Ford’s economy Focus to spread to other models

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Using its range of EcoBoost petrol engines, TDCi diesel engines and low CO2 ECOnetic Technologies, Ford is to lead an assault on excessive CO2 with its new range of Focus, C-Max, Grand C-Max, B-Max and Transit [.]. Ford emissions fuel economyFord is set to introduce no less than an impressive 15 new models with class-leading efficiency levels this year.

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One in four air pollution deaths linked to diesel fumes

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Diesel vehicles have been the darling of the push for better fuel economy in recent years and have duped many people into believing them to be a ‘green choice’ thanks to their tendency to come top of low CO2 lists. But according to a leading environmental health expert at King’s College, London, d[.]. Green credentials

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Skoda Octavia GreenLine cuts CO2 emissions to new low

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Skoda has added a new low CO2 model of its Octavia hatch model called the Octavia GreenLine, with an official CO2 figure of just 85g/km. litre TDI CR 110PS engine, the new model also boasts official fuel economy figure of 88.3mpg, giving it the highest rating in the Octavia line-u[.]. Powered by a 1.6 Skoda

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Citroen reveals C4 Cactus

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With a focus on lightweight design and a radical look, the new C-segment car will boast strong fuel economy and low CO2 emissions, expected to be officially rated as delivering up t[.]. Citroen has revealed the production-ready version of its C4 Cactus which is set to arrive on the market this autumn.

Nissan introducing new Micra with supercharged 3-cylinder gasoline direct injection engine; 95 gCO2/km

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Combined cycle fuel economy figures for the manual Visia (entry-level) version is 4.1 As well as delivering low CO 2 emissions, the lightweight, low-friction 1,198cc three-cylinder unit produces the power expected from a conventional 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. With instant throttle response, its performance and strong economy are a more than a match for any diesel engine with similar power outputs, but its emissions performance is much better. The new 1.2L

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Ford makes emission improvements

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Thanks to its range of fuel efficient models, Ford is leading the industry in terms of reducing carbon dioxide levels according to research from an environmental website. By analysing carbon dioxide (CO2) data for this year’s new car sales in the UK, it found that Ford has made more improvements than any other car manufacturer in terms of reducing its CO2 output, which is directly linked to improving fuel economy.

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Ford launches greenest Mondeo yet

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The vehicle, which is offered in both five-door and estate form, has a carbon dioxide (CO2) emission rating of 139g/km and furthers Ford’s commitment to creating fuel efficient models. Each Mondeo will use the aforementioned engine optimised with a six-speed transmission to create combined fuel economy of 54.3mpg, which will rise to 64.2mpg on the motorway and give a potential combined driving range in excess of 800 miles.

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Farming conservation charity selects Astra ecoFLEX fleet

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Very low CO2 emission levels combined with good fuel economy have led leading countryside conservation organisation The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) to select the Vauxhall Astra ecoFLEX 1.7 They have a very low CO2 emission level of just 119 grams per kilometre, which means less air pollution. The exceptional fuel economy of the 1.7 With a combined cycle fuel consumption figure of 62.8

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Insight becomes Science Museum piece

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Being exempt from the London Congestion Charge makes the Insight ideal to transfer books between the two museum sites, while its low CO2 emissions of 101g/km mean it will save the museum money with reduced road tax of £15 a year, low company car tax and excellent fuel economy of 64.2mpg (combined) which means fewer trips to the filling station. “We Honda’s all-new Insight is being put to work by the Science Museum.

Executive saloon squeezes into £35 tax band

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From this week Audi’s popular A4 model earns the right to use the ‘e’ suffix that subtly signifies major strides forward in economy and emissions control as already proven by the Audi A3 1.9 TDIe joins the range alongside the three existing, and continuing, 2.0-litre TDI variants, and employs the very latest efficiency measures to make 61.4mpg and 120g/km CO2 output a reality. With such low emissions, the A4 squeezes into tax band C at just £35 a year.

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