May, 2019

Hyundai Motor introduces electric double-decker bus

Green Car Congress

In Seoul, Hyundai Motor unveiled an electric double-decker bus—a first of its kind for Hyundai, and part of the company’s effort to help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. The all-new electric double-decker bus is being shown at the ‘Land, Infrastructure and Transport Technology Fair’ held in Korea, co-hosted by Hyundai and the national Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, lasting from 29 to 31 May.

2019 330

#GreenNewDeal or NO Deal

Creative Greenius

On Friday night, April 26, I had the privilege of hosting a panel on the Green New Deal at Temple Isaiah in West Los Angeles. The Theme was “The Path Forward: If Not The Green New Deal, Then What? These are the videos and visuals I curated and screened for the audience as means to tell the story – Why Do We Need A Green New Deal?

2019 183

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BMW Electric Car: The i3

Electric Cars are for Girls

The BMW electric car offering from BMW group is called the i3, and wow, it is really a head-turner

2019 148

First all-electric airline could soar with converted old seaplanes

Green Car Reports

By land, by sea, and by air, battery power is expanding to drive all kinds of transportation. The most challenging of these modes may be air travel. It's harder to loft several thousand pounds of batteries into the air, to make them last potentially an hour or more. And if they run out of juice, pilots can't just pull over and call for a tow. electric youtube aircraft

2019 126

EV Policy Vacuum continues in Australia

My Electric Car

Where to now for EVs in Australia. Successive governments have been totally unaware or turned a blind eye to the biggest disruption of the automotive industry since the advent of ‘horseless carriages’ in the eighteen hundreds.

2019 82

TT Zero – Duffy Motorsport


Duffy Motorsport return to to Isle of Man TT in 2019, following their 6th place in the 2018 TT Zero one lap race. Piloted by Englishman Shaun Anderson, the Brammo based bike achieved an average speed of 74.789 mph. For 2019, rider Anderson is joined by team mate Mike Norbury.

2019 74

New hydrogen storage material could enable smaller, cheaper, more energy dense systems for vehicles; Kubas binding

Green Car Congress

An international team of researchers, led by Professor David Antonelli of Lancaster University, has discovered a new material made from manganese hydride that could be used to make molecular sieves within hydrogen fuel tanks. The material—KMH-1 (Kubas Manganese Hydride-1)—demonstrates a reversible excess adsorption performance of 10.5 wt% and 197 kgH 2 m ?3 3 at 120 bar at ambient temperature with no loss of activity after 54 cycles.

2019 316

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Electric Truck: Rivian is Growing on Me

Electric Cars are for Girls

Dreaming of an electric truck, but stuck driving an electric granny mobile (or luxury sedan) instead? Don't worry, you don't have to wait for Tesla

2019 89

British Columbia bans most gasoline and diesel cars after 2040

Green Car Reports

British Columbia has followed through on a plan to ban sales of new gasoline and diesel cars starting in 2040. On Wednesday, the province passed the Zero Emissions Vehicles Act, which requires that all cars sold in the province by 2040 be "zero emissions vehicles." That includes electric cars, plug-in hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles—so many. Canada

2019 126

E Classic vs Mk 5 Austin Mini

Discover EV

Is electrifying a Mini sacrilege or future-proofing? And is it any better to drive than a standard petrol version

Why Hotels should think about EV charging

EV Driver

Going on vacation is always exciting, but the process of planning your trip can be quite exhausting, especially if you’re an EV driver. Trying to incorporate EV charging stations into your route can be quite a frustrating process due to the lack of hotels that actually have them.

2019 52

Volkswagen targeting recycling 97% of raw materials in end-of-life EV battery packs

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen plans to build one million electric vehicles a year by 2025; given this target, handling battery recycling internally is a priority for cost and environmental reasons. In the long term, Volkswagen wants to recycle about 97% of all raw materials in end-of-life EV battery packs. Today, the level is roughly 53%; Volkswagen’s plant in Salzgitter—expected to be the home of Volkswagen’s first center for electric vehicle battery recycling—expects to raise it further to about 72%.

2019 312

El Segundo’s @LATimes In Bed With Chevron Oil To Cover Up Oil Industry’s Deliberate Criminal Destruction Of Climate. Clueless Reporters See Nothing. Enjoy Today’s Food Section Ads #JoeTakesOnTheNews

Creative Greenius

carbon producers Climate Emergency Collusion Community Activists corruption environment environmental justice, environmental racism fossil fuels Greed greenwashing News Ocean renewable energy sea-level rise solar power Truth & Reality chevron El Segundo Los Angeles Times

2019 163

Forklift Batteries in a Pickup Conversion?

Electric Cars are for Girls

I am doing research on the possible conversion of 1980s to 1990s pickup truck. I pan to power with a ac motor but the main question I have is would one

2019 89

Busting 7 of the most common myths about electric cars

Green Car Reports

Ah, yes, forwarded emails with subject lines like, “The real story behind …” or “Things you haven’t been told about … ” They can contain much misinformation, and their “facts” can spread at digital speeds. We recently got one from an Australian acquaintance, who helpfully sent it to 70 or so. Batteries myths

2019 125

Vauxhall continues its electric charge with Corsa-e

Discover EV

In the wake of the recent launch of its first ever PHEV, the Grandland X Hybrid 4, Vauxhall has now revealed the Corsa-e – the brand's first pure-electric Corsa

2019 52

Los Angeles Has a Green New Deal of Its Own – No ICE Vehicles by 2050

The Truth About Cars

The last decade is littered with announcements from cities, provinces, and states from across the globe, promising to ban internal combustion vehicles by a predetermined date. While the rules and timelines vary quite a bit, the locations are relatively consistent.

Mack Trucks unveils battery-electric Mack LR Refuse demonstration model

Green Car Congress

Mack Trucks unveiled the Mack LR battery electric vehicle (BEV) at WasteExpo 2019. Combining the refuse industry-leading design of the Mack LR model with a fully electric Mack drivetrain, the demonstration model will begin real-world testing in 2020 in the demanding operations of the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY).

2019 294

America’s LEAST Credible Newspaper On #ClimateCrisis News, @LATimes, Sounds Desperate To Deny #JoeTakesOnTheNews

Creative Greenius

climate change Climate Emergency environment fossil fuels greenwashing News Truth & Reality climate change denial Dr Pat Soon-Shiong Los Angeles Times

2019 150

Top five things we learned this week…

Green Cars News

As May enters double digits, our countdown to the London Motor and Tech Show draws nearer

2019 50

Lincoln plug-in hybrids and EVs are part of its renewal, not just for California

Green Car Reports

Lincoln, the brand that had trouble in the Aughts escaping its rented-tux Town Car—and a different era of American luxury involving curb feelers and more ashtrays than cupholders—is preparing to electrify in new ways. Plug-in hybrid versions of the fully redesigned 2020 Aviator and 2020 Corsair crossovers are due at dealerships later. Plug-In Hybrids

2019 123

Škoda CITIGOe price revealed as part of iV sub-brand

Discover EV

Škoda has laid out its commitment to the burgeoning electromobility sector with the launch of its all-new iV sub-brand

2019 52

Ultrafast Motion-Planning Chip Could Make Autonomous Cars Safer

Cars That Think

Realtime Robotics’ motion-planning processor helps autonomous cars make better decisions. transportation transportation/self-driving

2019 61

DOE: US plug-in vehicles consumed nearly 3 TWh of electricity in 2018

Green Car Congress

The amount of electricity consumed by plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) in the United States has nearly doubled in the last two years—from 1.44 terawatt-hours in 2016 to 2.85 terawatt-hours in 2018, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE). The share of electricity consumption from all-electric vehicles (EV) increased compared to the electricity consumption from plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).

2019 285

@LATimes Reprint Of Associated Press Story Lacks Context & #ClimateCrisis Reality So #JoeTakesOnTheNews Once Again Fixes Their #NewsFail

Creative Greenius

carbon producers Climate Emergency environment fossil fuels Greed News politics renewable energy solar power Sustainability Truth & Reality white privilege Dr Pat Soon-Shiong Los Angeles Times

2019 150

Are we about to wave goodbye to the wing mirror?

Green Cars News

Science fiction has a habit of becoming science fact

2019 48

Volkswagen says EV batteries to last "the life of the car"

Green Car Reports

In an announcement last month, Volkswagen joined Nissan and Tesla as the only automakers to explicitly warranty not just the batteries in its cars but specifically how much life it expects them to retain. Frank Blome, the head of VW's Center of Excellence in Battery Cells, said in an outward facing internal marketing interview that the company. lithium batteries

2019 117

Hyundai UK MD praises hydrogen fuel cells as sales of the Nexo top 1000

Discover EV

Hyundai and cutting-edge fuel cell technology aren't likely to be associated with one another. However, the Korean brand has been very much at the forefront of the development of fuel cell power for cars for two decades

2019 52

Smartphones Replace Fobs for Keyless Vehicle Entry

Cars That Think

Lincoln and Amazon are the latest companies to harness smartphone apps for easy vehicle entry. transportation transportation/advanced-cars

2019 55

BloombergNEF: electrics to take 57% of global passenger car sales, 81% of municipal bus sales by 2040

Green Car Congress

BloombergNEF (BNEF) is out with an aggressive forecast that projects electric vehicles taking up 57% of the global passenger car sales by 2040—slightly higher than it forecast a year ago—and electric buses with 81% of municipal bus sales by the same date. Compared to other major organizations, BloombergNEF continues to hold the most aggressive view on EV adoption.

2019 277

Get Real @LATimes Of Dirty El Segundo, Everyone But You Knows That Los Angeles Is Still Chinatown, Jake #JoeTakesOnTheNews

Creative Greenius

Bread & Circus campaign corruption Culture Evil Greed News politics Truth & Reality Voters Chinatown El Segundo Los Angeles Los Angeles Times

Top five things we learned off-roading in a Land Rover Defender

Green Cars News

When you think of the word ‘iconic’ in the automotive world, one of the vehicles that immediately springs to mind is the Land Rover Defender

2019 47

EVgo launches first curbside fast chargers

Green Car Reports

With wires running along almost every street in America where cars drive, putting EV chargers along the curb would seem a natural enough place to put them. While several other countries such as Britain have begun efforts to put charging stations on light poles, in America, chargers have been sited almost exclusively in parking lots and garages. Fast Charging Charging Networks eVgo charging network

2019 114

Want to sell your EV's surplus charge back to the grid?

Discover EV

Honda and General Motors are helping to conduct a study which will examine the possibility of EVs helping to balance the supply of electricity through smart grids of the future, and lining EV owners' pockets at the same time

2019 52

Spending a night in a battery-powered motorhome

Gavin Shoebridge

I took this new, 100% electric motorhome on an overnight road trip to find out if battery-powered campers are just a gimmick[.]. The post Spending a night in a battery-powered motorhome appeared first on __ Britz electric motorhome RV

2019 52

DHL launches its first regular fully-automated and intelligent urban drone delivery service

Green Car Congress

DHL Express and intelligent autonomous aerial vehicle company EHang entered into a strategic partnership to launch a fully automated and intelligent smart drone delivery solution to tackle the last-mile delivery challenges in the urban areas of China. The new customized route, which has been exclusively created for a DHL customer, covers a distance of approximately eight kilometers between the customer premises and the DHL service center in Liaobu, Dongguan, Guangdong Province.

2019 271

Dear Iowa & New Hampshire – Your Too White Populations Do Not Look Or Sound Like The USA & Shouldn’t Be Choosing Anything But Your Local Dog Catchers. #JoeTakesOnTheNews

Creative Greenius

campaign Community Activists election environmental justice, environmental racism fossil fuels Green New Deal News politics Sustainability Truth & Reality white privilege Iowa New Hampshire