GSP | Apr 14, 2009 9:07:50 AM Funny, BYD (chinese) already came out with their version of the volt this year.

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