Toshiba claims 6-minute recharge for new electric-car battery cell

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Although automakers have begun to curb "range anxiety" with longer-distance electric cars, battery charging times on lengthy road trips remain a hurdle for many buyers. Batteries battery pack plug-in cars charging Fast ChargingElectric cars pale in comparison to gasoline or diesel-powered cars when it comes to the time presently required to add energy for more driving distance.

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How to recharge an electric car in the middle of nowhere: Amazon drone?

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Perhaps it will be drones that can charge electric cars on the fly. The online retailer and technology company filed an application to patent a drone specifically built for electric-car charging when a charging station isn't nearby. plug-in cars charging charging infrastructure AmazonAmazon, once a humble bookseller, now dips its toes into numerous technology realms. Its next potential act?

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How wireless charging works for electric cars, explained

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Today's electric-car drivers are used to plugging them in to recharge, but technology now exists that would allow them to cut the cord. Wireless charging for electric cars is still in its infancy, but it has the potential to make ownership vastly more convenient.

Electric Car Drivers: Be Thankful You Didn't Recharge In 1900!

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Charging an electric car today isn't necessarily quite as easy as pulling up to the gas pump in a gasoline or diesel model. Long charging times and sparse public charging infrastructure can cause some inconvenience for electric-car drivers. History Vintage plug-in cars charging charging infrastructureBut it could be worse. DON'T MISS: 1914 Detroit Electric: Pretty Spry For A Century Old (Video) (Jun 2011).

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Indiana Utility: Electric-Car Owners Recharge FREE, At Night

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Electric-car owners know that home recharging is virtually always cheaper, on a per-mile basis, than driving on gasoline. We recently reported on the sweet deal enjoyed by a Tesla Model S owner in Indianapolis, whose local utility charges just 2.3 cents per kWh for overnight EV charging. In some cases, it''s considerably cheaper. DON''T MISS: Life

How important is fast-charging to sell electric cars? Poll results

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Those unfamiliar with electric cars often don't know that several different types of battery charging exist. Overnight recharging at home can be done either with 120-volt household current or, for longer-range cars, with a 240-volt charging station installed by the car owner. Then there's DC fast charging, which generally provides an 80-percent. plug-in cars Charging station charging infrastructure Fast Charging DC Rapid Charging Polls

How To Wire A New Garage For Electric-Car Charging: What You Need To Know

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One of the more daunting perceived obstacles to driving a plug-in electric car seems to be the need for a home charging station. While plug-in hybrids can be recharged overnight using their 120-Volt charging cords, battery-electric drivers should really have access to a 240-Volt Level 2 charging station. Those will recharge the full battery pack. plug-in cars Charging station charging infrastructure ChargePoint Network

Renault, Qualcomm show off electric-car road charging at 60 mph

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It's long been an inspiring futuristic concept: electric cars that can recharge continuously at speed, driving along roadways with built-in inductive charging. Now French automaker Renault has demonstrated a prototype of just such a system, briefly recharging one of its electric cars at 60. Renault Kangoo charging Wireless charging Inductive Charging

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Samsung lithium-ion cell to recharge to 80 percent in 20 minutes

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Relatively short ranges and long charging times accorded by current lithium-ion cells still limit the appeal of electric cars in the minds of many new-car buyers. The limitations of current lithium-ion battery-cell technology pose a hindrance to more widespread adoption of plug-in electric cars. Now Samsung SDI—the South Korean electronics. Batteries lithium-ion plug-in cars Samsung

Nissan EZ Charge Card To Let Leafs Recharge On Four Networks

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One of the minor hassles of owning an electric car is the need to have multiple accounts, passes, and fobs to access multiple different public charging networks. Now Nissan is working to make public charging simpler, introducing a program called EZ Charge that lets Nissan Leaf electric-car drivers access multiple charging networks with a single

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E-Mazing Race III: Electric Cars Compete On Recharging In Multiple Locations

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Canada Competition Road Race plug-in cars charging infrastructure Charging stations Sun Country HighwayAmerican Pharaoh may have won the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby earlier this month, but the winners of another race remains to be determined. That would be the third running of the E-Mazing Race, a competition across Canada for plug-in electric vehicles. The Derby may be "the fastest two minutes in sports," but the Canadian race deserves its.

ABB electric-car charging station bills automatically: no cards or RFID tags

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Activating any given public charging station to recharge an electric car can pose something of a hassle. Yes, plugging it in is simple enough, but public charging infrastructure in the U.S. plug-in cars charging infrastructure Charging stations Combined Charging Standard (CCS is run by multiple independent companies—meaning electric-car owners are essentially required to carry multiple access cards to use various stations.

Would you recharge your Tesla electric car at a gas station?

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Tesla continues to expand its network of Supercharger DC fast-charging stations, and that means finding new places to put those stations. Which is why the company is in talks with a major gas station and convenience-store chain to place electric-car charging stations. Tesla Motors plug-in cars charging DC Rapid Charging Tesla SuperchargerWhat if gas stations offered cars more than just gasoline or diesel fuel?

Toshiba to start field testing medium-sized EV bus with wireless recharging, SCiB Li-ion battery

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kWh SCiB ( earlier post ) pack, Toshiba’s advanced lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and will make regular trips between All Nippon Airways Co. The system is easy to operate; charging starts once the driver pushes a button on the bus dashboard. Charging pads.

News in brief: China commits to electric vehicle recharging

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According to reports in the People’s Daily, China will build more electric car charging stations in Beijing and several other cities this year as demand for electric vehicles continues to rise. The Beijing News quoted State Grid Corp of China general manager Liu Zhenya as stating that it will build a network of charging stations [.]. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Beijing electric car recharging electric vehicle recharging Hefei Nanchang People's Daily State Grid Corp Tianji

How To Recharge Any Electric Car, Anywhere, Any Time (Video)

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With charging stations still scarce in many areas, "range anxiety" is a continual concern for electric-car owners. Portable generators can provide electricity where this is no infrastructure, so could one rescue a stranded electric car?

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Toyota teams with WiTricity for wireless EV charging

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Wireless recharging is tipped to be one of the biggest technological step forwards for the market roll-out of electric cars, making it easier and more convenient to recharge EVs without long trailing cables. With that in mind Toyota has entered into a technological collaboration with wireless recharging experts WiTricity to develop practical applications for recharging [.]. Toyota charging Electric cars recharge wireless WiTricity

Energica Electric Motorcycle road trip uses only DC fast-charging

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Italian superbike company Energica has come out with a second model, the Eva, and shown that electric motorcycle road trips are possible—even easy—with DC fast charging. Air Force veteran Bill Levasseur rode an Energica Eva from Los Angeles to San Francisco, recharging only at CCS fast-charging stations. Fast Charging electric motorcycles DC Rapid Charging Energica

Can New Titanium-Dioxide Battery Last 20 Years, Recharge In 5 Minutes?

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That''s why so much attention is given to improving lithium-ion chemistry, which can help electric cars overcome current limits of range, charging times, and battery lifespan. Lithium-ion batteries help make modern electric cars possible, but they''re also responsible for those vehicles'' limitations. ALSO SEE: Nissan Leaf New Battery Cost: $5,500

Demand for EVs driven by recharging infrastructure

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per cent) say they would be more likely to buy an electric car if the recharging infrastructure was more readily available. According to a new survey of 1,417 drivers conducted by on behalf of EV recharging firm Elektromotive, only 7.8 Electric cars charging points Elektromotive ownership surveyTwo thirds of motorists (65.7 per cent would be unaffected by the presence of more [.].

2011 19

How to buy an electric-car charging station: buyers guide to EVSEs

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Electric cars all come with a 120-volt charging cable that can charge the battery from a household socket if there are no other options. But sooner or later, most battery-electric car owners will want a 240-volt Level 2 charging station that can recharge the car as much as four times faster. Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars Charging station EVSE

Israeli firm StoreDot claims battery with 5-minute charging time

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It's one of the Holy Grails for battery researchers and electric-car advocates alike: a battery that could recharge in the same amount of time as it takes to stop for gasoline.

ABB develops and demonstrates “flash charging” system for electric buses

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Close-up of the charging mechanism on the demo TOSA bus. ABB has developed and is demonstrating a high-capacity “flash charging” system for electric buses. a very high power, very rapid overhead recharge using a terminus station and not reliant upon overhead lines.

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Chevy Bolt EV will offer AeroVironment charging station

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Charging at home is by far the most common way that electric-car owners in the U.S. recharge their vehicles today. For those that are able to install home charging stations, simply plugging in at the end of the day is generally enough to make visits to public charging stations unnecessary. General Motors Chevy plug-in cars charging Home charging

DOE releases report from 6 projects evaluating EV charging impacts on grid and customer charging behaviors

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Charging patterns with (TOU) and without (RES) whole house time-of-use rate during summer weekdays at Progress Energy, one of the participating utilities. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has released a report detailing the findings from six utilities which evaluated operations and customer charging behaviors for in-home and public electric vehicle charging stations. Major findings were grouped in three categories: charging behavior; grid impacts; and technology issues.

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MIT team synthesizes all carbon nanofiber electrodes for high-energy rechargeable Li-air batteries

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In addition, the nanofiber structure allowed for the clear visualization of the morphological evolution of Li 2 O 2 particles as a function of rate and depth-of-discharge and also of the removal of Li 2 O 2 particles during charging.

Proterra Electric Bus Travels 700 Miles In 24 Hours With Regular Recharging

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Proterra, for instance, has now set a record for the most miles traveled by an electric bus in a day, according to Charged EVs. While electric cars make headlines, a number of electric buses have silently made their way onto U.S. city streets as well--and they''re proving that they can go the distance. As part of a test conducted last month, one of

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Tesla To Add More Model S Electric-Car Charging Sites In NYC

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Many electric-car drivers rely on home charging as their primary source of energy. Installing a charging station at home generally allows more convenient recharging than relying solely on public stations. New York parking Tesla Motors plug-in cars charging charging infrastructureBut this isn't necessarily an option for owners living in cities. DON'T MISS: Which Electric Car Dominates Sales In New York State? Apartment.

Opportunity charging electric bus using PRIMOVE inductive charging from Bombardier in service in Germany

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For the first time, the modular system from Vossloh Kiepe has been combined with the PRIMOVE inductive charging system from Bombardier ( earlier post ). Undercarriage charging pad. The first opportunity-charging battery bus with traction equipment from Vossloh Kiepe.

Proterra extended range electric bus delivers 258 miles on one charge of 257 kWh pack

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A Proterra 40-foot Catalyst XR (extended range) electric bus drove 258 miles (415 miles) on a single charge under test conditions at Michelin’s Laurens Proving Grounds (LPG). This system can be recharged on-route in less than ten minutes with a 500kW charge rate.

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Rapid Charging Electric-Car Batteries: Less Damaging Than We Thought?

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DC fast charging makes electric cars considerably more practical, allowing drivers to recharge a car''s battery to 80 percent of capacity in half an hour or less. But quick charging was widely thought to come with a major drawback: While it lowers recharging times, research so far has indicated that fast charging shortens the lifespan of

2014 35

More work reported on approaches to stabilizing lithium metal anodes for high energy rechargeable batteries

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Metallic lithium, with a high theoretical capacity of ~3,860 mAh g -1 , is one of the most promising materials for anodes in next-generation high energy rechargeable battery systems for long-range electric vehicles. A reliable and stable lithium metal anode is extremely challenging, however; low cycle efficiency and lithium dendrite formation during charge/discharge processes consistently hinder its practical application in addition to raising safety issues.

2014 16

Electric-drive cars should fuel, charging is 'dead end,' says NanoFlowcell

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Zero-emission cars powered by electric motors shouldn't use batteries that can be recharged, because a public charging network is "a dead end." Well, here's a novel idea for electric-car fans to kick off the week with. Instead, they should use flow-cell batteries that can be "refueled" in minutes at centralized filling stations. DON'T MISS: 'Flow. Batteries plug-in cars flow cell NanoFlowcell

University of Sydney team advances rechargeable zinc-air batteries with bimetallic oxide–graphene hybrid electrocatalyst

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University of Sydney team advances rechargeable zinc-air batteries with bimetallic oxide–graphene hybrid electrocatalyst. Researchers at the University of Sydney, with colleagues at Nanyang Technological University, have found a solution for one of the biggest stumbling blocks hindering the commercialization of rechargeable zinc-air batteries. This is due to the lack of electrocatalysts that successfully reduce and generate oxygen during the discharging and charging of a battery.

Your Electric Car Out Of Juice? AAA Tests Roadside Recharging

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But as the saying goes, it's hard to carry a gallon of electricity back to your plug-in car if the battery is completely out of charge. Which is why AAA is now testing roadside assistance for rapid charging of electric Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, and we’re sure most drivers have run out of gasoline at least once in their life.

Samsung researchers develop graphene balls for high-capacity electrode materials with fast charging

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The graphene-ball coating improves cycle life and fast charging capability by protecting the electrode surface from detrimental side reactions and providing efficient conductive pathways. as electric vehicles (EVs) have penetrated LIB markets, key electrochemical properties have imposed more challenging standards; while higher energy densities are desired for increased driving mileage, enhanced reaction kinetics are demanded for fast charging and high rate operations.

2017 21

Daimler and BMW jointly to develop and implement common wireless charging technology

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Daimler and BMW have agreed on jointly developing and implementing one common technology for wireless recharging high-voltage batteries of electric drive and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Wireless charging of the S 500 Plug In HYBRID.

2014 46

Scania to test wirelessly charged plug-in hybrid city bus for the first time in Sweden

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Inductive charging is among the options the company is exploring and would enable vehicles wirelessly to recharge their batteries via electrified roads. The bus is wirelessly charged via a charging station located under the road surface(1).

Foothill Transit launching fully fast-charging electric bus line

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Foothill Transit, the primary public transportation provider for the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys in Los Angeles County, California, is launching a heavy-duty, fast charging, fully electric bus line at the Pomona Transit Center on 27 September. Almost four years ago to the day, Foothill Transit became the first public transit agency to put fast-charge electric buses into service. The 10-minute charging time is possible thanks to specially designed lithium titanate batteries.

BMW Group, Daimler, Ford, Audi & Porsche JV for up to 350 kW CCS ultra-fast charging network along major highways in Europe

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BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create the highest-powered charging network in Europe. The network will be based on Combined Charging System (CCS) standard technology. The planned charging infrastructure expands the existing technical standard for AC- and DC charging of electric vehicles to the next level of capacity for DC fast charging with up to 350 kW.