Largest Auto-Industry Employer In California: Electric-Car Maker Tesla Motors

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Tesla Motors is one of the youngest U.S. It''s also, amazingly, become California''s biggest auto-industry employer--edging out even Toyota. automakers, but has made a disproportionately large impact in the automotive media''s headlines over the last few years. When Toyota makes its move to Texas, taking most of its 5,300 jobs to the Lone Star State

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How Elon Musk Controls Tesla Motors While Owning Only 27 Percent

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Tesla Motors commands outsize attention within the world of electric cars--and the auto industry in general. management Elon Musk Tesla Motors Executives plug-in carsIts CEO, Elon Musk, has a huge personal following that eagerly hangs on his every word. Or perhaps "his every tweet" would be more appropriate, Twitter often being his preferred mode for communicating and, seemingly, thinking out loud.

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Tesla Cybertruck looks like CGI in real life in Giga Texas footage


Elon Musk has remarked in the past that the Tesla Cybertruck looks like a CGI render in real life. The Cybertruck may be made of tangible, cold steel, but from a distance, it almost looks like it belongs in the auto industry’s uncanny valley. .

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When do you think the first Tesla Model 3 electric cars will be delivered? Poll results

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The Tesla Model 3, a mass-priced electric car that's not yet on sale, has had a huge impact on the auto industry. The fact that Silicon Valley carmaker Tesla Motors could get more than 350,000 people to put down $1,000 each for a vehicle they wouldn't receive for 18 months or more was astounding enough. But Tesla CEO Elon Musk's goal of boosting. Future Cars Tesla Motors plug-in cars Tesla Model 3 Polls

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Will Tesla Model 3 Electric Car Hit 2017 Production Date?

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Electric-car maker Tesla Motors has done many remarkable things in its short decade of existence--including a few the auto industry viewed as impossible. Elon Musk Future Cars Model S Tesla Motors Model X gigafactory Tesla Model 3But the company has never managed to get a car into volume production on the date it first announced. That applied to its Roadster, the Model S sedan, and the Model X electric SUV. DON'T MISS.

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Tesla (TSLA) shares poised for a swing after Q1 earnings: Wall Street


Tesla’s ( NASDAQ:TSLA ) Q1 2021 earnings call is just a few hours away. in either direction, a significant movement considering Tesla shares have seen less drastic swings in recent months. Tesla (TSLA) Q1 2021 earnings: What to expect. Investor's Corner News Featured Tesla TSLA

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Tesla Model 3 demand startled everyone, even Musk; now what?

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To say that the auto industry has been startled by the volume of deposits on the Tesla Model 3 would be an understatement. The number of potential buyers worldwide who have sent Tesla Motors $1,000 to reserve a place in line to buy the car is now approaching 400,000, said longtime executive Diarmuid O'Connell. Elon Musk Future Cars Tesla Motors plug-in cars Tesla Model 3

2016 95

Tesla delivered 76,000 cars in 2016, missing its goal

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While the auto industry will start to report December and year-end sales totals today, Tesla Motors issued its year-end delivery and production results yesterday. sales Production Financial Tesla Motors New car sales plug-in carsThe Silicon Valley car maker, now completing its ninth year of production, delivered 22,230 electric cars during the fourth quarter of 2016. That brings its total for last year to 76,230.

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Former GM Product Czar Bob Lutz Asks: Is Tesla Doomed?

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Former General Motors product czar Bob Lutz, now retired for a few years, is largely respected within the auto industry. He stopped flying his MIG fighter jet when he turned 80, as the story goes, but he remains a larger-than-life persona in an industry with fewer and fewer of them. Bob Lutz Tesla Motors plug-in cars

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Even top German minister for environment prefers Tesla

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Indeed, given Germany's considerable investment in its auto industry, using a German car. Europe Germany Tesla Motors plug-in carsGovernment officials in Germany seeking to express national pride in their choice of vehicle have no shortage of options. The established German luxury brands offer many models that frequently serve in the capacity of official vehicle for an elected official.

2017 93

Tesla met promises in first 10-year Master Plan; Musk to stay 10 more years

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At this point, a majority of the global auto industry agrees that Tesla and its electric cars have had a remarkable impact in less than 10 years. Founded 15 years ago by two Silicon Valley engineers, Tesla won funding from venture capital, private investment, and government loans that totaled billions of dollars. Elon Musk Tesla Motors plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

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Tesla Model 3 reservations: 373K after duplicates, speculators removed

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The hundreds of thousands of $1,000 deposits placed for the Tesla Model 3 electric cars by potential buyers around the world came as an eye-opening shock to the auto industry. Future Cars Tesla Motors plug-in cars Tesla Model 3More than 100,000 such deposits were placed during the day that preceded the car's unveiling on the evening of March 31. Then, on April 7, April 14, and April 21, the total.

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Will Tesla steamroller German luxury makers? Perhaps not

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It has become an article of faith among some Tesla fans and owners that the company will inevitably rise to compete with and ultimately defeat the titans of the global auto industry. Germany Tesla Motors plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV This belief is especially prevalent for the luxury sector, where three German carmakers dominate the global market for pricey and admired vehicles of all sorts. About.

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Do Tesla, Panasonic Differ Dramatically On Growth Of Electric Car Batteries?

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The rate of sales growth for electric cars may be the greatest unknown in the auto industry as companies prepare to spend billions of dollars on new products. Electric-car startup Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] projects annual sales to increase by 50 percent for years to come. Other makers, industry analysts, and advocates have wildly differing. sales lithium-ion battery pack Tesla Motors plug-in cars Panasonic gigafactory

2015 122

What's ahead for Tesla Model 3? Take our Twitter poll

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Auto-industry CEOs virtually never admit that the new product that could make or break the company is "in production hell," but that's now obviously the case for the Tesla Model 3. Deliveries last months totaled just 220 units, far below Tesla CEO Elon Musk's July projection of 1,500 during September. Tesla Motors plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Polls

2017 76

LIVE BLOG: Tesla (TSLA) Q1 2021 earnings call summary


Tesla’s ( NASDAQ:TSLA ) first-quarter earnings call comes on the heels of an impressive quarter that saw the electric car maker post $10.389 billion in revenue and non-GAAP earnings per share of $0.93, beating Wall Street’s expectations. Credit: Tesla. Credit: Tesla.

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DOE Closes $465M Loan to Tesla Motors

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The US Department of Energy has closed its $465 million loan with Tesla Motors, Inc. The Palo Alto facility will assemble electric vehicle battery packs, electric motors, and related electric vehicle control equipment, both for Tesla’s own electric vehicles and for sale to other automobile manufacturers. It will help build a customer base and begin laying the foundation for American leadership in the growing electric vehicles industry.

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Tesla Model S suspensions, NHTSA, NDAs: what you need to know

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A post on a small auto-industry blog that accused startup carmaker Tesla Motors of concealing potentially hazardous suspension breakages has blown up into a major media story. NHTSA Suspension Tesla Motors plug-in carsThat's par for the course for much of the news, big and small, that involves the decade-old electric-car maker, which has now sold close to 150,000 electric cars over eight.

2016 98

Michigan says Tesla sales ban not unconstitutional, responding to lawsuit

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Tesla Motors continues to fight for the ability to sell its electric cars directly to customers in Michigan, home of the rest of the U.S. auto industry. Politics dealers Michigan Tesla Motors plug-in cars dealerships state lawsThe Silicon Vallery automaker has been banned from doing so for about two years, thanks to subtle changes made to the state's franchise laws to prevent direct sales. Having failed to overturn the.

Cheaper leases on Tesla electric cars to run through Sept 30

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Tesla Motors has made an indelible mark on the global auto industry, launching the first volume electric cars with few if any compromises in design, performance, or features. But they're also expensive, following the industry maxim that. Tesla Motors plug-in cars lease priceBoth the Model S in 2012 and the Model X in 2015 remain the sole such cars with more than 200 miles of range.

2016 87

How many Tesla Model 3 electric cars can company build this year?

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It's one of the most fascinating sets of questions in the auto industry. How quickly can Tesla Motors put its Model 3 electric car into production? At a promised starting price of $35,000, the Model 3 is not only Tesla's latest moonshot but the car that. plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Tesla Model 3And when? How many cars can it build this year? How many can it deliver to paying customers?

2017 102

What Tesla hath wrought: bumper crop of luxury electric cars

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It may have taken some time, but the auto industry is now reacting to Tesla in full force. More than four years after the first Tesla Model S was delivered, we are on the verge of a bumper crop of luxury electric cars. A mix of established automakers and startups looking to emulate Tesla's success are planning a growing array of new models, the. Mercedes-Benz Faraday Future Lucid Motors

2017 92

How BMW can compete with Tesla electric cars: future i5, plug-in hybrids, says advocate

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For a decade now, Tesla Motors has been the "black swan" of the auto industry. Future Cars Tesla Motors plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) BMW i5It's a California company startup, founded from scratch, using a new powertrain, that against all odds has sold more than 100,000 electric cars and created a brand known worldwide. You can almost hear the grinding of teeth in the automaking capitals of Michigan and.

2016 76

Tesla Motors reaches corporate profitability

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Big guns in the US auto industry like General Motors and Chrysler may still be reeling from the credit crunch, but upstart electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors has achieved overall corporate profitability in July. This includes a more powerful motor as well as forged wheels and a customer’s Roadster Sport sprinted the quarter mile in 12.643 seconds in late July setting a class record in the National Electric Drag Racing Association.

Tesla Sales Model Intrigues Volvo, Lexus, AutoNation--Though Dealers Must Remain, By Law

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Electric-car maker Tesla Motors has shaken up the auto industry in many ways, and it continues to do so. Now, aspects of Tesla''s online direct-sales model are starting to influence other companies in the car business--and their executives are saying so--even as lobbyists for franchised car dealerships fight Tesla''s online direct sales in state

2015 117

Tesla 'Will Prevail In All States' Against Dealer Lawsuits: Dealership Commentator

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Have we just seen the first crack in the facade of auto-dealer opposition to Tesla Motors selling cars directly to retail buyers? An opinion piece in auto-industry trade journal Ward''s Auto concludes with the following remarkable sentences: We can keep Tesla busy defending what are basically nuisance suits.

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Tesla replays DOE loan nine years early

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billion fundraising , Tesla Motors has paid off the entire loan awarded to the company by the US Department of Energy in 2010. Following this payment, Tesla will be the only American car company to have fully repaid the government. For the first seven years since its founding in 2003, Tesla was funded entirely with private funds, led by Elon Musk. Today, Tesla employs more than 3,000 American workers and is living proof of the power of American innovation.

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How Many Tesla Model S Electric Cars Have Been Built So Far?

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Car production data may cause some eyes to glaze over, but the numbers are closely followed in the auto industry. Electric-car maker Tesla Motors doesn''t report its exact sales, nor its precise production, so a cottage industry has sprung up to track its alleged production. MORE: Tesla''s Next Electric Car Line: Roundup Of What We Know Now Among

2014 111

Tesla Announces IPO

Revenge of the Electric Car

According to their SEC filing, California electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc. Read more in the LA Times story: Tesla Motors plans $100-million IPO. From the article: “California electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc. The price of shares or the timing of their availability is still unclear, but industry observers expect the much-anticipated offering to be well-received by investors.&#. Tesla Motors plans $100-million IPO.

2010 126

Tesla: As Disruptive To U.S. Car Market As Toyota, Nissan Were?

Green Car Reports

In its decade of existence, electric-car startup Tesla has accomplished many things the auto industry didn''t think it could do. But could Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] be as disruptive to the existing industry as were Toyota and Nissan, the two largest Japanese car importers during the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties?

2013 105

2012 Tesla Model S: Most Important New Car Since Ford Model T?

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It jump-started the auto industry as we now know it. But Tesla is looking to change the automotive industry, and the new 2012 Model S just might be the most important new car since the Model T. Let's start with the obvious: Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] is a U.S.There's no denying that the Ford Model T is one of the most important cars of all time.

2012 125

RIP Scion, Chevy Bolt EV Powertrain, Tesla Model 3: Today's Car News

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Today, Toyota kills off its Scion "youth brand," a look at how General Motors and LG collaborated on 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV development, and everything we know so far about the Tesla Model 3 electric car. The Volkswagen diesel scandal is eroding trust in German engineering and the auto industry in general, a.

2016 87

Factorial Energy emerges from stealth with 40 Ah solid-state battery cell for EVs

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Factorial also announced the appointment of senior industry leaders with deep technical and automotive experience to its leadership team. Taylor, the former Chairman and CEO of Panasonic Corporation of North America, played a key role in the development of the Tesla-Panasonic relationship, which resulted in Panasonic investing in the Tesla Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada.

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Shai Agassi Weighs In On The Lessons Of Tesla & Electric Cars

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But on the business network LinkedIn this morning, he emerged to weigh in on the lessons of Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] and what the auto industry at large could learn from the electric-car startup. Shai Agassi, founder of the now-defunct Better Place electric-car service in Israel, hasn''t been in the public eye much of late.

2013 91

Five Electric Cars You'll Still Be Able To Buy In Five Years

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The electric auto industry -- more than the conventional auto industry -- is an extremely volatile and competitive place. And unlike the mainstream auto industry, small-scale and boutique companies like Tesla Motors and Fisker Automotive actually compete for the custom of electric car buyers alongside major automakers like Nissan and Ford.

2011 92

Is Tesla ready for the big time? The Green Piece

Green Cars News

With just hundreds of cars on the road and with the auto industry still struggling to recover from the global economic crisis, Tesla Motors took a bold move by filing for an initial public offering that could make or break the company’s future (see article). The decision is rumoured to mark the end of the Tesla [.]. Tags: Electric cars Tesla Motors Daimler Roadster Tesla

2010 39

Jaguar Electric SUV As Soon As 2017? 'Radical' Styling Planned

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Since a concept version was unveiled at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, all eyes have been on Audi's electric crossover to be the auto-industry establishment's first true rival to the Tesla Model X. But another luxury brand could beat Audi to the punch. A variety of sources have reported that Jaguar will launch an all-electric SUV, and now a new. plug-in cars

2015 130

DOE expands partnership with industry to advance next-generation automotive technologies, adds Tesla and EPRI as members: US DRIVE

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has launched US DRIVE, a cooperative partnership with industry to accelerate the development of clean, advanced, energy-efficient technologies for cars and light trucks and the infrastructure needed to support their widespread use. The announcement of US DRIVE marks the addition of two new members that bring additional focus on electric-drive vehicle technologies to the partnership: the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and Tesla Motors.

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Tesla's Elon Musk, GM's Bob Lutz To Appear On 'Charlie Rose' Tonight

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The pair of auto-industry stars is Bob Lutz, former product czar at General Motors and still a part-time behind-the-scenes advisor to newly minted CEO Dan Akerson, and Elon Musk They're both featured in Revenge of the Electric Car, the documentary that's now in limited release across the country, so it makes sense they'd be doing media together.

2011 77

More auto plant shutdowns for COVID-19

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Honda transmission and engine plants in North America that serve Honda auto plants also will suspend production for the same time period. Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama (HMMA) has already suspended production in all areas, for all shifts, on 18 March, following the confirmation of a case of COVID-19 among its workforce. Tesla will suspend production at its Fremont plant on 23 March. On a smaller scale, in California, Tesla stimulated $5.5

2020 179

Tesla CEO: Gas prices should be $10 a gallon

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Describing himself as anti-tax but pro-carbon tax, Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk risked the backlash of US motorists by declaring that petrol should probably cost $10 a gallon. With the US auto industry in disarray, Tesla’s focus on premium green cars has emerged as a bright spark. Tags: Green cars Latest news Tesla Motors CBS Electric cars Elon Musk Elon Musk Interview Tesla

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At a market capitalization exceeding $700 billion, Tesla enjoys a unique financial position among all auto manufacturers to expand its investments in electric vehicles and infrastructure. We are in the midst of deep disruption to the auto industry.

Top 5 Electric Vehicle Start-Ups in India

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Amazon and Flipkart changed the way we shop, Tesla has done the same with electric cars they changed the way the world looked at electric cars. There are few promising electric vehicle startups in India that have the potential to revolutionise the Indian electric vehicle motor sector.

India 52