Polestar announces goal of climate-neutral car by 2030

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Polestar, the premium electric performance car brand founded by Volvo Cars and Geely Holding, has set a goal of creating the first climate-neutral car by 2030. By pushing ourselves to create a completely climate-neutral car, we are forced to reach beyond what is possible today.

Climate impact of lithium-ion batteries & how to measure it 

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Climate impact of lithium-ion batteries & how to measure it . Lithium-ion batteries are something which everyone prefers over lead-acid batteries, since the last ten years its been seen used mostly mobiles to every electronic appliance. Lithium-ion battery production.


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IRENA report says tripling renewables investment required to reach 2050 climate goal

Green Car Congress

Global renewable energy investment increased between 2013 and 2018, reaching its peak at US$351 billion in 2017, according to a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and Climate Policy Initiative (CPI). Climate Change Emissions Market Background Power Generation

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Study: solid state batteries can further boost climate benefits of EVs

Electric Cars Report

Solid state batteries can reduce the carbon footprint of electric vehicle batteries by almost two-fifths – further increasing EVs’ advantage over fossil fuel vehicles. Electric Car News Technology solid-state batteries solid-state battery

Rolls-Royce makes Duisburg container terminal climate-neutral with mtu hydrogen technology

Green Car Congress

Rolls-Royce will ensure a climate-neutral energy supply at the container terminal currently under construction at the Port of Duisburg, Germany. It will not only set new standards in cargo handling, but also in climate-friendly energy supply.

Autocar begins field-testing battery-electric cabover refuse trucks

Green Car Congress

The two E-ACX battery-electric cabover refuse trucks are going through a strict validation testing process to ensure the trucks are built to handle the same challenges and requirements as their diesel and CNG counterparts. Electric (Battery) Heavy-duty

Study: 25% EV adoption would save US $17B annually from avoided climate change & pollution damages

Green Car Congress

A new study led by researchers from Northwestern University projects that if electric vehicles replaced 25% of combustion engine cars currently on the road, the United States would save approximately $17 billion annually by avoiding damages from climate change and air pollution. This highlights the potential of co-beneficial solutions to climate change that not only curb greenhouse gas emissions but also reduce the health burden of harmful air pollution.

Volkswagen and Greece to create model island for climate-neutral mobility

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In the long run, Astypalea will strive to become a model island for climate-neutral mobility. The Hellenic Republic supports this transformation within the framework of its National Energy & Climate Plan. Electric (Battery) Market Background Mobility services

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Fisker targets delivery of climate-neutral vehicle by 2027

Green Car Congress

Fisker aims to produce a climate-neutral vehicle by 2027. The company seeks to utilize only climate-neutral materials in products and use only climate-neutral services to support the business. The supply chains of suppliers and logistics partners may contain offsets to achieve climate neutrality. We will prioritize partners with stated pledges to achieve climate neutrality. Electric (Battery) Manufacturing Sustainability

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Study finds solid-state batteries could reduce the carbon footprint of an EV battery by up to 39%

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Solid state technology uses solid ceramic material instead of liquid electrolytes to carry electric current, also making the batteries lighter, faster to charge and eventually cheaper. MEPs and EU governments are currently negotiating the final text of the new Battery Regulation.

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SMUD Board of Directors adopts climate emergency declaration; carbon neutrality by 2030

Green Car Congress

The SMUD (2020 Sacramento Municipal Utility District) Board of Directors adopted a climate emergency declaration that commits to working toward an ambitious goal of delivering carbon-neutral electricity by 2030. Climate Change Emissions Market Background Power GenerationIn 2018, SMUD successfully reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 50% from 1990 levels, the equivalent of removing 377,000 vehicles from the road.

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4,000 Robots Roam the Oceans, Climate in Their Crosshairs

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In the puzzle of climate change, the Earth’s oceans are an immense and crucial piece. But gathering accurate and sufficient data about the oceans to feed climate and weather models has been a huge technical challenge. You mentioned batteries. Robotics Oceanography Climate chang

Polestar announces first partnerships for the Polestar 0 Project to develop a climate-neutral car

Green Car Congress

Some of the world’s leading automotive industry suppliers, including SSAB steel, Hydro renewable energy, ZF electric powertrains, ZKW control systems and Autoliv safety equipment, are joining forces with intent to collaborate on the Polestar 0 Project, which aims to develop a truly climate-neutral car by 2030 ( earlier post ). Lighting manufacturer ZKW will work with Polestar on climate-neutral electrical control systems and wiring.

ICCT life-cycle analysis finds no climate benefit in using LNG as marine fuel

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The shipping industry increasingly is also looking to LNG as a way to meet the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) climate goals. This would likely show that the real-world consequences of using LNG as a marine fuel are worse, from a climate perspective, than we find here.

2020 339

20 airlines commit to use new technologies to minimize climate impact; Target True Zero

Green Car Congress

Twenty airline members of the World Economic Forum’s Target True Zero initiative committed to utilizing new technologies, such as electric, hydrogen and hybrid aircraft, to address the challenge of climate change. The Target True Zero initiative will address the role novel propulsion technologies like electric and hydrogen aviation can play in the transition to an aviation system with true zero climate impacts. Aviation & Aerospace Electric (Battery) Hydrogen Market Background

Toyota launches battery-electric bZ4X SUV

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Through this architecture, bZ4X achieves a low center of gravity and greater rigidity thanks to the high-capacity Lithium-ion battery pack placed flat under the floor. Handling is due in part to the battery cross-framing structure, which adds to overall vehicle rigidity.

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Rolls-Royce Power Systems road map for climate-neutrality; 35% cut by 2030 from 2019; key role of mtu engines

Green Car Congress

Rolls-Royce Power Systems has outlined its road map for climate neutrality: Net Zero@Power Systems. Depending on the application this can be an electric motor, if rotatory mechanical power is needed, or a static solution, like a fuel cell or battery.

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EEA report: EVs are better for climate and air quality

Green Car Congress

Battery electric cars emit less greenhouse gases and air pollutants over their entire life cycle than petrol and diesel cars, according to a European Environment Agency (EEA) report. The EEA report ‘ Electric vehicles from life cycle and circular economy perspectives ’ reviews current evidence on electric cars’ impacts on climate change, air quality, noise and ecosystems, compared with conventional cars. Electric (Battery) Europe Health Lifecycle analysis

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U Mich generic battery-cycling optimization framework could reduce EV battery testing time by about 75%

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Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed an optimized generic battery cycling framework that could reduce the time for both simulation and physical testing of new electric vehicle battery designs by about 75%. Batteries Electric (Battery) Testing

Univ. of Surrey researchers to develop Li-CO2 battery technology

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Surrey (UK) are to begin work on a new lithium-ion battery technology that is capable of capturing CO 2 emissions, following a £243,689 award from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The project, which will be led by Dr Yunlong Zhao, will undertake research into state-of-the-art batteries that use Li–CO 2 electrochemical technology. However, the development of Li-CO 2 batteries is still in its infancy stage.

2020 263

Deutsche Post DHL Group to invest €7B in climate-neutral logistics until 2030; alternative aviation fuels, e-vehicle fleet and climate-neutral buildings

Green Car Congress

The funds will flow in particular into alternative aviation fuels, the expansion of the zero-emission e-vehicle fleet and climate-neutral buildings. The Group is investing in environment friendly properties (office space, mail and parcel centers, and logistics warehouses): All new buildings are being constructed will be climate-neutral. Aviation Electric (Battery) Emissions Fleets Fuels Market Background Sustainability

Report: sustainable batteries represent the best prospect for meeting Paris climate goals; requires $550B investment over 10 years

Green Car Congress

Advances in the production, use and reuse of batteries mean that the technology could become the most significant intervention to keep global warming within the limits set by the Paris Agreement on climate change between now and 2030, according to a new report commissioned by the Global Battery Alliance, a public-private partnership led by the World Economic Forum. First, today’s global battery value chain would have to expand 19 times the size it is today.

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BC government unveils climate plan

Green Car Congress

The government of British Columbia recently unveiled its Climate Leadership Plan , targeting the reduction of net annual greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25 million tonnes below current forecasts by 2050 and the creation of up to 66,000 jobs over the next ten years. The Climate Leadership Plan will be further updated over the coming year, in response to work underway between the federal government and the provinces and territories to develop a pan-Canadian approach to climate action.

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Eberspaecher introduces new AC system for hybrid and battery-electric buses in Asia-Pacific

Green Car Congress

in Hyderabad (India) earlier this month, Eberspaecher presented its new all-electric air-conditioning system AC135 AE, especially developed for hybrid and battery-electric driven buses in the Asia-Pacific region. Bus Electric (Battery) Hybrids India Vehicle SystemsAt Prawaas 3.0

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Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative: >140 cities and counties have committed to purchasing >2,100 EVs by 2020

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At the second-annual Climate Mayors Summit in Honolulu, Hawaii, 127 cities and 15 counties from across 38 states joined the Climate Mayors Electric Vehicle Purchasing Collaborative, and committed to purchasing more than 2,100 electric vehicles by the end of 2020. Climate Mayors procurement partner, Sourcewell, will be releasing a new national solicitation for electric school buses by the end of the year. Electric (Battery) Market Background

2019 241

Ricardo to optimize in-car climate control systems to extend the range of electric vehicles

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Ricardo has received UK Government funding to optimize in-car thermal and energy management systems to improve electric vehicle range and battery performance. This technology innovation should help accelerate consumer adoption of battery electric vehicles, the company said. Electric (Battery) Fuel Efficiency Vehicle Systems

Volkswagen starts operation of $22M North American Battery Engineering Lab in Chattanooga

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Volkswagen of America (VWoA) opened its Battery Engineering Lab (BEL) in Chattanooga, to test and optimize batteries for all electric vehicles in the American marketplace. SUV in 2022, including dedicated facilities for vehicle and battery pack assembly.

Blackstone may begin commercializing 3D-printed Na-ion batteries as early as 2025; testing in electric bus

Green Car Congress

Blackstone Technology GmbH may begin commercialization of 3D-printed solid-state sodium-ion batteries as early as 2025. The chemical system of sodium-ion batteries is comparable in parts with lithium-ion cells. 3D printing Batteries Electric (Battery) Solid-state

Rio Tinto to invest $1 billion over 5 years to help meet new climate change targets

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Mining giant Rio Tinto will invest around $1 billion over the next five years to support the delivery of its new climate change targets and a company objective for net zero emissions from operations by 2050. Enhance resilience to physical climate risks.

2020 235

CN purchases Wabtec’s battery-electric locomotive

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CN has purchased Wabtec’s FLXdrive battery-electric freight locomotive ( earlier post ). CN’s Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad (B&LE) Company received a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to help with the purchase of the battery-electric locomotive.

Toyota’s Skunkworks Chief  “Incredibly Optimistic” on Climate

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It can often seem like an inevitability that humans will completely and utterly fail to keep our carbon emissions in check over the next decade, which is the most important step we can take to minimize the potentially disastrous impacts of climate change.

IEEE’s Plan To Help Combat Climate Change

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The IEEE Board of Directors formed an ad hoc committee on climate change in February to coordinate its response to the global threat. Rahman: Its charter is to develop a cross-IEEE strategy to synchronize and guide the organization’s response to changes in the global climate.

NIO launches 100 kWh battery with flexible battery upgrade plans; cell-to-pack technology

Green Car Congress

China-based EV maker NIO launched its 100 kWh battery together with battery upgrade plans. With more than 300 patents filed and gained, the 100 kWh battery features CTP (cell to pack) technology, realizing 37% higher energy density. Powered by the 100 kWh battery, the NEDC range of NIO models can now reach up to 615 km (382 miles). NIO models with the 100 kWh battery will be available for pre-order starting 7 November 2020. million battery swaps.

2020 275

How Engineers Can Help Protect Earth From Worsening Climate Change

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The day reminds us of the need to protect our planet and its ecosystems against the worsening climate crisis. The climate crisis is threatening people across the world, as well as every species of animal and plant life. Deforestation is contributing to climate change.

Audi switching from truck to rail for battery delivery

Green Car Congress

Components for the production of batteries at Audi’s Brussels plant will no longer be delivered by truck from Hungary, but by rail with DB Cargo. With this product, the power used for transportation is offset by means of climate certificates, reducing carbon emissions elsewhere.

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Volvo Energy invests $4.9M in Connected Energy for second-life battery business; 10% stake

Green Car Congress

In its mission to support and secure an attractive and sustainable circular business model for batteries, Volvo Energy is investing approximately SEK 50 million (US$4.9 million) for a 10% stake in the UK-based second-life battery energy storage specialist Connected Energy.

Enevate announces new production license agreement for silicon-dominant battery technology

Green Car Congress

South Korea-based EnerTech International is a leader in delivering lithium-ion cells using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to produce high-performance, large format batteries. Batteries Electric (Battery

EU researchers develop innovative energy-efficient climate control system for electric vehicles; XERIC

Green Car Congress

EU-funded researchers have developed an innovative climate control system (CCS) that extends the range of electric vehicles while enhancing passenger comfort. At present a substantial amount of energy is required to run the CCS within electric vehicles, creating a major drain on the battery and limiting the range of the car. Electric (Battery) Vehicle Systems

2018 227

Lung Association report highlights health and climate costs of petroleum-based transportation and the benefits of shifting to ZEVs

Green Car Congress

A new report produced by the American Lung Association concludes that over-reliance on petroleum-based fuels for transportation costs the 10 ZEV states in the US (California and nine other states that have adopted the California Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program) an estimated $37 billion in health expenses and climate costs every year—with California costs alone hitting $15 billion. in hidden health and climate costs. Climate benefits include $5.5

2016 205

Van Hool introduces new A range of electric buses; battery-electric, fuel cell (hydrogen) and trolley

Green Car Congress

The Van Hool A12 Battery Electric is the first vehicle in a completely new range of buses in four different lengths (12m, 13m, 18m and 24m) equipped with exclusively zero emission powertrains: battery-electric, fuel cell (hydrogen) and trolley. Batteries Bus Fuel Cells Hydrogen

Researchers show economic, environmental and grid-resilience benefits of converting diesel trains to battery-electric

Green Car Congress

Now, researchers from the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), collaborating with UCLA and UC Berkeley researchers, suggest that the US can retrofit diesel-electric trains with batteries in a way that is cost-competitive with diesel.

Kia EV6 up close, Volvo XC90 Recharge driven, Canoo battery tech, no climate no deal: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

Which upcoming EV got a power boost, and which one got a battery boost? Which German brand stepped up its plans to phase out internal combustion models? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending June 25, 2021.

MAHLE Powertrain opens new vehicle and battery test facilities

Green Car Congress

The purpose-built facilities allow MAHLE Powertrain to support customers with every aspect of development for the future of mobility, permitting the safe testing of vehicles, batteries and hydrogen technologies, under even the most extreme simulated environmental conditions. Climatic conditions can be simulated from -40 °C to +60 °C with humidity ranging from 10% to 80%, while pressure control allows altitudes up to 5,000 m (16,400 ft) to be simulated.

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