Hyundai and Kia invest in autonomous vehicle technology company Aurora

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Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation have invested in Aurora to accelerate development of autonomous vehicle technologies. Working closely with industry leaders around the world will help us develop fully self-driving vehicles that are safe and innovative for our customers.

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Kia, establish ‘Purple M’ JV to accelerate EV mobility services

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Kia Motors Corporation has founded ‘Purple M’, a new start-up designed to offer customized EV mobility services. Purple M is a new joint venture created in partnership between Kia Motors and , a Korean technology firm pioneering the transition to autonomous Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS). Through this new start-up, Kia and The combination of Kia's global footprint and mobility expertise with’s

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Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors and LG Chem launch global competition to invest in EV and battery start-ups

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Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors Corporation, and LG Chem are jointly sponsoring the “EV & Battery Challenge” (EVBC), a global competition to identify up to 10 EV and battery start-ups for potential investment and collaboration. With the automobile industry’s increased focus on development of more eco-friendly vehicles, specifically EVs, the demand for high-performance, high-efficiency batteries is greater than ever before.

2020 64

Kia brings e-Soul to Europe, upgrades Niro hybrid and PHEV

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Kia used the Geneva International Motor Show as the platform to introduce the battery-electric e-Soul to Europe, as well as to reveal new upgrades to the Niro Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid. Every Kia vehicle on show in Geneva employs the brand’s mild-hybrid, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or electric vehicle technology. Electrification is a key element of Kia’s European and global growth strategy, with one in eight Kia cars sold in Europe today featuring an electrified powertrain.

2019 87

Kia begins export production of Kia Soul EV; initial production planned to hit 5,000 units

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Kia Motors has begun volume production of its new all-electric Kia Soul EV ( earlier post ) for export sales at its Kia’s Gwangju facility in Korea.

2014 104

Hyundai Motor Group introduces industry-first smartphone-based EV performance control technology; blockchain

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Hyundai Motor Group has developed smartphone-EV pairing-based performance adjustment technology which allows users to customize primary functions through a smartphone application—an industry-first innovation.

2019 125

Hyundai-Kia: eight electric cars by 2022, dedicated EV platform

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It's long been said in the auto industry that Hyundai-Kia is the only competitor that truly scares industry colossus Toyota. Thirty years ago, the Korean company was a bit player, producing designs adapted from obsolete Mitsubishi technology. Today it's a major global player, reacting fast to market swings—and its goal is to be second only. South Korea Future Cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

2017 68

KIA prices 2015 Soul EV starting at $33,700

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Kia Motors America (KMA) announced pricing for the all-electric version of the Kia Soul. The Soul EV has also been honored with an industry-first automotive environmental validation by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for its innovative use of bio-based materials.

2014 120

Kia models to receive carbon footprint certificate

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The new Kia K7 saloon car, which will be exported as the Cadenza, has received a carbon footprint certificate from the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute. The Kia Cadenza will emit an estimated 29.5tons of [.]. Tags: Green cars Kia Latest news carbon footprint certificate Kia Cadenza Kia K7 Kia models Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute How do you know if a vehicle is environmentally friendly?

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Kia Motors to offer 11 EVs by 2025, targeting a 6.6% global EV market share; launching dedicated EV model in 2021

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Kia Motors Corporation announced details of ‘Plan S’, its mid- to long-term strategy aimed at progressively establishing a leadership position in the future automotive industry, encompassing electrification and mobility services, as well as connectivity and autonomy. The Plan S strategy outlines Kia’s shift from a business system focused on internal combustion engine vehicles toward one centered on electric vehicles and customized mobility solutions.

2020 60

Kia introduces two e-bike prototypes at Geneva

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Kia unveiled two prototype electric bikes today at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show—70 years on from the vehicle manufacturer’s inception as Korea’s first mass producer of bicycles and coinciding with the European debut of the firm’s first globally-available electric vehicle:the Soul EV.

2014 100

Hyundai, Kia invest additional US$250M in Grab; pilot EV projects

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Southeast Asia’s leading O2O (online to offline) mobile platform, announced an agreement under which Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation will invest an additional US$250 million into Grab and establish a partnership to pilot EV programs across Southeast Asia. Under the EV partnership, Grab and the Hyundai Motor Group affiliates will bring together stakeholders from the EV industry to collaborate on measures to improve EV adoption and awareness in Southeast Asia.

2018 81

Hyundai And Kia MPG Mistakes 'Betrayed' Buyers, Honda Exec Says

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Hyundai and Kia's recent EPA mileage overstating scandal has attracted sharp criticism from one top Honda Motor Co. Mendel told industry representatives during the Automotive News World executive. John Mendel, executive vice president of Honda's U.S. car sales, feels the Korean duo betrayed the trust of customers under competitive pressure.

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Kia introduces 2018 Niro PHEV crossover to US at Los Angeles Show

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Kia introduced the 2018 Niro Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) ( earlier post ) to the US market at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Extensive use of hot-stamped steel components and industrial joint adhesive aims to increase torsional rigidity and improve structural integrity.

Hyundai and Kia license Paice’s hybrid vehicle technology, ending litigation

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and Kia Motors Corp. Paice has now licensed all or part of its hybrid vehicle technology portfolio to Toyota, Hyundai/Kia, and Ford. The confidential licensing agreement with Hyundai and Kia brings an end to all litigation between the companies. Paice and the Abell Foundation, a Baltimore-based non-profit organization that invested in Paice, filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Hyundai and Kia in US District Court in 2012.

2015 76

Kias Cadenza Sedan Gets A Carbon Footprint Certificate; All Future Kia Models To Follow Suit

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Kia has announced that its new K7 sedan, which will be exported as the Cadenza, has received its carbon footprint certificate from the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute ( KEITI ). Kia plans to develop carbon footprint labels for all future vehicles.

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UCS analysis finds Hyundai-Kia with best sales-weighted new vehicle environmental performance in US in 2013

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In its sixth sales-weighted analysis of emissions from 8 major automakers’ 2013 model year vehicles, the Union of Concerned Scientists’ (UCS) latest Automaker Rankings report found that Hyundai-Kia unseated Honda as the “Greenest Automaker.” Click to enlarge.

2014 128

Kia introduces 2017 Niro Hybrid Utility Vehicle, Optima Hybrid and Optima Plug-in Hybrid at Chicago

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Kia unveiled three major hybrid offerings at the Chicago Auto Show: the 2017 Niro Hybrid Utility Vehicle; the new Optima Hybrid; and the new Optima Plug-in Hybrid. Consequently, deceleration feels more consistent and linear than other hybrids, according to Kia.

2016 78

DiDi partners with SoftBank in Japan for platform services for taxi industry, launches open new energy car-sharing platform

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have established a partnership to provide platform services for the taxi industry. DiDi hopes to leverage on its AI strengths and national network to empower the entire automotive industry chain. Didi Chuxing, the world’s leading mobile transportation platform, and SoftBank Corp.

2018 90

2018 Kia Soul EV gets bigger battery, range boost from 93 to 111 miles

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Then in the third or fourth year, it gets what the industry calls a "mid-cycle refresh": some updated sheetmetal, perhaps a redesigned dashboard, and other more visible. Updates to conventional cars come in a predictable pattern. Once a new model is launched, it gets only minor tweaks to features, prices, and paint colors for two or three years.

2018 70

Kia Motors integrating Google Maps into 2nd-generation UVO eServices telematics system

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Kia Motors America (KMA) will work with Google to provide content and search-based solutions enabled by Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for the second-generation of the automaker’s UVO (“Your Voice”) eServices telematics system, introduced in November 2012 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The new Google-powered UVO system will serve Kia owners whether they are in their cars or away from them.

2013 87

Silly Little Electric Cars Doing Damage To The Industry?

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Hiding behind the shiny stands of Kia and Smart and sitting in what looked like a poorly-carpeted entrance foyer, a collection of electric motoring misfits vied for the attention of anyone unfortunate enough to stray too close. Tucked away in a little corner just off Hall 6 at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, something weird and frightening lurked.

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Kia Motors intends to join the Clean Energy Partnership to promote fuel cell electric vehicles in Germany

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Kia Motor Corp. The initial agreement was signed in Seoul, attended by Dr. Hyun Soon Lee, Vice Chairman and head of Hyundai-Kia R&D; Dr. Klaus Bonhoff, Managing Director of NOW GmbH (National Organization of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology); Patrick Schnell, Chairman of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) and other CEP members. As part of its global activities to prepare commercialization of fuel cell vehicles, Kia intends to join the Clean Energy Partnership in 2011.

2011 71

Kia Motors signs MOU to build third plant in China; 70% increase in capacity and a push to maintain market share

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Kia Motors Corporation plans to build a third manufacturing plant in China in order to meet increasing local demand and to maintain its positive sales momentum in the market. Upon completion of the new Dongfeng Yueda Kia Plant 3—with a capacity of 300,000 units annually—Kia will have increased its production capacity in China by some 70% from the current 430,000 units at its existing two plants to a total of 730,000 units per year.

2011 64

Hyundai Motor Group, Canoo to co-develop all-electric platform for future EVs and PBVs

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Hyundai Motor Group and Canoo will jointly develop an all-electric platform based on Canoo’s fully scalable, proprietary skateboard design ( earlier post ) for upcoming Hyundai and Kia EVs and PBVs (purpose-built vehicles) ( earlier post ).

2020 88

Hyundai Nexo hydrogen fuel-cell prototype drives itself 118 miles without human input

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As it does in every other aspect of the auto industry, Korean carmaker Hyundai-Kia has set itself an aggressive goal and a fast pace for rollout of self-driving vehicles. The Korean carmaker has said it would offer a vehicle capable of Level 4 autonomy—meaning a car that can operate without human input, but only for certain road types. hydrogen Prototype Autonomous cars hydrogen fuel cell self-driving cars

2018 63

Industry experts have their say on scrappage plans

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Alistair Darling’s 2009 Budget, which announced the introduction of a £2,000 scrappage incentive scheme in the UK, has been met with mixed reviews from industry experts. According to Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF) chairman Paul Williams, the announcement could offer a significant boost to new car sales. However, other industry analysts are less than convinced about the scheme’s merits.

More EPA Gas-Mileage Rating 'Adjustments' To Come In New Year?

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First Hyundai and Kia cut fuel-economy ratings on a dozen models, then Ford on the C-Max. Industry sources have quietly been discussing in recent weeks that more adjustments to EPA gas-mileage ratings could be coming in the New Year. Then, Ford cut ratings on the C-Max again, along with those of five more models. Are there more to come? DON''T

2014 76

Hyundai Motor expands partnership with US Government to support further exploration of hydrogen fuel cell technologies

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This partnership, along with other collaborations with global industry partners, will help address technical barriers and enable progress in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies across applications and sectors. Kia Motors Corp.

2020 143

Scrappage Scheme bites in the UK

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in June, however private individual registrations actually increased by approx 4% giving a much needed boost to several carmakers such as Ford, Kia, and Hyundai that have all experienced a growth in new car sales through June. “We

2012 SUV Market Update

Hybrid SUV Blog

For example, a United Kingdom vacation industry organization estimates that in 2012 there will be a 25 percent increase in the number of Brits who take a vacation in our near the city where they live. One industry expert quoted in that article summed up the situation.

2012 72

Hyundai Motor Group invests $300M in India’s largest mobility service provider Ola

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Hyundai Motor Group and India-based Ola—one of the world’s largest ride-hailing platforms— announced a strategic partnership under which Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation will make their biggest combined investment to date, as part the Group’s continued efforts to become a Smart Mobility Solutions Provider. Hyundai and Kia will invest a total of US$300 million in Ola.

2019 68

InoBat Auto acquires Slovakia site for battery R&D and prototype production

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Strategically located in Voderady, just 40km from Bratislava and in close proximity to 9 major OEM brands, including Peugeot, KIA and Jaguar Land Rover, the R&D center will complete the first phase of the roll out of InoBat Auto and will be followed by the fundraising for Phase 2—a €1-billion InoBat Auto Gigafactory, which will provide an estimated 240,000 EVs with batteries by 2024.

Hybrid SUV Future? Beyond 2011

Hybrid SUV Blog

Although only available in Japan, industry experts expect a version will soon come to the US. With several mediocre models already in production, Kia has quietly perfected the Ray, its big weapon in the hybrid slug fest. Despite Setbacks, Hybrid Future Looks Bright.

2011 52

2012 SUV Market Update

Hybrid SUV Blog

For example, a United Kingdom vacation industry organization estimates that in 2012 there will be a 25 percent increase in the number of Brits who take a vacation in our near the city where they live. One industry expert quoted in that article summed up the situation.

2012 56

CALSTART: zero-emission trucks, buses, off-road equipment on track for 78% rise in models in 2020, doubling by 2023

Green Car Congress

The Toolkit, unveiled in 2019 at the Tenth Clean Energy Ministerial and Fourth Mission Innovation Ministerial in Vancouver, is a portfolio of the key policies, incentives and investments governments and industry can take to spur faster near- and zero-emission commercial vehicle deployment.

2020 96

New California program to make clean cars affordable for lower-income residents

Green Car Congress

The Cap-and-Trade program also creates a financial incentive for industries to invest in clean technologies and develop innovative ways to reduce pollution. To date, Beneficial State Foundation has already received more than 900 applications and awarded 24 grants for cars ranging from a 2018 Nissan Leaf to a 2014 Kia Optima Hybrid.

2018 76

Hyundai Autron and Wind River to develop next-generation autonomous driving platform

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Since 2012, Hyundai Autron has worked with Hyundai, Kia Motors, Hyundai Mobis and others to develop the “Hyundai Motor Standard Software Platform” based on the AUTOSAR standard. Hyundai Autron, a Hyundai Motor Group company, and Wind River signed a partnership to develop an autonomous driving and connectivity software platform to power next-generation automobiles. Hyundai Autron is a research and development company specializing in electronic control software and automotive semiconductors.

2019 81

Diesel new vehicle market share in Europe in February dropped to 39.5%; SUVs still driving growth

Green Car Congress

This suggests that future growth for the industry could be dependent on fewer European countries than previously. However, 13 of Europe’s 27 markets posted declines in February, so future growth for the industry could become dependent on a select few markets.

2018 90

JATO: 2018 record year for EVs; sales up 74% to 1.26M units; overall market stable, as SUVs rule

Green Car Congress

Many carmakers felt the effects of trade tensions between the world’s biggest economies, political changes in key markets, and new threats to the status quo of the industry. Last year could be considered as the beginning of a new era for the automotive industry.

2019 118

JATO: electrified vehicles 13% of new car reg in Europe in January 2020; electrified vehicles only growth-driver

Green Car Congress

Only two years ago not many in the industry would have predicted such high levels of demand for EVs. After a large increase of new vehicle registrations in Europe in December 2019, volumes for January decreased, marking another month of transition for the complex new car market.

2020 88

Oak Ridge Lab, Hyundai Motor collaborating through new R&D agreement

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Hyundai Motor Company and its affiliate Kia Motors Corp. will be identifying and providing R&D needs of the automotive industry; providing feedback and evaluation technology concepts; consulting with ORNL on R&D topics related to the industry; and developing potential Hyundai-sponsored projects to be carried out under separate, legally binding agreements.

2015 79

Report: Hyundai launching new brand of electrified vehicles in January: hybrid first, then PHEV and EV

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Group vice chairman Chung Eui-sun earlier this year declared the PHEV as the answer to the future survival of the company and the industry. Hyundai’s sister brand Kia Motors is also gearing up to realize a hybrid-only model, the “DE.”. The Korea Times reports that Korea-based Hyundai Motor will launch its new brand of electric vehicles scheduled for January.

2015 85