Ballard reveals hydrogen fuel-cell tech developed with Audi

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As other automakers back away from hydrogen fuel cells, Audi appears to still be in the game. Ballard Power Systems, a manufacturer of fuel cells for commercial applications, announced Monday a new fuel-cell stack developed in concert with Audi.

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Lightyear tests solar roof tech on a Tesla Model 3

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That car isn't quite ready for production yet, but Lightyear is testing its solar tech on modified Tesla Model 3 sedans. Dutch startup Lightyear plans to launch an electric car powered by a combination of solar panels and batteries. Lightyear has two of these Tesla research vehicles, numbered 005 and 006, as well as a solar-equipped Volkswagen. youtube solar Green Life

2020 82

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GM and Honda propose establishing alliance extending well beyond EV and fuel-cell tech

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Honda and GM are considering a partnership on development and supply-chain costs for much more than fuel cells and battery tech.

2020 73

The Summit On Clean Tech Law & The New Energy Policy

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Early bird registration for this Sept 18 Clean Tech Law Summit is extended to Tuesday Sept 15 at 6:00 pm Pacific Time.

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Teardown of Model 3 suggests it might maintain a tech lead for years

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A teardown indicates the Tesla Model 3 may maintain its tech advantage for a similarly long time. The longevity of the Model S proves that Tesla was well ahead of other automakers when the electric luxury car launched almost eight years ago.

2020 100

Exclusive Greenius Coverage of Today’s Clean Tech Roundtable

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I attended today’s Bryan Cave Clean Tech Roundtable at the Broad Stage at Santa Monica College – thanks to my pal Donna Gentry. Tags: environment Bryan Cave Clean Tech Roundtable Jerry Brown

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GM will build Nikola Badger electric truck, supply hydrogen fuel-cell tech

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General Motors and Nikola Corporation announced a strategic partnership on Tuesday in which GM will supply hydrogen fuel-cell systems and battery systems to Nikola. Furthermore, GM will build the upcoming Nikola Badger pickup truck starting in 2022.

2020 88

Tokyo Tech catalyst enables lower-temperature synthesis of ammonia; energy and GHG savings

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Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) have developed an improved catalyst for the synthesis of ammonia by taking the common dehydrating agent calcium hydride and adding fluoride to it. The catalyst facilitates the synthesis of ammonia at merely 50 °C, with an extremely small activation energy of 20 kJmol -1 —less than half that reported for conventional catalysts, said Dr. Michikazu Hara, who led the team.

2020 113

That Super Sexy Clean Tech Roundtable, Part II of a Greenius Exclusive

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If you’re like me you would have found Tuesday’s gathering in Santa Monica a very sexy day at the beach.

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Tokyo Tech team demonstrates visible-light photoelectrochemical water-splitting with cobalt-enhanced TiO2

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Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) have demonstrated the first visible-light photoelectrochemical system for water splitting using TiO 2 enhanced with cobalt.

2020 108

Industry survey finds >57% of auto tech leaders expect COVID-19 to increase consolidation; >85% predict lasting impact on shared mobility

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A global survey of more than survey found that more than 120 auto tech leaders by Informa Tech Automotive Group found that 57% expect that COVID-19 will quicken the pace and rate of consolidation within the automotive industry. Only 11% of the auto tech leaders surveyed disagreed with this assessment, reaffirming the reverse urbanization paradigm.

2020 68

Mitsubishi Mi-Tech PHEV concept teases 4-motor layout, downsized powertrain

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Mitsubishi will show a 4-motor PHEV concept at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, highlighting new electrification tech and unconventional gasoline power in a new downsized SUV package. The automaker describes the Mi-Tech as "An electric SUV that delivers unparalleled driving pleasure and confidence over all terrain in light and wind."

DOE awards Virginia Tech $3M for EV charging cybersecurity project

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded Virginia Tech a $3 million grant for research on electric vehicle charging infrastructure cybersecurity as part of a larger $80 million investment by the department on advanced technologies research ( earlier post ). Gerdes, also a faculty affiliate in Virginia Tech’s Hume Center for National Security and Technology, works with the center in the area of cybersecurity and cyber-physical systems security.

Samsung solid-state battery tech under development doubles energy density

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Samsung announced last week that is developing new solid-state batteries that could offer double the energy density of current lithium-ion batteries. This would be a major breakthrough for electric cars. Greater energy density means more energy can be stored in a given volume, allowing for increased range without increasing the physical size of a. Batteries

2020 77

ExxonMobil, Georgia Tech and Imperial College London publish joint research on potential breakthrough in membrane technology for oil refining

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The polymers were designed and tested at Georgia Tech, then converted to 200-nanometer-thick films and incorporated into membrane modules at Imperial. Woody faculty fellow and associate professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering. Finn, Chair of the School of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Georgia Tech and a joint lead of the study. We worked extensively with ExxonMobil and Georgia Tech to demonstrate the potential scalability of this technology.

2020 85

GM says industry-first wireless battery management will help it scale Ultium EV tech

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General Motors is doing many things different with its Ultium battery and propulsion strategy, which will underpin the GMC Hummer EV first, and then a diversity of electric vehicles from Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Buick—plus Honda and Nikola—by the middle of the decade.

2020 64

Study: Global interest in electric cars surging, autonomous tech stalling

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Here in the U.S., automakers are making huge investments in research and development for advanced vehicle features and autonomous technology, while several automakers—Toyota, for instance, and recently Honda—are being cautious about investing in an electric-car future.

2020 77

GM backs away from hydrogen fuel-cell tech in passenger vehicles

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General Motors is no longer interested in selling a hydrogen fuel-cell passenger car, and will instead focus on battery-electric vehicles. The company hadn't provided an update on fuel-cell activities in some time, but the news emerged from a press call with GM chief sustainability officer Dane Parker discussing the automaker's 2020 sustainability

2020 85

Cummins unveils hydrogen fuel cell truck as tech demonstrator

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Cummins Inc. unveiled a heavy-duty truck with fuel cell and battery electric power at the 2019 North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta. Cummins’ strategy is to provide its customers with a broad portfolio of power options, from diesel and natural gas, hybrids, to battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell solutions.

2019 83

2021 Honda Insight again has highest city mpg of any sedan, gets more safety tech

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The 2021 Honda Insight hybrid enters the new model year with minor changes, including more safety tech. Gas mileage ratings remain unchanged, at 52 mpg combined (55 mpg city, 49 mpg highway) for all trim levels except the top-level Touring, which is rated at a slightly lower at 48 mpg combined (51 mpg city, 45 mpg highway). That gives the 2021

2020 58

Georgia Tech team develops high-performance intermediate-temperature sold-oxide fuel cell

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A team from Georgia Tech, with colleagues at the university of Kansas, has designed a high-performance solid-oxide fuel cell that operates directly on nearly dry (only ~3.5

2018 126

Hyundai-Kia and LG Chem hope to woo battery-tech startups

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Hyundai, sibling brand Kia, and battery maker LG Chem are launching a competition for battery-tech startups. The "EV & Battery Challenge" will select up to 10 battery startups for "potential investment and collaboration," Hyundai said in a press release Monday. Those startups will work with Hyundai, Kia, and LG Chem on "proof of concept. Batteries youtube

2020 47

Virginia Tech team demonstrates green manufacturing method for Li-ion batteries

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Researchers at Virginia Tech have demonstrated a green and more sustainable manufacturing method for LIBs in which no hazardous organic solvent is used during electrode manufacturing and recycling. A paper on their work is published in the journal iScience. The researchers found that the electrodes fabricated via water-based processing demonstrate comparable rate performance and cycle life to the ones from conventional solvent based processing.

2020 76

Honda presents new battery chemistry that could succeed lithium-ion

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battery techResearchers from around the world are looking for the successor to the lithium-ion battery for electric cars, power tools, and electronics—one that will store more energy with less size and weight, charge more quickly, and have improved safety. All battery chemistries come with tradeoffs. The challenge for researchers is to figure out how to.

2018 88

Ford awards TomTom global traffic service deal for next-gen SYNC tech

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Ford has awarded TomTom a global multi-year deal to provide Ford’s next-generation SYNC with its real-time traffic service. The all-new 2021 Ford F-150 pickup and the soon to be delivered all-electric Mustang Mach-E SUV are the first Ford vehicles available with the technology. TomTom Traffic provides accurate, real-time traffic information, which will keep Ford drivers informed and can help them reduce their travel time.

2020 82

Polestar production, Bollinger prototypes, GM battery tech: Today's Car News

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And GM is aiming for solid-state battery tech. Polestar has started producing its Polestar 1 flagship plug-in hybrid coupe, and it’s looking increasingly independent from Volvo. Bollinger is at work on its vintage-chic electric SUV and pickup. Toyota is planning to show off its mobility range at the Olympics. All this and more at Green Car. Today in Car News

2019 51

BMW Uses Siri-like Tech to Promote Electric Car

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The Bakery is supported by the IPA, Tech City Investment Organisation and UK Trade & Investment and agencies including Vizeum, Havas Worldwide, MBA, Karmarama and KittCattNohr Digitas. i Genius? service will be promoted across BMW?s s advertising for the BMW i3, which is due to go on sale in the UK in late 2013. I Genius uses software that is capable of interpreting words, their context and sentiment to instantly respond to questions.

2013 109

Audi tech development chief resigns

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Stefan Knirsch, Member of the Board of Management of Audi AG for Technical Development, has resigned , effective immediately. He had been appointed to that position at the beginning of this year, replacing Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg who left the company earlier after being suspended in connection with the diesel emissions scandal. Dr. Hackenberg has not been charged. The company said that Dr. Knirsch had concealed knowledge about the defeat devices and the emissions testing cheating.

2016 71

Virginia Tech team developing intelligent wearable analyzer for pollutants in transportation-related workplaces

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With a $2.3-million award from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), an interdisciplinary team of Virginia Tech researchers led by Masoud Agah, the Virginia Microelectronics Consortium Professor in the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is developing an intelligent wearable analyzer for vapor exposure, called iWAVE, that can be used to measure hazardous air pollutants in real-time in transportation-related and other workplaces.

2020 72

Subaru and Toyota broaden partnership for electric cars, autonomous tech

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Toyota and Subaru announced Friday that they will expand their partnership into connected-car programs and a co-developed electric vehicle platform. Toyota will also be taking a larger ownership stake in Subaru, while the latter will acquire equity in Toyota for the first time. While the partnership includes plans to build the second-generation

2019 74

Volvo Cars Tech Fund invests in Israeli technology start-ups MDGo and UVeye

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Volvo Cars has made investments in two Israeli technology start-ups through the Volvo Cars Tech Fund, the company’s venture capital investment arm. They represent the Tech Fund’s first investments outside the US and Europe. The Tech Fund’s other investment, UVeye, has developed advanced technology for the automatic external inspection and scanning of cars for damages, dents and scratches.

2019 76

Georgia Tech team’s platinum-graphene fuel cell catalysts show superior stability over bulk platinum

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Although there has been a push to use catalytic systems without platinum, there hasn’t been a system proposed so far that simultaneously matches the catalytic activity and the durability of platinum, said Faisal Alamgir, an associate professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Materials Science and Engineering and the corresponding author of the paper. The Georgia Tech researchers tried a different strategy.

2019 95

NIO aiming to innovate with battery cooling, patents suggest

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Nio battery techAs it works toward an entry in the U.S. and works on a next generation of vehicles that may be sold here, China's NIO is thinking a lot about batteries getting hot—more specifically, how to avoid the issue altogether. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published Thursday a number of new patent applications from NIO USA, Inc., the American.

2019 81

Georgia Tech launches manufacturing institute

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The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) has launched an interdisciplinary research institute to promote a technologically advanced and globally competitive manufacturing base in the United States. Under this new initiative, the Manufacturing Research Center has been renamed the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute and has expanded to engage researchers from all of Georgia Tech’s colleges, the Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI²) and the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

2019 Nissan Leaf Plus vs Leaf: A first look at the differences

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LEAF battery techEarlier this week, at an event coordinated with the Consumer Electronics Show, Nissan introduced the Leaf Plus, a new longer-range of Nissan’s compact electric car. The 2019 Nissan Leaf Plus, which will reach dealerships this spring, finally offers more than the 200 miles that many Americans seem to see as the new minimum for driving range.

2019 82

Hyundai and Kia honing heat-pump tech for next-generation EVs

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Heat pumps will be a feature of future Hyundai and Kia electric cars, helping to improve efficiency and maximize driving range in cold temperatures, the automakers believe. Hyundai and Kia, which share their parent company and some research and development resources, began using heat pumps in 2014 on the first-generation Kia Soul EV, and now most

2020 79

GM battery tech, Uber EV plan, India gas-station chargers: Today’s Car News

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Uber steps up its plans to take its ride-hailing all electric. GM cuts some cords with a technology first within the battery pack of its upcoming EVs. And India could add charging to tens of thousands of gas stations. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

2020 53

Rice, Texas Tech study finds automated cars and their operators fail to detect dangers

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New research from Rice University and Texas Tech University has found that drivers often fail to spot hazards missed by automated vehicles, and it only gets worse the longer drivers ride in them. —Eric Greenlee, assistant professor of psychological sciences at Texas Tech and lead author.

2019 95

2020 Hyundai Sonata will emit less with new valve-duration tech

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The company asserted the new valve tech, headed into versions of the 2020 Hyundai Sonata, will produce significant improvements in emissions, fuel efficiency, and performance. Hyundai last week announced that it has developed what it claims is the world’s first mass-production continuously variable valve duration (CVVD) technology.

2019 65

GM battery tech, Nissan electric ambulance, pop-up chargers: Today’s Car News

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General Motors talks future battery tech. Nissan shows an electric ambulance. And everyone likes those pop-up chargers that hide away otherwise. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. As work began on an Ohio joint-venture plant to build cells for General Motors’ upcoming electric vehicles, like the new Hummer, the company’s top. Today in Car News

All-new Seat Leon to offer hybrid power, increased tech and better value

Green Cars News

Seat has revealed the all-new Leon, adding increased connectivity and hybrid tech to the fourth-generation model

2020 45

Tesla sales, VW tech, electric Harley-Davidson: Today's Car News

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Volkswagen buys wireless tech from Volvo. With final sales reports out from the whole auto industry, we built some context around Tesla's end-of-the-year sales numbers. The Model 3 is setting the pace among luxury cars. Harley-Davidson announces pricing and a date for buyers interested in purchasing its LiveWire electric motorcycle. And our. sales tax credit

2019 50

Electrochemical energy storage startup SPARKZ licenses ORNL cobalt-free battery tech

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Stealth-mode electrochemical energy storage startup SPARKZ Inc. has exclusively licensed five battery technologies from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) designed to eliminate the use of cobalt metal in lithium-ion batteries. The advancement is aimed at accelerating the production of electric vehicles and energy storage solutions for the power grid.

2020 90