Sun.Feb 20, 2022

EIA expects US petroleum trade to shift toward net imports during 2022

Green Car Congress

In 2021, the United States returned to importing more petroleum (which includes crude oil, refined petroleum products, and other liquids) than it exports following its historic shift to being a net exporter of petroleum in 2020, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Tesla reached a cumulative million of its new-format cells in January

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Tesla produced its millionth large-format 4680 battery cell in January, according to a tweet from the company's official account posted Friday. The 4680 cells, so far made at a facility in California, are key to Tesla's plans to continue boosting range and performance while lowering cost.


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Prague buying 20 Solaris bi-articulated Trollino 24 electric trolleybuses

Green Car Congress

A consortium comprising Solaris Bus & Coach, Solaris Czech and Škoda Electric has submitted a winning bid in a tender for the delivery of 20 bi-articulated Trollino 24 electric trolleybuses, held by the Prague public transport operator Dopravní podnik.

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Hundreds of Tesla Model Y vehicles spotted in Giga Berlin


Recently, hundreds of Model Y vehicles were spotted at Tesla Giga Berlin. The sightings suggest that Tesla’s Gigafactory in Germany has refined the Model Y production process and will be more than ready to go once it receives its final permit from the State Environment Agency.

Ford testing directional audio alerts to convey location of hazards

Green Car Congress

Ford in Europe is testing smart driver alert technology that could indicate the direction from which people and objects are approaching. The engineers are also testing intuitive sounds such as bicycle bells, footsteps and vehicle noises to warn drivers when other road users or pedestrians are nearby.

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Utility Charging Incentive Follow Up

EV Club of CT

We have been following up with the utilities on some of the outstanding questions. These are some specific items that came up at the meeting where the information was not available or incomplete. These are. Read more.

Liontown and Tesla enter into a binding term sheet for supply of lithium from Kathleen Valley project

Green Car Congress

Australia-based battery materials company Liontown Resources Limited entered into a legally binding sales and purchase term sheet with electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla for the supply of spodumene concentrate.

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Double your e-bike’s range? Priority introduces new add-on battery, bumping electric bike’s capacity


I ride electric bikes all the time. It’s kind of my thing. It’s a blast because I get an awesome ride experience without the pain and discomfort that normally comes from a long and arduous pedal bike ride. But nothing harshes a good e-biking vibe quite like a low battery.

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SEC pushes back against Elon Musk’s harassment allegations


The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has pushed back against Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s allegations that the agency was harassing him and attempting to “chill” his First Amendment rights.

Government looking into road pricing to plug tax shortfall

Discover EV

Road pricing in the UK

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Tesla Model S Plaid races two of the world’s quickest sedans. The results were not close


There was a time when the Porsche Taycan Turbo S was considered extremely quick. Being one of the few cars that could beat the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode in the drag strip, the Taycan was the car that proved that veteran carmakers should not be ignored in the electric vehicle race.

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Tech: Aerodynamics Is the Key To EV Range

Clean Fleet Report

EVs Race for Aerodynamic Efficiency. We sometimes think that the challenges in front of a new generation of electric vehicles are all new. As the song says, we’ve been down this road before because aerodynamics are fundamental to achieving efficiency in an automobile.

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Tesla Model Y Hydroplaning Crash: Do You Believe In Miracles?


This Model Y owner lost control and crossed the freeway into heavy oncoming traffic. The footage is insane

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Irish Greenwashing Awards Call Out Misinformation


The Irish Greenwashing Awards call out top misinformation spreaders that have been greenwashing and profiting from the climate crisis. Irish EVs is taking a satirical approach to help bring attention to the issue of greenwashing that’s been happening with the fossil fuel industry.

BYD Yuan Plus Has Arrived And Has Global Ambitions


The BYD Blade Battery-powered Yuan Plus is already confirmed for Australia and Singapore

Candela C-8 Is The iPhone Moment For Electric Boats


Candela has announced its new C-8 electric boat, noting that this is the iPhone moment for this sector. The hydrofoiling speedboat offers long all-electric range and high speed. It has been in development for 16 months.

High Nickel Battery Chemistries Were The Most Popular In xEVs


The LFP chemistry accounts for roughly a fifth of the total xEV battery market

Fairytales Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares Tells the World


This is a reaction to an interview with four influential European journals as previously reported on by Steve Hanley. Originally, the title of this article was “The Lies Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares Told The Press,” but I changed it to “Fairytales Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares Tells The World.”

SNE Research: Global xEV Battery Market Exceeded 296 GWh In 2021


The majority of all lithium-ion batteries for xEVs comes from either CATL or LG Energy Solution

Will Elon Musk End The Fossil Fuel Industry? Tesla vs. Exxon


Are oil and car executives hiding their heads in the sand? Looking for more oil reserves perhaps?) Is Musk right about the end of the fossil fuel industry? UK-based research and analysis group Rethink Energy (no affiliation with RethinkX) believes so.

Rivian R1T Snow Performance: Testing Various Drive Modes


How does the R1T electric truck handle snow using All Purpose mode versus Off-Road Drift mode

Will The U.S. Government Really Build 500,000 EV Charging Stations?


Recently, the U.S. government released further details on their plans to build charging stations. For those unfamiliar, a law passed last year provided $7.5 billion for the construction of 500,000 EV charging stations, but details were scarce.

VW CEO Herbert Diess Reckons Tesla's Elon Musk Is Wrong On Lidar


Diess believes Lidar is essential for Level 3 autonomy, meanwhile Musk reckons vision systems will suffice

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Can India Become An Automotive Superpower?


For the last few decades we have watched as India teetered on the brink of achieving its potential of sustained high economic growth. Can India achieve this by becoming an automotive superpower?

Hertz Invests In UFODRIVE, A Self-Service EV Rental App


Hertz is continuing its transition to electric by investing in the "arrive and drive" EV app

Fab Labs Or Gigafactories? Or Both?


Does everything need to be produced in a gigafactory? What is the place for a microfactory, or fab lab? In a chapter in a recent book, Dr. Paul Wildman makes the argument for cosmolocalisation — global design produced locally in fab labs, not gigafactories.

Interesting Bit of Tesla Trivia


Tesla front license plate holder — why is it on the Model S but not the Model X? By Jim Ringold Taking delivery of a new Tesla Model X, I had already made a mental note to get out the dental floss to remove the front license plate holder (we have no front license plates […].