Study of Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing Finds Mixed Performance for Most OEMs, BMW and Toyota as the Clear Leaders

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Sustainable Value Margin—the ratio of Sustainable Value to sales—for each of the evaluated manufacturers. A survey of the sustainability performance of 17 of the world’s leading automakers has found a mixed pattern when it comes to the sustainability performance of most of the car manufacturers. The ranking of the 17 manufacturers based on the Sustainable Value Margin. Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing (2009).

Small cars lead production slump in Japan

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Data from the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association has reported that automobile production in Japan dropped by 6.7 According to the statistics, passenger car production suffered a steep drop of 8.2 Cars Latest news Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association Japan automobile production Japan car production Japan mini cars Japan small cars

Japan 41

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New data: European automakers winning emissions battle

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We all know about the efforts being made to reduce vehicle exhaust emissions: but now new statistics suggest that European automakers are also reducing emissions vastly at the vehicle production stage. According to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) Pocket Guide, European manufacturers have made significant advancements towards reducing the environmental impact of vehicle production [.].

2012 55

5G mobile network goes live at all BMW Brilliance Automotive production sites in China

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BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) has become the first automobile manufacturer to enable full 5G wireless coverage at all its plants. This means that networked machines and systems can exchange data in real time, for instance, and align themselves even better with the production process. 5G provides the ideal conditions for numerous digital innovations and has the potential to further increase efficiency, quality and flexibility in production, BBA says. Manufacturing

2019 94

Honda launches new “Green Path” initiatives for manufacturing and operations; new $210M paint line at Marysville with new 4C2B process

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Honda has announced several initiatives under its new “Green Path” approach to reducing the total life-cycle environmental impact of its products and operations in North America. In 2006, Honda was the first auto company to voluntarily and publicly announce targets for the reduction of its CO 2 emissions for its products and operations globally. Significantly to reduce the CO 2 intensity and water use of its manufacturing operations. Design and production.

2015 111

Borgward to build manufacturing facility in Bremen; all-electric-drive Borgward BX7 first model; Industry 4.0

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Borgward Group AG, the reincarnation of the German automaker that ceased operations in 1961 ( earlier post ), will be returning to Bremen and building a production facility there. The company also plans to manufacture electric and plug-in-hybrid versions of the BX5 series and other models. Construction of the new manufacturing facility is scheduled to begin in early 2017. Production will be launched at the plant a year later, in 2018.

2016 78

DOE HPC4Mfg program funds 13 projects to advance US manufacturing; welding, Li-S batteries among projects

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A US Department of Energy (DOE) program designed to spur the use of high performance supercomputers to advance US manufacturing has funded 13 new industry projects for a total of $3.8 Among the projects selected are one by GM and EPRI of California to improve welding techniques for automobile manufacturing and power plant builds in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Batteries High Performance Computing Li-Sulfur Manufacturing Weight reduction

2016 60

New car sales surge continues in China

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Figures released by the Automobile Association, the Ministry of Information Industry and cited by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers showed that production in the country also rose by 57.7 [.]. Tags: Latest news Automobile Association China China Association of Automobile Manufacturers China car sales Ministry of Information Industry new car sales The automotive boom in China shows no signs of losing momentum as sales leapt by 55.8

2010 41

Fraunhofer researchers develop new low-cost dry-film electrode production process

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Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS in Dresden have developed a new battery cell production process that coats the electrodes of the energy storage cells with a dry film instead of liquid chemicals. There are two main reasons driving this trend: one, Asian technology groups have many years of experience in the mass production of battery cells and, two, the processes are energy-intensive.

2019 110

CATL and Toyota form comprehensive partnership for new energy vehicle batteries

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The two companies have also commenced discussions that cover a wide range of fields, including: supply of batteries, new technology development, product quality improvements, and the reuse and recycling of batteries. In recent years, as vehicle electrification has accelerated worldwide, the company has won recognition from many automobile manufacturers both in China and overseas. Batteries China Vehicle ManufacturersChina-based Contemporary Amperex Technology Co.,

2019 104

It is good to be small as auto market stumbles

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As automotive production in Europe falls by a whopping 35 per cent, small cars have reached a new record high market share reflecting consumer concerns about the general economy and the environment. In the first quarter of the year, production fell to just 3.4million vehicles according to new statistics from the Economic Report from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

Production and sales of plug-ins boomed in China in 2014

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The production and sales of plug-in vehicles in China boomed last year, according to statistics from CAAM (China Association of Automobile Manufacturers). Total production reached 78,499 units, 3.5 times the number in 2013. Among the total, 48,605 units were battery electric vehicles (BEV) (62%) and 29,894 units were plug-in hybrids (PHEV) (38%)—2.4 times and 8.1 times the numbers of 2013. As for the sales, the total volume reached 74,763 units, 3.2

2015 117

California, 6 automakers finalize bilateral Clean Car Framework agreements

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The auto companies party to the voluntary agreements will stay on course to make cleaner cars consistent with their individual production plans substantially to electrify their respective fleets and cut greenhouse gas emissions. Each of the automobile manufacturers that have finalized Framework agreements have made additional and individual commitments to expedite the transition to zero-emission vehicles.

2020 69

USDA awards $10M in grants to spur production of biofuels, bioenergy and biobased products

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Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced $10 million in research grants to spur production of biofuels, bioenergy and biobased products that will lead to the development of sustainable regional systems and help create jobs. Projects were awarded in four areas: policy options for and impacts on regional biofuels production systems; impacts of regional bioenergy feedstock production systems on wildlife and pollinators; socioeconomic impacts of biofuels on rural communities; and.

2012 81

UCLA team devises method to weld previously unweldable aluminum alloy AA 7075; potential for wider use in automobiles

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Developed in the 1940s, AA 7075 long held promise for use in automobile manufacturing, except for one key obstacle. By comparison, an aluminum alloy known as AA 6061 that is widely used in aircraft and automobile parts, has a tensile strength of 186 megapascals in welded joints.) The alloy also has been used for products that don’t require joining, such as smartphone frames and rock-climbing carabiners. Manufacturing Materials Weight reduction

2019 107

Toshiba to Supply Electric Drive Motors to Ford Staring in 2012; Expanding Manufacturing Capacity in US

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Toshiba Corporation will expand manufacturing capacity at its plant in Houston, Texas for production of the high-performance drive motors for HEV, PHEV and EV applications. The production will be Toshiba’s first overseas manufacturing base for automotive propulsion motors, which are currently produced in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Production of the automotive motors would begin in 2012.

2010 81

Sustainable aluminum for battery housing of Audi e-tron

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Audi is the first automobile manufacturer worldwide to receive a certificate from the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative ( ASI ). With the Performance Standard certification, the ASI confirms that Audi meets the ASI requirements for industrial users of aluminum and sustainably designs and manufactures the aluminum components of the battery housing of the Audi e-tron. Aluminum is an increasingly important material in an automobile but is also very energy-intensive in production.

2018 86

BMW Group makes sustainability and efficient resource management central to its strategic direction

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This new strategic direction will be anchored in all divisions—from administration and purchasing to development and production, all the way to sales. For the first time, these extend throughout the entire lifecycle: from the supply chain through production to the end of the use phase.

2020 95

Commercial vehicle and engine manufacturers establish global secretariat to move more agressively on global harmonization of regulations

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European, North American and Japanese heavy-duty vehicle and engine manufacturers will establish in 2012 a stronger administrative support for the activities of the annual Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting and its objective of global harmonization of heavy-duty vehicle regulations. ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’s Association) has been asked to establish the Global Secretariat in 2012.

2011 76

Vehicle sales on the rise in China

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This means that sales topped the one million unit mark for the fifth month in a row, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. What’s more is that domestic production rose to more than 7.1million units, up an incredible 20.23 Tags: Cars Green cars Latest news ChangAn Auto Company China China Association of Automobile Manufacturers China vehicle sales Chinese car companies

USA 34

Benteler-SGL inaugurates new composites production facility in Austria

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Benteler-SGL GmbH, a joint venture between Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbH and SGL Group, has inaugurated its new production facility in Ort im Innkreis, Austria. The 45,000 m² site will begin manufacturing composite automotive components in serial production beginning in mid-2013. Benteler-SGL’s product range now includes body shell components such as side. The production has.

Audi testing second-life EV batteries in factory vehicles

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Like all automobile manufacturers, Audi is obliged by law to take back energy carriers after they have been used in cars. Factory vehicles in Audi’s production plants such as fork-lift trucks and tow tractors have so far been powered by lead-acid batteries. Audi calculates that it would save millions if it converted its entire fleet of factory vehicles to lithium-ion batteries at its 16 production sites worldwide. Batteries Electric (Battery) Manufacturing

2019 122

Schaeffler begins volume production of transmissions for the electric drive in the Audi e-tron; parallel axis and coaxial

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Schaeffler has begun volume production of transmissions for the electric drive in the Audi e-tron, marking a milestone for its E-Mobility business division. Developed and produced in plants in Herzogenaurach and Bühl, the product promises maximum driving pleasure while providing a high level of comfort and optimum noise performance. The two transmissions for Audi have been in volume production since August.

2018 75

Automobile production in Japan dropped 6.7% in November, led by 30.3% decline in small cars

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Automobile production in Japan dropped 6.7% year-on-year in November to 802,009 units, according to data from the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association. Passenger car production dropped 8.2% By contrast, production of standard cars of more than 2L displacement rose 3.7% Mini car (less than 660 cc) production dropped 4.2% Truck production was up 3.3% Bus production was up 11.7%

MINI realigning model range with emphasis on electromobility; crossover & premium compact segments; and China

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The British premium automobile manufacturer MINI is realigning its model range, with a focus on drivetrain technologies, vehicle segments and services of the future. To benefit from the worldwide growth in the crossover market, MINI is focusing on an expansion of the product range in this vehicle segment. Cooperation with the Chinese partner will be based on a clearly defined principle: Production follows the market.

2020 65

Are car buying attitudes changing?

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The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) conducted a survey that focused on the “entry generation&# of vehicle buyers and reports that fewer young people today have strong feelings about car ownership. The level of interest in cars is declining primarily due to an abundance of material commodities and expanding product ranges. Cars are primarily seen as a product with a solid functional merit in terms of providing daily convenience. -

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European Auto Manufacturers Agree on First Phase of Specifications to Connect Plug-ins to the Grid

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The European automobile manufacturers have agreed to a first phase of joint specifications to connect electrically chargeable vehicles to the electricity grid in a safe and user-friendly way. Manufactures will provide at least one cable with Type 2 plug (Mode 3) or standard domestic plug (Mode 2) to connect to infrastructure. Ivan Hodac, Secretary-General of ACEA, the automobile industry’s trade association in Brussels.

2010 73

Volkswagen and Amazon Web Services to develop Industrial Cloud; open industry platform

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This will create new prospects for the optimization of processes in production and support considerable productivity improvements at the plants. Volkswagen’s industrial cloud, which will reinvent its manufacturing and logistics processes, is yet another example of how ?Volkswagen We are tightly aligned across Volkswagen’s businesses to help them reimagine the future of automobile manufacturing by taking advantage of all the benefits the cloud can deliver.

2019 69

Audi aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% over the vehicle lifecycle by 2025

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Audi has set the goal of successively reducing vehicle-specific CO 2 emissions by 30% by 2025 compared with reference year 2015 and over the entire product lifecycle. This clearly includes responsibility for our products throughout their lifecycles. As electric cars are more energy-intensive to manufacture than models with combustion engines, Audi has set itself the long-term goal of decarbonizing the supply chain. Audi is also focusing on the manufacture of its products.

2019 93

Toyota and Panasonic to establish automotive prismatic battery JV

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The scope of the joint venture's business operations will cover research, development, production engineering, manufacturing, procurement, order receipt, and management related to automotive prismatic lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries, and next-generation batteries. Toyota will transfer equipment and personnel to the joint venture in the areas of development and production engineering related to battery cells. Batteries Manufacturing

2019 75

Japan Auto Production Falls 47.1% in April, Exports Drop 64.7%

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Production of light-duty vehicles, trucks and buses in Japan fell 47.1% year-on-year in April, marking the seventh consecutive month of declines, according to the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA). Production of passenger cars was 415,804 units, down 47.2%. Production of cars with engine displacement of more than 2,000cc plummeted 62.4% Production of small cars with displacements less than 2.0L Production of minicars was down 7.8%

2009 73

BMW Group plans joint venture for MINI electric vehicles in China; LoI with Great Wall Motor

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A key element of the brand’s continued strategic development will be local production of future battery-electric MINI vehicles in the world’s largest market for electromobility. To this end, the BMW Group has signed a letter of intent (LoI) with the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motor. In addition to production of the first battery electric MINI at the main plant in Oxford starting in 2019, this signals a further clear commitment to the electrified future of the MINI brand.

2018 78

Audi expects series production of zFAS central driver assistance controller within 2 years

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Audi expects to begin the series production of the central driver assistance controller (zFAS)—the core of future systems for piloted driving under development by Audi, within two years. Delphi has been awarded the series production contract. Audi expects that it will be the first automobile manufacturer to implement this function in a central domain architecture.

2015 73

Porsche to invest more than $7.4B in electromobility by 2022

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Plans for derivatives of the Mission E are also under way: last week at the Geneva show, Porsche presented a production-ready concept study of the Mission E Cross Turismo. per cent, Porsche continues to be among the most profitable automobile manufacturers in the world. This is down to continuous improvements in productivity, our stringent cost management strategy as well as our outstanding product range. Electric (Battery) Vehicle Manufacturers

2018 85

Eberspaecher starting production of Gen 3 PTC heater for hybrids and EVs; 30% higher performance density, lighter weight

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Eberspaecher catem is starting production of the third generation of its high-voltage PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heaters. Production of both components is scheduled to start in April 2017 at the Eberspaecher facilities in Herxheim and Landau, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The heaters will be fitted in models from various European automobile manufacturers. High-voltage PTC heaters have been part of the Eberspaecher catem product portfolio since 2010.

2017 60

China Buys More Cars, But U.S. Trounces It In Plug-In Cars

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The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers released production data for 2013 China represents a huge, and growing, market for new car sales. But when it comes to choosing greener cars, the country lags far behind the U.S., with electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle sales lower than those of many individual states, let alone the whole country.

2014 65

Volkswagen Group to invest more than €62 billion up to 2016; largest-yet investment package for new models, advanced technologies and production facilities

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Volkswagen is laying the foundations for profitable, sustainable growth by building new production facilities, introducing new models and developing alternative drives, as well as with its modular toolkits. The Volkswagen Group is investing a record amount in forward-looking projects to achieve its goal of becoming the world’s best automobile manufacturer in economic and ecological terms. In addition, the Company will make cross-product investments of €17.1

2011 76

StreetScooter to form JV with Chery for electric light utility vehicles

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StreetScooter GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post and market leader for electric light commercial vehicles (eLCV), has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Chinese automobile manufacturer Chery Holding Group (Chery) establishing a joint venture between the two companies. Chery is one of China’s leading automobile manufacturers, with a 20% market share in electric commercial vehicles sector.

Chery 83

Audi opens €1B San José Chiapa plant in Mexico; 1st on N.A. continent; Smart Factory

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Audi is further expanding its worldwide production network with the opening of the company’s first automobile plant on the North American continent. The €1-billion plant has an annual production capacity of approximately 150,000 premium SUVs. Audi is the first premium automobile manufacturer with product facilities in Mexico. Mexico is a powerhouse for automobiles and automotive components. Internet of Things Manufacturing Vehicle Manufacturers

2016 78

ACEA asks Euro NCAP for two-year delay for introduction of 2022 protocols

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In a letter to the Secretary General of the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP), the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA), requested a 2?year In the letter, ACEA outlined the numerous problems faced by the undustry, including delays in product launches and market introduction; supply chain uncertainties; and difficulty in completing homologation testing and certification. Some automakers are reporting product launch delays of 12 months or more.

2020 69

Bring Back the EV1 Press Conference

Revenge of the Electric Car

Mr Holden had the following words for the loyal supporters of the EV1 : “I want to thank the EV1 family for their support and encouragement for me to continue the fight to hold General Motors and other auto manufacturers’ feet to the fire. As you know, today I strongly urge Congress to withhold any bailout funds from the auto industry, unless and until the industry agrees to mass-produce fuel efficiency automobiles; electric cars.

2008 126

Engine products group files legal challenge to EPAs partial waiver for E15

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The newly formed Engine Products Group (EPG)—comprising the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (Alliance), The Association of International Automobile Manufacturers, Inc. Yet, E-15 has been shown to adversely affect engines in non-road products and later model year vehicles, cause emission failures and increase air pollution due to misfueling, the group says.

Legal 78

GAC Group begins construction of $6.5B industrial park for electric and intelligent vehicles

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China-based automobile manufacturer Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC Group), the parent company of GAC Motor, has begun construction of a large industrial park for electric and intelligent vehicles as part of its efforts to boost its electric vehicle business. This will provide GAC Motor with a production capacity of 200,000 units per year. The move will help promote the development of the automobile industry and drive economic growth.

2017 86