ZEFER and H2ME deliver 100 hydrogen taxis to Copenhagen

Green Car Congress

Two pan-European projects—the ZEFER (Zero Emission taxi Fleets for European Rollout) and H2ME2 (Hydrogen Mobility Europe) projects, both funded by Europe’s Clean Hydrogen Partnership—have deployed 100 hydrogen taxis in Copenhagen with app-based taxi company DRIVR.

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Study finds NYC Clean Air Taxi rules successful in cutting pollution

Green Car Congress

New York City Clean Air Taxi rules are successful in cutting emissions and reducing air pollution, [link] to a new study by researchers at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and Drexel University. Between 2009 and 2015, the legislation more than doubled the fuel efficiency of the fleet of 13,500 yellow taxis, leading to estimated declines in air pollution emissions.

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Ideanomics’ MEG Group announces delivery of first EV taxi order to Chengdu; Geely to supply 15,000 taxis

Green Car Congress

announced that its MEG Group, through its joint venture with iUnicorn, has finalized its first order of EV Taxis for the city of Chengdu. As part of the deal, MEG took over a previous order of 4,000 EV taxis from a third-party and helped facilitate the delivery of these taxis with the sales value of approximately US$50 million (RMB 356 million). The EV Taxis are supplied by Geely Auto Group and the financing for the vehicles was provided locally by Sichuan Tianfu Bank Co Ltd.

2019 177

NYC taxi mpg requirements also cut pollution, study confirms

Green Car Reports

New York City's efforts a decade ago to clean up pollution from old taxi models has worked—mostly—a new study shows. air pollution TaxisThe study, by researchers at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health (in New York) and Drexel University, and published in the Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology, shows that the.

2019 96

Air Taxis Are Safe—According to the Manufacturers

Cars That Think

Air taxi Aviation safety EvtolElectric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for urban commuting are currently under development by more than a dozen different companies.

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Tesla pickup details, no diesels too many, NYC clean taxis, extension cords: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

A report shows higher-mpg taxis have had a beneficial effect on New York City air quality. In a podcast over the weekend, Tesla CEO Elon Musk released a few more details about the Tesla Pickup. US PIRG gives states failing grades on how they're spending diesel-scandal funds. And our Twitter poll asks how many EV drivers have used extension cords. Today in Car News

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Japan's Electric Taxis Falling Out Of Favor With Drivers

Green Car Reports

All is not well with Japan's electric taxi drivers. Two years ago, in February 2011, the city of Osaka introduced a fleet of fifty Nissan Leaf taxis. The deal was a cooperative arrangement between Nissan, 30 taxi firms, and the government--each was being subsidized to the tune of 1,780,000 Yen--over $21,000 at the time. The car's would clean up

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It’s All in the Packaging: All-New, All-Electric Short Wheelbase Van Conversion Launched to clean up city streets one parcel at a time

EV Obssesion

The post It’s All in the Packaging: All-New, All-Electric Short Wheelbase Van Conversion Launched to clean up city streets one parcel at a time appeared first on EV Obsession. 100% Electric Vehicles Electric Vans Electric Vehicles Dynamo Motor Company Dynamo Taxi

Mercedes Vito All-Electric Taxi Prototype Launches in London

Green Car Congress

Eco City Vehicles PLC (ECV), a developer and supplier of eco-friendly commercial vehicles and the London licensed taxi, launched an all-electric prototype of the London-licensed Mercedes Vito taxi, developed by a consortium of companies including ECV’s manufacturing partner Penso, Mercedes Benz UK and Zytek Automotive. The eVito Taxi is powered by a 70 kW Zytek electric drive system, driving the front wheels through a custom designed Vocis/Graziano transmission.

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Nissan cleans up the London Taxi

Green Cars News

Nissan has unveiled its take on the London Hackney carriage as it looks to offer taxi drivers with a low emission alternative. Revealing both a diesel version and an electric version, the new Nissan NV200 London Taxi will be cheaper to buy and lower emission than the current offerings (currently there are only two alternatives; [.].

Virginia Clean Cities reaches 1,000 vehicle conversions to propane

Green Car Congress

Virginia Clean Cities announced that 1,000 vehicles have been successfully converted to run on propane autogas through the Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program (SPADP). The Program is supported by funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and the US Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program.

easyJet to trial electric taxi system in aircraft; H2 fuel cells, batteries and wheel motors

Green Car Congress

European carrier easyJet plans to test an electric taxi system later this year that utilizes a hydrogen fuel cell stowed in the hold, batteries charged by regenerative braking, and electric wheel motors. The energy can then be used by the aircraft when taxiing without needing to use the jet engines. Due to the high frequency and short sector lengths of easyJet’s operations, around 4% of the airline’s total fuel consumed annually is used when the airline’s aircraft are taxiing.

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New York City Taxi and Limo Commissions selects Nissan NV200 as Taxi of Tomorrow; fully-electric version possible starting in 2017

Green Car Congress

Nissan NV200 NYC Taxi. The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) has selected the Nissan NV200 as the exclusive taxi of New York City for a decade, beginning in late 2013. The City will test the use of all-electric powered taxis starting in 2012 with six fully electric Nissan LEAFs—provided free of charge—to road test electric vehicles. Taxi of Tomorrow. —Taxi Commissioner David Yassky. Click to enlarge.

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Mercedes launches eco-taxis in London

Green Cars News

With zero road emissions, travelling by taxi in the nation’s capital could soon get an environmentally friendly spin. Eco City Vehicles PLC has launched an all-electric prototype of the London-licensed Mercedes Vito taxi, which has been developed by a consortium of companies including Zytek Automotive, Penso and Mercedes Benz UK. Known as the eVito taxi, it is [.].

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“Big data” analysis of Beijing taxi fleet suggests maximum electrification subsidy benefit from targeting medium-range plug-in hybrids

Green Car Congress

A pair of researchers at the University of Michigan have used “big data” mining techniques to evaluate the impact of adopting plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in the Beijing taxi fleet on life cycle greenhouse gas emissions based on the characterized individual travel patterns. Each data point includes a unique taxi ID, the time (to the seconds) of the recording, and the position (longitude and latitude) of the taxi at the specific time.

2013 195

Fuel Cell Plug-in Hybrid Taxi Unveiled at London’s City Hall

Green Car Congress

Intelligent Energy, Lotus Engineering, LTI Vehicles and TRW Conekt, with funding from the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board, unveiled a full performance, zero-emissions Fuel Cell Hybrid London taxi. IE’s Fuel cell taxi system offers 58% efficiency. This prototype Fuel Cell Black Cab, which emits only water from its tailpipe, is an exciting glimpse of how hydrogen technology could soon play a vital role in cleaning up air quality for urban dwellers.

2010 207

NYC Mayor Bloomberg ramps up EV parking and charging plans; targeting 1/3 of the taxi fleet to be electric by 2020; largest bike share program in country

Green Car Congress

The mayor also plans to add 50 more electric vehicles to the city’s fleet of cars, and put the first six fully electric taxis on the road, with the goal of making one-third of our taxi fleet electric by 2020. Remember: Clean air means you live longer. Even if you don’t care about climate change, cleaning our air is good for your health.

2013 216

Yellow Cab Chicago Awards Clean Energy 10-Year Contract to Build and Operate Two CNG Fueling Stations

Green Car Congress

Taxi Affiliation Services (TAS), which operates Yellow Cab Chicago, has awarded Clean Energy Fuels Corp. a new 10-year contract to build and operate two new CNG fueling stations and sell fuel to the company’s growing CNG taxi fleet. Yellow Cab Chicago and its affiliates plan an initial deployment of 100 new CNG taxis. In addition to serving Yellow Cab taxis, the stations will be open 24/7 for public access. Clean Energy also owns BAF Technologies, Inc.

2010 190

Prius fleet cleans up at Bristol Airport

Green Cars News

An airport taxi service operating out of Bristol Airport has added four Toyota Prius to its fleet. Toyota Bristol taxi Toyota PriusChecker Cars believes the addition of the Prius will support its strategy to reduce vehicle emissions at all sites it operates from. The Managing Director of Checker Cars, David Crouch said: “Our environmental policy is to reduce emissions [.].

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New £5 million Clean Vehicle fund to cut emissions from buses and taxis

Green Cars News

Announced yesterday by Transport Minister, Baroness Kramer, the new £5 million Clean Vehicle Technology Fund, will help pay for a[.]. Local authorities across England have the chance to bid for funding to make changes to bus fleets and other vehicles, to help slash transport pollution in their region. Green credentials

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Westport acquires Clean Energy’s BAF natural gas vehicle business for $25M

Green Car Congress

subsidiaries of Clean Energy Fuels Corp., Westport and Clean Energy also announced a $5-million joint marketing and sales program. This acquisition increases Westport’s product range with the Ford line to include transit, cargo shuttle and taxi vehicles and dedicated natural gas vehicles for markets such as California. Clean Energy will provide 750,000 GGEs (gasoline gallons equivalents) of CNG, to be used by Westport as marketing and “bundling” incentives.

2013 174

PHEVLERs are the Zero CO2 Clean Green Machines of the Future

Green Car Congress

PHEVLERs [ 3 ] are a disruptive technology that will help revolutionize both the clean transportation and the clean stationary energy sectors of our economy. PHEVLERs Provide Value to the Drivers PHEVLERs use the Existing Energy Infrastructure PHEVLERs use Clean Fuels to Reduce Air Pollution. PHEVLERs use Clean Fuels to Reduce Air Pollution. 22 ] Fueling a Clean Transportation Future - Union of Concerned Scientists, Feb 2016. [

2016 163

BYD delivers e6 electric taxis to Thriev

Green Cars News

In total, the firm has an order in place for 20 of BYD’s e6 fully-electric cars, to help provide its customers with a clean alternative way to travel. Ten fully electric cars begin work in London this week with private hire firm, Thriev. The vehicles will use a rapid charger produced by BYD to r[.]. Electric cars

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Boris to ban dirty old taxis

Green Cars News

London Mayor, Boris Johnson has unveiled a plan to ban taxis over the age of ten years from the capital’s streets in a bid to cut air pollution. As part of the ‘Clearing the Air’ draft proposal, the Mayor has proposed an age limit for taxis and minicabs operating in some of London’s most polluted areas, starting at 15 year age limit in 2012, tightened to a 10 year age limit in 2015. Tags: Green credentials Boris Johnson clearing the air NO2 PM10 pollution taxi

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New Clean-Ish Diesel For World's Oldest Production Car (In India)

Green Car Reports

But the Ambassador--fondly known as the "Amby"--is both India''s de facto taxi cab and the oldest production car in the world. You''ve likely never heard of a Hindustan Ambassador--and unless you''re an old British-car geek, you''ve certainly never seen a Morris Oxford Series III. Now it''s been fitted with a new, cleaner diesel engine to allow it to

2013 98

New analysis suggests Uber adding significantly to pollution and traffic in European cities

Green Car Congress

Evolution of taxi drivers, PHV drivers (England), and Uber drivers (London) compared to taxi and PHV CO 2 emissions (UK). Source: “Europe’s giant ‘taxi’ company: is Uber part of the problem or the solution?”. This has made Uber one of the biggest taxi services in Europe, with 3.6

2019 393

Clean Energy unveils LNG backbone network for America’s Natural Gas Highway; 150 LNG stations by end of 2013

Green Car Congress

Clean Energy Fuels Corp., Already, Clean Energy has engaged over 100 shippers, private fleets and for-hire carriers that have shared their operations to qualify the economic opportunity of operating natural gas trucks, which has helped us, in turn, plan the first phase of the natural gas fueling highway. Littlefair, Clean Energy’s President and CEO. ANGH Route map shows initial phase of America‘s Natural Gas Highway. Click to enlarge.

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California Energy Commission approves more than $20M for clean transportation projects; Tesla, Quallion, other EV, battery and alt-fuel vehicles projects

Green Car Congress

the air district will demonstrate specially designed battery electric taxis that can use switchable batteries to give the vehicles essentially unlimited range. Two battery switching stations, at the international airports in San Francisco and San Jose, and six taxis that use switchable batteries will be used. The California Energy Commission approved funding of more than $20 million to support low carbon transportation projects; about half went to Tesla Motors.

2012 220

US DOE Awards $300 Million in Clean Cities Grants to Support Alternative Fuels, Vehicles, and Infrastructure Development

Green Car Congress

Geographical distribution of Clean Cities Recovery Act awards. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has selected 25 cost-share projects under the Clean Cities program that will be funded with nearly $300 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Like the Recovery Act-funded projects, the annual Clean Cities projects include grants for vehicles, infrastructure, and education. Puget Sound Clean Air Agency’s Puget Sound Clean Cities Petroleum Reduction Project.

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A just transition

Clean Car

However, not all of that might be obvious to the taxi driver trying to make ends meet, or the single mum trying to get her kids to school in an area poorly served by buses or trains. Benjamin Franklin noted that there was nothing certain in life except death and taxes. However, to this auspicious list, we must now add (at least) one more category; the end of the internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. We all know it is coming and probably sooner than we think.

2020 63

Driving the sales of electric vehicles

Clean Car

The tool is designed to help a wide range of vehicle operators, from fleets to delivery drivers, private vehicle users, local authorities and taxis. There are a lot of areas of UK government policy that are currently in flux as a result of both Brexit and Covid.

2020 68

Greener fire engines, ambulances and taxis thanks to new £5 million fund

Green Cars News

A wide range of public service vehicles, from buses to fire engines, are about to get cleaner, thanks to the government’s £5 million Clean Vehicle Technology Fund. Seventeen local authorities will share the fund, enabling them to use a variety of pollution-reducing technologies, which will now be [.]. Green credentials

2014 46

Ricardo to use transport location data to improve air quality in global cities

Green Car Congress

Ricardo has partnered with UK-based technology company Brightec to develop a smartphone app which will enable hybrid vehicles to sense that they have entered a clean air zone and encourage a switch to electric mode.

Arab city continues green car movement

Green Cars News

Now, the Sharjah Public Transport Corporation has taken the decision to introduce gas powered taxi and bus fleets. Now it is going to convert all 5,065 taxis to run on natural gas by the end of the year - since last year Dubai has been replacing its existing taxi fleets with eco-friendly cars that run on hybrid engines. The taxis and buses to be introduced by Sharjah will provide further incentives for people to opt for cars with a healthier track record.

2009 37

LEVC starts production of electric van VN5

Green Car Congress

Based on the same architecture and proven eCity range-extending technology as LEVC’s TX electric taxi, VN5 can achieve an all-electric range of more than 60 miles (98 km) and a total flexible range of more than 300 miles (489 km).

2020 330

Intelligent Energy raises £7 million for fuel cell

Green Cars News

Clean tech firm, Intelligent Energy has successfully raised around £7 million pounds to fund the commercialisation plans of its hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Green credentials Burgman fuel cell funding hydrogen Intelligent Energy raise Scooter taxiThe company today announces that it has completed the round of fundraising from existing and new institutional shareholders. This investment, achieved through a placement at £1.70 per share, enables Intelligent Energy [.].

2011 44

Study suggests China urban passenger transport emissions could peak in 2030

Green Car Congress

A team of researchers in China suggest that, in the context of promoting the use of clean fuel vehicles and increasing vehicle fuel efficiency, CO 2 emissions of China’s urban passenger transport sector could reach a peak of 225 MtCO 2 in 2030. the promotion of clean energy, limits for vehicle fuel efficiency, technology replacement, and the promotion of public transportation). (3) Technical roadmap of bus,taxi, and car for peaking the CO2 emissions at 2030 or before.

2019 260

SoCalGas adding 50 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell EVs to fleet

Green Car Congress

These HFCEVs are an important step for SoCalGas in decarbonizing its fleet and supports the company’s Net Zero 2045 Climate Goal , which includes replacing 50% of its over-the-road fleet with clean fuel vehicles by 2025 and operating a 100% zero-emission fleet by 2035. For vehicles with longer range requirements or higher utilization needs, such as taxis, ride-share fleet, or SoCalGas’ own fleet, HFCEVs could be cost-competitive in the 2020s.

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Air Liquide and Hyundai commit to accelerate deployment of H2 fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure in Korea and Europe

Green Car Congress

In Europe, Air Liquide and Hyundai intend to further develop FCEV fleet projects such as taxis or municipal fleets. In France, Air Liquide has installed the first hydrogen station in the heart of Paris at the occasion of COP21 to serve the hydrogen-powered electric vehicles of the Hype Taxi fleet, currently composed of five Hyundai ix-35 cars. The objective is to increase this Taxi fleet to 70 vehicles.

2016 150

UCS: ride-hailing trips can produce nearly 70% greater emissions compared to private car trips

Green Car Congress

With ride-hailing services now providing more trips nationally than taxis, the growth of ride-hailing has directly contributed to increased local pollution and exacerbated traffic congestion in dense urban areas.

2020 427

T&E study: EVs can be cheaper for Uber drivers to run than latest diesels in many European capitals

Green Car Congress

The taxi and ride-hailing markets are best positioned to go fully electric first. The economics of EVs—more expensive to buy but a lot cheaper to run—match perfectly with high-mileage, low-margin businesses like ride-hailing and taxis.

2020 227

CSIRO finds hydrogen could reduce aviation emissions within 5 years

Green Car Congress

A new report from Australia’s national science agency CSIRO shows that clean hydrogen can significantly reduce aviation emissions with potential benefits seen within five years.

2020 382

Government of Québec launches $6.7B 2030 Green Economy Plan; emphasis on transportation electrification

Green Car Congress

Light trains, urban and school buses, taxis, cars and trucks will all be gradually electrified. The government’s ambition is for Québec to be recognized worldwide for its green hydrogen, as it already is for its clean electricity.

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