Electric vehicles vs. petrol/diesel/hybrid

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Here we take a look at how EVs compare to petrol, diesel and hybrid cars. They are based on driving 800 miles per month, totalling 9,600 per annum, and use an electricity cost of 14p per kWh, petrol price of 115p per litre and diesel price of 118p per litre.

UK commits to ending the sale of new petrol and diesel-powered cars by 2030

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The UK Government has confirmed the end of sale of new petrol and diesel-powered cars and vans will be brought forward to 2030 – 10 years earlier than planned – while plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) will remain on sale until 2035. The direction of travel is set.

2020 61

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UK bans new petrol and diesel sales by 2030

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The Prime Minister has announced that the sales of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2030

2020 63

The Dirty Truth of Petrol & Diesel Vehicles

Plug In India

By PluginIndia In this article and video, we show the real truth on how Petrol and Diesel vehicles cause far more air pollution compared to electric vehicles. Some even say that it pollutes even more than a diesel or petrol burning car.

EV Searches up to THIRTY Times More Likely to Result in a Sale Compared with Petrol/Diesel

EV Obssesion

EV car searches up to THIRTY times more likely to result in a sale compared with petrol/diesel cars, says BuyaCar SEARCHES for electric vehicles (EVs) are up to 30 times more likely to result in a purchase than searches for conventional petrol and diesel-engined cars, according to a new study.

UK sales of new petrol and diesel cars could be banned by 2032

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According to the latest government plans, a ban on selling new petrol, diesel, plug-in and hybrid cars in the UK will be brought forward from 2040 to 2035 – and earlier if feasible

2020 78

EU proposes to phase out new petrol and diesel cars by 2035

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EU to potentially set a 2035 effective ban on all new non-electric cars

Rise of petrol prices boosting sales of electric two-wheelers in India 

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Rise of petrol prices boosting sales of electric two-wheelers in India . The rise in the petrol prices increases from INR 89.16/litre to a high of INR 97.57/litre in the last 3 months and as of today its Rs 107.83 (per Litre) in Mumbai, Rs. With the petrol price Rs.78,715.9 (2

India 83

Tata Nexon EV v/s Tata Nexon Petrol

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The cost of petrol and diesel is increasing by the day. Petrol has already surpassed the dreaded ?100/litre To answer the question, we’ll look at the Tata Nexon, which comes in both petrol and electric versions. The Nexon petrol automatic starts at Rs 8.59

Electric vehicle sales surge in UK, petrol engines slump and drop 10%


On top of the encouraging BEV sales figures, a complimenting figure also emerged thanks to new data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) : the falling sales figures of gas and diesel-powered engines. Diesel-powered engine sales dropped 31.4%

Petrol and diesel vehicle ban brought forward to 2035, with hybrids also included

Green Cars News

The final year to drive a new petrol, diesel or hybrid car in the UK will be brought forward from 2040 to 2035 according to latest reports

2020 51

Petrol car comeback, as diesel proves pricey

Green Cars News

Petrol cars are making a comeback in the used car market as buyers realise they do not cover enough miles to justify the higher purchase cost and higher fuel prices of a diesel model, according to Autorola. Particularly in urban areas, where motorists are less likely to be high mileage drivers, petrol models including the [.]. Latest news emissions petrol used car

Do diesels and hybrids hold values better than petrol cars?

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It’s not just the environment that could benefit from you turning to a clean diesel or a hybrid car – it might be your wallet too. That’s the verdict of a new study by Carnegie Mellon University which finds that for passenger cars, turbo-charged direct injection diesels or hybrids retain more value than conventional vehicles. [.].

Petrol sales fall 20% in five years

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billion litres of petrol. Green credentials diesel fuel petrol Forecourts in the UK are dispensing 3.5 billion fewer litres of fuel than five years ago, according to new research by the AA. Figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, seen by the AA, show that in 2007, fuel stations sold 22.9 By 2012, that figure fell to 17.4 [.].

Petrol vs diesel: which is best?

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Petrol or diesel? Unless you choose an all-electric model such as the Nissan Leaf, it’s a question you’ll have to consider before choosing your next c.

Petrol and diesel vehicles banned from areas of London

Green Cars News

A new scheme will see pure petrol and diesel vehicles banned from some areas of east London at peak hours, with drivers who flout the rules set to be hit with £130 fines

2018 32

UK petrol prices are competitive, rules OFT

Green Cars News

There is no sign of relief for motorists facing ever higher fuel bills, after a new investigation revealed no evidence of anti-competitive trading in the petrol industry. Green credentials diesel fuel OFT petrol pricesFuel prices in the UK have soared over the last ten years as largely as a result of rising crude oil prices and increased tax and duty-not as [.].

Are buyers rethinking petrol cars? The Green Piece

Green Cars News

While the AA reports that sales of petrol have fallen in the last five years, driven by a big consumer switch to diesel cars in recent years (see story), there is evidence to suggest that the perhaps buyers are thinking of switching back to dependable old petrol [.]. The Green Piece diesel fuel petrol Tuesday 9th April, 2013. The Green Piece Column.

MPs calls on government to ban new petrol and diesel by 2032

Green Cars News

The government has previously announced a ban on the sale of all new petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK from 2040

2018 39

Toyota phasing out diesel in passenger cars in Europe, keeping diesel for commercial vehicles

Green Car Congress

Buoyed by strong European customer demand for hybrid versions on its core models, Toyota will phase out diesel engines from all its passenger cars in 2018. In contrast, Toyota’s diesel mix on passenger cars was less than 10% in 2017. However, Toyota will continue to offer diesel engines in commercial vehicles (Hilux, Proace and Land Cruiser) to meet customer needs. Toyota’s HEV mix in passenger cars already equalled our diesel mix in 2015. Diesel Europe Hybrids

2018 183

Diesel v Petrol: the choice is narrowing

Green Cars News

Diesel or petrol? Why, diesel, of course. It is greener; it has lower CO2 and, as we’re both told and financially incentivised, less CO2 is better for the environment. All you need to do is select the lowest CO2 car you can and you’re fine, right? If only it were that simple. Let’s not get [.]. Weekly Column Mazda SKYACTIV weekly column

Scotland to phase out petrol and diesel cars by 2050

Green Cars News

A 82-page roadmap has revealed the Government’s dream of making Scotland’s cities free from the “damaging effects of petrol and diesel fumes” by 2050, with [.]. Almost every new car sold in Scotland will either be electric or a low emission vehicle by 2050 if the Scottish Government fulfils its vision. Electric cars

2013 58

News in brief: China petrol and diesel exports surge

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For example, according to statistics released by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, petrol and diesel exports from the country [.]. Tags: Green cars Latest news China China diesel China diesel exports China gasoline China gasoline exports China petrol China petrol exports China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association National Development and Reform Commission

Mitsubishi Outlander range grows with addition of petrol model

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Complementing the best-selling plug-in hybrid and turbo diesel models in the range, a new seven-seat Mitsubishi Outlander Petrol is now available to UK customers

2018 36

Government to BAN new petrol and diesel car sales and leasing by 2030

Green Cars News

It’s official

2020 41

Audi makes A3 petrol choice a greener choice

Green Cars News

German carmaker, Audi reckons its making the choice between diesel and petrol even harder for Europeans with the arrival of the reworked 1.2 Audi diesel petrolTFSI engine on its all-new A3 model. This new engine choice offers both gains in efficiency and performance, with faster acceleration and up to 57.6 mpg on a combined cycle. That compares [.].

Demand for petrol in California increases

Green Cars News

California may be leading the way as one of the greenest states in the USA, but that hasn’t stopped demand for petrol leaping in the area. According to figures from the California State Board of Equalisation for October 2010, petrol consumption leapt by 0.9 per cent year on year, while diesel consumption actually fell by [.]. Green cars Latest news California California diesel demand California gasoline demand California petrol demand California State Board of Equalisation

Revised Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion swaps diesel for petrol

Green Cars News

Volkswagen’s flagship green Bluemotion model on its new Polo, is to swap diesel for a petrol engine in the UK, as the carmaker works to meet demand for cleaner, urban-friendly petrol engine cars. A new refreshed Polo is due to launch this summer, updated with a range of new technologies and [.]. Volkswagen

2014 44

Petrol vs diesel: what you need to know

Green Cars News

Petrol or diesel? Unless you choose an all-electric model such as the Nissan Leaf, it’s a question you’ll have to consider before choosing your next c.

2016 32

Petrol prices hit record high

Green Cars News

Petrol prices in the UK have soared past the pre-recession record set back in in July 2008. According to PetrolPrices.com the average cost of fuel in the country now stands at 120 pence per litre for petrol and 120.6 pence for diesel. This overtakes the 2008 record when petrol cost 119.7pence a litre- a price [.]. Tags: Green credentials AA cost diesel duty fuel petrol

Could biodiesel and petrol work in diesel engines?

Green Cars News

To combine the efficiency of a diesel compression ignition engine with the ultra-low nitrogen oxide and PM emissions of a blend of petrol? The University of Wisconsin took the challenge to solve the problem of the higher ignition of petrol fuels: and[.]. Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? Latest News Green cars Biofuels

Electric cars “more environmentally intensive” than petrol and diesel vehicles

Green Cars News

They have been designed and developed as a greener transport alternative, but a new study claims electric cars are a bigger environmental burden than conventional petrol and diesel cars. There’s no question once it’s on the road, a Nissan LEAF is greener than say, a VW Golf, but the criticism surrounds how the vehicle itself [.]. Electric cars electric car Norway

Choosing your fuel type: Petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric, which one is best for you?

Green Cars News

When it comes to cars, choosing which fuel type meets your needs best is more important that it’s ever been

2020 41

ALL diesel and petrol cars to be banned in Oxford by 2035

Green Cars News

Oxford will become the world’s first zero-emission city under new council-backed proposals, which could ban ALL petrol and diesel vehicles from the city by 2035

2017 32

New diesel and petrol vehicles to be banned from 2040 - but no scrappage scheme or pollution charges announced

Green Cars News

The sale of new diesel and petrol cars and vans is to be banned in the UK from 2040 in a bid to tackle air pollution, the government has confirmed.

2017 44

Eagerly anticipated petrol-engined Maserati Levante S arrives

Green Cars News

Maserati’s V6 petrol-engined Levante S is now available in the UK, joining the Levante line-up alongside the successful diesel variant launched last year

2017 33

Petrol and diesel prices under OFT investigation

Green Cars News

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is to investigate fuel prices in an attempt to identify whether or not there has been a distortion of market competition. As motorists and businesses express deep concern about the cost of fuel in the UK, the OFT has announced that it will spend six weeks gathering evidence on [.]. Latest news

UK says no to EU ban on petrol and diesel cars

Green Cars News

The UK government has rejected plans from the EU which plan a ban on petrol and diesel cars from city centres by 2050. Green credentials ban city diesel eu future of transport Norman Baker petrol transportThe European Commission revealed its white paper ‘Roadmap for the Future of Transport 2050’ late yesterday which details plans to reduce dependency on oil, reduce congestion and reduce emissions from the transport [.].

Petrol Alto beats diesel rivals in Green Car Challenge

Green Cars News

In the Darwin to Adelaide run, the petrol driven Alto managed to complete the journey at an average consumption of 72mpg overall, an 18.5 Despite some extremely trying conditions for drivers and cars alike, with most teams opting to turn off the air conditioning to save fuel even in temperatures soaring to 43 degrees centigrade, the 1.0-litre petrol engined Alto continued to defy expectations by showing some of the much more expensive diesel cars the true meaning of fuel economy.

Volvo Cars to eliminate diesel engines from the new S60 sedan

Green Car Congress

The new Volvo S60 sedan to be launched later this spring will be the first Volvo to be produced without a diesel engine option. Our future is electric and we will no longer develop a new generation of diesel engines. We will phase out cars with only an internal combustion engine, with petrol hybrid versions as a transitional option as we move towards full electrification. Diesel Electric (Battery) Engines Hybrids Plug-ins

2018 174

Lead from petrol still pollutes oceans

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Leaded petrol has long been banned in many countries, after it was linked to neurological and cardiovascular illnesses. Green credentials atmosphere diesel lead Massachusetts Institute of Technology pollutionLead is still pervasive in the environment despite the slow phasing out of leaded fuels, according to new research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Fiat will be an electric-only brand by 2030

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Fiat plans to phase out petrol and diesel between 2025 and 2030

Diesel new vehicle market share in Europe in February dropped to 39.5%; SUVs still driving growth

Green Car Congress

The market share of diesel vehicles fell to 39.5% Diesel continues to decline and its market share fell to 39.5%, with volume falling by a significant 12.8 This was largely caused by falling demand in Germany and the UK, where diesel vehicle registrations decreased by 19.2% Demand for petrol is continuing to grow as diesel declines—petrol registrations increased by 16% in February. Diesel Electric (Battery) Europe Hybrids Sales

2018 174