ASX and Spirit AeroSystems partner to develop affordable eVTOL aircraft for mass production

Green Car Congress

Airspace Experience Technologies ( ASX ), an aviation technology start-up, and Spirit AeroSystems, a global aircraft design and manufacturing company, have signed a memorandum of understanding and a definitive agreement to cooperate on creation of affordable, certified all-electric, vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

2020 108

New California program to make clean cars affordable for lower-income residents

Green Car Congress

The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program, run by the Oakland-based nonprofit Beneficial State Foundation, was launched with a $5-million CARB grant. The Cap-and-Trade program also creates a financial incentive for industries to invest in clean technologies and develop innovative ways to reduce pollution.

2018 76

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IEA: time to tap into hydrogen’s potential to play a key role in a clean, secure and affordable energy future

Green Car Congress

In a major new report on hydrogen, the International Energy Agency says that the time is right to tap into hydrogen’s potential to play a key role in a clean, secure and affordable energy future. The report—The Future of Hydrogen: Seizing Today’s Opportunities—finds that clean hydrogen is currently receiving strong support from governments and businesses around the world, with the number of policies and projects expanding rapidly.

2019 88

CalSEED awards $4.2M to early-stage clean energy innovations

Green Car Congress

The California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development (CalSEED) program announced that the fourth cohort of innovative clean energy concepts has been approved by the California Energy Commission (CEC); 28 companies out of 212 were selected to receive grants of $150,000 each. The platform will have algorithms that analyze applicants’ creditworthiness and their eligibility for EV incentives in order to offer them the most affordable EV auto loan on the market.

2020 87

California cap-and-trade spending doubles to $1.4 billion in 2018; xEV rebates, affordable housing, wildfire prevention, public transit

Green Car Congress

Overall, 60 new clean school buses were delivered to rural school districts throughout the state. Installation of a rooftop solar photovoltaic system at The Allison, an affordable housing property in San Diego, one of the more than 70,000 projects installing energy efficiency measures across the state. An annual ' tracking the progress of California Climate Investments, released by the California Air Resources Board and the California Department of Finance, finds that nearly $1.4

2019 101

California providing incentives up to $12K to help low-income families afford the cleanest cars

Green Car Congress

In the case of either a brand new plug-in hybrid or electric car, buyers receive an additional $1,500 and $2,500, respectively, from a separate program, known as the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project.

2015 125

UCSB Clean Car Calculator shows that high efficiency vehicles are affordable options that save consumers money over time

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Sangwon Suh, assistant professor at the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, University of California, Santa Barbara and a team of students have developed a “Clean Car Calculator” to help potential buyers of high-efficiency vehicles assess total lifetime costs for different vehicle options, and compare it with the lifetime costs of other cars.

2012 78

Methanol Institute releases two reports on methanol as safe, efficient and clean fuel

Green Car Congress

The Methanol Institute (MI) released two new reports on the use of methanol as a safe, efficient and clean alternative fuel for cars, trucks and buses. Mid-level blends of methanol as high octane fuels can provide potential efficiency gains of 40-45%, significantly greater than typical 25-30% gains from turbocharged diesel engines or hybrid vehicles, and at a much more affordable cost.

2020 96

California ARB developing Innovative Clean Transit Proposal

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The staff of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is developing an “ Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) ”—a regulatory concept that includes a gradual transition to zero emission transit technologies without compromising transit services and that recognizes enhanced mobility options. ICT reflects an expansion of the scope of the Advanced Clean Transit measure.

2017 60

Maverick Synfuels introduces affordable small-scale methane gas-to-liquid modular methanol plants

Green Car Congress

Maverick Oasis is feedstock flexible and can be located at the feedstock source: Agriculture Digesters: For dairy farms, waste water treatment plants, and other facilities that use anaerobic digesters to process animal, food, and other organic waste, Maverick Oasis offers more vertical integration with clean fuel products and an alternative to traditional electricity generation. Methanol blends make environmentally superior fuels that improve combustion, burn cleanly, and reduce emissions.

2014 76

Berkeley study finds clean vehicle rebates have predominantly benefited wealthy, white Californians

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The distribution of California’s clean vehicle rebates across different socioeconomic groups has been uneven, with higher income groups more likely to receive rebates, according to a new study by a team from the University of California, Berkeley. There may be other reasons why communities of color aren’t receiving and benefiting from clean vehicle rebates, say Rubin and St-Louis.

2016 97

BP acquiring upstream portion of Clean Energy’s renewable gas business for $155M

Green Car Congress

BP will acquire the upstream portion of Clean Energy’s renewable natural gas business and sign a long-term supply contract with Clean Energy to support the firm’s continuing downstream renewable natural gas business. Under terms of the agreement, BP will pay $155 million for Clean Energy’s existing biomethane production facilities, its share of two new facilities and its existing third party supply contracts for renewable natural gas.

2017 65

DOE Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute awards ~$10M to 10 projects

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The US Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute ( CESMII ) will award nearly $10 million for ten projects to help advance its goals and enable US manufacturers to develop and implement innovations that will advance U.S. The project goal of this proposed Smart Connected Workers program is to create affordable, scalable, accessible, and portable smart manufacturing systems (A.S.A.P.

2018 71

Southern California Edison introduces clean energy proposal to meet state’s climate, air quality goals; >7M EVs (24%) by 2030

Green Car Congress

SCE describes its Clean Power and Electrification Pathway in a white paper. The approach builds upon existing state programs by identifying cost-effective actions to increase clean energy in the electric system and to leverage that clean electricity in the transportation and building sectors to achieve needed emissions reductions.

2017 65

Clean Energy Fuels to distribute biomethane vehicle fuel to fleets and public stations

Green Car Congress

Clean Energy Fuels Corp., North America’s largest provider of natural gas for transportation, is commercially offering a biomethane vehicle fuel— Redeem —made from waste streams such as landfills, large dairies and sewage plants directly to fleets around the country and at 35 public Clean Energy stations throughout California. for landfill gas cleaned up to pipeline quality natural gas and compressed in California to 28.53

2013 83

Sun Catalytix Signs $4M ARPA-E Contract and Forms Scientific Advisory Board; Affordable Catalysts for Water Splitting

Green Car Congress

Immediately prior to Foley Hoag, Mark served as Counsel to the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.

2010 73

60% of $18B in US clean energy tax credits 2006-2012 went to top 20% by income; 90% in the plug-in program

Green Car Congress

A working paper by a team at the Energy Institute at Haas, University of California, Berkeley, has found that 60% of the $18 billion in US federal income clean energy tax credits issued between 2006 and 2012—e.g., A growing literature examines the efficiency and overall cost-effectiveness of clean energy technology subsidies, but the distributional effects have received much less attention. Between 2006 and 2012, total clean energy tax credit expenditures were $18.1

2015 114

CARB approves $363M plan that includes putting more clean vehicles in disadvantaged communities; low-carbon transportation, ZEVs, scrap-and-replace pilot

Green Car Congress

The California Air Resources Board has adopted a revised funding plan for proceeds from the cap-and-trade program that includes putting more clean vehicles in disadvantaged communities. Investments in disadvantaged communities are designed to help lower-income residents living in areas of California affected most by air pollution afford the cleanest cars.

2016 89

4 more cities sign Global Clean Bus Declaration raising total to >40K ultra-low emission buses by 2020; London to trial BYD electric double-decker

Green Car Congress

Four additional cities—Amsterdam, Lima, Catalonia (Barcelona) and Rome— signed up to the Global Clean Bus Declaration at the 1 st global Clean Bus Summit in London. The Global Clean Bus Declaration , developed by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson in partnership with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group , launched in Buenos Aires in March 2015 with 20 original signatories.

2015 107

Barak Obama or John McCain - Which Candidate will Revive the Electric Car?

DIY Electric Car

Finally, American politicians, corporate executives and grassroots advocates all seem to agree that powering cars from clean, affordable and domestic electricity makes sense. Tags: Editorials candidates senator barak obama john mccain ev electric vehicle phev hybrid range extended campaign race 2008 energy sustainable clean solar wind biofuels diesel hydrogen Big news! presidential candidates Barak Obama and John McCain are talking about EVs.

2008 100

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency soliciting proposals for heavy-duty engine upgrade technologies

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The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is soliciting proposals from qualified bidders to test engine upgrade and conversion technologies on older heavy-duty diesel trucks. Diesel engines emit fine particle pollution, a toxic pollutant of concern to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. A key goal of this project is to find an affordable technology operators can use to upgrade their rigs to meet the 2007 emission standard.

2013 73

Clean Tech - GigaOM -

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Search: Salon The Web Site Presented By Friday, Apr 17, 2009 A&E Books Comics Environment & Science Life Movies News & Politics Open Salon Opinion Tech & Business Log in smart news, smart analysis Cleantech Tuesday, April 14, 2009 01:00 PST China’s Electric Cars & the Road to an Affordable EV By Josie Garthwaite BYD Auto has been the poster child for electric cars in China ever since Warren Buffett invested in the company back in September.

BYD 28

Energy Secretary Chu says US faces a new Sputnik Moment in Chinas clean energy successes

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In a speech at the National Press Club, US Energy Secretary Steven Chu said that the success of China and other countries in clean energy industries represents a new “Sputnik Moment” for the United States, and will require a similar mobilization of innovation to enable the US to compete in the global race for the jobs of the future. Secretary Chu stressed that US economic competitiveness depends on jump-starting the next round of American innovation in clean energy.

2010 111

Ports of LA, Long Beach approve 2017 Clean Air Action Plan; targeted GHG reductions; zero-emissions on-road drayage by 2035

Green Car Congress

The governing boards of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach unanimously approved the 2017 Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) Update , ushering in a new era of aggressive clean air strategies for moving cargo through the nation’s busiest container port complex. The initiatives include new investments in clean technology, expanded use of alternatives for reducing at-berth ship emissions, and a demonstration of up to 100 zero-emission trucks in the next few years.

2017 60

Seawater could bring breakthrough for hydrogen cars

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The biggest problem for hydrogen fuel-cell cars has been where to get a plentiful, affordable supply of hydrogen that doesn't contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Now scientists may have come up with what some have called the holy grail of clean transportation: a way to create hydrogen affordably from seawater.

2019 81

Stealth Ventures Ltd. and Clean Coal Ltd. Partner on Underground Coal Gasification Project in Nova Scotia

Green Car Congress

has entered into an agreement with Clean Coal Ltd., CCL will seek to combine UCG with carbon capture and sequestration to produce a high quality, clean, affordable synthetic gas. Clean Coal Ltd. The United Kingdom Coal Authority has recently awarded five licences to Clean Coal Ltd. Clean Coal Ltd. Stealth Ventures Ltd.

2009 65

DOE ARPA-E awards $156M to projects to 60 projects to accelerate innovation in clean energy technologies

Green Car Congress

The new ARPA-E selections focus on accelerating innovations in clean technology while increasing US competitiveness in rare earth alternatives and breakthroughs in biofuels, thermal storage, grid controls, and solar power electronics. fossil fuel consumption and emissions, enabling clean solar. the solar thermochemical production of Syngas for clean and. affordably and dynamically control power flow will open up.

2011 98

Obama Announces Steps to Boost Biofuels, Clean Coal; RFS2, BCAP, BIWG and Carbon Capture and Storage Task Force

Green Car Congress

So today I’m announcing a Carbon Capture and Storage Task Force that will be charged with the goal of figuring out how we can deploy affordable clean coal technology on a widespread scale within 10 years. The DOE Clean Cities program has significant dissemination and outreach capabilities, so it could support infrastructure and end-use deployment.

2010 78

California’s Advanced Clean Cars program: transforming the light-duty fleet to zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicles with an eye on 2050

Green Car Congress

Advanced Clean Car (ACC) package, the ZEV regulation along with new LEV III smog-forming pollutant and GHG standards can be the catalyst to that transformative process. In addition, the Advanced Clean Cars program includes amendments to California’s Clean Fuels Outlet regulation to ensure that ultra-clean fuels such as hydrogen are available to meet vehicle demands brought on by the ZEV program. Clean Fuels Outlet (CFO) Regulation. Advanced Clean Cars Summary.

2011 80

7 California state legislators call on Energy Commission fully to allocate $20M annual for hydrogen stations

Green Car Congress

Seven California legislators that serve on the state’s Assembly and Senate Transportation Committees, including Assembly Transportation Committee Chair Jim Frazier (D-Fairfield), called on the California Energy Commission (CEC) to fully allocate the $20 million annual set aside targeted for building hydrogen fueling stations that is included in the commission’s Clean Transportation Plan.

2020 94

Chesapeake Energy to invest some $1B over 10 years to support natural gas demand, infrastructure and end-use technologies; $305M in initial investments in Clean Energy Fuels and Sundrop Fuels

Green Car Congress

Chesapeake also announced $305 million in two initial investments for CNGV: $150 million to Clean Energy Fuels Corp. Deploy innovative and scalable GTL processes to convert natural gas into a room temperature, tank-ready, liquid transportation fuel that can be blended with existing supplies of gasoline and diesel or used as a stand-alone replacement product that is cleaner and more affordable. Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

2011 78

Study recommends $10B/year US federal investment in energy RD&D and a substantial price on carbon emissions; leveraging the national labs and encouraging the private sector for a clean energy future

Green Car Congress

Despite current deficits, the United States cannot afford to forego the long-term investments that will improve its competitiveness in this multi-trillion-dollar market and its national security, while reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental hazards. They then used the experts’ input to conduct extensive economic modeling on the impact of federal R&D investments and other policies (such as a clean energy standard) on economic, environmental, and security goals.

2011 81

EPA plans to roll back emissions standards on power plants

Green Car Reports

The new proposed rule, which the EPA calls the "Affordable Clean Energy" rule, would eliminate Obama-era standards that would have required power plants to reduce carbon. After wiping out plans to continue boosting fuel economy standards earlier this month, the EPA on Tuesday proposed rolling back emissions standards on electric power plants.

2018 54

California Air Resources Board releases proposed Advanced Clean Car package: LEV III, GHG and ZEV rules to transform the California fleet; ZEVs and TZEVs to be 15+% of new vehicle sales by 2025

Green Car Congress

The staff of the California Air Resources Board (ARB) has posted the proposed Advanced Clean Car (ACC) package of regulations in advance of the Board’s meeting on 26 January 2012 to consider adopting the new rules. The Advanced Clean Cars program combines the control of soot, smog-causing pollutants (LEV III) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions into a single coordinated package of requirements for model years 2017 through 2025. Clean Fuels Outlet. Clean Fuels Outlet 2012.

2011 69

Just 2 More Weeks Till Sunstock 2017! Are You Ready to Rock L.A.?

Creative Greenius

Tickets are ridiculously affordable and every sale goes to fund GRID Alternatives’ install of a solar PV system for A Safe Place for Youth , a homeless youth shelter on the West Side. If you were with me last summer at Sunstock 2016 held on the Autry Museum field you know what a blast we had from start to finish. The best music. The best audience. The best vibe. Great food and drink. And all of it powered by the sun and the solar PV systems on site.

2017 100

Xcel Energy wants 1.5M EVs in its service areas by 2030; 30x increase from today

Green Car Congress

Electric vehicles are the next frontier in the clean energy transition, and we are committed to making charging EVs easy, convenient and affordable for customers. By accelerating EV adoption in the coming years, we can drive major reductions in carbon emissions while helping our customers save money and making the most of our clean energy investments. Utility holding company Xcel Energy wants 1.5 million electric vehicles in its service areas by 2030.

2020 108

Government of British Columbia to introduce Zero Emission Vehicle legislation in spring; 100% ZEV sales by 2040

Green Car Congress

This legislation will set targets of 10% ZEV sales by 2025, 30% by 2030, and 100% by 2040, while government will take additional steps to make ZEVs more affordable. Increasing the provincial incentive program, administered by the New Car Dealers Association of BC, by $20 million this year to encourage more British Columbians to buy clean energy cars now.

2018 83

CAISO, CPUC, and CEC issue preliminary report on causes of August rotating outages in California

Green Car Congress

The analysis also outlines short-term and longer-term actions to mitigate electricity shortages and ensure delivery of clean, reliable, and affordable energy. In transitioning to a reliable, clean and affordable resource mix, resource planning targets have not kept pace to lead to sufficient resources that can be relied upon to meet demand in the early evening hours.

2020 75

Suburban Propane Partners taking 39% stake in DME producer Oberon Fuels; rDME/propane blends

Green Car Congress

Oberon has been focused on the research and development of a practical and affordable pathway to zero-emission transportation through its proprietary production process. Suburban Propane Partners, L.P.,

2020 95

PSA and Total create JV for manufacture of EV batteries in Europe; €5B investment

Green Car Congress

This project aims to: Respond to the challenges of the energy transition by reducing the environmental footprint of vehicles throughout the value chain in a desire to offer clean and affordable mobility to citizens. This new step is consistent with our central purpose: “to offer citizens clean, safe and affordable mobility” and gives Groupe PSA a competitive advantage in the context of growing sales of electric vehicles.

2020 95

DOE announces approximately $64M in funding for 18 projects to advance H2@Scale

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced approximately $64 million in Fiscal Year 2020 funding for 18 projects that will support the H2@Scale vision for affordable hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and use. The projects will feature collaborations with EERE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office on manufacturing reliable and affordable electrolyzers and with EERE’s Vehicle Technologies Office on developing low-cost, high-strength carbon fiber for hydrogen storage tanks.

2020 101

US, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, and EC launch new hydrogen initiative

Green Car Congress

At the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM10) meeting, a new international hydrogen partnership was announced under the leadership of the United States, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands and the European Commission with participation of several other CEM member countries. For the first time under the Clean Energy Ministerial, this effort will put the spotlight on the role that hydrogen and fuel cell technologies can play in the global clean energy transition.

Hyundai Motor accelerates hydrogen technology development through 3 strategic investments

Green Car Congress

Our investment in these innovative companies will reduce the production cost of FCEVs and enhance the safety and affordability of hydrogen infrastructure. H2Pro is an Israeli startup that developed the E-TAC (electrochemical, thermally active chemical) water splitting technology, which is efficient, affordable, and safe. Its technology stores hydrogen more safely at lower pressure with higher density, while its proprietary compression technology is also more affordable.

2019 92