I Imagined That Ted Lieu Resigned His Seat In Congress To Take A Lucrative New Job For Kim Jong un In North Korea, And This Play I Wrote About What Happened Next Was Performed On Sunday At The Ruskin Group Theatre In Santa Monica

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Eagle Graphite and University of British Columbia partner on development of silicon-modified anodes

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Eagle Graphite owns and operates one of only two flake graphite production facilities in Canada and the only graphite quarry in western North America. The supply of flake graphite is concentrated primarily in China and Mozambique, with Brazil, North Korea, Canada and India accounting for nearly all of the remainder of production.


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SpaceX to launch five South Korean military satellites by 2025


South Korea is deepening its relationship with SpaceX with a contract to launch at least five military reconnaissance satellites on Falcon 9 rockets by the end of 2025. South Korea hires SpaceX to launch five spy satellites by 2025 [link] — SpaceNews (@SpaceNews_Inc) April 11, 2022.

Japan will begin test drilling for oil and gas off Niigata coast in 2013

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The Sea of Japan (called the East Sea by South Korea) is bordered by Japan, North Korea, Russia and South Korea. Nikkei. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will begin test drilling for oil and natural gas in the Sea of Japan off the coast of Niigata Prefecture in April 2013. METI hopes to discover Japan’s largest reserves of these resources—possibly the size of intermediate oil fields in the Middle East, according to METI.

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Study finds unprecedented urbanization and urban expansion in East-Southeast Asia from 2000 to 2010

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The overall study area covered East-Southeast Asia and included 17 countries: China (including Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR); Taiwan; Japan; Mongolia; North Korea; South Korea; Brunei Darussalam; Cambodia; Indonesia; Laos; Malaysia; Myanmar; Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; Timor-Leste; Vietnam.

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How the Huawei Fight is Changing the Face of 5G

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In subsequent decades, the company was accused of stealing Western intellectual property , supplying sensitive telecoms equipment to North Korea and Iran , and expanding its global market share by undercutting Western telecom equipment prices by as much as a third.

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Space Station Incident Demands Independent Investigation

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The author of a dozen books and hundreds of magazine articles on the past, present, and potential future of space exploration, he has reported from space launch and operations centers across the United States and Russia and North Korea. This is a guest post.

From Scooters to High Speed Rail, China is Electrifying

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Just as today we can look at a nighttime satellite image and see the black void that is recalcitrant, unelectrified North Korea, once that was China. I’m sure I’m not the first to say it. China is electrifying. When I was studying China and Mandarin Chinese 35 years ago, “Red” China was unrecognized by the US, literally, and dark in a way difficult to imagine now. Who knew what was going on over there?

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Weekly round-up: Audi SQ7 video review, Rooney’s drink-driving debacle and the world’s most popular cars

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Well it’s been a slightly quieter seven days for us following the Frankfurt extravaganza that was last week, and things seem to be normal (ok perhaps not that normal) on the current affairs front, what with Trump upping the rhetoric with North Korea once again while closer to home Ryanair seems keen to wreck its already rather dismal customer service ratings