October, 2021

Rock Tech Lithium to build Europe’s first lithium converter in Germany

Green Car Congress

Rock Tech Lithium intends to build Europe’s first lithium converter—a production plant for battery-grade lithium hydroxide—in Guben, Brandenburg, Germany. The company intends to locate all production steps of lithium refining in one overall plant at the Guben site.

Hertz plans to add 100,000 Tesla Model 3s, citing convenience of Supercharger network

Green Car Reports

The rental-car giant Hertz on Monday announced plans to add 100,000 Tesla vehicles to its fleets in North America and Europe by the end of 2022, along with some of its own charging infrastructure.


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Toyota unveils its first all-electric car: the bZ4X, an electric SUV packed with cool features


Toyota has unveiled what could be considered as its first all-electric car: the bZ4X, an electric SUV packed with cool features. more… The post Toyota unveils its first all-electric car: the bZ4X, an electric SUV packed with cool features appeared first on Electrek.

Autonomous Boats Seem More Solvable Than Autonomous Cars

Cars That Think

It's become painfully obvious over the past few years just how difficult fully autonomous cars are.

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NHTSA Needs Advisors Who Understand How Convolutional Neural Nets Work

EV Obssesion

In an interview with Marketplace Tech, Missy Cummings, the newly named senior advisor of safety for the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration, spoke about how hard it would be for AI to recognize a stop sign if it was covered with kudzu.

Tesla’s Elon Musk responds to UN World Food Program director’s call to “solve world hunger”


A few days ago, United Nations World Food Program (WFP) director David Beasley told CNN that a small group of ultra-wealthy individuals such as Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk could help solve world hunger with just a fraction of their net worth.

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Volkswagen testing 5G for production on its way to smart factories; Wolfsburg, Transparent Factory in Dresden

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen is taking a further step in the direction of fully networked factories. A local 5G campus network is now available at its main plant in Wolfsburg that initially covers the main production development center and the pilot hall.

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Tesla is rumored to have secured giant LFP battery cell order from CATL


Tesla is rumored to have secured giant order of 45 GWh of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells from CATL. It comes as Tesla announced its global move to LFP for standard range cars.

Q&A: Ghost Robotics CEO on Armed Robots for the U.S. Military

Cars That Think

Last week, the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) conference took place in Washington, D.C. One of the exhibitors was Ghost Robotics —we've previously covered their nimble and dynamic quadrupedal robots, which originated at the University of Pennsylvania with Minitaur in 2016.

Tesla Releases A Guide To Its Dojo Technology

EV Obssesion

Tesla released a Dojo white paper this week, and Elon Musk pointed out alongside the release that this is much more important than it may seem at first. Meaning, this is highly important and worth taking a deep dive into.

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Tesla FSD Beta is starting to save lives


Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Beta are, at their core, safety systems.

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Energy Vault to provide 1.6 GWh of gravity energy storage to support DG Fuels SAF projects

Green Car Congress

Energy Vault, a company developing grid-scale gravity energy storage solutions, has entered into an energy storage system agreement with DG Fuels, a developer of renewable hydrogen and biogenic-based, synthetic sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and diesel fuel.

First drive review: 2022 Lucid Air delivers a new leading edge for EVs

Green Car Reports

Up until now, those buying premium electric cars have faced a stark dilemma: Either choose the EV that represents the leading edge of performance, range, and efficiency—yes, that would be the Tesla—or choose the EV that’s a more holistic luxury car in terms of features, styling, refinement, and build quality. The 2022 Lucid Air.

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China claims title of having world’s largest EV charging network


A report out of China, citing recent data from the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, hands the crown to the country as having the world’s largest EV charging network. With over 2.2

China 114

Behind the Wheel, Under the Hood of World’s First 500-Mile EV

Cars That Think

Whether Lucid Motors will succeed in the brutally competitive auto business remains an open question. But its technological advantages are settled: With an EPA-rated range of up to 837 km ( 520 miles ), the Lucid Air sedan can travel farther on a charge, and charge faster, than any EV in history.

Tesla As An Investment — Did You Wait Too Long?

EV Obssesion

Tesla as an investment over the years has had many people wondering. When Tesla entered the S&P 500 in December, 2020, CNBC mused that the event was a sign of “just how powerful index investing has become.”

2020 105

SpaceX to double fleet of reusable Dragon spacecraft in less than nine months


Comments from NASA and SpaceX officials during a briefing ahead of Crew Dragon’s third operational astronaut launch have offered a more detailed picture of the fleet of reusable Dragon spacecraft the company plans to build and cycle to support NASA missions.

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UBC thermal methane cracking technology deployed to Alberta in $7M test

Green Car Congress

New hydrogen production technology developed at the University of British Columbia (UBC) will be tested in a $7-million project between UBC, the government of Alberta and Alberta utility company ATCO.

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2022 Toyota bZ4X: From steering yoke to solar roof, does its tech signal a new era for EVs?

Green Car Reports

Toyota on Friday revealed a whole lot more about its upcoming fully electric SUV, the 2022 bZ4X, which leads a lineup of “bZ” EVs and is described as “overturning the common idea that electrified vehicles are tedious.”

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Tesla order could double to 200,000 Model 3s to satisfy deal with Uber, says Hertz CEO


Hertz CEO Mark Fields revealed that its deal to supply Tesla vehicles to Uber includes an option for 100,000 more Tesla Model 3s, which would double its total order to 200,000 vehicles.

Pentagon Wants AI to Predict Events Before They Occur

Cars That Think

What if by leveraging today's artificial intelligence to predict events several days in advance , countries like the United States could simply avoid warfare in the first place?

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This Semi Truck Driver Didn’t Notice That He Hit A Tesla Model 3 And Pushed It Down The Highway

EV Obssesion

Wham Baam Teslacam is a video series of Tesla accidents, incidents, and moments captured by Tesla owners and submitted. In their latest video, Max, the owner of a Tesla Model 3, had a horrifying ordeal with a semi.

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Tesla delivers record 241,300 cars in Q3, handily beating consensus estimates


Tesla has announced its production and delivery figures for the third quarter of 2021, confirming that it handily beat Wall Street consensus estimates which came in at 222,700 deliveries. Tesla delivered a record 241,300 cars in Q3 2021, producing 237,823 vehicles, another record for the automaker.

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Rolls-Royce reports successful 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel test flight

Green Car Congress

Rolls-Royce, working with Boeing and World Energy, has carried out a successful test flight of its 747 Flying Testbed aircraft using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) on a Trent 1000 engine.

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Study: Taking Uber or Lyft costs society and environment more than driving yourself

Green Car Reports

Using ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft leads to higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion than driving personal cars, according to a new study from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

Uber drivers are going to have access to 50,000 Tesla vehicles for rent through Hertz


Uber announced a deal with Hertz for its drivers to have access to 50,000 Tesla vehicles through the rental company. more… The post Uber drivers are going to have access to 50,000 Tesla vehicles for rent through Hertz appeared first on Electrek.

Caltech’s LEO Flying Biped Can Skateboard and Slackline

Cars That Think

Back in February of 2019, we wrote about a sort of humanoid robot thing (?) under development at Caltech, called Leonardo.

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Hyundai IONIQ 5 Scoops Multiple Honours at the 2021 News UK Motor Awards

EV Obssesion

Hyundai IONIQ 5 voted ‘Best Designed Car of the Year’ by expert judging panel ‘Motoring Innovation of the Year’ also awarded to IONIQ 5 for its relaxation seats and Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology The exterior design is a futuristic interpretation of Hyundai’s first ever production car, the Pony IONIQ 5, Hyundai’s first car built on a […].

50,000 Teslas to be added to Uber Network by 2023, announces Hertz


In an announcement on Wednesday, Hertz Global Holdings Inc. noted that it would be partnering with Uber Technologies Inc. to add up to 50,000 of its Tesla vehicles to the Uber Network by 2023.

Aurora releases first commercial beta of Aurora Driver autonomous driving system

Green Car Congress

Autonomous driving company Aurora has released its first commercial beta of the Aurora Driver, which consists of the hardware, software, and data services needed to safely operate an autonomous Aurora-powered vehicle.

Tesla CFO: “Profound awakening” of EV desirability has caught company off-guard

Green Car Reports

Tesla has never had a problem with desirability. Starting with the Model 3, consumer interest in the company’s electric cars has startled even CEO Elon Musk at times. That frenzy continued with the Cybertruck.

Tesla launches remote sentry mode live view as new premium connectivity feature


Tesla has released a new software update launching the promised remote sentry mode live view from its mobile app. It’s being introduced as a new premium connectivity feature, which requires a $10 per month subscription.

Intel's Neuromorphic Chip Gets A Major Upgrade

Cars That Think

Many AIs may depend on things called neural networks, but there's very little about them that works in the way human and animal brains do.

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Alumobility study: aluminum top hat provides automakers a lighter, sustainable alternative

Green Car Congress

Audi 357

SpaceX fires up first upgraded Starship engine


CEO Elon Musk has implicitly revealed that SpaceX recently conducted the first test of Starship’s new Raptor 2 engine.

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XPeng unveils slate of new technologies: ADAS, flying car, supercharging, robotics

Green Car Congress

China-based EV maker XPeng unveiled a series of technology innovations at its annual 1024 Tech Day, including the latest and most sophisticated version of its in-house developed advanced driver assistance system XPILOT 3.5 and XPILOT 4.0;

Fusion 348

First customer-bound electric vans built at plant that birthed the original Hummer

Green Car Reports

The plant that made something very American and very much a gas-guzzler is now making electric vans—albeit ones essentially from China. Electric Last Mile Solutions (ELMS) on Wednesday announced shipment of its first electric delivery vans to customers.

Hummer 153