Battery Monitoring Parts

Open Source Civic EV Kit

Here are several components from the Belktronix battery monitoring system. In the upper left is the "batmon" unit (one for each battery) that monitors each battery. The green LED turns on when the resistive shunt (lower left in the photo) kicks in to balance out the batteries.

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BMW Group spare parts logistics center piloting autonomous transport platforms

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group’s worldwide spare parts logistics center in Dingolfing has recently started piloting autonomous transport platforms. The electrically powered AutoBox helps to move incoming spare parts efficiently from the freight dock to the warehouse.

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Tesla Model 3: what parts breakdown says about high-volume electric car

Green Car Reports

parts suppliers assembly Tesla Motors plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV Tesla CEO Elon Musk has aspirations of vertically integrating his companies as much as possible, trying to avoid traditional suppliers wherever he can. While Tesla has been successful in developing things like their electric motors in-house, the company still relies on others for many of the components that go into its cars. The Model 3 was.

2018 61

Zap&Go bringing C-Ion technology to Williams Advanced Engineering-led consortium as part of £246M Faraday Battery Challenge

Green Car Congress

Zap&Go Ltd has been selected to contribute its unique Carbon-Ion (C-Ion) technology to a consortium led by Williams Advanced Engineering to develop next-generation battery systems for electric vehicles. Batteries Electric (Battery

2018 106

Volkswagen Group Components supplying numerous components and parts for the production of the Volkswagen ID.3

Green Car Congress

The Brunswick plant develops and produces the battery system, further sites deliver castings and other parts. The Group Components plant in Kassel supplies electric drives and platform parts for the ID.3. Battery system from Brunswick. The battery system for the ID.3

2019 91

SEAT implements self-driven robots to automate outdoor parts transport; ASTI Tribot with SLAM navigation

Green Car Congress

SEAT is the first industrial manufacturer in Europe to have outdoor, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) with SLAM navigation (simultaneous localization and mapping), 4G connection and inductive charging for the batteries.

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BMW teams with Jaguar Land Rover for EV parts

Green Car Reports

Jaguar Land Rover and BMW announced on Wednesday that they will form an alliance to build the unique parts, beyond the battery, that make up an electric vehicle.

parts on Ebay great news!!

DIY Electric Car

Yipee, scored on the exact parts I wanted on Ebay. Further distiny occured when I privately e-mailed the seller ( I first tried to e-mail through ebay but of course their site was censored), and found out that he also had the zivan battery cahrger that I wanted, and controll box complete with 2 albright sw 200 contactors wired with relays and vacume pump for breaks, already installed in a plug and play fashon.

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Daimler, partners building next-gen additive manufacturing process pilot production line for spare parts

Green Car Congress

Retainer of the truck diesel engine—the first spare part of the partner pilot project NextGenAM, from Daimler, Premium AEROTEC and EOS. A driverless transport system and robots ensure the smooth movement of the parts through every stage of the production line.

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Civic Engine Removal - Part 1

Open Source Civic EV Kit

Step 1: disconnect the negative then positive battery cables. Step 18: Remove the battery cable/starter cable from the under-hood fuse-relay box and ABS power cable from the battery terminal.

2008 130

BASF acquires Ovonic Battery Company; NiMH leader to be part of BASF Battery Materials business unit

Green Car Congress

BASF has acquired Ovonic Battery Company (OBC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices Inc. Ovonic is a leading producer of NiMH (nickel metal hydride) battery technology, including the production of cathode active materials (CAMs) for this battery type.

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Motiv Power Systems delivering 7 electric walk-in vans to USPS as part of CARB program; deployment in Central Valley

Green Car Congress

The first vehicle now serves routes in Fresno with the balance of the vehicles to be deployed in Fresno and Stockton as part of a year-long program. We’re proud to now be a part of USPS’ long tradition of implementing the latest technology to green their fleet.

2019 101

researching suspension parts

Open Source Civic EV Kit

When people purchase their '92-'95 civic, the first thing they'll need to do is upgrade the suspension to handle the extra weight of the batteries. The CivicWithACord journal suggests getting Koni yellow adjustable struts and a set of Ground Control coil-overs. Ground Control sells the coil overs (SKU 4530) for $299+shipping. Make sure you request the beefed up springs, two of type 1200.250.0275 and two of type 1200.250.0200.

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Volvo Cars inaugurates new battery assembly line at Ghent manufacturing plant

Green Car Congress

Volvo Cars formally inaugurated a new battery assembly line at its Belgian manufacturing plant in Ghent, where it will start building its first fully electric car, the XC40 Recharge P8, later this year. Batteries Electric (Battery) Manufacturing

2020 167

LG Chem To Become World's Biggest Electric-Car Battery Supplier? Could Be, Report Says

Green Car Reports

Three major companies compete today to supply the lithium-ion cells that make up the bulk of today's electric-car battery market. Then there's LG Chem, which sells lithium-ion batteries to quite a number of different car manufacturers. Manufacturing Batteries parts suppliers lithium-ion battery pack plug-in cars lg-chemPanasonic sells primarily to Tesla Motors, while AESC is a joint venture half owned by Nissan.

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Toyota and Kenworth collaborate to develop 10 hydrogen fuel-cell T680 trucks as part of ZANZEFF grant

Green Car Congress

This collaboration is part of a $41-million Zero and Near-Zero Emissions Freight Facilities (ZANZEFF) grant preliminarily awarded by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), with the Port of Los Angeles as the prime applicant.

2019 102

LG Chem logs another electric-car win: Faraday Future to buy batteries

Green Car Reports

South Korean firm LG Chem is one of the largest suppliers of lithium-ion battery cells for electric cars. Batteries parts suppliers lithium-ion plug-in cars LG Chem Faraday FutureIt already counts 25 separate auto brands among its clients, and parent company LG contracted with General Motors to provide extensive development work on the Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car. Now LG Chem is adding another, much new carmaker to.

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Volkswagen: e-mobility and sustainability; Part 1, the e-Golf and Golf GTE

Green Car Congress

earlier post ); and currently has two battery-electric passenger cars on the market (e-Up! At the event, Volkswagen is presenting its new battery electric e-Golf ( earlier post ), along with the battery-electric e-up! The total energy capacity of the battery is 24.2

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DC-DC Installed and New Brake Parts

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

The right tab hole lines up with the bolt in the upper right corner of the battery box. One additional advantage is that the input is really a rectified 115V AC input that I can plug into the wall in case I need to recharge the 12V battery with an external source instead of the main pack.

2008 130

Geely Auto’s flagship Bo Rui GE hybrid selected as part of China’s diplomatic fleet; 48V MHEV or PHEV

Green Car Congress

During a traffic jam, it switches to pure EV mode, on the expressway it switches hybrid travel mode, when the battery is low it uses the engine and regenerative braking to charge it.

2018 115

Green Cars Part 3- Hydrogen

DIY Electric Car

Keep a look out for a look at compressed air and battery electric in the next two weeks. The more I delve into this topic the more detail I want to address, so rather than cover all three energy storage options in this post I’ve decided to give a more detailed look at hydrogen. Hydrogen is the darling of the media, car manufacturers and oil companies. alike.

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Volkswagen investing €450 in Northvolt JV battery operations at Salzgitter

Green Car Congress

The joint venture between Volkswagen Group and the Swedish battery producer Northvolt AB ( earlier post ) is gaining further momentum. Volkswagen itself will erect the buildings and infrastructure for the joint venture’s “Northvolt Zwei” factory that is to produce lithium-ion battery cells, in order to leverage synergies at the Salzgitter site—based on the existing Center of Excellence for Battery Cells. Batteries Electric (Battery) Manufacturing Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 68

U Tokyo TFEP electrolyte solvent enables safer high-voltage, high energy-density Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of Science at the University of Tokyo have designed and synthesized a fluorinated cyclic phosphate solvent, 2-(2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy)-1,3,2-dioxaphospholane 2-oxide (TFEP), for use in lithium-ion batteries.

2020 117

APC launches competition to support UK’s first battery manufacturing development facility; part of £246M Faraday Challenge

Green Car Congress

The UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), in conjunction with Innovate UK, has launched a competition to facilitate funding of the UK’s first automotive battery manufacturing development center. The new facility, which will be funded through the £246-million (US$321-million) Faraday Challenge, will allow pioneering battery technology to be scaled up suitable for high-volume production. Improve a battery pack’s recyclability from 10-50% to 95%.

2017 68

Automotive supplier tests immersion-cooled batteries for EVs

Green Car Reports

The two biggest challenges for electric cars—battery life and charge times—come down to battery cooling. lithium batteries

2019 106

Hard parts supplier Rheinmetall Automotive expects electrification to account for more than half of sales in 2020

Green Car Congress

Rheinmetall Automotive is more known as a supplier of hard parts (e.g., Rheinmetall Automotive sees its content per car rising under an e-mobility scenario, with battery-electric vehicles offering the greatest opportunity. You have a second thermal management circuit for the battery.

2017 106

Trunk Modifications Part I

Honda S2000 EV Conversion

A couple of minutes with my plasma cutter and the rear most area is opened up and ready for a new battery rack. I will need to make some suspension modifications for the extra weight I'm adding with these additional batteries

Parts 52

Volkswagen targeting recycling 97% of raw materials in end-of-life EV battery packs

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen plans to build one million electric vehicles a year by 2025; given this target, handling battery recycling internally is a priority for cost and environmental reasons. In the long term, Volkswagen wants to recycle about 97% of all raw materials in end-of-life EV battery packs.

2019 161

Do I need a battery management system (BMS), or not?

Electric Cars are for Girls

We're getting very close to ordering the new parts, but there's one in particularMy dad and I are in the process of converting his 77 VW Rabbit to electric.

2019 116

UCSD team offers roadmap of four challenges for solid-state battery commercialization

Green Car Congress

In an open-access review paper published in Nature Nanotechnology , researchers at the University of California San Diego offer a research roadmap that includes four challenges that need to be addressed in order to advance all-solid-state batteries to commercialization. Why do batteries fail?

2020 137

Air Force tests all plug-in vehicle fleet in California; part of large DoD V2G project

Green Car Congress

The service will also continue to look for additional capabilities, such as utilizing used batteries as a form of on-base energy storage, as well as pursuing additional opportunities to expand its existing partnerships. Electric (Battery) Plug-ins Smart charging V2X

2014 122

GM reveals new Ultium batteries and flexible global platform for rapid growth of EV lineup

Green Car Congress

The heart of GM’s strategy is a modular propulsion system and a highly flexible, third-generation global EV platform powered by proprietary Ultium batteries. GM’s all-new modular platform and battery system, Ultium. Solid-state batteries.

2020 120

BMW targeting doubling energy density of battery cells by 2030, with current i3 as basis

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group has pooled its years of experience with battery cells and extensive knowledge in the field in a new Competence Center in Munich. The purpose of the facility is to advance battery cell technology and carefully dissect the production processes.

2019 147

JenaBatteries and BASF cooperate in the development of electrolyte for redox flow battery

Green Car Congress

JenaBatteries GmbH and BASF are cooperating in the production of an electrolyte for a battery technology that is particularly suitable for stationary storage of electricity from renewable energy sources and for stabilizing conventional transmission grids. Batteries Materials

2020 143

Parts order for Tesla Model 3 cut by 40 percent starting in December: report

Green Car Reports

Manufacturing Elon Musk Production assembly Tesla Motors plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV Relatively few auto-company CEOs would publicly mention sleeping on the roof of one of their factory buildings. But Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not like most other chief executives of auto companies. Most also don't break news via tweet, for instance. A tweet by Musk Thursday evening referred to the eighth circle of Hell and suggested he'd slept on the.

2017 69

LG Chem investing $53M to expand carbon nanotube production; targeting EVs and batteries

Green Car Congress

With properties (electric, thermal conductivity, strength) that are superior to existing materials, CNT’s use is wide-ranging including batteries, semiconductors, automobile parts, aircraft fuselages, etc. Batteries Manufacturing Materials

2020 110

BMW iX3 to introduce Gen5 BMW eDrive technology; NMC-811 batteries

Green Car Congress

The battery-electric BMW iX3, the production of which will commence in 2020, will offer a range of more than 440 km (273 miles) (WLTP) with a net-battery size of 74 kWh. BMW High-voltage battery cells for BMW i3( 2019), BMW iX3 (2020), BMW i4 (2021). Batteries Electric (Battery

2019 100

The trials of public charging, part 2 (of many to come)

Plugs and Cars

Plugging in to public charge stations is part of the process of introducing Americans to electric cars. chargepoint america ecotality coulomb technologies public charging the ev project plugshare evproject battery electric car EV infrastructure electric car charging

2011 130

Green Cars Part 4- Compressed Air

DIY Electric Car

Unlike battery electric vehicles a full tank of air will stay more or less full for a long time, they have very low discharge rates. Again compared to battery electrics the storage medium (tank) is not limited by a shelf life or number of cycles and therefore reduces waste. Could the answer to our transport needs have been right in front of our faces all this time?

2008 100

Tesla employees say Model 3 parts need substantial rework after production

Green Car Reports

Elon Musk Quality Fremont Tesla Motors plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) assembly plantsElectric-car maker Tesla is known for troubled launches, at least for the four products it's offered since the first Roadster in 2008. But the launch of the Tesla Model 3, its lower-priced electric sedan, may be the most challenging yet—and it may be the Tesla with the highest expectations. The first 30 cars, now accepted to be largely.

2018 61

New machine learning method from Stanford, with Toyota researchers, could accelerate battery development for EVs

Green Car Congress

At every stage of the battery development process, new technologies must be tested for months or even years to determine how long they will last. First, batteries are tested. In future work, design of battery materials and processes could also be integrated into this closed-loop system.

2020 130

Hydro-Québec partnering with Mercedes-Benz on development of solid-state battery technologies

Green Car Congress

Canadian battery material specialist Hydro-Québec is partnering with Mercedes-Benz as part of the automaker’s research and development activities on future EV technology. The battery is a key component of our electric vehicles. Batteries Solid-state Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 124

DeMoBat project developing robot-assisted dismantling for EV batteries and motors

Green Car Congress

In Germany, the DeMoBat collaborative project is developing a robot-assisted dismantling factory for traction batteries and electric motors for EVs. Disassembling and reusing battery systems can help improve the environmental balance of electric cars.

2020 104