Zinc air battery project claims $100/kwh cost, could be headed to vehicles

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But one other battery possibility is increasingly looking viable for the near future: zinc-air. The firm NantEnergy has made some new and exceptional claims about its latest zinc. Batteries Zinc-Air Battery metal-air batteryUntil now, solid-state lithium-ion cells have been the likely path forward for battery technology, potentially finding their way into some production vehicles by 2025.

University of Sydney team advances rechargeable zinc-air batteries with bimetallic oxide–graphene hybrid electrocatalyst

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University of Sydney team advances rechargeable zinc-air batteries with bimetallic oxide–graphene hybrid electrocatalyst. Researchers at the University of Sydney, with colleagues at Nanyang Technological University, have found a solution for one of the biggest stumbling blocks hindering the commercialization of rechargeable zinc-air batteries. Zinc-air batteries are powered by zinc metal and oxygen from the air.


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Leo Motors improves zinc air fuel cell

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has further developed its Zinc Air Fuel Cell (ZAFC) Generator with additional innovations which it believes can enhance the efficiency of and reduce the size and weight of the ZAFC generator. The refuelable ZAFC oxidizes zinc pellets, generating the power to recharge the Li-ion polymer battery pack. Leo has developed a fuel distribution system for the even distribution of the zinc pellets into the stack. Leo Motors, Inc.

Zinc-air battery company Eos Energy Storage raises $15M

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Eos Energy Storage, a developer of zinc-air grid-scale battery technology, completed its $15-million Series B financing round with participation from a syndicate of 21 strategic and financial investors. Eos has developed Znyth, a zinc hybrid cathode battery technology. The company saus it has overcome historical limitations of zinc-air batteries, with its innovations improving round-trip efficiency, energy density, cycle life, and run time.

Montana Company Licenses Lawrence Livermore Zinc Air Fuel Cell Technology

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based Zinc Air, Inc. ZAI) has obtained exclusive rights from LLNL for the mechanically rechargeable zinc air fuel cell (US Patent 5,434,020) invented by John Cooper, a retired LLNL chemist, who is on the ZAI technical Board of Advisors. The Zinc Air Fuel Cell (ZAFC) consumes zinc metal and atmospheric oxygen to produce electricity, and produces a reaction product consisting of a liquid suspension of zinc oxides and potassium zincate in an alkaline electrolyte.

Tsinghua team develops zinc-air fuel cell stack with high power density

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Researchers at Tsinghua University have developed a high-power-density zinc-air fuel cell (ZAFC) stack using an inexpensive manganese dioxide (MnO 2 ) catalyst with potassium hydroxide (KOH) electrolyte. Zinc-air technology, although offering high energy density—about twice the gravimetric density (Wh/kg) and three times the volumetric density (Wh/L) of Li-ion technology—has been generally limited to low-power, non-rechargeable applications.

Zinc-Air Battery Company ReVolt Applying for $30M in Recovery Act Funds; Targeting EV Applications

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ReVolt Technology, LLC, a spin-off from Norway’s SINTEF that is developing rechargeable zinc-air batteries ( earlier post ), is applying for $30 million in grants from US Department of Energy (DOE) under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act to accelerate the commercialization of large format zinc-air batteries for energy storage and electric vehicle applications. In a bi-functional air electrode, both the oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reactions occur.

Leo Motors Exhibits Electric Trucks with Zinc Air Fuel Cell Range Extenders

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displayed two electric trucks equipped with a new Zinc Air Fuel Cell (ZAFC) system as a range-extender at the EV Korea 2010 Expo. The refuelable ZAFC oxidizes zinc pellets, generating the power to recharge the Li-ion polymer battery pack. Leo has developed a fuel distribution system for the even distribution of the zinc pellets into the stack. Leo Motors, Inc.

More efficient Zinc-air batteries could replace lithium ion

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Scientists at Stanford University have developed a zinc air battery they hope could become the next generation of battery, costing less and delivering more power than the current generation of lithium ion batteries. Because they don''t need expensive catalysts made of platinum or iridium, zinc air [.].

ReVolt Technology and BASF in Joint Development Agreement for Zinc-Air Battery System

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ReVolt Technology Ltd, a technology company which has developed a rechargeable zinc-air battery ( earlier post ), and BASF have entered a joint-development agreement to speed the development and commercialization of ReVolt’s rechargeable zinc-air battery system. Revolt’s zinc-air technology offers up to three times the energy density on a volumetric basis and twice on a gravimetric basis of lithium-ion, according to the company.

Rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery Company Approved to Receive $6.8M in Loans and Tax Credits from the State of Oregon and City of Portland

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ReVolt Technology, LLC, a company that is developing rechargeable zinc-air batteries ( earlier post ), has been approved to receive a package of loans and tax credits from Oregon and Portland authorities totaling approximately $6.8 Under ARPA-E’s “Batteries for Electrical Energy Storage in Transportation” (BEEST) program, ReVolt will develop a powerful, safe and environmentally-sustainable rechargeable zinc-air battery system for electric vehicle applications.

Revolutionary Zinc-Air Battery Developed For EV Use

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Developments in Zinc-air battery technology have been made which promise to make the technology a serious contender in the EV world. Zinc-air batteries need only Zinc, air and water to produce According to Advanced Power and Energy Sources Transportation (APET) in Hong Kong, the cordless, no-solar-panel EV is about to become a reality.

Zinc8 Energy Solutions creates wholly owned US Subsidiary in New York State

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With the rechargeable zinc-air flow battery technology, the system can be configured to support a wide range of long-duration applications for microgrids and utilities. The Zinc8 ESS is based upon unique patented zinc-air battery technology.

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Team at Naval Research Laboratory suggests design direction for structural batteries

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The researchers’ analysis also suggests that further found that ext-generation structural batteries should look to energy-dense aluminum-air and zinc-air batteries.

2020 227

Revolt and BASF join forces for battery system

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BASF and Revolt Technology are ready to combine their expertise in an effort to speed the development and commercialisation of Revolt’s rechargeable zinc-air battery system. The rechargeable nature of zinc-air systems had been problematic due to issues include the battery drying out and zinc dendrite formation, as well as reduction reversibility and oxygen formation.

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EPA deadline, BMW electric reality check, Mustang hybrid tease: Today's Car News

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A zinc-air battery project is backed by a big name and claims to have achieved the $100/kwh cost barrier and plans to find its way. If you have a strong position regarding the EPA's proposal to freeze fuel economy standards at 2020 levels through 2026, speak out. Tomorrow is the deadline for making public comments that are part of the legal record. Today in Car News

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Arotech awarded contract to develop Li-ion prototypes for hybrid electric vehicles; 1st prototypes in 1Q 2013

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Arotech has substantial know-how in large format battery technology, having in the past, under its Electric Fuel name, successfully developed zinc air batteries that powered electric vehicles more than 250 kilometers in a single discharge. Arotech develops and produces high power zinc-air batteries and is believed to be the sole supplier of this technology to the US military.

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Cost-effective catalysts for metal-air battery

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Cost-effective catalysts for metal-air battery. The Union Ministry of Science & Technology said that the ARCI has developed cost-effective catalysts for a metal-air battery that will help to decrease cost and increase the efficiency of metal-air batteries.

Leo Motors to develop electric tractors

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Leo Motors has also developed a Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator (ZAFCG). Leo Motors entered into an agreement with Tong Yang Mulsan Co., one of the largest agricultural machinery companies in Korea, to develop electric tractors using the body and chassis from Tong Yang’s internal combustion engine (ICE) tractors.

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Scientists make lithium-ion battery breakthrough

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Lithium-ion batteries are at the centre of the electric car revolution: boasting longer lifecycles than the majority of zinc-air batteries that they have effectively replaced. So imagine if that lifecycle became even longer? That is what the scientists at Zentrum fur Sonnenenergie und Wasserstoff-F[.]. Latest News Green cars Electric cars Lithium-ion batteries

New UNIST catalyst boosts metal-air battery performance

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Metal-Air Batteries (MABs), which use oxygen from ambient air as recourses to store and convert energy, have received considerable attention for their potential use in electric vehicles (EVs) owing to their large storage capacity, lightweight, and affordability.

2020 272

Stanford’s GCEP awards $10.5M for research on renewable energy; solar cells, batteries, renewable fuels and bioenergy

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Photo-electrochemically rechargeable zinc-air batteries. The zinc-air battery is a promising technology that has high energy density but limited power density. The research team will develop a photo-electrochemical battery with a stable zinc electrode capable of generating electricity using sunlight and air. The Global Climate and Energy Project (GCEP) at Stanford University has awarded $10.5

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Leo Motors to develop electric scooters for Brazil

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Leo Motors has also developed a Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator (ZAFCG). Leo Motors, Inc. has reached an agreement to develop electric scooters for DAFRA Motos, one of the largest motorcycle companies in Brazil. Under the agreement, Leo will develop electric scooters using DAFRA’s internal combustion engine (ICE) scooter branded as “Smart 125.” DAFRA will pay for the development costs and provide bodies of Smart 125 scooters to Leo.

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Mercom: battery, smart grid, energy efficiency companies raised $2.3B in VC funding in 2019; 18% lower than 2018

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Other categories that received funding included Gravity storage, Flow batteries, CAES, Energy storage downstream, Fuel cells, Liquid metal batteries, Thermal energy storage, Solid-state batteries, Sodium-based batteries, and Zinc-air batteries.

2020 195

ARPA-E awarding $36M to 22 projects in RANGE program for transformative EV storage

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Dendrite Free Zinc?Air Air Battery. Naval Research Laboratory, will develop a low-cost battery using zinc-air technology. Currently, zinc-air batteries are low power and offer a limited cycle life. EnZinc’s porous, sponge-like zinc component prevents battery failure and enables high-power charge and discharge. If successful, EnZinc’s zinc-air technology could reduce electric vehicle battery cost by more than half.

2013 290

Volkswagen and Varta Microbattery Ltd. to Collaborate on Next-Generation Li-ion Systems for Electric Drive Vehicles

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VARTA Microbattery has more than 100 years experience in the area of various electrochemical systems from Lithium to metal-air systems as well as in their research, development and production. For non-rechargeable (primary) cells, Varta offers Lithium cylindrical, button and prismatic; alkaline cylindrical; zinc air button; silver button; alkaline button; and gassing cells. Volkswagen and Varta Microbattery Ltd.

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Revolt makes bid for $30million grant

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Switzerland based ReVolt Technology, a spin-off from Norway’s SINTEF, is developing rechargeable zinc-air batteries and wants $30million in grants from the US Department of Energy to accelerate their commercialisation for both energy storage and electric vehicle applications. will have heard of ReVolt before – back in January we told you how it had entered into a joint development agreement with BASF to speed up the development of its zinc-air battery system.

NYSERDA awards $1.4M to 6 projects for advanced energy storage technologies; Electromotive and Ioxus for heavy-duty hybrids

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Bettergy plans to improve and demonstrate a low-cost zinc air-flow battery that could be used for grid storage applications, including storing renewable electricity. Eos is seeking to scale-up and commercialize a novel zinc battery technology with a low-cost, energy-dense and inherently safe design. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) awarded a total of $1.4

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Leo Motors, Inc. Completes Successful Tests for Converted Midsize Highway Electric Vehicles

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Leo Motors says it is also developing a new multi-motor system as well as a new type of refuelable zinc air fuel cell. Korea-based Leo Motors , Inc. earlier post ) has completed testing of an electric vehicle (EV) conversion solution on Kia’s “Morning” car model. The converted Kia achieved speeds of 100 mph and a range of 150 miles on a single charge, going from zero to sixty mph in six seconds.

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EV Everywhere Blueprint outlines DOE technical and development goals for EVs for 2022

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For the longer term, (2017-2027) while “beyond Li-ion” battery chemistries such as lithium-sulfur, magnesium-ion, zinc-air, and lithium-air, offer the potential of significantly greater energy densities, breakthrough innovation will be required for these new battery technologies to enter the PEV market, according to DOE.

2013 215

JRC assesses EU RD&D investments in electric-drive vehicles; controls and energy storage top the list

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AUTOSUPERCAP, ELECTROGRAPH and OPERA4EV); Li-ion batteries in fields of safety, energy density, power capability, cycle and calendar life (Cell components/cell level R&D; Battery modules R&D); Post Li-ion batteries (Lithium-air, lithium sulfur, zinc-air); Standardization of electrical, mechanical and thermal interfaces; Cell components/cell level R&D; Battery modules R&D; R&D in the area of battery management systems and grid integration (i.e.

2013 190

Kentucky-Argonne Partnership to Help Build US Advanced Battery Industry

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In the long-term, the center would help in the development of technologies that would enable a significant increase in energy densities, including lithium-air and zinc-air systems for vehicle applications and advanced batteries for cost efficient and long-life grid power storage applications.

ARPA-E Selects 37 Projects for $106M in Funding in Second Round; Electrofuels, Better Batteries and Carbon Capture

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Zn-Air Battery : Zinc Flow Air Battery (ZFAB), the Next Generation Energy Storage for Transportation. ReVolt Technology will develop a novel large format high-energy zinc-air flow battery for long all-electric range Plug-In and All Electric vehicles. ReVolt’s fundamental breakthroughs in air electrodes enable a new class of high-energy rechargeable battery systems that combines key innovations from the fields of fuel cells and batteries.

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