Renault-Nissan to bring electric vehicles to Northern Ireland

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The Renault-Nissan Alliance has been making a number of electric vehicle partnerships around the world – and now it has made an agreement in Northern Ireland. A memorandum of understanding has been signed by both the Alliance and the Northern Ireland Department for Regional Development and Department of Environment.

Smith Electric Vehicles Delivers First Battery-Electric Truck into Ireland

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The 10-tonne truck is the largest pure electric vehicle on the road in Ireland. Designed for city and town center use, the Smith Newton is powered by an 80 kWh Li-ion battery pack and a 120 kW electric motor. The regenerative braking system returns power back to the batteries every time the vehicle slows and also helps to reduce wear and tear on the conventional brakes.


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Northern Ireland’s DRD and DOE sign with Renault-Nissan Alliance to progress electric vehicles

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Northern Ireland’ Department for Regional Development (DRD), Department of Environment (DOE) and the Renault-Nissan Alliance have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to further the introduction of electric vehicles in the country. Under the MOU, joint working teams will be established to propose plans for an electric vehicle infrastructure network. It will also help promote the development and use of electric vehicles in the region.

IBM Teams With ESB ecars to develop EV smart charging IT system in Ireland

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IBM has teamed with ESB ecars to implement a fully integrated smarter charging IT system that will help manage electric vehicle public charge points, which are being rolled out across Ireland by ESB ecars. With approximately 1,000 public charging-points currently available, ESB Networks is on track to deliver one of the largest integrated and operational electric vehicle infrastructures in Europe.

Nissan to lead EC-backed multi-standard rapid charge network project in UK and Ireland

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Nissan is leading a consortium which aims to establish a network of rapid chargers for electric vehicles running the full length and breadth of the United Kingdom and Ireland. financed by the European Union through the TEN-T program, with further contributions from fellow consortium members Renault, BMW and Volkswagen and ESB Ireland’s Electricity Supply Board.

Ireland Sets Goal of 10% EVs by 2020

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Late last year, the government of Ireland set a target of 10% of all vehicles in the transport fleet to be powered by electricity by 2020. The Electric Vehicles plan includes: Tax incentives for business to purchase electric vehicles Businesses can write off 100% of the cost of purchase against tax under the Accelerated Capital Allowance Scheme. We are positioning ourselves as a centre for electric vehicles.

Analysis of EV charging in Ireland suggests public fast-charging infrastructure may become commercially viable in short- to medium term

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A study of EV charging behavior by a team at Trinity College Dublin has found that, from the household data available, EV users prefer to carry out the majority of their charging at home in the evening—the period of highest demand on the electrical grid indicating that incentivization may be required to shift charging away from this peak grid demand period.

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Irish Government, ESB and Renault-Nissan Alliance Partner on EVs in Ireland; Incentives, Charge Points and Cars

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The Irish Government; the ESB, Ireland’s largest electricity utility; and the Renault-Nissan Alliance announced a comprehensive partnership to position Ireland as a European leader in electric transport. Those who purchase electric cars can avail of the €5,000 (US$6,800) grant, which the Irish Government announced today. Irish buyers of electric vehicles will be exempt from Vehicle Registration Tax. for a pilot project in Ireland.

Bernal Institute leading €8M EU project to advance batteries for electric vehicles

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Researchers at the Bernal Institute at the University of Limerick, Ireland are leading an €8-million EU-funded project called Si-DRIVE, which aims to develop battery technology to support higher performance electric vehicles. As part of the project, cell prototypes will be prepared using the optimized anode, cathode and electrolyte materials to demonstrate performance enhancements compared to current state-of-the-art electric vehicle batteries.

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Irish Government, ESB, Mitsubishi Motors, MC Automobile (Europe) and MMC Commercials to Promote Electric Motoring in Ireland

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The Irish Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Eamon Ryan; Electricity Supply Board (ESB); and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation; MC Automobile (Europe), N.V.; signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the parties to promote the electric vehicle (EV) industry in Ireland. At the same time, Ireland’s first EV trial-project, conducted by Trinity College Dublin’s (TCD) School of Engineering on behalf of ESB, was also announced.

UK Manufacturer Axon Automotive Unveils Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

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UK-based Axon Automotive, a spin-off from Cranfield University, previewed a pre-production plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) version of its lightweight city car at the Milton Keynes Science Festival. The plug-in version offers full electric mode for local travel and uses a gasoline or bioethanol powered engine for long distance or highway travel. By designing light cars and giving them good aerodynamics you can radically lower vehicle emissions.

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Smith Electric Vehicles US Makes $105M Offer to Buy SEV Division from Tanfield

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Smith Electric Vehicles US Inc (SEVUS), the UK-based Tanfield Group’s 49% owned associate ( earlier post ), has made a £70-million (US$105 million) a non-binding, conditional cash and stock offer for Tanfield’s Smith Electric Vehicle (SEV) division in the UK, the 49% shareholding in SEVUS together with the License Agreement between Tanfield and SEVUS, and the global intellectual property rights.

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Northern Lights Energy and Reva Electric Car Company Sign Agreement to Develop the Electric Vehicle Market in Iceland

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Northern Lights Energy ( NLE ), the initiator of the 2012 charging infrastructure project and provider of infrastructure and services for electric vehicles (EV) based in Iceland, has signed an agreement with Reva Electric Car Company to jointly develop the electric vehicle market in Iceland. REVA’s business model includes: electric vehicle design, development and manufacture, electric vehicle technology licensing and electric vehicle manufacturing franchising.

Boys in blue are now the boys in green cars

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Police Service Northern Ireland has taken hold of a Vauxhall Ampera at the eDRIVE electric vehicle event and will now use the car as part of a trial of extended range electric vehicle technology. The vehicle will be used [.]. Green cars Latest news Vauxhall green cars Northern Ireland police police cars Vauxhall AmperaThe boys in blue are going green: at least in terms of the cars they drive.

2013 59

WWF-UK study finds UK needs at least 1.7M electric vehicles by 2020 to achieve climate targets; 15% of new car sales

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million electric vehicles—plug-in hybrid and battery-electric—will be needed by 2020 and 6.4 The scenarios assume a 50:50 split between plug-in hybrid and battery-electric vehicles. Also in the highest case scenario, a combination of high EV uptake; improvements in the efficiency of internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs); and demand management measures to reduce the amount people drive could potentially deliver a 75% reduction in car emissions by 2030.

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New electric vehicle partnership for Renault-Nissan

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Renault-Nissan continues to strengthen its foothold in the electric vehicle market by forming a partnership with the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), which represents Phoenix, Arizona. Together they will promote an electric vehicle charging network with ECOtality also participating in the partnership by initiating an electric vehicle micro-climate programme in the Phoenix region to promote sensible policies and intelligent deployment of the charge infrastructure.

UK awarding $75M to 3 projects to advance electric trucks and hydrogen buses

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The UK Government is awarding more than £54 million ($US$75 million) to three projects to advance the next generation of electric trucks and hydrogen buses. million) to develop electric propulsion systems for heavy goods vehicles in Cwmbran, Wales. This technology could be applied in a range of ways, such as giving trucks greater travel range and better energy efficiency for coaches and construction vehicles.

University College Dublin Study finds Prius IV hybrids drive >60% of the time in zero-emissions mode under Irish conditions

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Each volunteer was supplied with a Toyota Prius IV hybrid vehicle (Prius + Luxury grade with 17" wheels and a full suite of premium features) for one calendar week during November 2018. The fuel consumption figure, and the computed CO 2 figure, are in close agreement with the newly introduced world-wide harmonized light vehicle test (WLTP) figures for the Toyota Prius IV vehicle that have been published by Toyota.

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NI electric car project selects charging point supplier

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UK-based Charging Solutions has been named an approved supplier of electric vehicle charging points for a new £500,000 in Northern Ireland. The charging infrastructure supplier has teamed up with the ecar Project in Northern Ireland, which earlier this month launched the new Home and Workplace Charge Point Scheme. Electric cars charging point electric car

EEA: no improvements on average CO2 emissions from new cars registered in 2017 in Europe

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Registrations increased in all EU Member States except Finland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. For the first year since monitoring started, gasoline cars became the most sold vehicles in the EU, constituting almost 53% of sales. The countries with the highest proportions of diesel sales included Ireland (65 %) and Portugal (61 %), Italy (56 %). Sales of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and battery-electric vehicles (BEV) continued to increase—last year by 42%.

2018 183

BMW i and Good Energy partner on green electricity supply in UK

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This partnership includes the provision of 100per cent green electricity to households of BMW customers throughout the UK (with the exception of Northern Ireland).This This will allow BMW i3 and BMW i8 owners to charge their vehicle using renewably sourced electricity while at home. This partnership will allow Good Energy to work closely with BMW to further develop custom-made green electricity tariffs for electric vehicles.

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A strong message from CarGurus:

EV Driver

STRONGER DEMAND FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES SIGNALS UK IS ACCELERATING TOWARD BORIS’ NEW 2030 PETROL AND DIESEL BAN. commented on the research, saying: "Banning the sale of all new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030 will certainly present a challenge to the car industry.

2020 52

DB Schenker expands its electric fleet with 36 new FUSO eCanter vehicles

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International logistics service provider DB Schenker will bring a total of 36 additional FUSO eCanter vehicles into operation in eleven European countries. Since 2019, the company has added further vehicles in Paris, Frankfurt and the Stuttgart area. Electric (Battery) Fleets

2020 254

Tesla Model 3 revealed as having the highest EV sales volume worldwide

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Ranking as the second and third most popular electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are Nissan and Renault. While Tesla commands the electric car market in the likes of Canada, USA, China, the United Kingdom and Australia, Nissan is the EV leader in many European countries such as Portugal, Poland, Ireland and Hungary. . The post Tesla Model 3 revealed as having the highest EV sales volume worldwide appeared first on EV Info - Electric Car News and Reviews.

Li-ion manufacturer Valence Technology exits Chapter 11 as private company

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Applications range from commercial electric vehicles to industrial and marine equipment. In addition to the corporate headquarters in Texas, Valence Technology has its Research & Development Center in Nevada, its Europe/Asia Pacific Sales office in Northern Ireland, manufacturing facilities in China, and global fulfillment centers in North America and Europe. Valence Technology has emerged from the Chapter 11 business reorganization process as a privately held company.

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Coulomb expands ChargePoint network with features for European market; MIFARE smart card support

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The family of ChargePoint Network compatible charging stations also now includes the ChargePoint CT2500, one of the first Mode3/Type 2 electric vehicle charging stations awarded the KEMA-KEUR safety certification mark for compliance with IEC 61851. The ChargePoint Network includes stations installed throughout Europe including Ireland, England and the Netherlands, with more than 100 stations currently in use in the City of Amsterdam.

2011 190

ABB launches Terra 53 DC fast charger in NA; SAE Combo and CHAdeMO

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This 50 kW DC fast charging station meets both SAE Combo and CHAdeMO standards for battery electric vehicles. To date, the company has helped facilitate the creation of nationwide charging infrastructure networks throughout Northern Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Estonia. ABB has introduced the Terra 53 for North America, showcasing it at the Plug-in 2013 conference in San Diego.

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Green Car Congress - Untitled Article

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Irish Energy Minister Eamon Ryan announced a new collaboration between the Government, the semi-state electricity supplier ESB and the Renault-Nissan Alliance on the adoption of electric vehicles and the development of the requisite supporting infrastructure. Renault-Nissan EVs are targeted to be in Ireland in two years. Some months ago, I announced the Government target to move to at 10% target of electric vehicles by 2020.

2009 150

International review study seeks to improve modeling for plug-in vehicle adoption

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A team from Argonne and Oak Ridge National Laboratories in the US and the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI and German Aerospace Center in Germany has reviewed and compared 40 market diffusion models for plug-in vehicles to find similarities or differences and make recommendations for future improvements in modeling in this field. The team reviewed models from 16 countries, including the United States, Germany, China, South Korea, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

2018 150

IONITY partners with Shell, OMV, Tank & Rast and Circle K on sites for high-power charging network; 18 countries, >200 sites

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By teaming up with Circle K in Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden, IONITY will be able to forge ahead with the construction of its fast charging network in Northern Europe. IONITY uses the standard Combined Charging System (CCS) with a charging capacity of up to 350 kW and thereby will provide cross-brand compatibility with most present-day and future electric vehicles. Electric (Battery) Europe Infrastructure Plug-ins

2017 150

UPS launches delivery eBike in Pittsburgh

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The electrically-assisted tricycle will help reduce carbon emissions in addition to traffic, noise and air quality challenges in Pittsburgh. The deployment is part of UPS’s Cycle Solutions and the company’s Rolling Laboratory, which tests alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles. The eBike is equipped with battery-powered electric motors that makes it possible to cover longer distances than traditional bikes, carry substantial loads and navigate hills and other terrain.

2017 150

UK expert group focuses attention on non-exhaust emissions from road traffic as regulatory concern

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A new report released by the Air Quality Expert Group ( AQEG ) in the UK recommends as an immediate priority that non-exhaust emissions (NEE) are recognized as a source of ambient concentrations of airborne PM, even for vehicles with zero exhaust emissions of particles. Non-exhaust emissions (NEE) from road traffic refers to particles released into the air from brake wear, tyre wear, road surface wear and resuspension of road dust during on-road vehicle usage.

2019 246

UPS cargo eBike pilot in Seattle

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The UPS cargo eBike is equipped with a battery-powered electric motor that can travel longer distances than traditional bikes, carry substantial loads and navigate hills and other terrain. Using its “Rolling Laboratory” approach, UPS deploys approximately 9,300 low-emission vehicles worldwide to determine what alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles work best in various routes and duty cycles. In Washington, UPS uses 10 electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

A Brief Look at Today's Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and the Companies That Are Revolutionizing an Old Industry - Yahoo! Finance

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

A Brief Look at Todays Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and the Companies That Are Revolutionizing an Old Industry Plug-in Hybrids: Vehicles of Tomorrow Monday April 20, 2009, 4:00 pm EDT Buzz up! The report classifiesvarious types of "clean"vehicles andreviews the strengths and weaknesses of some of the oldand new players inthe sector.

2009 28

Mitsubishi Motors Begins Production of European-Spec i-MiEV and PSA Variants; Targeting 5,000 Units Sold Overseas in FY2010

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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has begun production of its European-spec i-MiEV new-generation electric vehicle along with production of PSA Peugeot Citroën’s (PSA) Peugeot iOn and Citroën C-ZERO at its Mizushima Plant. MMC has been producing and selling the Japan-spec i-MiEV since last year. With the production of the European-spec models, MMC begins full-fledged export.

i-MiEV 163

Renault-Nissan Alliance Signs Zero-Emission Partnership in Vancouver

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The Renault–Nissan Alliance, the Province of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver and BC Hydro announced a partnership that will see British Columbia become the first Canadian province to receive the Nissan LEAF, Nissan’s first all-electric “real-world” car, in 2011, in advance of global distribution in 2012. The agreement adds BC to a growing network of zero-emission vehicle initiatives across the world.

2009 174

Nissan and Europcar Form EV Partnership

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Nissan and Europcar—the European leader in passenger car and light utility vehicle rentals—are forming a partnership to market electric vehicles by 2010 and advance zero-emission mobility on a global scale. This partnership between Europcar Groupe and Nissan is unique in the vehicle rental market. The Renault-Nissan Alliance will introduce zero-emission vehicles in the United States and Japan starting from 2010.

2009 150

New tin-seeded germanium nanowire array anodes for Li-ion batteries show high capacity and lifetime

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Researchers at University of Limerick and University College Cork (Ireland) have developed high-performance and high-capacity lithium-ion battery anodes from high-density tin-seeded germanium nanowire arrays grown directly from the current collector. Furthermore the excellent high-rate capabilities while discharging suggest that the NWs may also be suited for high power applications that require very high discharge rates such as battery electric vehicles and power tools.

2014 200

Canoo Pickup, Kia EV6, Honda and Mini EV Plans: EV Week in Review – Mar 9-15

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The reveals of the Canoo pickup and Kia EV6 have heads turning and yet another automaker, BMW-owned Mini this time announced plans that it would only produce battery-electric vehicles from 2030. Mini will only produce battery-electric vehicles from 2030, the people said.

Study finds that EV-specific factors rather than socio-demographic variables better predictors of EV uptake

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A study by researchers at the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) examining the impact of financial incentives and other socio-economic factors on electric vehicle (both plug-in hybrids and battery electrics) adoption in 30 countries found that financial incentives; the number of charging stations (corrected for population); and the presence of a local manufacturing facility were positive and significant in predicting EV adoption rates for the countries studied.

2014 251

Renault-Nissan Alliance Partners with China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on EVs

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The Renault-Nissan Alliance has entered a partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) for Zero-Emission Mobility, a first step in bringing Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) to China. Nissan will provide MIIT with electric vehicle (EV) information and propose a comprehensive plan, including a blueprint for a battery-charging network and programs for mass-marketing EVs. In 2012, Nissan and Renault will mass-market electric vehicles globally.

2009 150

Elektromotive Lands EV Infrastructure Deal with KAUST in Saudi Arabia

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KAUST will use the Elektrobay charging points to recharge 150 new electric vehicles that will transport staff and pupils around the campus. Elektromotive’s solution is to create a bespoke ground-plate and mounting post, integrating the electrical feed cable that can be bolted to the concrete surface. Elektromotive currently has 160 Elektrobay units in operation in the UK, and already exports Elektrobays to Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and Ireland.

Nissan Forms Partnership in Raleigh, NC for EV Charging Network

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Nissan is forming a partnership with Progress Energy of Raleigh, NC, and the Raleigh-based nonprofit agency Advanced Energy, to advance zero-emission mobility by promoting the development of an electric vehicle (EV) charging network. Nissan will introduce zero-emission vehicles in the United States in 2010, starting with a 5-passenger compact vehicle that will have a range of 100 miles on a single charge.