Roskill: Rising prices could be new norm for lithium industry

Green Car Congress

Although on paper, capacity in the pipeline appears sufficient to meet this demand growth, Roskill expects challenges and set-backs in developing, financing and commissioning lithium mining and refining operations. Falling sales in H2 2019 in China, the largest market for EVs, and a global reduction in sales caused by lockdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic in H1 2020 slowed lithium demand growth, impacting demand from both battery and industrial applications.

Nesscap completes US$1M convertible note financing

Green Car Congress

The offering constituted the second tranche of the bridge financing previously announced on 8 April 2014. The Note has a maturity date of 1 April 2015; the conversion price is CAD 0.10 Nesscap products range from 3 farads to 6,200 farads with industry-recognized alternative organic electrolytes. Ultracapacitor company Nesscap Energy Inc. has completed a non-brokered private placement of a US $1,000,000 Convertible Note with I2BF Energy.


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Park City Transit deploying six Proterra electric buses; battery-lease financing model

Green Car Congress

The Park City region deployment not only marks the first battery-electric transit fleet for Utah and the nationwide mountain resort industry, it also represents the first implementation of Proterra’s battery-lease financing model—i.e., Park City Transit received financing for the six Proterra buses through an extremely competitive Low-No Emissions Grant with the US Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

2017 174

DOE issues Request for Information on financing strategies for light-duty H2 fueling infrastructure

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a Request for Information (RFI) ( DE-FOA-0001055 ) for light-duty fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) fueling infrastructure financing strategies within the context of an early market introduction. This input will augment financing strategies that DOE analyzes for public deployment of infrastructure for supporting FCEV introduction in US markets.

2013 230

The $32-Trillion Push To Disrupt The Entire Oil Industry

Green Car Congress

Increased shareholder activism, combined with global warming policies of institutional investors and NGOs, are pushing IOCs in a corner, constricting financing options for oil companies. With less financing options for IOCs, and also oilfield services, the already existing investment gap in upstream investment worldwide will only grow wider. The latter is partly caused by “global warming constraints” and lower oil prices in general. by Cyril Widdershoven for

2019 204

Senators Sanders, Boxer propose legislation to institute GHG price on large stationary sources and remove support for fossil fuel industries

Green Car Congress

introduced legislation that would set an escalating fee on greenhouse gas emissions from large stationary sources to fund investments in energy efficiency and sustainable energy technologies and also provide rebates to consumers to offset increases in energy prices. The legislation also proposes numerous actions against financing and support for fossil fuel industries. Among the financing provisions of the legislation are: Price on carbon. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

2013 223

Report from the REFF-Wall Street; Themes in Renewable Energy Finance

Green Car Congress

Green Car Congress attended the Renewable Energy Finance Forum - Wall Street (REFF-Wall Street) conference (23-24 June) sponsored by Euromoney Energy Events and the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). Renewables account for approximately 10-15% of the global energy infrastructure investment and according to New Energy Finance renewables have been hit hard by the global recession with a 47% in Q1 2009 vs. Q1 2008 ($13.3 The oil industry may be one of the sources of capital.

Opinion: Expect A Wave Of Consolidation In The Oil Industry

Green Car Congress

The point is, with volumes languishing (and probably poised to decline) tied to a flat oil futures price curve and with economics marginal at $60 per barrel, many E&P operators find themselves running through hedges in 2015 and still in need to finance their already reduced capital spending. This not only reflects solvency risk but also the natural course of bringing assets to a price more in line with their underlying sale value. by Leonard Brecken of

2015 240

Venchurs CNG aggressively prices 6.2L CNG conversions

Green Car Congress

F-250 and F-350 CNG conversions (bi-fuel and dedicated) with a 23.5GGE system utilizing the new 3M tank, all priced at $8,350. The company says this is the industry leading price point for such as system. We believe that our new price point will help move the industry forward, increasing the speed of adoption by fleet customers and retail customers alike.

2013 241

Opinion: Political Climate Shifting Against The Oil And Gas Industry

Green Car Congress

Oil and gas companies have had a tough time over the past year trying to weather the storm of falling oil prices. But the political and financial winds are moving in the wrong direction for the industry, raising more “above ground” problems at a time that they can ill-afford it. For companies that have seen their revenues vanish because of collapsing oil prices, access to credit is obviously critically important. by Nick Cunningham of

2015 199

Electric vehicles trends in India

Electric Vehicles India

According to an independent study by CEEW Centre for Energy Finance (CEEW-CEF), the EV market in India will be a US$206 billion opportunity by 2030 if India maintains steady progress to meet its ambitious 2030 target. Fuel prices boosted sales of electric two-wheelers.

India 87

Commentary: Could falling oil prices spark a financial crisis?

Green Car Congress

Not only has financing come from company shareholders and traditional banks, but hundreds of billions of dollars have also come from junk-bond investors looking for high returns. For investors, this offers the opportunity for high yield, which is why hundreds of billions of dollars helped finance companies in disparate parts of the country looking to drill in shale. The situation will compound itself if oil prices stay low. by Nick Cunningham of

2014 230

CCM: LiPF6 industry in China may face overcapacity in 2017

Green Car Congress

Soaring prices for and profits from LiPF 6 —lithium hexafluorophosphate, the dominant Li-salt used in electrolytes in commercial rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) based on a graphite anode and a 3–4 V cathode material—has encouraged enterprises in China to expand LiPF 6 production while also attracting new players. However, according to market analyst firm CCM , based on the current planned capacity expansions, the LiPF 6 industry may face overcapacity in 2017.

2016 150

Synthetic biology startup Lygos closes $13M Series A to target oil-based specialty chemical industry

Green Car Congress

a bio-based specialty chemicals company, closed $13 million in Series A financing led by IA Ventures and OS Fund. corn) prices. Lygos says it has created an engineering development platform that combines software and new biochemistry technology to engineer microbes optimized to produce the industry’s highest-quality specialty chemicals at scale much faster, safer, and more reliably than traditional petroleum-based production methods. Lygos , Inc.,

2016 212

Oil Well Strippers Suffering From Low Oil Prices

Green Car Congress

With OPEC breaking down and any kind of coordination among its members on price cuts looking increasingly unlikely, it now appears that oil prices could remain below $50 a barrel for a year or more. Since 2002, according to the industry association for strippers [ National Stripper Well Association , NSWA], these marginal wells have generated more than 2.9 At current prices, essentially all US stripper wells are at best break-even and the majority are probably losing money.

2015 183

IHS Markit: US oil production growth heading for a major slowdown, as capital discipline and weak prices play out

Green Car Congress

This comes at a time when companies are facing a prolonged period of lower prices and when access to financing from capital markets has become difficult, the report says. The combination of closed capital markets and weak prices are pulling cash out of the system. Investors are imposing capital discipline on E&P’s by pushing down equity prices and pushing up the cost of capital on debt markets.

2019 163

Dongfeng Motor Group deepens partnership with Peugeot with $1.1B stake, new industrial plan

Green Car Congress

The investment also marks a strengthening and deepening of the existing industrial and commercial partnership between PSA and DFG, China’s second largest carmaker. The capital increase and the closer ties to DFG are aimed at: Strengthening PSA Peugeot Citroën’s footprint in China and in ASEAN and the realisation of industrial synergies with DFG, of around €400 million per annum for PSA Peugeot Citroën by early 2020s; and. Industrial partnership.

2014 207

Daimler restructures cooperation with Tesla; termination of share-price hedging and sale of 4% stake

Green Car Congress

Daimler has terminated the share-price hedge it initiated in 2013 and has sold its stake in Tesla of approximately 4%. —Bodo Uebber, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG for Finance & Controlling and Financial Services. Daimler AG has restructured its cooperation with Tesla Motors. The cooperation between the partners on the automotive projects is unaffected.

2014 244

ICCT suggests minor changes to Fed tax policy to cut higher investment risk of 2nd-gen biofuels and advance the industry

Green Car Congress

biofuel made from cellulose, algae, duckweed, or cyanobacteria) could mitigate the current elevated risk of investing in the industry that is retarding its advance, according to a new paper by a team from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) and Johns Hopkins University. Over the last decade, the second-generation biofuels industry has struggled to reach commercialization. Minor changes to an existing Federal tax incentive for second-generation biofuels (i.e.,

2013 224

Opinion: Oil Price War May Benefit both US Shale and Saudi Arabia

Green Car Congress

Even as financial commentators on CNBC are starting to come around to the idea of a bottom in oil prices, the key question for US oil producers remains one of timing. How long will the oil price slump last? After the oil price crash in 1985, it took almost twenty years for prices to revert to previous levels. The US shale oil industry faces an implacable foe in the current crisis: Saudi Arabia. by Michael McDonald on

How Smart Energy Management for EV Charging Is Connected to the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference


The agreement also calls for accelerating technology, finance and policies in support of low-emission energy systems and scaling up clean power generation, especially on the part of developed countries.

Price Parity is Not the Key to EV Adoption in the US

EV Adoption

EV Price Parity With ICE Vehicles Is Fast Approaching. A lot of electric vehicle observers, analysts, and pundits like to say that, “When electric vehicles reach price parity with ICE vehicles – it’s game over gas-powered vehicles.”

Australia PM Gillard announces carbon pricing plan; transport fuels exempt, but lowered fuel tax credits to bring carbon price to some businesses

Green Car Congress

Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard unveiled Australia’s carbon pricing plan—a core element in a new clean energy plan—in a short address to the nation. The Government intends to introduce legislation to underpin the carbon pricing mechanism into Parliament in the second half of 2011. For the first three years, the carbon price will be fixed, before moving to an emissions trading scheme in 2015.

2011 183

Fitch Ratings: US automakers well positioned for weak demand in 2012; estimates break-even for Detroit 3 at 10.5M units

Green Car Congress

In its “2012 Outlook: US Auto Manufacturers and Suppliers”, Fitch assigns the industry a Positive Rating, expecting the credit profiles of the US OEMs and auto suppliers to generally strengthen in 2012, assuming that global economic conditions do not weaken materially from current trends. escalation in fuel prices; a steep rise in raw materials costs; or a slowdown in the rate of secular demand growth in key developing markets, particularly China.

2012 174

PwC industry survey provides check-up on determining factors for EV success

Green Car Congress

More than 200 participants from the automotive, utilities, energy, technology, government, finance, education and other sectors provided their feedback for the effort. hybrids and plug-in hybrids vs. battery EVs); pricing; power generation investment and capacity; funding and developing an infrastructure; and energy sources for electricity. However, as fuel prices escalate, the demand for an EV or hybrid vehicle will likely increase in the near-term.

2011 183

BNEF study concludes overcapacity will lower Li-ion battery prices but make life difficult for smaller manufacturers

Green Car Congress

The total worldwide manufacturing capacity of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles will greatly exceed supply unless demand by automakers increases significantly in the short-term, according to new research by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). As a result of the overcapacity, battery prices are poised to fall. In the long term, lithium-ion battery prices will continue to decline as the industry reaches scale.

2011 190

Study details viable pathway to develop sustainable aviation biofuels industry in Pacific Northwest; hydroprocessing of natural oils seen as the most immediate opportunity

Green Car Congress

The Pacific Northwest has the diverse feedstocks, fuel-delivery infrastructure and political will needed to create a viable biofuels industry capable of reducing greenhouse gases and meeting the future fuel demands of the aviation industry, according to a newly-released study by Sustainable Aviation Fuels Northwest (SAFN). This opens the way to using forest and agricultural residue streams, as well as significant portions of municipal and industrial solid waste.

2011 203

Visiting PURE EV factory | Startup Showcase | ETryst electric motorcycle first look

Plug In India

They are investing in real RnD and this company is a big part of the Indian EV industry now. The current pricing is Rs. So PURE ’s working capital seems to be dealer financed to a large extent. This is more an industry than a company specific problem.

Study finds government and vehicle manufacturers need to introduce long-term incentives and prices cuts to create sustainable market for ultra-low emission vans

Green Car Congress

Governments and vehicle manufacturers will need to introduce long-term incentives and price cuts to create a sustainable European market for ultra-low emission vans (ULEV), according to a newly published report by Element Energy, commissioned by the UK Department for Transport. Total costs of ownership were calculated for the full range of powertrains and van sizes in 2011, 2020 and 2030, taking account of depreciation and financing costs, fuel costs, servicing and insurance.

2012 204

European Automotive Industry Outlines RD Priorities for EU Green Car Initiative

Green Car Congress

CLEPA (the European umbrella membership organization representing the interests of the global automotive supply industry) and EUCAR (the European Council for Automotive R&D from the major European passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers) jointly prepared the document. 1 billion (from a total of €5 billion) will come from the existing EU 7 th Framework Programme for R&D funding and includes €500 million to be financed by the industry.

2009 150

Syrah Resources signs binding offtake agreement with Tesla for natural graphite active anode material

Green Car Congress

Tesla will offtake the majority of the proposed initial expansion of AAM production capacity at Vidalia at a fixed price for an initial term of four years commencing from the achievement of a commercial production rate, subject to final qualification.

A Brief Look at Today's Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and the Companies That Are Revolutionizing an Old Industry - Yahoo! Finance

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

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2009 28

Australian Government establishes A$300M fund to support hydrogen projects

Green Car Congress

The A$300 million (US$193 million) Advancing Hydrogen Fund will be administered by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). CEFC finance remains central to filling market gaps, whether driven by technology, development or commercial challenges.

2020 256

Niron Magnetics raises $21.3M to commercialize rare-earth-free iron-nitride magnets

Green Car Congress

million in new financing. Niron says that its technology delivers magnets that are less expensive, more sustainable, globally available, and made from abundant input materials not subject to supply constraints or price instability.

Lightsource bp launches Bighorn Solar project in Colorado; first steel mill to run almost entirely on solar

Green Car Congress

The facility also manufactures seamless pipe for the energy sector, as well as wire rod and coiled reinforcing bar for construction, automotive and specialty industries. As part of that arrangement, EVRAZ will receive clean, renewable power and price certainty from Xcel Energy through 2041.

Solar 329

Roskill: rare earth magnet applications to account for ~40% of total RE demand by 2030, up from 29% in 2020

Green Car Congress

The growth in RE permanent magnet demand in EVs is also expected to have implications for other end-use applications, which may be more price sensitive, with opportunities for substitution and thrifting in higher price scenarios.

2020 344

ADEME awarding €3.1M to Global Bioenergies and IBN-One plant project

Green Car Congress

Financing a first of its kind plant, based on an innovative technology is always a challenge. Progress in engineering and forecasted prices for our products now higher than initially anticipated are fueling our optimism regarding the plant’s financing within the new schedule. IBN-One was granted a license on Global Bioenergies’ process and its purpose is to finance, build and operate the first renewable isobutene plant in France.

2019 199

Stanford Energy Modeling Forum project confirms carbon pricing can be effective way to curb GHG emissions

Green Car Congress

The Stanford Energy Modeling Forum (EMF) was established at Stanford more than 40 years ago to bring together leading experts and decision makers from government, industry, universities, and other research organizations to study important energy and environmental issues. The revenue could reduce the federal deficit, help finance tax reform, support new spending on infrastructure or other priorities, or provide rebates to households.

2018 188

Global Bioenergies receives 13 LOIs for purchases covering the capacity of its renewable isobutene and derivatives plant

Green Car Congress

Global Bioenergies has received 13 letters of intent from French and international industrial leaders for purchases totaling 49,000 to 64,000 tons of isobutene and derivatives annually. The letters of intent come from the cosmetics, specialty fuels, road fuels and air transport industries. Several of the letters of intent include price indications that confirm the potential for isobutene derivatives to fetch prices far higher than their oil-derived counterparts.

2018 188

Velocys, Southwest Airlines in 15-year off-take agreement for 219M gallons of negative-carbon-intensity SAF; 575M gallons of net-zero blend

Green Car Congress

The agreement covers the purchase by Southwest of an expected 219 million gallons of negative-carbon-intensity SAF at a fixed price, over a fifteen-year term starting as early as 2026, when the biorefinery is scheduled to begin commercial delivery of fuel. The project may additionally benefit from the value of greenhouse gas credits if sold above the minimum price by Southwest.

UN report highlights urgent need to tackle impact of EV battery production boom

Green Car Congress

However, for various reasons (including limited infrastructure, financing and a lack of appropriate policies), refining takes place in other countries, mainly Belgium, China, Finland, Norway and Zambia, which reap the economic benefit.

2020 428

Malaysia wants EVs to be tax-free, duty-free to encourage consumers to buy


During his address to Parliament earlier this week, Malaysian finance minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz cited the reduction of pollutants and better air quality as the main indicators of why electric cars are a good idea.

AMPLY Power and Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions collaborate on bus fleet electrification and solar-powered overhead charging

Green Car Congress

AMPLY Power is working with Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions to expand fleet electrification offerings, including the first commercially available combination solar canopy and overhead electric vehicle charging solution covered by a power purchase agreement (PPA) leasing and financing model.

Solar 212