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policymakers as climate change. Scientists agree that the effects of manmade climate change, on the other hand. emissions global warming CO2 climate change carbon dioxide science PollsTen years ago, energy security may have been as much a driving force behind electric cars for U.S. Now, with continuous growth in domestic oil and gas production over that period, you just don't hear energy security discussed as much.

PCAST suggests 6 key components for climate change strategy to President Obama; adaptation and mitigation

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The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) released a letter to President Obama describing six key components the advisory group believes should be central to the Administration’s strategy for addressing climate change. The first component aims to reduce the damage resulting from changes in climate (“adaptation”), while the last five aim to reduce the pace and magnitude of these changes (“mitigation”).


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EPA head: new report that climate change is manmade has 'no bearing' on plans to end climate action

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scientists released the fourth National Climate Assessment, it spelled out one blunt conclusion: human activity in releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere caused the climate change that has warmed the globe. emissions Politics government EPA global warming CO2 climate changeWhen top U.S.

Could California climate-change rules raise gas price enough to backfire?

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California has by far the most aggressive climate-change policies in the nation, and the state is a global leader in plans to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. emissions global warming California CO2 climate change carbon dioxide Zero Emission Vehicle state lawsIt's also the world's eighth-largest economy, with a growing population, soaring economic output, and a resolutely progressive legislature. While its zero-emission vehicle policies may get.

Black carbon is a much larger cause of climate change than previously assessed; about twice previous estimates, and 2/3 the effect of CO2

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the distribution of black carbon in the atmosphere and determine its role in the climate system. Black carbon (BC) is the second largest man-made contributor to global warming and its influence on climate has been greatly underestimated, according to the first quantitative and comprehensive analysis of this pollutant’s climate impact. Accounting for all of the ways black carbon can affect climate, it is believed to have a warming effect of about 1.1

Study: Fossil fuel CO2 emissions reached max daily decline of 17% in April

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Percentage change in global daily fossil CO 2 emissions, Jan-May 2020. This research is supported through funding from the Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub of the?Australian Chang. Climate Change COVID-19 Emissions

2020 302

Kobe Steel demonstrates technology that can reduce blast furnace CO2 emissions by ~20%

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Climate Change Emissions Manufacturing Market Background MaterialsKobe Steel, Ltd.

CO2 227

Study: 2/3 of aviation climate impact due to emissions other than CO2

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of the human-made climate impact; two-thirds of this impact are caused by emissions other than CO 2 , according to a new study by researchers in Europe and the US. Schematic overview of the processes by which aviation emissions and increased cirrus cloudiness affect the climate system.

2020 279

Roskill: CO2 emissions from lithium production set to triple by 2025

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Batteries Climate Change Emissions Forecasts Lifecycle analysis Market Background Materials Mining

2020 256

EIA: US energy-related CO2 fell by 2.8% in 2019, slightly below 2017 levels

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The changes in US energy-related CO 2 emissions in 2019 offset the increase in 2018. Nearly all of the change in CO 2 emissions in 2019 arose in the electric power sector. In 2019, the transportation sector’s energy-related CO2 emissions declined by 0.7%

2020 247

Maersk sets net zero CO2 emission target by 2050

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of global CO2 emissions. In 2019, Maersk is planning to initiate open and collaborative dialogue with all possible parties to tackle climate change. Climate Change Emissions Ports and MarineMaersk, the world’s largest container shipping company, has set a goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. To achieve this goal, carbon neutral vessels must be commercially viable by 2030, and an acceleration in new innovations and adaption of new technology is required.

2018 240

Euro Parliament Environment Committee votes to include shipping CO2 in EU ETS; shipping industry to contribute to climate neutrality

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In addition, MEPs say that market-based emissions reduction policies are not enough, so they also introduced binding requirements for shipping companies to reduce their annual average CO2 emissions per transport work, for all their ships, by at least 40% by 2030. Climate Change Emissions Europe Market Background Ports and Marine

2020 214

EIA: CO2 emissions from US power sector have declined 28% since 2005

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US electric power sector CO 2 emissions have declined 28% since 2005 because of slower electricity demand growth and changes in the mix of fuels used to generate electricity, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). In the United States, most of the changes in energy-related CO 2 emissions have been in the power sector. Climate Change Emissions Power Generation

2018 326

?@LATstevelopez You Must Live In An Alternate Universe Where CO2 Isn’t at 412ppm, Where We Aren’t Already In A Climate Crisis #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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climate change electric cars environment News Truth & Reality Los Angeles Times Steve Lopez

2019 150

Exxon/Mobil Guilty of Climate Change Coverup. Now Ordered Out of Torrance 3 Years Sooner.

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But now that I’ve found out they’re still lying and covering up their role in climate change and the size of their own carbon footprint, I’m going to have to get tougher with them. I know they share my deep understanding of the climate change reality along with Exxon/Mobil’s huge role in adding to the greenhouse gasses that will seal our fate if their emissions are not drastically reduced.

German High Court Rules Delaying Climate Action Harms Youth

EV Obssesion

Germany’s highest court ruled Thursday that the country’s 2019 climate law unconstitutionally saddles young people with the burden of fighting climate change by “irreversibly offload[ing] major emission reductions burdens onto periods after 2030.”

Audi of America launches Internal Carbon Price program to support goal of lowering CO2 footprint 30% by 2025

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Climate Change Emissions Market Background Policy Vehicle ManufacturersAudi of America is among the first in the automotive industry to implement an internal carbon price program as a key initiative in the brand’s pursuit of lower CO 2 emissions. This is part of the global commitment Audi has made to lower its carbon footprint by 30% by 2025, and is part of the larger Audi AG Mission:Zero imperative to reach net-zero carbon by 2050.

2020 163

Audi aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% over the vehicle lifecycle by 2025

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In the long term, Audi is pursuing the vision of CO2-neutral mobility and aims to be climate-neutral throughout the company on balance by 2050. We are committed to the Paris climate targets and will make our contribution to limiting the global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees. Audi Hungaria already covers about 70% of its heat supply from climate-neutral, geothermal energy. Climate Change Electric (Battery) Emissions Lifecycle analysis Manufacturing Sustainability

2019 233

Honda secures auto industry’s largest renewable energy purchase; 60% reduction in CO2 from N.A. manufacturing operations

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We hope the addition of a collar to the Boiling Springs project will encourage other companies to consider VPPAs as a method to secure renewable power and reduce climate-altering carbon emissions. Climate Change Emissions Manufacturing Power Generation Wind

2019 249

Biden sets 2030 net GHG reduction target for US of 50-52% below 2005 levels

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and CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion up 2.6% Speeding up this shift will be vital to meeting climate targets. Climate Change Emissions Policy

2005 227

Provisional agreement reached on European CO2 standards for heavy-duty trucks; 30% lower by 2030

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—Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Cañete. However, T&E added, the legislation will need to be made more ambitious when it’s reviewed in 2022 to continue to drive down emissions in line with the Paris climate goals. Big businesses including IKEA, Unilever, Carrefour and Nestlé, as well as logistics companies and hauliers, had called for the CO 2 targets and sales benchmark to help them address their climate responsibilities and make fuel savings.

2019 237

Volkswagen investing in climate protection projects to compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions

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Volkswagen is investing in climate protection projects to compensate for unavoidable CO 2. Projects are certified according to the highest international standards Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) as well as Climate Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCB) or Gold Standard. Furthermore, the IPCC 1.5-degree report of leading climate scientists states that natural carbon sinks are essential for meeting climate goals and we want to contribute towards this.

Stricter emission standards needed to tackle climate change

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It’s not just CO2 vehicle emissions that should be targeted in the effort to mitigate long term climate change – its also non-CO2 pollutants. A new analysis conducted by a team of scientists, led by Drew Shindell of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, used global composition climate modelling to examine the impact of adopting [.]. Global warming Green credentials Latest news climate change co2 emissions emissions Green cars nitrogen oxides particulate matter

Columbia University engineers make breakthrough in understanding electroreduction of CO2 for conversion to electrofuels

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They applied a comprehensive suite of experimental and theoretical methods to identify the structure of the first intermediate of CO 2 electroreduction: carboxylate CO2 - that is attached to the surface with C and O atoms. Our findings about CO 2 activation will open the door to an incredibly broad range of possibilities: if we can fully understand CO 2 electroreduction, we'll be able to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, contributing to the mitigation of climate change.

2018 183

Technical brief: transportation overtaking electricity generation as the largest source of US CO2 emissions

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Additional measures, including ways to offset the CO 2 emitted by liquid fuel use, will be needed to address the transportation-climate challenge. Climate Change Emissions Power GenerationA technical brief by Dr. John DeCicco at the University of Michigan Energy Institute shows that transportation is overtaking electricity generation as the largest source of US CO 2.

2016 249

EIA projects US energy-related CO2 emissions to remain near current level through 2050; increased natural gas consumption

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The AEO2019 Reference case, which reflects no changes to current laws and regulations and extends current trends in technology, projects that US energy-related CO 2 emissions will be 5,019 million metric tons in 2050—4% below their 2018 value—as emissions associated with coal and petroleum consumption fall and emissions from natural gas consumption rise. Climate Change Emissions Natural Gas Power Generation

2019 197

UK auto industry warns anti-diesel agenda and slow uptake of EVs could mean missing 2021 CO2 targets; rising CO2 average in 2017

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The UK automotive industry warned that the current anti-diesel agenda combined with the ongoing slow take-up of electric vehicles could mean industry misses its next round of CO 2 targets in 2021, with negative consequences for the UK’s own climate change goals. The anti-diesel agenda has set back progress on climate change, while electric vehicle demand remains disappointingly low amid consumer concerns around charging infrastructure availability and affordability.

2018 190

European Council agrees on 35% cut in new car CO2 by 2030

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The proposed measures and targets are based on the 2030 climate and energy framework and with the energy union strategy, which aims at a reduction in transport emissions and energy consumption. Climate Change Emissions Europe RegulationsThe European Council agreed on setting a target of a 35% average reduction in CO 2 emissions form new cars by 2030.

2018 188

Researchers measure actual CO2 emissions from fossil fuel use and compare to reported levels

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The researchers say that adding this atmospheric monitoring technique to the suite of tools used to monitor climate change can help to better understand greenhouse gas emissions from specific regions and how they are changing over time. Climate Change Emissions RegulationsResearchers have measured CO 2 emissions from fossil fuel use in California and compared them to reported emissions.

2018 183

Automakers face big fines in Europe for missing CO2 targets

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As global leaders meet in Poland to hammer out details about how to meet Paris Climate Accord targets, a new study shows that European automakers aren't introducing electric cars nearly fast enough to meet European standards—and the delay could cost them. global warming climate change

2018 101

National Research Council outlines fight against climate change

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The National Research Council has suggested the US needs a measurable domestic greenhouse gas emissions budget target in the range of 170-220gigatons of CO2 for the period 2012-2050. Its report, entitled Limiting the Magnitude of Future Climate Change, outlines the target while also warning that the longer the wait to reduce emissions, the harder it will [.].

New phase of globalization could undermine efforts to reduce CO2 emissions

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The study follows open-access research by some of the members of the team published last month in Geophysical Research Letters , in which the authors argue that the Chinese export-embodied CO 2 emissions have peaked due to the changing structure of Chinese production. —Dabo Guan, professor in climate change economics at UEA’s School of International Development and co-author on both studies. China Climate Change Emissions

2018 163

ICCT: decline in diesel sales will have negligible impact on attainment of European CO2 emission standards

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The combustion of 1 liter of diesel fuel produces approximately 11% more energy than gasoline fuel, but the diesel fuel also releases approximately 11% more CO2 due to its higher carbon content. Climate Change Diesel Emissions Europe RegulationsThe current decline is ales of diesel light duty vehicle in Europe does not put EU CO 2 targets out of reach of automakers, according to a new analysis by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).

2018 174

States, Cities sue EPA over Clean Power Plan rollback

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emissions global warming CO2 climate changeThe power grid that electric vehicles plug into will get cleaner over time. But depending on where you are, the rate at which it cleans up could have a lot to do with something that’s headed to the courts. A lawsuit filed Tuesday by 22 states and seven cities, in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, aims to.

2019 104

EPA staffers told how to downplay climate change in leaked memo

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EPA global warming CO2 climate change carbon dioxide regulation science Donald TrumpEPA administrator Scott Pruitt would be controversial even if he hadn't flown to Morocco in December (first-class, on the taxpayer dime) to lobby the country on the benefits of liquified natural gas while living in a condo owned by a lobbyist for the country's largest LNG exporter. He is likely the first EPA head to axe scientists from the.

ICAO agrees to market-based measure to address aviation CO2

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In a statement released after the ICAO announcement, ICSA said that while it recognized the agreement as a hard-fought political compromise to see that aviation contributes its fair share in the climate change fight, critical work remains to ensure environmental integrity and broad participation. It is also important that states and regions, especially developed and fast-developing ones, adopt additional measures to mitigate aviation’s climate impact.

2016 183

IIASA: removing fossil fuel subsidies will not reduce CO2 emissions as much as hoped

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Fossil fuel subsidies amount to hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide, and removing them has been held up as a key answer to climate change mitigation. This equates to 0.5-2 gigatonnes (Gt/year) of CO 2 by 2030, significantly less than the voluntary climate pledges made under the Paris climate agreement, which add up to 4-8 Gt/year and are themselves not enough to limit warming to 2°C. Climate Change Emissions Fuels Policy

2018 174

CICERO team finds global temperature will respond slowly to emissions cuts

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Although large emissions cuts are urgently needed to achieve global climate goals, it may take decades before we can measure the effect of the reductions on global temperature evolution, according to a new study by researchers at Norway’s CICERO Center for International Climate Research.

2020 259

Study: expanding Brazilian sugarcane for ethanol could reduce global CO2 emissions by up to 5.6%

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However, it could be accomplished without impinging on environmentally sensitive areas in Brazil and while allowing for the expansion of other agricultural crops and human needs, the researchers report in a paper in the journal Nature Climate Change. Mb d −1 of crude oil by 2045 under projected climate change while protecting forests under conservation and accounting for future land demand for food and animal feed production.

2017 150

JATO: new car CO2 emissions rise for the first time in a decade in Europe; diesel down, gasoline up, SUVs up

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The shift in fuel type from diesel to gasoline—combined with an increase in registrations in the SUV segment—is crucial to understanding the change in CO 2 emissions. Climate Change Diesel Emissions Europe Policy RegulationsAverage CO 2 emissions generated by new cars in Europe increased during 2017—the first rise in 10 years— according to a new analysis by JATO Dynamics.

2018 212

EIA: US energy-related CO2 dropped 2.7% in 2015; of end-use sectors, only transportation increased

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Transportation-related CO2 emissions increased by 38 million metric tons (MMmt) (2.1%) in 2015. Climate Change Emissions Market BackgroundAccording to a report from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), US energy-related CO 2 emissions decreased by 146 million metric tons (MMmt) in 2015 to 5,259 MMmt, down 2.7% from 5,405 MMmt in 2014. This decline occurred despite growth in real gross domestic product (GDP) of 2.6%

2017 174

IEA finds CO2 emissions flat for third straight year even as global economy grew in 2016

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This was the result of growing renewable power generation, switches from coal to natural gas, improvements in energy efficiency, as well as structural changes in the global economy. Market forces, technology cost reductions, and concerns about climate change and air pollution were the main forces behind this decoupling of emissions and economic growth. Climate Change Emissions Market Background

2017 183

EIA: US energy-related CO2 emissions down 1.7% in 2016; carbon intensity of economy down 3.1%; transportation emissions up

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decline in energy-related CO2, according to the latest report from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Since the late 1990s, the transportation sector has produced the most CO2 emissions. of the 34 MMmt net increase in transportation-sector CO2 emissions in 2016—totaling 19 MMmt—an increase of 1.8% Climate Change Emissions

2017 150