BMW Group to source lithium from Livent

Green Car Congress

To support its accelerated expansion of e-mobility in the coming years, the BMW Group will source lithium from a second leading supplier, US-based Livent. Livent will supply the lithium directly to the BMW Group’s battery cell manufacturers from 2022 on.

BMW 241

Toyota Europe establishes Fuel Cell Business Group

Green Car Congress

To maximize the opportunities for hydrogen in Europe, Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has established a Fuel Cell Business Group to oversee its hydrogen activities across the region. —Thiebault Paquet, Director of the Fuel Cell Business Group.

2020 338

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Volkswagen Group Components previews mobile charging robot

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen Group Components provided the first glimpse of the prototypes of its mobile charging robot. —Thomas Schmall, CEO of Volkswagen Group Components.

2020 287

BMW Group opens new Additive Manufacturing Campus

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group has officially opened its new Additive Manufacturing Campus. The €15-million campus will allow the BMW Group to develop its position as technology leader in the utilization of additive manufacturing in the automotive industry.

2020 330

BMW Group sourcing aluminum produced using solar energy from EGA

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group will begin sourcing aluminum produced using solar electricity with immediate effect. That is why the BMW Group plans to source aluminum produced with green power in the long term—enabling it to avoid approximately 2.5 Light metal foundry at BMW Group Plant Landshut.

Solar 307

Groupe Renault working on ~20 blockchain projects

Green Car Congress

Groupe Renault has identified some 20 projects to deploy blockchain technology. For Groupe Renault, blockchain has to be used as a collaborative, multi-company digital tool within the automotive sector, thereby becoming a source of increased productivity and collective intelligence.

2020 322

BMW Group & Daimler Mobility Join Forces

EV Obssesion

The post BMW Group & Daimler Mobility Join Forces appeared first on EV Obsession. Electric Vehicles EV Charging Stations Press Releases Specific Technologies BMW Group & Daimler Mobility Mobility TechnologyCorporate

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BMW Group, WWF Germany, Volvo Group back moratorium on deep-sea mining

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group has launched an initiative to protect the deep seas in cooperation with the WWF Germany. In a joint declaration , the BMW Group, WWF and other companies—including the Volvo Group—undertake, as a precautionary measure, not to use deep-ocean minerals or finance deep-sea mining until comprehensive scientific research into the impact of deep-sea mining can be conducted and the consequences for the environment are clearly assessed.

Front Group For Oil Company Representatives In Congress Celebrates All White Heritage; Called Out By Greenius, “CO2 Was At 395ppm When Shultz Endorsed Their B t. It’s 416ppm today.”

Creative Greenius

environment Citizens Climate Lobby climate crisis CO2 front group George Schultz Inactivists

CO2 195

Delanchy Group receives first Renault D Z.E. electric truck

Green Car Congress

Freight carrier the Delanchy Group, which has been using a 100% electric Renault Trucks D prototype since 2017, has received the first D Z.E. Renault Trucks and the Delanchy Group have been working together for more than fifty years.

2020 369

Volkswagen Group partners with Microsoft on automated driving

Green Car Congress

With the Automated Driving Platform running on Azure, Car.Software Organization intends to increase the efficiency of the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and AD functions for passenger cars across Volkswagen Group brands.

Dr. Richard Group testing Solaris hydrogen bus

Green Car Congress

After successful test runs in Vienna in June, the bus was handed over to the Dr. Richard Group, the largest private bus operator in Austria, which presented the vehicle in St. The Dr. Richard Group has been dealing with emission-free mobility for a few years now.

2020 249

Hyundai Motor Group unveils TIGER uncrewed ultimate mobility vehicle concept

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Group has revealed TIGER (Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot), the company’s second Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV) ( earlier post ) and the first designed to be uncrewed.

Groupe Renault unveils new strategic plan “Renaulution”; from volumes to value

Green Car Congress

In France, Luca de Meo, CEO Groupe Renault, presented the group’s new strategic plan— “Renaulution”—which, among other more specific elements, aims to shift Groupe Renault’s strategy from volumes to value. Groupe Renault is reorganizing to implement this plan.

Russia 357

Volkswagen Group presents technology roadmap for batteries and charging

Green Car Congress

The Volkswagen Group presented its technology roadmap for batteries and charging up to 2030 today on its first “Power Day”. At the same time, the Group is aiming to secure the supply of battery cells beyond 2025. —Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Group. The Group is pushing ahead at full speed with the development of production capacities in Europe in order to meet the increasing demand for battery cells.

Hyundai Motor Group to acquire controlling interest in mobile robot firm Boston Dynamics

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Group will acquire a controlling interest in the mobile robot firm Boston Dynamics from Softbank in a deal that values Boston Dynamics at $1.1 Hyundai Motor Group’s affiliates—Hyundai Motor Co.,

2020 344

Volkswagen Group and bp to partner to expand ultra-fast electric vehicle charging across Europe

Green Car Congress

The Volkswagen Group and bp intend to work together on extending and speeding up the deployment of ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities at bp retail sites across the UK, Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Europe 269

BMW Group uses Blockchain to drive supply chain transparency: “PartChain”

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group is using Blockchain technology in purchasing to ensure the traceability of components and raw materials in multi-stage international supply chains. For the BMW Group’s purchasing experts and its suppliers, ensuring transparency therefore involved considerable manual effort.

2020 320

MOL Group starts biofuel production at Danube Refinery

Green Car Congress

MOL Group has been a biofuel user by purchasing more than 500,000 tons of biofuels (bioethanol and biodiesel) for blending. With this investment, we have started to produce sustainable diesel for the first time within MOL Group and we became biofuel producers. —Gabriel Szabó, Executive Vice President of MOL Group Downstream.

Volvo Group Venture Capital invests in EV charging software company Driivz

Green Car Congress

Volvo Group Venture Capital AB has invested in Driivz Ltd. , There is a significant and growing interest in electric vehicles and machines among Volvo Group customers, which is speeding up the transition to more sustainable transport.

Volvo 222

BMW Group Protects the Deep Seas

EV Obssesion

BMW Group strives for most sustainable supply chain Exclusion of minerals from deep-sea mining from BMW Group supply chain as a precautionary measure Vision of circular economy for resource management Munich. The post BMW Group Protects the Deep Seas appeared first on EV Obsession.

Pride Group orders 100 Lion electric trucks; Lion’s largest order to date

Green Car Congress

Lion Electric (Lion), a manufacturer of all-electric medium- and heavy-duty urban vehicles, received a purchase order from Pride Group Enterprises (Pride) for the acquisition of 100 all-electric Lion6 and Lion8 trucks.

Canada 255

Shell contracts with ECB Group for more than 2.5 billion liters of renewable diesel and jet

Green Car Congress

ECB Group Paraguay and Shell Trading (US) Company signed a multi-year contract that will provide more than 500 million liters (130 million gallons US) of renewable diesel and renewable jet fuel per year to Shell, one of the world’s largest energy companies.

Volkswagen Group continues to push with CNG

Green Car Congress

In parallel with the advancing electrification of its fleet, Volkswagen Group and its brands continue to rely on CNG (compressed natural gas) as an alternative drive technology for decarbonizing road transport; Volkswagen Group[ has revised and expanded its product range again with this in mind. Volkswagen Group currently offers the widest selection of CNG vehicles of any manufacturer, by a substantial margin.

2019 255

Mercedes-Benz supplying 129 Citaro G hybrid 18m articulated buses to Belgium’s TEC Group

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz is supplying 129 Citaro G hybrid 18m articulated buses to Belgium’s TEC Group. The Belgian public transport corporation Transport en Commun, TEC Group for short, is responsible for local public transport in the Walloon Region of the kingdom of Belgium.

SK Group to invest $16.4B to create hydrogen production-distribution-consumption ecosystem by 2025

Green Car Congress

Korea-based SK Group will invest about 18 trillion won (US$16.4 In the first phase, SK E&S, SK Group’s hydrogen business promotion company, will invest about 500 billion won (US$446 million) to build a liquefied hydrogen (LH2) production plant with a production capacity of 30,000 tonnes of liquefied hydrogen.

BMW Group selects NVIDIA Isaac platform to redefine factory logistics

Green Car Congress

BMW Group has selected the new NVIDIA Isaac robotics platform to enhance its automotive factories, utilizing logistics robots built on advanced AI computing and visualization technologies. Once developed, the system will be deployed to BMW Group factories worldwide.

2020 250

BMW Group extends aluminum recycling to Dingolfing press shop

Green Car Congress

BMW’s press shop in Dingolfing—the largest of the BMW Group worldwide—is the first in which all aluminum sheet waste is separated and recycled to make it reusable for industry. The BMW Group has invested around €6.5 Aluminum recycling at the BMW Group plant in Dingolfing.

2020 275

Groupe Renault and Google Cloud partner to accelerate Industry 4.0

Green Car Congress

Groupe Renault and Google Cloud announced a new industrial and technology partnership to accelerate the digitization of Groupe Renault’s industrial system and of Industry 4.0 Groupe Renault has been developing its own digital platform since 2016 to connect and to aggregate industrial data from 22 Group sites worldwide (representing 76% of vehicle production) and more than 2,500 machines.

2020 221

BMW Group sets out code of ethics for the use of artificial intelligence

Green Car Congress

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is a central element of the digital transformation process at the BMW Group. The BMW Group already uses AI throughout the value chain to generate added value for customers, products, employees and processes.

2020 306

Latest Galliani Play, Part II Of My Family Trilogy, Wows Audiences At Ruskin Group Theatre

Creative Greenius

comedy Culture environment Family Theatre Truth & Reality Joe Galliani Ruskin Group Theatre

2019 150

Daimler Truck AG and the Volvo Group complete creation of fuel-cell joint venture: cellcentric

Green Car Congress

Daimler Truck AG and the Volvo Group completed the transaction to form the previously announced fuel-cell joint venture. The Volvo Group has acquired 50% of the partnership interests in the existing Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH & Co. Daimler Truck AG and the Volvo Group have agreed to rename the company cellcentric GmbH & Co. In November 2020, the Volvo Group and Daimler Truck AG signed a binding agreement for the joint venture.

Volvo 204

New Greenius Comedy One-Act Debuts At Ruskin Group Theatre Starring Mouchette van Helsdingen & Ryan Stiffleman

Creative Greenius

comedy Theatre Joe Galliani Mouchette van Helsdingen Rupert Hitzig Ruskin Group Theatre Ryan Stiffleman

2019 150

‘Software République’: Groupe Renault, Atos, Dassault Systèmes, STMicroelectronics & Thales

EV Obssesion

The post ‘Software République’: Groupe Renault, Atos, Dassault Systèmes, STMicroelectronics & Thales appeared first on EV Obsession.

Chery 71

BMW Group commissions study on sustainable lithium extraction

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group has commissioned two US universities to conduct a scientific analysis of water consumption in the lithium extraction process. Both BMW Group and BASF SE are already working successfully together with other partners in the “Cobalt for Development” project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The BMW Group intends to fill this gap with the study it has commissioned. —Patrick Hudde, head of Indirect Purchasing Raw Materials Management, BMW Group.

2020 179

Audi Neckarsulm first plant in Group using RFID for vehicle ID throughout production; on-metal tags

Green Car Congress

Audi’s Neckarsulm site is the first automotive plant in the Volkswagen Group to use RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology for vehicle identification throughout the entire production process, thereby laying another cornerstone for fully connected production.

Audi 253

Volvo Group and SSAB to collaborate on the world’s first vehicles of fossil-free steel

Green Car Congress

Volvo Group and steel-maker SSAB have signed a collaboration agreement on research, development, serial production and commercialization of the world’s first vehicles to be made of fossil-free steel. —Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO at Volvo Group. Volvo plans already this year to start the production of concept vehicles and components from steel made by SSAB using hydrogen.

Volvo 170

Hyundai Motor Group launches HTWO dedicated fuel cell system brand

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) introduced HTWO, a new brand to represent the group’s world-leading hydrogen fuel cell system. With HTWO, Hyundai Motor Group is stepping up efforts for the development of a next-generation hydrogen fuel cell system that can be applied to various forms of mobility such as UAM, automobiles, vessels and trains. With its next-generation fuel cell system, the group aims to offer a highly efficient and diversified lineup of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

2020 170

Hyundai Motor Group opens Hyundai Hydrogen World in Shanghai

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Group opened Hyundai Hydrogen World—an exhibition hall dedicated to the fuel-cell electric vehicle, related technologies and energy—at the center of the Century Square in Shanghai. Hyundai Motor Group will actively respond to the Chinese government’s new energy development policy, and plans to provide information related to the fuel-cell electric vehicle to a wider Chinese audience. —Byungho Lee, the President of Hyundai Motor Group (China) Ltd.

2019 293

BMW Group invests in MOE company Boston Metal; CO2-free steel production

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group company is investing in an innovative method for CO 2 -free steel production developed by American startup Boston Metal ( earlier post ), through its venture capital fund, BMW i Ventures. The investment is part of the BMW Group’s sustainability activities aimed at significantly reducing CO 2 emissions across the supplier network. BMW Group press plants in Europe process more than half a million tonnes of steel per year.

Boston 210

Hyundai Motor Group reveals E-GMP; first dedicated BEV platform, for next-generation BEV line-up

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Group has unveiled its new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), a dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV) platform. —Albert Biermann, President and Head of R&D Division for Hyundai Motor Group.

2020 305

Daimler Trucks’ Autonomous Technology Group adding testing center in New Mexico

Green Car Congress

September 2020 marks one year of Daimler Trucks and Torc Robotics partnering as a team after the US based automated driving technology company became part of Daimler Trucks’ Autonomous Technology Group.

2020 345

BMW Group and PG&E launching ChargeForward Phase 3 pilot; V2G testing

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced an expanded partnership that further leverages renewable energy to sustainably power electric vehicles (EVs). The program is expected to help improve grid stability and support the integration of renewable energy—forwarding the BMW Group’s commitment to sustainability from design to engineering, production and the vehicle’s overall lifecycle.

Grid 199