Consumer Reports calls for major safety improvements across auto industry after NTSB findings in Tesla investigation

Green Car Congress

In light of new findings by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) related to investigation of a fatal Tesla crash in 2018 related to Tesla Autopilot, Consumer Reports called for manufacturers to include key safety features in any vehicle that has an active driving assistance system and for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to ensure that is the case.

2020 170

ISU study finds large potential for biobased materials in auto industry, but with challenges

Green Car Congress

A study by researchers at Iowa State University has determined that the automotive industry has a very large potential to utilize biobased materials. However, they noted, there are also many challenges associated with the use of biobased parts in the auto industry. The above challenges contribute to the complex nature of the automotive industry and its products.


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Volkswagen Group’s new Future Tracks program targeting digitalization era in auto industry; “James 2025”

Green Car Congress

Dieter Kempf, President of BITKOM, the IT industry Association, Winterkorn declared that the increasingly intensive networking of cars with their surroundings and automatic driving would be the key topics for the intelligent mobility of the future. At the Geneva show, Winterkorn introduced the Future Tracks program by saying : Over the next few years, our industry will face one of the greatest upheavals since the invention of the automobile.

2014 184

UK auto industry warns anti-diesel agenda and slow uptake of EVs could mean missing 2021 CO2 targets; rising CO2 average in 2017

Green Car Congress

The UK automotive industry warned that the current anti-diesel agenda combined with the ongoing slow take-up of electric vehicles could mean industry misses its next round of CO 2 targets in 2021, with negative consequences for the UK’s own climate change goals. The light commercial vehicle sector, 96% of which is powered by diesel, has also shown impressive progress—new vans last year reduced CO 2 by -4.8%

2018 190

Auto Industry Weighs in Against Murkowski Amendment that Delays EPA Regulation of Stationary Source CO2 Emissions

Green Car Congress

In a letter to Senator Feinstein dated September 23, Administrator Jackson stated EPA’s interpretation that the Murkowski amendment as filed would “make it impossible for the Environmental Protection Agency to promulgate the light-duty vehicle greenhouse-gas emissions standards that the agency proposed on September 15, 2009.”. It is critical that the national program for regulating greenhouse gas emissions from autos be finalized early next year.

2009 179

Auto Industry and Utilities Urge President Obama to Create to National Electric Fuel Task Force to Accelerate Plug-in Adoption

Green Car Congress

Organizations representing auto manufacturers, electric utilities and the electric drive industry are calling on President Obama to establish a new National Electric Fuel Task Force to help accelerate the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles and the necessary infrastructure. Led by the Department of Energy, the task force would include federal and state regulators, standards organizations, utilities, environmental groups, consumer groups and electric drive industry stakeholders.

2010 200

Center for Automotive Research calls long-run economic risk to auto industry of mandating permanent fuel economy standards very serious; recommends periodic reviews

Green Car Congress

The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) has released a new study estimating the parameters of the US motor vehicle market and industry in 2025, given the “ most likely dramatic changes ” likely to be soon mandated by the federal government for the purpose of improving the fuel economy performance of vehicles not determined by market forces, as well as additional safety and environmental mandates and regulations. Industry in 2025” Recommendations. Industry in 2025.

2011 179

Auto Alliance urges EPA to withdraw premature Final Determination on light-duty GHG regulations, resume Midterm Evaluation process with NHTSA

Green Car Congress

The Auto Alliance has sent a letter to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt requesting that the US Environmental Protection Agency withdraw the Final Determination on the Appropriateness of the Model Year 2022-2025 Light-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards under the Midterm Evaluation which EPA announced on 13 January 2017. The industry also had an unacceptably short period to try to ascertain why EPA rejected so many of its objections.

2017 174

IHS Markit: average age of cars and light trucks in US rises again in 2019 to 11.8 years

Green Car Congress

The average age of light vehicles in operation (VIO) in the US has risen again this year to 11.8 From 2002-2007, the average age of light vehicles in the US increased by 3.5%. Light vehicles in operation in the US have now reached a record level of more than 278 million according to the analysis—an increase of more than 5.9 The oldest light vehicles are found in the West at 12.4 In addition, the light vehicle fleet is not aging at the same rate across regions.

2019 225

EPA proposes leaving light-duty vehicle GHG standards for MY 2022-2025 unchanged

Green Car Congress

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed leaving the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards for light-duty vehicle model years 2022-2025 in place, based on its technical analysis that shows automakers are well positioned to meet the targets. The final standards are projected result in an average industry fleet-wide level of 163 grams/mile of CO 2 in model year 2025, which is equivalent to 54.5

2016 200

EPA: GHG emissions standards for cars and light trucks should be revised; joint process with NHTSA (updated with more reactions)

Green Car Congress

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt announced the completion of the Midterm Evaluation (MTE) process for the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards for cars and light trucks for model years 2022-2025, and his final determination that the current standards are not appropriate and should be revised. auto industry backward, and we will vigorously defend the existing clean vehicle standards and fight to preserve one national clean vehicle program.”.

2018 183

Continental, Cummins, HARMAN, and ZF join Auto-ISAC for automotive cybersecurity

Green Car Congress

Continental, Cummins, HARMAN, and ZF have joined the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC) as original equipment supplier members. The four new members continue Auto-ISAC’s recent expansion beyond automakers, as the organization acknowledges the critical role that suppliers play in creating strong vehicle cybersecurity protections. —Jeff Massimilla of General Motors, Auto-ISAC’s Vice-Chairman.

2016 163

IHS Automotive forecasts 88.6M unit global light vehicle market in 2015; 2.4% growth

Green Car Congress

in 2014 as a result of industrial overcapacity and weakness in the real estate sector. However, IHS Automotive analysts still expect light vehicle sales in China to grow by 7% in 2015 to 25.2 million units, aided with increased auto finance penetration, fast dealership expansion and government vehicle scrappage programs. —Lin Huaibin, manager, China light vehicle sales forecast, IHS Automotive. The IHS Automotive US light vehicle sales forecast for 2015 is 16.9

2015 199

BMW i4 EV’s debut at the Geneva Auto Show gets cancelled by COVID-19!

Current EV

March 3 rd , 2020: with the Geneva Auto Show cancelled due to the coronavirus, automakers have been forced to present their new cars via digital debuts online. Both won prestigious awards and added impetus to the public’s perception that e-mobility is where the auto industry is headed.

2020 52

EPA to maintain light-duty vehicle GHG standards unchanged through 2025

Green Car Congress

In an expected ruling, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy finalized her decision to maintain the current greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards for model years 2022-2025 cars and light trucks. The EPA says that a wide variety of effective technologies are available to reduce GHG emissions from cars and light trucks, and that automakers are well positioned to meet the standards through model year 2025 at lower costs than the agency earlier predicted.

2017 150

IHS Markit: average age of light cars and trucks in US rises again in 2016 to 11.6 years; record number in operation

Green Car Congress

The average age of light vehicles in operation (VIO) in the US has once again climbed slightly this year, to 11.6 years, according to IHS Markit, a provider of business information and analysis for the global automotive industry. Registrations for light VIO, including cars and light trucks (SUVs/CUVs as well) in the US also reached a record level of more than 264 million—an increase of more than 6.2

2016 221

IHS: average age of light vehicles in US rises slightly in 2015 to 11.5 years; length of new vehicle ownership hits record high

Green Car Congress

The combined average age of all light vehicles on the road in the US has climbed slightly to 11.5 Registrations for light VIO in the US also reached a record level of 257,900,000—an increase of more than 5.3 million (2.1%) since last year and the highest annual increase the auto industry has seen in the US since IHS began tracking VIO growth. Average age for both passenger cars and light trucks increased just slightly in 2015, and both now stand at 11.5

2015 210

Auto Alliance pushing for passage of Maryland SB 1234 that would require state purchase of ZEVs; 50% of LDVs by 2026

Green Car Congress

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (Auto Alliance) is strongly supporting the passage of Maryland’s SB 1234 , a bill that would require the State of Maryland to purchase zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) for state fleets. The bill phases in a requirement that, by fiscal 2026, 50% of light-duty vehicles purchased for the State vehicle fleet be zero-emission vehicles. —Auto Alliance.

2018 184

New Ford Escape launching with two new EcoBoost engines with standard Auto Start-Stop

Green Car Congress

The new Ford Escape, being showcased at the Los Angeles Auto Show, is the first Ford vehicle to make Auto Start-Stop standard with either of two EcoBoost engines new to the model—a 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter twin-scroll. An indicator light provides a warning in the side mirror corresponding to the side on which the vehicle is approaching. Auto high-beam control: System automatically switches from high to low beams, and vice versa, depending on ambient lighting.

2015 212

Global auto production may hit 80+ million units this year; hybrids below 2% of total output

Green Car Congress

Worldwide light-duty vehicle production. Production of light-duty passenger vehicles (cars and light trucks) rose from 74.4 The auto industry’s production capacities are far from fully used; PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) estimates current global vehicle assembly capacity at almost 95 million, the report notes. Auto manufacturing capacity continues to grow, and annual output could reach the 100 million mark by 2016. Source: Worldwatch. Click to enlarge.

2012 229

PwC’s Autofacts forecasts global light vehicle assembly to hit 81M units in 2013, 101M by 2017

Green Car Congress

Global light vehicle assembly is expected to reach 81 million units in 2013, an increase of 2.3 Strong growth in Developing Asia-Pacific, improving stability in the EU and investment in new technologies will drive the industry forward. Autofacts forecasts annual global light vehicle assembly to reach 101 million by 2017. Megatrends driving the global automotive industry, according to the analyst group: European Union. of global light vehicle assembly in 2012.

2013 161

Consumer Federation analysis of polling data and tech pricing finds consumer demands aligned with proposed MY 2017-2025 CAFE and GHG regulations for light-duty vehicles

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposed CAFE standards are projected to require, on an average industry fleet-wide basis for cars and trucks combined, 40.1

2012 213

Renault-Nissan and Daimler Announce Strategic Cooperation; Equity Exchanges, Common Small Vehicle Platform, Powertrains and Light Commercial Vehicles

Green Car Congress

The new partners have agreed upon, and will implement with immediate effect, specific projects in the areas of a new common architecture for small vehicles; engines; and light commercial vehicles. The Renault-Nissan Alliance knows how to work successfully in collaborative partnerships, and this experience is extremely valuable in today’s and even more tomorrow’s global auto industry. Collaboration on light commercial vehicles. The result of the equity exchanges.

2010 185

Auto Alliance on Mid-Level Ethanol Blends: Build Out E85 Infrastructure First

Green Car Congress

Green Car Congress and Charles Territo of the Auto Alliance on 17 April briefly discussed the blend wall (ethanol supply greater than US’s ability to absorb it in 10% blends) and mid-level blends of ethanol being used on existing, non-flex-fuel, vehicles. That is a concern for the auto industry and we hope that is a concern for the DOE and EPA. Alliance members represent 77% of all car and light truck sales in the United States.

2009 150

2011 LA Auto Show Greenery

Hybrid SUV Blog

The Los Angeles Auto Show will be open for the press on November 16 & 17 and for the public November 18 through 27. The auto industry has been a relatively strong part of the economy, and all expectations are that it will continue its momentum at the L.A. There will be more than 20 auto-maker press conferences, where the auto-makers are eager to convince consumers that they are investing heavily in cars that buyers really want.

2011 40

ExOne and Ford announce automotive industry’s first binder jet 3D printing & high-density sintering of aluminum

Green Car Congress

This is a breakthrough in making 3D printed and sintered parts for the auto industry. While the 3D-printing process is very different than stamping body panels, we understand the behavior of aluminum better today, as well as its value in light-weighting vehicles.

IHS Markit: US gasoline demand could be cut almost in half due to COVID-19

Green Car Congress

Further, according to the latest IHS Markit forecasts, the global auto industry will exerience an unprecedented and almost instant stalling of demand in 2020, with global auto sales forecast to plummet more than 12% from 2019 to 78.8 Europe autos demand for 2020 is set at 15.6

2020 240

Will Tighter CAFE Rules Bring More Trucks, Fewer Small Cars?

Green Car Reports

The entire auto industry was startled when Fiat Chrysler said two weeks ago it would end production of its Dodge Dart compact car and its Chrysler 200 mid-size sedan. The company intends to use the plant capacity freed up to build more light trucks, meaning its popular crossover utilities and pickup trucks. Coverage of the news immediately. Green CAFE Corporate Average Fuel Economy EPA Fuel Economy regulation

2016 80

Cisco and Hyundai to bring “hyper-connected” car to production in 2019; software defined vehicle architecture

Green Car Congress

With a unique combination of networking and auto expertise, the two companies agreed they could work at a faster pace together to disrupt the auto industry. The companies are exploring applications such as integration into Hyundai datacenters for access to real-time data, connecting cars to city infrastructure, or communicating with lights and parking meters.

2018 175

Vision-oriented AI company Recogni raises $25M; investors include Toyota AI Ventures, BMW i Ventures, Faurecia

Green Car Congress

the designers of a vision-oriented artificial intelligence platform for autonomous vehicles, announced $25 million in Series A financing led by GreatPoint Ventures with participation from Toyota AI Ventures, BMW i Ventures, Faurecia, Fluxunit (VC arm of lighting and photonics company OSRAM), and DNS Capital. As the automotive industry is transitioning to autonomous vehicles, a network of computers is needed to drive these vehicles efficiently on a limited energy budget.

2019 150

Obama to announce CAFE program for MY 2017-2025 on Friday

Green Car Congress

Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC to announce the next round of a coordinated national program to improve fuel efficiency for Model Years 2017-2025 cars and light-duty trucks. Reports suggest that the Administration and the auto industry are converging on a 54.5 mpg by 2025—by giving light trucks a smaller increase. The administration will now only hike light trucks by 3.5 On Friday, President Obama will hold an event at the Walter E.

Obama 191

HELLA and Vahle developing wireless charging systems for plug-in vehicles

Green Car Congress

Based in Kamen, Germany, Vahle has 15 years of experience in contact-free energy transfer in industrial environments, while HELLA is a recognized leader in the development of electronics, software, processes and production in the auto industry. Rosenmayr notes that a number of technological and infrastructure challenges still must be overcome before wireless charging for cars and light trucks can be successfully introduced.

2014 207

Volkswagen Group & Anhui Jianghuai Automobile (JAC) jointly to develop EVs in China; new JV focused on NEVs

Green Car Congress

We look forward to a full scope cooperation together with Volkswagen Group, focus on new energy vehicles, to provide Chinese consumers with highly cost-effective battery-powered electric vehicle (BEV) products that promote the development of the Chinese new energy vehicle sector as well as the Chinese auto industry’s transformation and upgrading. We hope to develop this cooperation into a brand new business model during the process of Chinese auto industry’s opening up.

2016 150

Opinion: Hey VW, Electric Vehicles Are Not a Joke

Clean Fleet Report

The auto industry is not known as a second career for comedy writers. It’s a serious EV, enough to make the name change almost credible—until you realize we’re talking about a German corporation that is one of largest auto companies in the world.

Juice 52

GlobalData: Coronavirus leads to nosedive in global vehicle sales with lowest January registrations since 2012

Green Car Congress

million light-duty vehicles were sold worldwide in January—the lowest monthly figure since January 2012, which saw 5.9 The auto industry is poorly prepared for such supply chain shocks because many operations run on a ‘just-in-time’ basis, with very limited numbers of stockpiled parts.

2020 253

GreenTech Automotive to bring 2,000 JAC BEVs from China for US market

Green Car Congress

JAC is a full-line independent automaker in China, producing light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, MPV, SRV, sedans, bus chassis, buses, engineering machinery, engines, gearboxes and other key components. After more than 40 years of development, JAC has achieved an annual production capacity of more than 700,000 vehicles and 500,000 engines, and is ranked in the top 10 in the Chinese auto industry.

2013 213

HELLA to begin production of Gen4 24GHz radar sensors in mid-2017

Green Car Congress

HELLA, an auto industry electronics and lighting expert, will launch production of its fourth-generation 24GHz radar sensors in mid-2017, replacing third-generation radar sensors that have been in series production since June of 2014. Fourth-generation radar sensor. Click to enlarge. HELLA’s latest generation radar system offers an increased level of integration in a 25% smaller package and with improved measuring capacity.

2016 150

IHS: average age of vehicles on the road in US steady at 11.4 years; scrappage rate declining

Green Car Congress

The combined average age of all light vehicles on the road in the U.S. Total light vehicles in Operation (VIO) in the US reached a record level of more than 252,700,000—an increase of more than 3.7 The average age is in line with the trend shift first seen in 2013, in which the combined fleet of cars and light trucks on the road is older than ever. This while VIO is up 1.5%, a rate the auto industry hasn’t seen in the US since 2004-2005.

2014 185

New US Poll Finds 74% of Likely Voters Favor 60 MPG Fuel Economy Standard by 2025

Green Car Congress

A new national poll of likely voters conducted by the Mellman Group found that 74% of likely voters favor having “ the federal government require the auto industry to increase average fuel efficiency…to 60 miles per gallon by the year 2025.” Among the other findings: 78% favored regulations requiring the auto industry to reduce CO 2 emissions from light duty vehicles.

2010 185

Report finds US automakers remain profitable under future CAFE standards even with fuel price fluctuation

Green Car Congress

Even with wide-ranging unpredictable gas prices, US automakers will remain profitable and suppliers will benefit under existing national fuel economy standards slated to be in place until 2025, according to a new economic analysis brief prepared by independent automotive industry analysts, commissioned by the nonprofit group Ceres. In all of our fuel price scenarios (from Very Low to High), the auto industry would be profitable if current standards stay in place.

2016 163

Warm-forged aluminum alloy differential case reduces weight by about 40%

Green Car Congress

The automotive industry’s interest in using light metals in both structural and body parts continues to increase. —“ R&D Update: Warm forming of alloys in the auto industry ”, Stamping Journal. A team in South Korea has developed a warm-forging process for the manufacture of an aluminium alloy automotive differential case—usually produced from ductile cast iron.

2015 192

New Open Fuel Standard Act would set minimum requirement for non-petroleum fuel capability in new automobiles

Green Car Congress

The auto industry had criticized the 95% requirement as unattainable, noted the Methanol Institute, which came out strongly in support of the new bill. Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY-16) and Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL-27) introduced the Open Fuel Standard Act ( H.R. 2493 ) which would require 30% of new automobiles in 2016, 50% in 2017, and 50% in each subsequent year, to operate on non-petroleum fuels in addition to or instead of petroleum based fuels.

2013 184

ICCT and CATARC to collaborate on research on LDV fuel efficiency technologies for China

Green Car Congress

The immediate focus of the memorandum is project that will evaluate fuel-efficiency technologies and China-specific costs of these technologies for new light-duty vehicles (LDVs) in the upcoming decade. This work will support the development of medium-term energy-efficiency goals for China’s auto industry, as well as fuel-efficiency targets for light-duty vehicles in 2020 and 2025.

2013 196