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First prototype carbon fiber chassis delivered from new £50M McLaren Automotive innovation and manufacturing center

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The first prototype carbon fiber MonoCell, the tub that forms the main structure of McLaren’s cars, has been shipped from the company’s new £50-million (US$66-million) innovation and production center in Yorkshire to the McLaren Production center (MPC) in Woking, Surrey.

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Tesla eliminates annual service, keeps some periodic maintenance

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Electric cars are supposed to be more reliable than internal combustion models. Certainly, they have a lot fewer moving parts and need a lot less lubrication. Yet Tesla, like most corner auto dealerships, has made money selling extended service plans for annual maintenance on its cars, sometimes mandatory. With hundreds of thousands more Teslas. Scheduled Maintenance

Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition partners with Maersk in world’s largest maritime biofuel pilot; Triple-E container ship

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A group of Dutch multinationals—FrieslandCampina, Heineken, Philips, DSM, Shell and Unilever—all members of the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition ( DSGC ), will partner with A.P. Moller - Maersk to take a tangible step towards the decarbonization of ocean shipping.

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Faraday Future gets new money from gaming company to build in China, and the US

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The shame of Faraday Future's financial struggles is that it has what looks to be a viable new electric car, not just on paper, but ready to roll on the road—in prototype form—that may never actually make it to market. On Sunday, the company revealed a new joint venture with a video-game company in China that could bring it $600. China Faraday Future

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Ricardo developing software to avoid motion sickness in autonomous vehicles

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With the public expecting that autonomous vehicles will offer comfort levels approaching those of a living room environment, Ricardo is developing new software to minimize the risks of motion sickness; the development also promises benefits for conventionally-driven vehicles.

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Forecast: In 2030, gasoline will still power 7 out of 10 new U.S. vehicles

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Given the daily churn of electric-car announcements, major manufacturing investments, and battery supply-chain news, it could be a little hard to understand one reality-check projection: that even in 2030, a solid majority of vehicles sold could still burn fossil fuel. Last week, LMC Automotive, a consulting firm with a strong reputation for its. market forecasts Car Sales

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Tesla service, Faraday Future lifeline, EV sales, Canoo: Today's Car News

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In an effort to speed up wait times at its service centers, Tesla is eliminating regular annual service visits for its cars. Canada is planning on launching its first nationwide tax credit for electric cars. A new report estimates that by 2030, almost 70 percent of new cars sold in the U.S. may still use gasoline. And Faraday Future gets another. tax credit Today in Car News Faraday Future

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ASU research finds that Cash for Clunkers rebates were too high to prompt car upgrades

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New research from a team at Arizona State University shows that even when receiving a big rebate from the government, consumers won’t always behave in expected ways. The study found that people would have been more likely to upgrade their cars if rebates had been less and if they had been offered as straight discounts—not trade-in refunds. Three professors in the W. Carey School of Business analyzed a unique data set.

Porsche Cayenne Coupe set for May launch

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Porsche has revealed pics and details of the Cayenne Coupe – a rakish SUV designed to compete with the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe

SEAT has lowered water consumption per car produced by 31% over past 8 years

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SEAT has succeeded in lowering its water consumption per car produced by 31% in the past 8 years and is moving towards the goal of achieving 38% by 2025. The paint workshop and the rain test booth are the areas that consume the most water and where most progress has been made. Water consumption at the Martorell factory amounted to around 1,170,000 m 3 in 2018, the equivalent of 470 Olympic swimming pools. This figure has gone down in the past 8 years due to per car consumption dropping from 3.54

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Video review: Vauxhall Mokka X

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Almost deliberately generic, the previous edition of the Vauxhall Mokka was a crossover that failed to make a big impression with motoring enthusiasts and reviewers

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China Internet company The9 signs JV agreement with Faraday for EVs in China; kicking in up to $600M

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China-based The9 Limited, an established Internet company, signed a joint venture agreement with Faraday&Future Inc. to establish a joint venture to manufacture, market, distribute, and sell electric cars in China.

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Canada plans its first nationwide EV tax credit

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Just as President Trump is threatening to eliminate the plug-in vehicle tax credit in the U.S. through his latest budget proposal, Canada is planning to implement its first nationwide tax credit for buyers of electric cars—one that may not apply to Tesla vehicles. Last summer, Tesla sales took off in Ontario when the company began shipping. Canada Ontario