Sun.Jun 19, 2022

NMG commissioning coating line, completing its integrated anode material production

Green Car Congress

Canada-based Nouveau Monde Graphite (NMG) is commissioning its new anode material coating line with a nameplate capacity of 2,000 tonnes per annum “tpa).

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Why wireless charging matters for electric cars

Green Car Reports

If you’ve cut the cord for your smartphone with a charging pad for the bedside table and one in the car—and, if you’re lucky—wireless CarPlay or Android Auto—you likely get the idea of what a game-changer wireless inductive charging could be for electric cars.

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Hyzon acquiring ORTEN in Germany

Green Car Congress

Hyzon Motors, a US-based global supplier of hydrogen fuel cell trucks and buses, will acquire ORTEN Betriebs GmbH and subsidiaries, and ORTEN Electric Trucks GmbH, German manufacturers of innovative truck and trailer bodies for the beverage industry. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter, 2022. The acquisition brings three fully-operational production facilities and a team of more than 80 employees under the Hyzon umbrella.

SpaceX launches three Falcon 9 rockets in 36 hours


SpaceX has successfully completed three Falcon 9 launches in just over 36 hours, highlighting the company’s continuous push towards ever-higher launch cadences in 2022.

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KAUST team develops process for tunable membranes for energy-efficient crude oil fractionation

Green Car Congress

Researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) have developed a process for fabricating polytriazole membranes with 10-nanometer-thin selective layers containing subnanometer channels. The membranes, with their ultrathin tunable selective layers, offer an innovative membrane development solution for energy-efficient crude oil fractionation.

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Tesla Model 3 delivery estimates in Australia decrease


Australia’s Tesla Model 3 delivery estimates decreased by about a month recently. . Currently, the estimated delivery date for all Model 3 variants in Australia is between February 2023 to May 2023, about 8 to 11 months away.

These new electric motorcycles are headed for Chinese police use, and then potentially the public


Electric motorcycles for police use is nothing new , and the more efficient two-wheelers solve a number of issues related to high fuel costs and improved routine maintenance.

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2024 BMW M5 plug-in hybrid spied looking glued to the road


Giant brakes suggest the super saloon is packing some serious power (and weight

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EV extravaganza at Noosa Expo

EV Central

Queensland’s holiday hot-spot of Noosa hosted its fourth EV Expo on Sunday, with thousands attending the free event.

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German-Made Tesla Model Y Performance Amazes In Bjørn's 1,000 Km Challenge


The car was able to achieve one of the best results ever

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Q&A With Robynne Murray: Rebel With A Cause — And An Ice Axe


Manufacturing Masterminds Series With Robynne Murray “Chulilla, Spain!” Murray responded. In a video posted days later, Murray grips a pale, sandy rock wall with a chalk bag strapped to her back.

Owner Suggests Tesla Model 3 Is Not Worth The Money, Regrets Purchase


Mark from ExoticCar PlayPlace has found several build quality issues and flaws with his Model 3

Two Teslas Plus Home Solar Power Is Energy Freedom


When someone posted on Twitter that he just sold his ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle and replaced it with a Tesla Model Y, thereby achieving an all-EV household, I found it intriguing. Sold our ICE car that the Model Y replaced. Officially ALL EV household and no more smogs ever again!

Audi Is Suing Chinese Automaker Nio Over Its Naming Strategy


The German automaker believes the Nio ES6 and ES8 sound too similar to its own S6 and S8

Cadillac CELESTIQ, 1200 BYD Yuan Pro EVs to Costa Rica, Volvo Energy 2nd Life Battery — More EV News


The Cadillac CELESTIQ is coming — better late than never. It will be built on GM’s Ultium Platform, “the heart of the company’s EV strategy.” ” Meanwhile, inside the ID Buzz factories, Volkswagen is claiming a large foothold in the EV transition. “In

Tesla Giga Berlin Achieves Important Milestone: 1,000 Model Y/Week


The current production rate is equivalent to roughly 50,000 per year

Ford F-150 Lightning Cost Of Ownership Calculated


How much does it cost to own Ford's electric truck

F-150 83

Watch Ford F-150 Lightning Race Modded F-150 With Supercharged V8


How does the base electric truck stack up to a ridiculously potent gas-powered F-150

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Lucid Air Reviewed By A Tesla Model S Plaid Owner


The Lucid Air is a direct rival to the Tesla Model S, though these EVs will appeal to a different audience for a variety of reasons

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Hummer And Cadillac EVs In Europe? GM Is Reportedly Considering It


General Motors is mulling over a proper European return

Watch This Tesla Model Y Performance From Germany Get Range Tested


According to Bjørn Nyland, it can go 510 km (317 miles) at 90 km/h (56 mph

MPH 83

UK Terminates Plug-In Car Grant For Electric Cars


The grant has been in place since 2011

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