Ford, DowAksa jointly to develop carbon fiber for high-volume automotive light-weighting applications

Green Car Congress

Ford and DowAksa signed a joint development agreement (JDA) formally to advance research on cost-effective, high-volume manufacturing of automotive-grade carbon fiber, a material poised to play a significant role in the drive to make vehicles lighter. will combine DowAksa’s feedstock capacity, carbon fiber conversion and downstream intermediates production capabilities with Ford’s expertise in design, engineering and high-volume manufacturing.

2015 183

Daimler and Toray to establish JV for carbon-fiber based automobile parts; new production and joining process enables large-scale production

Green Car Congress

and Daimler AG are forming a joint venture in Esslingen, Germany, for manufacturing and marketing of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) automobile parts. As the world’s largest manufacturer of carbon fibers, Toray has identified expansion of its Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Business in the automotive field as one of its top priorities. Toray Industries, Inc.

2011 195

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DOE awards $17M to FY 2014 SBIR Phase II projects; includes Si/graphene anodes, motor windings, exhaust treatments

Green Car Congress

Hybrid Electric Turbocharger for Exhaust Energy Recovery and Transient Lag Reduction. NexTech Materials of Lewis Center, Ohio, has developed a new diesel engine exhaust NO x sensing technology that is able to rapidly and selectively measure nitrogen oxides in diesel engine exhaust streams. A Novel Exhaust after Treatment Catalyst. of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, will develop a new exhaust after-treatment system using new low temperature catalysts.

2014 224

Honda opens new $124M wind tunnel in Ohio

Green Car Congress

The main fan is a total of 8 meters in diameter with 12 hollow carbon fiber fixed-pitch blades and driven by a five-megawatt, 6700 horsepower electric motor. Absent engine and exhaust sounds, wind noise will be more noticeable inside the cabin of an electric vehicle.

Ohio 304

Audi introduces new CNG A3 Sportback

Green Car Congress

Its turbocharger with variable turbine geometry makes optimal use of the exhaust gas energy for early and harmonious torque development. They are made of fiber-composite materials and, in keeping with Audi’s lightweight construction philosophy, each weighs just 26 kilograms (57.3

2020 401

DOE issues $10M incubator FOA for batteries, power electronics, engines, materials, fuels and lubricants

Green Car Congress

burn and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)?diluted Precise and flexible engine controls and control systems that facilitate adjustments of parameters critical to engine combustion such as intake air temperature, fuel injection timing, injection rate, valve timing, and exhaust gas recirculation to enable advanced combustion strategies to operate over a wider range of engine speed/load conditions. Carbon Fiber or Lightweight Materials.

2014 218

Shell/AirFlow Starship hyper-fuel efficient Class 8 truck to make cross-country run

Green Car Congress

Special Starship features include: Bespoke 100% hyper-aerodynamic carbon fiber cab. Starship uses full synthetic Shell Heavy Duty Engine Oil; Shell Rotella DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Shell ROTELLA Extended Life Coolant; and. Shell has partnered with the Airflow Truck Company to collaborate on a hyper-aerodynamic, fuel-efficient Class 8 concept truck: Starship.

2018 237

DOE awards nearly $55M to advance fuel efficient vehicle technologies in support of EV Everywhere and SuperTruck

Green Car Congress

This project will utilize a systems approach to design and demonstrate an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites door assembly through the integration of unique designs, novel materials, and manufacturing technologies and joining/assembly of subsystems. Body-In-White Joining of Carbon Fiber Composites to Lightweight Metals (Aluminum, Advanced High Strength Steel, or Magnesium) at Prototype Scale for High-Volume Manufacturing.

2015 272

INFINITI to reveal Project Black S Prototype in Paris

Green Car Congress

The engine’s twin electric turbochargers are fitted with two MGU-H (‘H’ for ‘heat’) units, to harvest heat energy from exhaust gases. This expertise is no more evident than in the high-tech design of the rear wing, validated by Renault Sport Formula One Team’s aerodynamicists and finished in carbon fiber.

2018 197

Solvay Specialty Polymers launches new wear-resistant Veradel polyethersulfone; improved powertrain efficiency

Green Car Congress

The new Veradel grade is a tough, high-performance resin designed to meet growing global demand for advanced polymers that can improve automotive powertrain efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Formulated to replace metal in automotive applications prone to friction and wear such as oil pumps and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems, the new resin offers wear resistance, and low coefficient of friction in both dry and lubricated environments.

2015 183

INFINITI/Renault Sport Project Black S hints at performance hybrid powertrain, inspired by Formula 1 ERS

Green Car Congress

INFINITI has also called upon the team’s high level of expertise in advanced composite materials to create the carbon fiber bodywork elements of the Project Black S. The Renault Sport Formula One ERS system features an MGU-K unit to harvest kinetic energy from braking, and an MGU-H unit—fitted to the turbocharger—to harvest heat energy from exhaust gases.

2017 163

2017 Chrysler Pacifica wins Altair Enlighten Award for weight reduction in full vehicle category; Toyota, Faurecia and AP&T module, technology winners

Green Car Congress

Toyota’s carbon fiber closure panels for the 2017 Prius Prime and Lexus LC500 ( earlier post ), and Faurecia’s Adaptive Valve for exhaust systems employed on the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado took the top honors for the module category. Faurecia’s winning entry was the Adaptive Valve, an offset shaft spring return butterfly valve located in the intermediate pipe of the exhaust system.

2017 150

News: Dodge Reveals Charger Daytona SRT EV Concept

Clean Fleet Report

If all of this wasn’t enough, Dodge is equipping the Charger Daytona SRT with something called a Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust system where an amplifier and speaker, located in the rear end, produces a 126 dB roar that mimics the Dodge SRT Hellcat. Classic Muscle Car Goes All-Electric.

Dodge 78

Ford puts the pedal down on performance … but not with electric drive technology right now

Green Car Congress

At the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit this week, Ford delivered first proof of that focus with the reveal of the new Ford GT carbon-fiber supercar, as well as the new F-150 Raptor based on the new aluminum F-150 and the Shelby GT350R Mustang. The GT makes extensive use of lightweight materials, including carbon fiber and aluminum, enabling outstanding acceleration and handling with improved efficiency.

2015 204

GM introduces CNG bi-fuel Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups

Green Car Congress

The Vortec engine features hardened exhaust valves and hardened intake and exhaust valve seats. The trucks use a 17-gallon Type 3 CNG tank made from composite material with aluminum liner and carbon fiber wrap. Bi-fuel Chevrolet Silverado. Click to enlarge. General Motors is introducing compressed natural gas (CNG) bi-fuel versions of the 2013 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500 HD extended cab pickup trucks.

Sierra 244

Porsche presents more efficient Gen 2 919 Hybrid LMP1 racer for 2015

Green Car Congress

A liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery—developed by A123 Systems in cooperation with Porsche—temporarily stores converted braking energy from the front axle as well as converted exhaust-gas energy. The previously used centralized exhaust tract has been replaced by a twin exhaust-pipe system in order to improve output and optimize the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Porsche has presented the second generation of its Le Mans Prototype 919 Hybrid race car. Earlier post.)

2015 220

US DOE awards more than $175M to 40 projects for advanced vehicle research and development

Green Car Congress

This project will develop a novel low cost route to carbon fiber using a lignin/PAN hybrid precursor and carbon fiber conversion technologies leading to high performance, low-cost carbon fiber. Increased availability of low cost carbon fiber can enable vehicle weight reduction and improvement in fuel economy. Plasan Carbon Composites.

2011 228

New polyurethane matrix resin enables fully automated process for composites production with surface quality suitable for immediate painting

Green Car Congress

In collaboration with KraussMaffei, Henkel has developed a process for the manufacture of components based on glass or carbon fiber and using high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) technology that creates a surface quality good enough for automobile exteriors. Composite materials based on carbon or glass fibers combine lightness in weight with enormous strength, thus offering outstanding properties in relation to safety and crash behavior.

2013 174

Opel introducing new CNG Zafira Tourer with 329-mile natural gas range, lower fuel consumption

Green Car Congress

Turbo ecoFLEX natural gas version has been fitted with gas tanks made of composite material including carbon fiber. In the case of 100% biogas propulsion, the carbon foot print is almost zero. Rather than using conventional steel gas cylinders, the engineers opted for advanced composite material including carbon fiber. This reduces harmful emissions, leading in turn to cleaner exhaust gases. The new Zafira Tourer 1.6

2011 207

Chevy unveiling lightweight, performance-oriented Silverado Cheyenne Concept pickup at SEMA

Green Car Congress

A lowered ride height, a rear stabilizer bar and Brembo carbon ceramic brakes complement the Cheyenne concept’s high-performance character with enhanced handling and braking capability. Lightweight features built into the concept vehicle include carbon fiber replacements for the bumpers, tailgate and inner cargo box, resulting in a weight reduction of approximately 200 pounds (91 kg) from the 4,503 pounds (2,043 kg) base curb weight of a 5.3L-equipped Silverado regular cab with a 6’6” box.

2013 197

Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1 Le Mans prototype makes its debut at Geneva Show

Green Car Congress

The first system is the innovative recovery of thermal energy by an electric generator powered by exhaust gases. The V-4 gasoline engine of the Porsche 919 Hybrid features direct injection, turbocharging and an energy recovery system for the exhaust gases. As in Formula 1 racing, the chassis of the new Porsche 919 Hybrid consists of a carbon-fiber monocoque, combining lightweight materials and a high degree of torsional rigidity. Porsche 919 Hybrid. Click to enlarge.

2014 243

Huntington Ingalls delivers 900-ton carbon composite deckhouse for new destroyer

Green Car Congress

The 900-ton deckhouse—made almost exclusively using cored composite construction processes—provides an advanced structure to house the ship’s bridge, radars, antennas and intake/exhaust systems and is designed to provide a significantly smaller radar cross-section than any other ship in the current fleet. The deckhouse, according to the company, is one of the largest carbon composite structures yet built.

2012 195

Prius Prime PHEV pricing to start at $27,100; on sale later this year

Green Car Congress

A number of details throughout the hybrid powertrain contribute to its efficiency, including an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system with a cooler; a smaller, lighter, quieter hybrid system water pump, and an exhaust heat recirculation system that speeds engine warm-up. Additional weight savings come from a Toyota-made lightweight carbon-fiber rear hatch.

2016 212

CNG Hot Rod Debuts at AFV 2010

Green Car Congress

Some of the features of the high-tech hot-rod are: The exhaust pipes contain 4 catalytic converters (2 on each side) with pre- and post-catalyst oxygen sensors, giving the hot rod full engine OBD diagnostics and compliance. Carbon Fiber HRE racing wheels. The “Gasser” CNG Hot Rod. Click to enlarge. The WJ Daytech/AFVTech CNG Hot Rod made its debut at the recent Alternative Fuels and Vehicles ( AF&V 2010 ) show in Las Vegas. Earlier post.)

2010 232

News: 2023 Toyota and Lexus New Products

Clean Fleet Report

Additional modifications include a cat-back performance exhaust system with stainless steel pipes and black chrome tips, and matte-black 18-inch wheels shod with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires. A Sneak Preview of the 2023 Lineups.

Lexus 70

DOE to award $49.4M for advanced vehicle technologies research; meeting Tier 3 emissions

Green Car Congress

AOI 2: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) Development of Carbon Fiber Composites for Lightweight Vehicles. ($6M) 6M) The objective of this AOI is simultaneously to develop structural carbon fiber technology to support immediate weight reduction in light-duty vehicles while also advancing Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) techniques to support a reduced development-to-deployment lead time in all lightweight materials systems.

2014 218

News: 2023 BMW XM PHEV Revealed

Clean Fleet Report

The vertical, quad exhaust ports sit in the lower fascia that is designed with ground effect channels. Mating High-Performance Luxury SUV and a Plug. The all-new 2023 BMW XM was sort-of revealed to the media in Los Angeles on November 16.


SEAT pushes forward with CNG line-up

Green Car Congress

TGI EVO is fitted with a combination of one high-strength steel tank, which is smaller and located ahead of the rear axle—and two new large tanks located behind the rear axle, that are manufactured in a carbon fibre composite construction, significantly reducing their weight and optimizing weight distribution. TGI EVO benefits from a third high-strength steel CNG tank, to add to the two new composite carbon fiber tanks located under the trunk floor.

2019 252

Volvo Trucks SuperTruck demonstrator improves freight efficiency by 88%, fuel efficiency by 70%

Green Car Congress

The SuperTruck powertrain includes a complex Rankine waste-heat recovery system, which converts heat normally wasted in exhaust into torque, boosting fuel economy by helping to power the vehicle. While some of these, like recycled carbon fiber, were not used in the SuperTruck, the knowledge gained in material science will be applied to future programs.

2016 203

Road Test: 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe 3LT

Clean Fleet Report

If you order the performance exhaust or go for the Z51 package, those numbers go up to 495 and 470. With a twist of a couple latches off comes the removable carbon fiber roof, letting in the open air. Smile-Inducing Fun.

DOE to award more than $55M to 31 projects for plug-in and efficient vehicle technologies; Delphi receives $10M to further GDCI

Green Car Congress

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) Development of Carbon Fiber Composites for Lightweight Vehicles (Area of Interest 2). This project will develop, integrate and implement predictive models for Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Polymer composites that link the material design, molding process and final performance. Development of High Performance Low Temperature Catalysts for Exhaust Aftertreatment (Area of Interest 8).

2014 249

Acura provides more technical detail on NSX sports hybrid AWD powertrain, body

Green Car Congress

Furthermore, their single-scroll design allows for more efficient collection of exhaust as it escapes from within the cylinders. Intake and exhaust variable cam timing (VTC) is deployed to provide an excellent balance of high power, torque, fuel economy, and emissions. The Intake Sound Control system and the Active Exhaust Valve are activated, allowing exhaust and intake sound to permeate the cabin for a more emotional driving experience. Carbon Fiber Core Floor.

2015 207

DOE to issue FY14 Vehicle Technologies program-wide funding opportunity announcement

Green Car Congress

Integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) development of carbon fiber composites for lightweight vehicles. The objective of this area of interest is simultaneously to develop and to demonstrate structural carbon fiber technology that supports immediate weight reduction in passenger vehicles while also advancing ICME techniques to support a reduced development-to-deployment lead time in all lightweight materials systems.

2013 214

Furtive eGT electric sports car hits 240 km/h on the Nordschleife; small production series for 2013

Green Car Congress

The air in the cabin is recycled automatically to reduce the nuisance caused by exhaust gases from other vehicles. The Furtive eGT features a carbon-fiber body; an aluminum rear cradle supports the motors, gearbox and power electronics. The architecture of the carbon body made it possible to install the batteries in the floor of the Furtive-eGT. On the Nordschleife. Click to enlarge.

2012 278

XL1 dive and drive: Volkswagen aggressively optimizes for efficiency in its sleek diesel plug-in hybrid

Green Car Congress

The XL1 is aggressively optimized for efficiency in all areas of its design and technology—from materials (carbon fiber reinforced polymer monocoque); to powertrain (0.8L The battery comprises 60 25Ah cells, with a carbon-fiber case. Exhaust gas recirculation, an oxidation catalytic converter, and a diesel particulate filter are used in order to minimize emissions: the XL1’s engine is already compliant with the Euro-6 emissions standard.

2013 266

DOE to award up to $137M for SuperTruck II, Vehicle Technology Office programs

Green Car Congress

Through the other initiative, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Vehicle Technologies Office Program Wide Funding Opportunity Announcement ( earlier post )selections, 35 new projects will receive $57 million to develop and deploy a wide array of cutting-edge vehicle technologies, including advanced batteries and electric drive systems, to reduce carbon emissions and petroleum consumption in passenger cars and light trucks.

2016 150

Jaguar Introduces C-X75 Gas Micro-turbine Extended Range Electric Vehicle Concept

Green Car Congress

Because the exhaust gases form part of the active aerodynamic package, Jaguar has utilized a specialized zirconia-molybdenum coating. This advanced heat-resistant coating is regularly used in Formula One cars and is applied in a plasma spray to the carbon-fiber diffuser to protect it from the exhaust gases. Vanes in the exhaust ports then alter the directional flow of the gases to further increase the effectiveness of the Venturi tunnel. The C-X75.

2010 297

China R&D company introduces micro-turbine range extender technology at Geneva

Green Car Congress

Air drawn into the micro turbine is passed through a heat exchanger where heat from the exhaust air is transferred to the cold intake air after it has been compressed. As this hot exhaust gas is expelled, it passes through the heat exchanger to ensure the heat energy is recuperated and transferred to cold intake air. A new material has been introduced in the hybrid heat exchanger which greatly increases the efficiency of heat recuperation from the exhaust gases.

2016 200

Voith introducing new energy absorbers for trains made of fiber composite plastics

Green Car Congress

Voith is introducing a lateral energy absorber made of glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP) and aluminum. The new GFRP energy absorber by Voith comprises a fiber composite crash tube, along with a bearing and an anti-climber plate, both made of aluminum. Galea fiber composite vehicle head. It has been designed for intercity railway transportation and consists mainly of glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP).

2014 207

DOE to award $55.8M for advanced vehicle technologies; $35M for fuel cell and hydrogen

Green Car Congress

Area of Interest (AOI) 3: Body-in-White Joining of Carbon Fiber Composites to Lightweight Metals (Aluminum, Advanced High Strength Steel, or Magnesium) at Prototype Scale for High-Volume Manufacturing. While use of the software has led to improved engine designs, it has not yet realized its full potential for attaining the goals of shortened engine development cycle time, minimized fuel consumption, or minimized exhaust emissions from engines.

2015 238

Toyota introduces next-generation B-segment hybrid with 112 mpg US; CNG hybrid and plug-in variants

Green Car Congress

Assuming a mass-produced fuel-efficient vehicle, the FT-Bh body structure makes greater use of high-tensile-strength steel and does not require expensive materials such as carbon fiber for weight reduction. Due to small amount of heat generated by high-efficiency engines, heat from both the engine and exhaust is used for heating the interior. FT-Bh. Click to enlarge.

2012 261

Road Test: 2021 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium

Clean Fleet Report

came to life with a throaty note that would grumble and pop from the active valve performance exhaust system. This adaptive system, which amplifies the sound, has exhaust settings such as sport and track, making for a pleasant reminder you are driving a high-performance car.

Clean 73

Road Test: 2022 Genesis GV70 AWD 3.5T Sport Prestige

Clean Fleet Report

The dual level, horizontal LED tail lights wrap from the fender to the hands-free power lift gate, and sit above the lower fascia that features dual round exhaust ports and a continuation of the cross-hatch design. A Premium Small SUV with Handling Like a Sports Wagon.

Clean 75