Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter : Huge Money Savings

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In the blog/video, we bust this myth and we show how petrol scooters cost same as electric scooters and you always save money when it comes to total cost of ownership when using an EV. There are more expensive variants in the petrol scooter world.

Consortium successfully runs silicon carbide multiport DC-DC converter in EV

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Silicon Carbide multiport DC-DC converter fitted to the Tata Vista EV. A consortium led by motorsport and technology company Prodrive has successfully run a silicon carbide-based multiport DC-DC converter in an electric car. The converter controls power flow between multiple energy sources and has been able to achieve efficiency of 98.7%, while increasing power density and reducing the size and weight of the converter when compared to silicon-based systems.

2014 210

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Dutch/Russian effort to commercialize new process to convert flared gas to gasoline via a DME pathway

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Topchiev Institute for Petrochemical Synthesis ( TIPS ) on marketing a new technology developed by TIPS to convert flared gases into hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline. The conventional way to make gasoline from gas is to convert the gas to a synthesis gas, then into methanol, followed by conversion to straight-chain hydrocarbons and finally via reforming into a high-octane hydrocarbon blend. The TIPS catalytic converter is better in this and other respects than existing methods.

2013 199

Alliance Formed to Commercialize Solar Reforming Technologies to Convert Waste CO2 into Synthetic Fuel

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Sandia has been working on “Sunshine to Petrol” technologies for a number of years. An alliance of industry, academic and government organizations has formed to commercialize technologies that will utilize concentrated solar energy to convert waste CO 2 into synthetic fuels. Source: Sandia. Click to enlarge.

2010 224

LPG on the rise again as petrol tops £1 a litre mark

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An increasing number of British motorists are opting out of the volatile petrol car market, according to the latest LPG (liquid petroleum gas) vehicle sales figures from Proton. Proton’s sales figures reflect a growing dissatisfaction amongst motorists towards the over-inflated price of petrol, which is once again on the rise. The first, and still only of its kind available in the UK, the ecoLogic comes readily converted to dual-fuel LPG.

2009 37

New road tax rates start today as fuel duty rises

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It’s a bad day if you are not already converted to driving greener cars; today an extra 1 penny per litre fuel duty goes on the price of petrol and diesel just as the Government introduces new road tax rates. Tags: Green credentials cost diesel duty first year fuel green petrol Reform road tax showroom ved

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Power Global launches eZee swappable battery EVs in India 

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The Power Global introduces its first Retrofit kits to convert the petrol and diesel vehicles three-wheelers (auto-rickshaws) into electric vehicles. Power Global launches eZee swappable battery EVs in India .

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The environmental impact of electric cars

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That’s why the UK Government has banned the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030. This is cleaner and better for the environment than producing petrol and diesel. In comparison – a combustion engine car’s brakes convert kinetic energy into wasted heat to slow the vehicle.

British Airways invests in LanzaJet; SAF offtake agreement

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The fuel produced at the plant will deliver a reduction of more than 70% in greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional fossil jet fuel, equivalent to taking almost 27,000 petrol or diesel cars off the road each year.

BMW Munich plant takes 6-week break to prep for production of electric i4

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Once remodeling is finished, we will be able to produce vehicles with diesel, petrol and hybrid drive trains, as well as the fully-electric BMW i4, all on the same line.

2020 232

5-Minute Charging: Another Milestone For The EV Industry

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But if the experience of the driver is exactly like fuelling [a petrol car], this whole anxiety goes away.” However, when these are rapidly charged, the ions become clogged and can convert to metal, short-circuiting the battery.

Suzuki Swift Dzire Electric Car Conversion with Gears

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So you have to ensure that your converted car weight matches that of the original. The petrol Dzire weighs around 915 kg and the diesel one at 965 kg. By Atul Gopal We had an opportunity to visit Nothway Motorsports to check out their new electric car conversion kit.

 Gujarat’s Statue of Unity to become India’s first electric vehicles only zone

Electric Vehicles India

The Statue of Unity Area Development and Tourism Governance Authority in a statement said that the area around the 182-metre tall Statue of Unity in Kevadia in Gujarat’s tribal-dominated Narmada district will be converted into an electric-vehicles-only area in a phased manner.“In Beneficiaries will have to guarantee that they will not operate petrol-diesel vehicles in the area,” SOUADTGA mentioned. Gujarat’s Statue of Unity to become India’s first electric vehicles only zone.

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How Efficient Is Your EV? It’s Complicated

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The efficiencies are so different because internal-combustion engines convert a lot of energy to heat rather than to mechanical torque. But the efficiency equation is more complicated than that because, unlike petrol pumps, recharging stations do not transfer energy perfectly.

Haryana government working on EV policy to manufacture EVs  

Electric Vehicles India

The government of Haryana is working out a policy to manufacture electric vehicles and convert petrol-diesel vehicles into electric vehicles in the state. Haryana government working on EV policy to manufacture EVs .

GM will cut ‘1 million tonnes of CO2’ with 13 new engines

Green Cars News

One new unit has already debuted in the new Cascada convertible and more petrol and diesel engines ranging from [.]. Vauxhall and its parent company General Motors are in the process of rolling out 13 new engines between now and 2016, as the manufacturer looks to improve the refinement and emission levels of its powertrain line-up. Vauxhall engine

2013 47

Study shows gasoline pre-blending in ethanol production could cut energy requirements of separation by 17-40%

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The most prevalent use of bioethanol is not as a fuel in its pure form but rather as an additive to petrol. Conventional processes, however, fully purify bioethanol prior to blending it in petrol. This paper examines the possibility of blending partially purified fermentation products directly into petrol, allowing for the spontaneous liquid-phase separation to eliminate the bulk of the remaining water without the addition of separation energy. …

2016 214

Tesla upgrade specialists plan first-ever EV-only track day in the UK


And that’s including gas or petrol cars. At the time of the interview, he shared that at least two Taycans, a VW Golf-e, and possibly even a VW Beetle converted to electric would be coming to the event.

It’s alive and it’s electric – Blackburn students complete electric car conversion project

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The seven-strong team, made up of Year 2 students, converted a petrol-powered Vauxhall Astra Club estate into a fully functioning, road-worthy electric vehicle, capable of covering 60 miles on a single charge [.]. A group of engineering students from the University Centre at Blackburn have created their own electric car as part of a university course.

KAIST team engineers novel pathway for direct production of biogasoline by E. coli bacteria

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Petrol, a mixture of C 4 –C 12 short-chain hydrocarbons (SCHCs), is a liquid fuel primarily used in internal combustion engines. Although short-chain alcohols were produced to substitute for petrol, they are inferior to petrol in their fuel properties. Thus, it is of great interest to produce SCHCs directly that have the potential to be used directly as petrol.

2013 200

Top 7 Best, Classy and Fastest Electric Cars In Today?s World

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Over the years, we were made to believe that petrol is the best option to run cars. Also, it raises awareness not only to manufacturers but also consumers that we don�t need to be dependent on petrol for our transportation. The Tesla Roadster is a $120,000 convertible that operates with a small but powerful motor. It can help curb our dependence to petrol.

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Clariant, Haltermann, Mercedes-Benz fleet test of cellulosic ethanol E20 blend

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The cellulosic ethanol comes from Clariant’s sunliquid demonstration plant in Straubing, where approximately 4,500 tons of agricultural residues such as grain straw or corn stover are converted into cellulosic ethanol each year. In the next step, an optimized fermentation organism allows both C 5 and C 6 sugars to be converted into ethanol, thus increasing the ethanol yield by around 50%.

2014 196

Naysayer Alert – the hydrogen red herring

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In addition, it is subject to similar refining, storage and distribution costs currently associated with petrol and diesel, including upstream CO2 emissions where the electricity required is usually generated from fossil fuels. (Guest Post by John Murray).

2020 52

Berkeley researchers integrate ABE fermentation and chemical catalysis to produce bio-hydrocarbon blend stocks from sugars at high yields

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The process efficiently converts acetone–n-butanol–ethanol (ABE) fermentation products produced by Clostridium acetobutylicum into ketones via a palladium-catalyzed alkylation. Here we propose a chemical route to convert fermentation products from a variety of renewable carbohydrate sources into hydrocarbons that can be used for petrol, jet fuel and diesel. A general approach to the catalyzed production of biofuels from the ABE fermentation mixture. Source: Anbarasan et al.

2012 196

Volkswagen to offer 48V mild hybrid version of eighth-generation Golf in 2019

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The starter generator receives the necessary voltage via the battery and the 12-V power supply receives the required voltage via the DC/DC converter. The basic interaction of different energy sources—electricity, petrol, diesel and natural gas—represents a paradigm shift at Volkswagen. Volkswagen will launch a 48V mild hybrid version of its globally best-selling Volkswagen Golf, offering a sustainable, efficient and powerful alternative.

2018 212

New generation Fiat 500 features new engine lineup, more technology

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liter petrol 100 hp engine. Available in two versions (sedan and convertible), the New 500 will have three trim levels at launch: Pop, Popstar and Lounge. Eight years after Fiat re-introduced the iconic Fiat 500 to the market ( earlier post ), the company has unveiled the next generation. Made by the Centro Stile Fiat, the car has a refreshed exterior and interior design. The new version has not grown in size but features more technology, engine versions and customization ideas.

2015 203

JATO warns of widening disparity between WLTP correlated NEDC values and existing NEDC data

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JATO Dynamics’ latest findings on the impact of WLTP on the automotive market indicate that re-homologation to the WLTP test cycle is having a more significant impact than previously thought on NEDC-correlated values obtained under WLTP, which are calculated using co2mpas (the model developed to convert WLTP CO 2 measurements to an NEDC equivalent).

2018 174

Lessons from a year with solar power

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With two Electric cars, at the time a Nissan Lean and Mitsubishi Outlander, we use a considerable amount of electricity but not much petrol, so already we were a reasonable way down the less CO2 road. The solar panels attach to the roof and convert solar light into electrical energy. The inverter converts the DC solar into AC power that can power the house or be directed back into the Grid as well as connecting up the Battery packs that uses 48 Volt DC. .

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Looking to get in a hybrid for cheap? Used Toyota Prius 1.5 HSD 2004-2009 Review

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petrol engine is not running. The Atkinson cycle petrol engine was made for regular stop-starts and is very reliable. by BLNT, PriusPodcast.com.

2020 332

BP and DuPont Form Kingston Research Ltd to Focus on Commercializing Biobutanol

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Biobutanol is a biofuel that can be made from all the same crops as bioethanol and can be blended into petrol at higher levels, which means that we’ll be able to introduce biofuels more quickly. In the future, it will be possible to convert bioethanol refineries to produce biobutanol, allowing this industry to make an even larger contribution to meeting the world’s energy needs.

2009 179

Mercedes-Benz bringing series of 3rd-generation plug-in hybrids to market; EQ Power, gasoline or diesel; C-, E- and S-Class

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The hybrid drive system in the S 560 e combines the 270 kW (367 hp) of the V6 petrol engine with 90 kW of EQ Power. Hybrid traction head in torque-converter transmission: more powerful, more compact. It augments the familiar nine-speed automatic transmission with torque converter by adding a hybrid traction head with integrated converter, a separating clutch and a powerful electric motor.

2018 250

Chempolis partners with Avantha Group on cellulosic ethanol in India

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The partnership will help to deliver biorefining technology to India to convert biomass waste to clean sugars to be further converted to cellulosic ethanol and other bio-based chemicals. This partnership can help India achieve 10% ethanol blending levels in petrol and 20% blending ratio by 2017.

2015 150

Saab 9-3 Griffin cuts fuel across the range

Green Cars News

Replacing the Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan, SportCombi, Convertible and 9-3X is the new Saab 9-3 Griffin range – and in addition to refreshed styling, the vehicle also boasts a more fuel efficient engine range. New 2.0litre petrol engines help the vehicle to 163hp and 220hp with 320Nm and 350Nm of torque as well as fuel [.].

Volkswagen introduces high-end plug-in hybrid C Coupé GTE concept in Shanghai

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As soon as the petrol engine needs to be used again – due to the battery’s charge state or other parameters – it is smoothly coupled to the drivetrain again within fractions of a second. The vehicle’s 12-Volt electrical system is supplied with electricity via a DC/DC converter. Furthermore, in GTE mode, the TSI and electric motor work together in boosting which calls up the full system power and maximum system torque.cal system is supplied with electricity via a DC/DC converter.

2015 249

Toyota to launch hybrid concept

Green Cars News

The Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II is a convertible mid-ship petrol electric hybrid concept that will make its first appearance at the 39th Nurburgring [.]. Japanese manufacturer Toyota has become renowned for its hybrid models after the global success of the Prius – but the latest addition to its fleet has a very different look.

Audi partner Joule announces its CO2-recycled ethanol meets US and Euro specs; $40M financing

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Initiated by Audi, Joule’s strategic partner in the automotive space ( earlier post ), the test results confirm that Joule’s ethanol meets: American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D4806 – Denatured fuel ethanol for blending with gasolines for use as automotive spark-ignition engine fuel; and German Institute for Standardization (DIN) EN 15376 – Ethanol as a blending component for petrol.

2015 191

Researchers successfully engineer E. coli to produce renewable propane; proof-of-concept

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The new metabolic pathway comprises three key enzymes: a thioesterase to produce butyric acid; a carboxylic acid reductase (CAR) to convert butyric acid into butyraldehyde;and. This opens up possibilities for future sustainable production of renewable fuels that at first could complement, and thereafter replace fossil fuels like diesel, petrol, natural gas and jet fuel.

2014 203

India to Move Forward With Fuel Economy Standards

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The norms will be developed on the basis of mileage that petrol and diesel vehicles give, sources in the road transport and highway ministry told TOI. Times of India. The government of India will implement automotive fuel economy standards. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) will formulate the norms and notify them under the Energy Conservation Act while the surface transport ministry will ensure the implementation.

2009 150

EV's and Indian Manufacturing: Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwaala | Visit to IIT Madras

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So LTO is good for petrol-battery hybrid cars, which end up having relatively small batteries. But what the electronic switching does is to convert the battery DC to AC, so in theory the motor should have been called the very Afro sounding BLAC.

Mercedes-Benz introducing B200 Natural Gas Drive

Green Car Congress

In the event that the gas tank should ever run dry, the vehicle switches over automatically, and imperceptibly, to petrol operation. Converting the consumption of the B 200 Natural Gas Drive into the energy equivalent of gasoline, the price per kilometer comes out at around 50% lower than the fuel costs of driving a gasoline model. B200 Natural Gas Drive. Click to enlarge.

2012 227

Visiting PURE EV factory | Startup Showcase | ETryst electric motorcycle first look

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As of now, there have been only 2 incidents that have required service - a harness replacement, and a failure of the DC to DC converter. Since you are storing petrol inside, functionality does not get affected for that reason.

More Deconstruction

DIY Electric Car

Between the maniflold flange and the catalytic converter is a flex pipe. I had run the remaining gas (petrol) out of the car by driving it up hill away from the house. How do you eat an elephant???? One bite at a time!!! I decided to devote most of the day removing more components that will be unused. Keeping with my plan not to destroy the parts, I seperated the exaust pipe from the muffler at the flamge.

2010 100

EC awards €1.2B from NER300 “Robin Hood” mechanism for 23 renewable energy projects; 5 advanced biofuel projects targeted for €516.8M

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The bio-methanol will be produced using biomass torrefaction and entrained flow gasification as new core technologies to deliver a petrol additive for partial replacement of mineral fuel. The novel gasification technology will convert the biomass into gas before a gas-to-liquid conversion renders it fit for biofuels production. million (US$38 million) to convert selected energy crops into second-generation biofuels at a demonstration plant in Crescentino, near Turin in Italy.

2012 205