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Poll: Nearly Half of Americans "Unlikely" to Buy an EV As Next Vehicle

The Truth About Cars

A poll making the rounds this month suggests that almost half of Americans wouldn't buy an EV for their next vehicle purchase, due to a lack of reliable charging and high costs. Eighty percent said it was the lack of charging infrastructure that was the primary reason they wouldn't buy an EV.

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Study: People Want to Buy EVs but Costs Are Still Too High

The Truth About Cars

A recent study from KPMG found that most people are interested in buying an EV, but many cite affordability as a hurdle to ownership.& One of the things that EV antagonists often cite is a lack of buyer enthusiasm for electric vehicles. As it turns out, the demand is there, but costs are a significant hurdle for buyers.


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OLA S1 Electric Scooter Ownership Blog

Plug In India

My blog unearthed a lot of the inner workings on that vehicle. Do read my blog , where i talk about the same in greater detail. Avoid buying EV's from such companies. I will only buy a small electric car that costs less than Rs 6-7 lakhs. If you are buying a petrol scooter in 2022, don't! Why the OLA Scooter?

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Understanding the Federal Standards for the NEVI Program and Buy America Rules

Blink Charging

The White House announced the final rules and regulations for states implementing their National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Programs and the Federal Highway Administration published its Buy America standards for EV infrastructure. What Are the Buy America Standards for EV Chargers?

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Finally, an eVTOL You Can Buy (Soon)

Cars That Think

The certification issue looms as a major unknown over the entire eVTOL enterprise, at least in the United States, because, as the blog noted last August , “the FAA has no clear timeline or direction on when it will finalize a permanent certification process for eVTOL.”. So who might buy it?

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Where Should I Buy An EV – 2022 Edition

EV Club of CT

CHEAPR as a Proxy for EV-Friendly Dealers It is not unusual for a consumer to reach out to us, usually after a bad sales experience, and ask if we can recommend a dealership. Read more

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Open Letter to Apartment Management: I Want to Buy an EV!

Sema Connect

The post Open Letter to Apartment Management: I Want to Buy an EV! 40% of EV drivers live in multifamily communities without a private garage. Here’s a sample of a letter from an apartment resident to their property owner. appeared first on Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations.