150-mile per gallon hybrid fights back at LA Auto Show

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His company, a relative start-up, managed to produce the technology to create the XH-150, a vehicle, which if widely adopted, could reduce our dependence on oil and make a significant positive impact on our planet.

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ExxonMobil announces 6th oil discovery offshore Guyana with Ranger-1; Guyana may move from non-producer to regional powerhouse

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ExxonMobil Corporation announced positive results from its Ranger-1 exploration well, marking ExxonMobil’s sixth oil discovery offshore Guyana since 2015. billion recoverable oil-equivalent barrels. The country was under explored and no significant oil discoveries were made until 2015.

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Global oil consumption reaches all-time high

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Did you think that the emergence of green cars means that our reliance on oil is starting to fall? per cent between 2008 and 2009, in part due to the global financial crisis, [.]. Green credentials Latest news China Europe global oil consumption Green cars oil consumption U.S.A New statistics from the Vital Signs Online report by the Worldwatch Institute suggest this is far from the case. Despite falling 1.5

Pain at the pump

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Study quantifies impact of oil and gas emissions on Denver’s ozone problem

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The new research, published in an open-access paper in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres , shows that oil and gas emissions contribute an average of 3 ppb of the locally produced ozone daily, and potentially more than that on high-ozone days. Emissions Health Natural Gas Oil

Lux Research: despite cheap oil, niche plug-in vehicle sales will be resilient; conventional hybrids to be hardest hit

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The current plunge in oil prices will likely negatively affect plug-in and hybrid vehicle sales in the short term; automakers such as BMW are already warning of lower sales of plug-in vehicles given the market context. Anticipated price of oil and forecast plug-in sales.

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Oil hits $140 a barrel; it's time for plug-ins

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It was January 2nd this year when oil hit $100 for the first time. Domestic oil producers apparently aren't extracting domestically where already approved but clamor for access to the coast. Today it reached $140 , and OPEC warns it will only get worse, and soon.

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Toyota Plug In

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Japan and Europe by 2010 By Yuri Kageyama, The Associated Press June 11, 2008 TOKYO -- Toyota is introducing a plug-in hybrid with next-generation lithium-ion batteries in the U.S., Event Summary Oil prices are at record highs.


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GM Finally Unveils Production Chevy Volt Popular Mechanics By Larry Webster September 16, 2008 After 100 years of making cars, it's party time at the General's house.

PIP Declares Victory

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The supply of inexpensive oil is running out. The obvious need to curb dependence on foreign oil grows daily. They reduce emissions, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reduce the upward pressures on gasoline costs.

Preparing the Engine Wiring Harness

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Before I can put in the firewall batteries and start hooking things up, I need to finish cleaning up the engine wiring harness. Here's what's left of the wiring harness after I removed all the things I didn't need.

Charger, Controller and Contactor Mounting

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The Honda Civic specifies 10w-30 oil for the transmission. Since the fill hole is really hard to access, I used a funnel attached to a plastic hose to get the oil in. Today involved trying to mount the major electrical components to the car.

VW Jumps on the Bandwagon

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Woolsey believes that "the greatest danger to the country now is not nuclear and chemical weapons but climate change and the American dependence on oil which is partly blamed for causing it. A nother major manufacturer is jumping on the plug in hybrid bandwagon.

Shortening the Front Rack to Remove Blockage

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The transmission still had loads of dirt, oil and clutch dust inside of it, so I cleaned it out with Simple Green MAX. Whew! I think I finally broke some inertia and got moving forward a bit.

Partner Update and Announcement

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Ø In 2008, the House of Representatives will try once again to pass a renewable energy and energy efficiency tax credits bill that will include a tax credit for Plug in Hybrids. C oming this fall, mark you calendars for the Austin Energy Alt Car Expo and Conference.

One Million and 300 Million

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If I am president, I will immediately direct the full resources of the federal government and the full energy of the private sector to a single, overarching goal — in 10 years, we will eliminate the need for oil from the entire Middle East and Venezuela,” Obama said. “To

Electric cars back on track?

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Oil has passed $120 a barrel. As of May, two Roadsters have been delivered, and the expectation is that 300 will be in customers hands by the end of 2008. The tide appears to be turning. Electric cars are in the news almost daily.

The 80-20 Rule

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Those emissions are however much lower than the corresponding crude oil extraction, refining, and tailpipe emissions. Fueling a car on gasoline made from coal (Coal-To-Liquids or CTL) emits twice as much greenhouse gas as gasoline from crude oil.

PHEV's and Water Consumption

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Water Supply, Researcher Says By Jennifer Bogo Popular Mechanics March 7, 2008 "A 30-mile commute in a gasoline-powered car would require the withdrawal of 18.9 The number varies greatly, but the ConocoPhillips refinery in Billings, Montana processes 62,000 bbls of crude oil , or 2.6

Figuring out the Engine Harness

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I spent a few hours looking at the engine wiring harness and all its connectors to see how I could effectively attach signals to drive dashboard lights and gauges. Bob Bath calls this the "snake," but I like to think of it more like a nine-headed Hydra.

Civic Engine Removal - Part 1

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Note that the fluid will come rushing out and possibly spew past the oil pan on the ground, so choose your oil pan location wisely. Step 7: Drain the engine oil.

Removing the Fuel and Exhaust Systems

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Here's the tank outside over a clean oil pan so I can get out the remaining fuel. I spent most of this afternoon and evening removing the fuel tank and exhaust system.

Weighing and Cleaning the Car

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A small oil leak on the driver's side. One of the baseline items my colleague highly suggested getting was a curb weight value before and after the conversion. He suggested going to the Jubitz Travel Center where trucks get weighed.

China Plucky Plug In

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announces in his new book called Freedom from Oil : How the Next President Can End Our Oil Addiction By Chuck Squatriglia WN : You place tremendous emphasis on converting our transportation fleet to electric plug-in hybrids.

New DC-DC here and Tranny Fluid Too

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I also received three quarts of Royal Purple synthetic gear oil from ElectroAuto. I let out a major sigh of relief today when the new Iota DC-DC converter showed up today along with the synthetic transmission fluid that ElectroAuto said they would send me.

Repsol, Armstrong Energy make largest US onshore oil discovery in 30 years; 1.2B barrels in Alaska

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billion barrels of recoverable light oil in the Nanushuk play in Alaska’s North Slope. Spain-based integrated global energy company Repsol has been actively exploring Alaska since 2008, and since 2011 the company has drilled multiple consecutive discoveries on the North Slope along with partner Armstrong. Preliminary development concepts for Pikka anticipate first production there from 2021, with a potential rate approaching 120,000 barrels of oil per day.

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What about the Pickens Plan?

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The Arab oil embargo and price increases of the ‘70s pushed the U.S. Today, less than 2% of American electrons are produced with oil. Had national and economic security trumped the power of oil and auto companies, a large percentage of cars would run today on cleaner, cheaper, domestic natural gas. But we find ourselves in 2008. The good news about electricity as a transportation fuel for cars is finally breaking through to the mainstream.

Ordering Gauges

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I also have to design the schematics for the oil light and overtemp light. While I wait for the charging components to get fixed, I did some research on gauges to monitor the state of the system. My goal is to use as much of the existing dashboard as possible and then add low-cost gauges in order to prevent any motor problems and detect faults.

Bailouts and Beemers

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With the global economic downturn, oil may not return to $100 or more a barrel quickly. The deck of cards, some might say house of cards, that is the American economy is being shuffled. A generation of deregulation has culminated with free-market ideologues and corporate chieftains begging for salvation from the federal government once-despised as mettlesome. Billions to bailout financial giants has been followed by a plea from the one-time Big Three.

Electric Cars are the way of the Future

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How about oil? They were once a big hit, just like our oil-based engines in our cars are today. Major news keeps buzzing about Hydrogen, Flex-fuel, E85/Ethanol, Bio-Diesel and other alternative energies but when it comes down to it, I believe that only the least common denominator will be able to survive in a world of constantly changing energy sources and that thing is called electricity. Does anyone remember natural gas lighting in houses?

Getting Interviewed and Finding a Car

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With the huge jump in oil prices yesterday, I received a call from the local KEX radio to ask about electric vehicles and how they could be part of the solution. A few new things have happened over the past two days. James Boggs over at Electronpirate interviewed me today for a podcast about my past conversion experiences and this Civic-EV project.

LA Times: CARB's Sperling Conflicted

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The UC Davis Institute he heads took in millions from auto and oil companies in the years prior to his appointment by Gov Schwarzenegger. Spirling has been a major proponent, along with the automakers and oil companies, of shifting the program's emphasis from near-term battery electric cars to decades-away hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Check out today's LA Times piece by Ken Bensinger on CARB Board Member Dan Sperling, here.

Green Cars Part 3- Hydrogen

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Hydrogen is the darling of the media, car manufacturers and oil companies. The general public seems fairly convinced that hydrogen vehicles are going to be the way of the future and a simple replacement for oil. Best of all the only thing to come out of the tailpipe of a fuel cell vehicle is water vapour.But is hydrogen really the miracle cure for oil dependence and transport environmental damage that everyone thinks it is?

Obama on cars

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MR. RUSSERT: How long before our automobiles are off of gasoline oil and, and using something like an alternative fuel? OBAMA: Well, you know, I, I think that if we decided right now that we were going to make the kind of investment I've proposed--$150 billion over 10 years--then I think at the end of the decade we could have a auto industry that has significantly reduced our consumption of oil by as much as 35, 40 percent. Today Barak Obama appeared on Meet the Press.

Overflow crowd at DC plug-in conference

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News of oil by the barrel and gas by the gallon reaching new highs had been dominating TV and print, so it was perhaps not surprising that the Google/Brookings Plug-in Electric Vehicle Conference saw overflow crowds. The speeches and hallway chatter suggested plug-in vehicles have finally caught the attention of industry bigwigs and policy makers.

Sandia Labs Researcher Says Electric Makes More Sense

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He briefly recaps the problems with ethanol and hydrogen and concludes: Of the alternative transportation options, electric vehicles coupled with increased use of renewables and other clean sources of energy will be the most efficient way to reduce pollution and eliminate dependence on foreign oil.

CARB Races to Rescue Faltering Hydrogen Highway

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It is a shame that California agencies charged with cleaning the air, lowering carbon emissions, and reducing our petroleum dependence continue to hallucinate a hydrogen future and throw taxpayer money at oil companies and auto makers forestalling truly viable zero emission plug-in vehicles.

Government, Renault and Agassi: Making Israel a Better Place for Electric Cars

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No oil. Shai Agassi's ambitious Project Better Place takes a step forward today in Israel. The government will announce its support for the venture which has been developing between Agassi and Renault to bring electric cars to the virtual island that is Israel. Carlos Ghosn, chairman of Nissan and Renault will participate in the announcement. As I have commented before, there is no better proving grounds for EVs than Israel. Lots of cars but no great distance to travel.

Bring Back the EV1 Press Conference

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Friday November 14th, 2008 - GM Training Center - Burbank, CA. General Motors compounded their financial woes by destroying the EV1 and continued to work with the oil companies to gouge the public. Without these demands, the automobile manufacturers will just continue with “business as usual,&# manufacturing gas-guzzlers, which would increase our dependency on the middle-east oil producing countries. The Honorable Nate Holden, former California State Senator and L.A.

Hawaii opts for EVs and renewable energy

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The rest of Hawaii’s electricity is generated by burning oil. Yes, tankers of dirty, expensive oil are brought in and boatloads of money are shipped back to the oil companies. Oil burning is one of the single biggest sources of pollution coming from the whole state. Clean base load energy is particularly important since that is usually generated by nukes, burning coal or, in the case of Hawaii, oil. Published: December 2, 2008.