"Spirit of DC" Taking on Las Vegas EVA, Monday Eve, 24 November 2008

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

SEE below for December 2008 contents from Las Vegas EVA Watts Happening -- space that was reserved for Stan & Marianne, Bill and Amanda, Bill, Lloyd, Daniel, John, Michelle, et Las Vegas EVA'rs al for webblogging plus posting pixs of the "Spirit of DC" shining & showing on the 2nd level of the Texas Station Casino parking garage. over the next eight months: [link] This cross-country journey began at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

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More Electric Cars in Las Vegas with Stan Hanel's Story on the RAR'ster. with EVJerr Back to Webblogging, Sunday, 13 September 2009

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

In the background, are various EVs from the Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association, along with the "Spirit" hanging out in the shade and away from the sunny background. chillin' in the Las Vegas warmth of 110-degrees day, 27 July 2009. EVJerry traveled with the RAR caravan as an advance scout vehicle in the All American “Spirit of DC”. The EVADC chapter became the lead sponsor of an EVducational Tour, called the "Spirit of DC" PHEV All Around America.

Fuji Electric releases newly designed DC Quick Charging Station

Green Car Congress

Fuji Electric Corporation of America will introduce a new generation of UL-Certified 25kW DC Quick Charging Stations for electric vehicles, offering a slimmer, sleeker version to suit a wider variety of applications and site locations. The release will be the fourth generation DC Quick Charger for the power electronics manufacturer, having launched the first model overseas in 2008 before entering North America’s EV market in March 2012.

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GM Won't Fund CCS Fast-Charging Sites For 2017 Chevy Bolt EV

Green Car Reports

The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV has received largely positive reviews for the production version unveiled last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Green Auto Show CES Combined Charging Standard (CCS) DC Rapid Charging Fast Charging charging infrastructure plug-in carsAnd as the first affordable 200-mile electric car, expected to go on sale before the end of this year, it will likely reset consumer expectations of what an electric car can be. But having a.

Weekly Reports about Green Festivals in DC and SF. and the"Spirit of DC" on her California Run. Coming Soon!

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

once on top of etherous piles of email, EVJerry here intends to get out a series of weekly reports -- two days of attending the Green Festival in DC with the EVADC taking charge of the TEEN AREA, dropping by the Green Festival in San Francisco. Konocti EAA in Lakeport, CA, East Bay EAA, Greater Sacramento EAA, Tehachapi EAA, Las Vegas EVA, Flagstaff EAA. Cheers PHEV3A'rs, EVADC'rs and EVnthusasts, One & All - Soon.

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Getting Closer to California - duplicate blog entry?

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Jerry, the solar PHEV "Spirit of DC" and the white Tesla "RARdster" continue their Renew America Roadtrip.com with Jerry in the lead, setting up press in Las Vegas. They will soon be in California, having made the 4000 mile trip in about two weeks. Press clips to come

RenewAmericaRoadTrip in Vegas

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Las Vegas is in the middle of an excessive heat warning (temp. George, Utah with Jerry and Spirit of DC scouting ahead. The Element Hotel on the West side of Las Vegas hosted the crew and proved to be a most capable and accomidition host allowing several of our EV's to plug in and allowing us to set up a special high current charging port for the Tesla. Lloyd Reece VP of the LVEVA here.

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A - Untitled Article

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Tesla Roadster Visits Las Vegas July 27th-28th during Renew America Roadtrip by Stan Hanel, Editor of "Watts Happening" Newsletter for LVEVA Michael Craner and Madushini “Maddy” Gunawardana are 21 st century trailblazers. The Electric Auto Association (EAA), of which the Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association (LVEVA) is a local chapter, supported their cross-country effort.

Nissan Announces Dates for US LEAF EV Tour

Green Car Congress

Las Vegas: Jan. Washington, D.C.: The Nissan LEAF all-electric car will make its North American debut in Los Angeles on 13 Nov. The Los Angeles showing will be the first time people in the United States will be able to see the five-passenger, five-door, gasoline-free car, which is embarking on a nationwide tour.

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Chevrolet releases more details on Bolt drive unit and battery; one-pedal driving

Green Car Congress

Hard on the heels of the reveal of the production Volt EV at CES 2016 in Las Vegas earlier post ), Chevrolet used the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit to release additional details on the battery and drivetrain of the new BEV.

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Horizon Unveiling Small Hydrogen Refueling and Storage System for the Home

Green Car Congress

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies will introduce a “personal hydrogen station”—HydroFill—at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. The device consumes 60W DC per hour to produce 10 liters of hydrogen (0.001 kg) per hour, enough to fill a HydroStik metal hydride storage cartridge. Horizon will also present an upgraded version of its larger portable off-grid DC power supply system HydroPak.

Pike Research ranks ChargePoint, DBT as top EV charging equipment supply companies

Green Car Congress

ChargePoint and DBT USA will showcase a joint EV charging station innovation at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show next week in Las Vegas). excluding companies that only provide DC fast chargers; and. The new Pike Pulse Grid for EVSE manufacturers. Click to enlarge.

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Local Motors debuts first self-driving vehicle using IBM Watson Internet of Things for Automotive

Green Car Congress

The vehicle, dubbed “Olli,” will be used on public roads locally in Washington DC, and late in 2016 in Miami-Dade County, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Most Hybrid Cities In America

Hybrid SUV Blog

Las Vegas. From our data, San Francisco and Washington D.C. I made my first trip to San Francisco this week and although I expected to see a higher percentage of hybrid cars compared to most Midwest cities, I was really surprised.

Kenworth Receives Largest Hybrid Tractor and Truck Order Yet

Green Car Congress

San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington, DC. Knoxville, Las Vegas, Missoula, New Orleans, and Seattle, joining CCE’s fleet of 120 Kenworth 12-bay hybrid delivery trucks. Coca-Cola Enterprises has ordered 150 Kenworth T370 diesel-electric tractors and 35 Kenworth T370 hybrid trucks, all of which will be on the road this year. The Kenworth T370 tractors (rated at 55,000 lb.

The Reality of Fast Charging for Electric Vehicles

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Aerovironment, one of the leading makers off fast charging systems, offers a version of their PossiCharge fast charging system that delivers 600amps DC, the same amount of current as the maximum available to three single family homes. Join Matter Now!

US DOE Awards $300 Million in Clean Cities Grants to Support Alternative Fuels, Vehicles, and Infrastructure Development

Green Car Congress

The initiative includes 17 new propane fueling stations along high traffic roadways from Washington, D.C. South Coast Air Quality Management District’s UPS Ontario-Las Vegas LNG Corridor Expansion Project. UPS will construct a publicly-accessible LNG fuel station off of Interstate 15 in Las Vegas and deploy 48 heavy-duty LNG vehicles in its interstate alternative fuel operations. Geographical distribution of Clean Cities Recovery Act awards. Click to enlarge.

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