Energica Electric Motorcycle road trip uses only DC fast-charging

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Italian superbike company Energica has come out with a second model, the Eva, and shown that electric motorcycle road trips are possible—even easy—with DC fast charging. Air Force veteran Bill Levasseur rode an Energica Eva from Los Angeles to San Francisco, recharging only at CCS fast-charging stations. Fast Charging electric motorcycles DC Rapid Charging Energica

Would you recharge your Tesla electric car at a gas station?

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Tesla continues to expand its network of Supercharger DC fast-charging stations, and that means finding new places to put those stations. Tesla Motors plug-in cars charging DC Rapid Charging Tesla SuperchargerWhat if gas stations offered cars more than just gasoline or diesel fuel? Which is why the company is in talks with a major gas station and convenience-store chain to place electric-car charging stations.

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Honda opens Smart Home US in California; produces more energy than it consumes; direct DC-DC EV charging

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The Honda Fit EV included with the home has been modified to accept DC power directly from the home''s solar panels or stationary battery, eliminating up to half of the energy that is typically lost to heat during DC-to-AC and AC-to-DC power conversion.

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BMW electric cars to get new DC rapid charging solutions

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BMW is believed to be readying a new DC rapid charging solution for its electric cars, with an announcement expected within the next three weeks.

How important is fast-charging to sell electric cars? Poll results

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Overnight recharging at home can be done either with 120-volt household current or, for longer-range cars, with a 240-volt charging station installed by the car owner. Then there's DC fast charging, which generally provides an 80-percent. plug-in cars Charging station charging infrastructure Fast Charging DC Rapid Charging PollsThose unfamiliar with electric cars often don't know that several different types of battery charging exist.

DENZA EV tracking towards market introduction in China this year; ABB to supply DC fast chargers

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BDNT), the Chinese joint venture between Daimler and BYD, has selected ABB to supply DC fast chargers for BDNT’s battery-electric DENZA over the next six years. Furthermore, the DENZA vehicle will also be rechargeable at a conventional wall socket. Comparison of DC charging couplers.


DC-DC Overcurrent Malfunction

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

After some experimentation today, I found that under a moderate load of 8 amps or so, the DC-DC eventually stops working and fails to charge the 12V battery. I was misled a few times because when I turn off the key for awhile and turn it back on, the DC-DC starts working again for about 30 seconds before stopping. For the moment, I charge the main pack at work and turn on the key for about an hour before I have to drive home to recharge the 12V battery.

Nissan selects DBT for next-generation DC fast chargers, cuts price on home chargers

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The program is part of an aggressive rollout of a network of affordable fast charging stations that will provide convenient recharging to Nissan LEAF and other EV drivers. The new quick charge units can recharge a vehicle’s battery to 80% capacity in less than half an hour while Nissan’s design will allow a significant reduction in price to less than $15,000.

BMW, GM complete testing on DC Fast Charge station usage; validation on BMW i3 and Chevy Spark EV

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Engineers from BMW AG and General Motors recently passed a milestone in the adoption of the new SAE standard for DC Fast Charging. Teams from both companies worked jointly to ensure the conformity of DC “Combo” Fast Charge stations developed by various suppliers to the SAE standard by charging pre-production versions of the BMW i3 and the Chevrolet Spark EV. Using DC Fast Charging, EV owners could recharge current battery packs up to 80% in less than 20 minutes.

Rapid Charging Electric-Car Batteries: Less Damaging Than We Thought?

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DC fast charging makes electric cars considerably more practical, allowing drivers to recharge a car''s battery to 80 percent of capacity in half an hour or less. But quick charging was widely thought to come with a major drawback: While it lowers recharging times, research so far has indicated that fast charging shortens the lifespan of

DC-DC Installed and New Brake Parts

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In was eager to get the new DC-DC converter installed so I left work a bit early and got to work so I could still drive the car to breakfast with my girlfriend tomorrow morning. The DC-DC converter fits rather nicely in the old space.

Siemens and BMW developing flexible rapid charging system for plug-ins that can use AC or DC

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Siemens and BMW are developing a flexible rapid charging system to make it possible to use the same socket to charge up electric cars on either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). Siemens says the new system was successfully tested in September 2011 with a Siemens charging station and a BMW ActiveE vehicle, and Siemens and BMW have already submitted proposals for standardizing DC charging to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Walgreens Installs DC Rapid Electric Car Chargers ?Where Practical?

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While we all reeled in horror to the news that it could cost Walgreens customers as much as $4 for a 90 minute recharge -- we assumed that the You may already know that pharmaceuticals giant Walgreens is installing as many as 800 electric car charging stations at its branches throughout New York City, Houston, Dallas Fort-Worth and Chicago.

APT launch new fast charger for electric cars

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APT Technologies has launched a new fast-acting charging system designed to make recharging electric cars quicker and more convenient. The new Evolt Ultra is a 50kW DC charging system that can recharge a car in just 15 minutes, overcoming one of the major obstacles to wider uptake. Green credentials APT Technology DC charging system Evolt Ultra

BMW and Nissan again partner to add 174 more DC fast chargers in US with EVgo

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BMW and Nissan have again joined forces—this time with EVgo, the nation’s largest public DC Fast charging network—to increase public access to DC Fast charging stations across the US. EVgo’s fast charging network now totals 668 dual-port DC Fast charging stations installed and available to all EV drivers across the United States. This latest expansion builds on the 120 dual-port DC Fast chargers that BMW and Nissan announced together in December 2015.


Automakers agree on common plug to recharge electric vehicles

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Automakers agree on common plug to recharge electric vehicles by Darren Murph , posted Apr 19th 2009 at 4:24PM Just hours after General Motors put forth a proposal for a standardized plug for electric vehicles , in flies this.

West Coast Electric Highway Serves Thousands Of Electric-Car Drivers

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The secret is to use DC quick-charging stations, which can recharge an electric car''s battery pack to about 80 percent of capacity in half an hour or less. While the bulk of the battery-electric and plug-in hybrid cars sold today have a range of less than 100 miles, that doesn''t stop some owners from using them for longer trips.

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Cross-County Electric-Car Trips: Reality For A Few, Getting Closer For Many

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The idea of traveling long distances in electric cars that have to be recharged after only 70 or 80 miles--or even 250 miles--may seem absurd to some. But while even the fastest of DC fast-charging isn''t quite as quick as refilling with gasoline, yet, longer road trips in electric cars are possible for a few and on the horizon for many more.


Fees Start April 1 On WA Electric Highway: Same Price As Gas?

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All good things must come to an end--and it seems that applies to free DC quick-charging for electric cars along the Northwest''s innovative Electric Highway. For the past year or more, the CHAdeMO quick-charging stations in Oregon and Washington states have offered free recharging under the introductory phase of the plan that funded them.

Europe Storms Ahead On CCS Fast Charging, U.S. Lags Behind

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The ability to recharge 80 percent of an electric car''s battery in 20 to 30 minutes--known as DC fast-charging--is a critical element in expanding public acceptance of cars powered by batteries. But unlike the universal standard for conventional 240-Volt charging, the U.S. has three different and (mostly) incompatible fast-charging standards

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Volvo Buses officially launches the all-new plug-in Electric Hybrid bus

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Recharging takes approximately 6 minutes at end stations. To enable full electric drive, the bus is equipped with electric power steering; an electrical air compressor ; and a DC/DC unit that converts 600 V power to 24 V power. The DC/DC unit replaces the conventional alternator.

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Alstom unveils hydrogen fuel cell regional train Coradia iLint

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During phases of lower acceleration or coasting a part of the fuel cell power will be used to recharge the battery next to its power supply to the onboard systems via the auxiliary converter. Surplus power is used to recharge the battery.

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Opportunity charging electric bus using PRIMOVE inductive charging from Bombardier in service in Germany

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The system-overlapping interaction of the energy storage unit and the power supply system with the power train and the recharging unit is optimized by Vossloh Kiepe’s energy management system.

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Researchers developing DC micro smart grid for charging EV fleets; Li-ion, redox flow batteries and renewables

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Up to 30 electric vehicles at a time can recharge in Fraunhofer IAO’s parking garage. The MSG is designed as a direct current (DC) grid. We settled on a DC design for our micro smart grid to avoid the losses that occur when transforming alternating current (AC) into DC.

Audi unveils h-tron quattro fuel cell SUV concept at Detroit; MLB evo platform

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The storage battery operates over the range of 220 to 460 volts—a 3-way DC/DC converter in the engine compartment equalizes the difference compared with the fuel cell’s voltage level. 3-way power DC/DC converter.

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ABB wins 1st commercial order for 600 kW 15-second flash charging technology; electric buses in Geneva

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The bus recharges at stops using its roof-mounted contacts that engage using laser guidance. Short top-up charges maintain the battery level until full recharge at a terminus. This converts the incoming AC supply to DC in a similar way as is done for DC railways, trams or trolleybuses.

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Audi’s mild-hybrid systems: 12V for 4-cylinders, 48V for 6- and 8-cylinders

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The 12-volt system is connected to the main electrical system via a DC/DC converter. Located in the luggage compartment, the lithium-ion rechargeable battery has about the size of a large lead battery. Audi will begin introducing new mild-hybrid drive vehicles (MHEVs) this year.

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IHS Automotive forecasts number of DC fast-charging stations to reach almost 200,000 worldwide by 2020; 100x

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The length of time it takes to recharge an EV continues to be one of the major stumbling blocks inhibiting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Compared to the time it takes to refuel an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, the recharge time for EVs is incredibly slow—at about four hours to charge a 24 kilowatt-hour (kWh)-capacity battery using a 6.6

BMW Group, Daimler, Ford, Audi & Porsche JV for up to 350 kW CCS ultra-fast charging network along major highways in Europe

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The planned charging infrastructure expands the existing technical standard for AC- and DC charging of electric vehicles to the next level of capacity for DC fast charging with up to 350 kW. BEVs that are engineered to accept this full power of the charge stations will recharge brand-independently in a fraction of the time of today’s BEVs.

6 new EVgo fast charging locations in Salt Lake City; 100th station in California

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The chargers will give EV drivers the ability to recharge their vehicles in 30 minutes or less. The 100 th EVgo Freedom Station in California also recently opened to the public and is the nation’s largest publicly-available multi-standard (CHAdeMO and DC Fast Combo) fast charging site. features four 50kW DC Fast Chargers in addition to Level 2 charging. Nationwide, EVgo operates 500 Freedom Stations with more DC Fast Chargers than all other public providers combined.

Hyundai prices 2018 Ioniq PHEV starting at $24,950; 29 miles all-electric range

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DC fast charging is not available, unlike the Ioniq Electric, which can recharge to 80% in 30 minutes at 50 kW (23 minutes at 100 kW).

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Toyota Motorsport sets new electric record with EV P002 on the Nürburgring

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The TMG DC Quick Charger was developed in partnership with Schneider Electric GmbH to meet the challenge of recharging an electric race car at tracks without reliable access to grid power. Mounted in the rear of a TOYOTA Hiace van, the TMG DC Quick Charger uses Schneider Electric’s EV Link technology and includes a 42 kWh lithium ion battery, which can be charged direct from the AC power grid. Maximum DC output to the vehicle being charged is 25 kW, 400 VDC.

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BMW boosts battery capacity of MY2017 i3 to 33 kWh with higher energy density Li-ion cells; up to 114 miles combined cycle range

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The BMW i3 is equipped with 50 kW direct current (DC) fast charging technology. When the BMW i3 (94 Ah) is connected to a DC fast charging station, the battery cells are charged up to a minimum of 80% of their capacity in less than 40 minutes.

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VW brings E-Bugster concept to Beijing for Asia premier

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Featuring a new Combined Charging System, the E-Bugster can be recharged via one interface using any available charging modalities: single-phase charging with AC current or ultra-fast DC charging at charging stations (quick charge). Volkswagen is showing the E-Bugster electric vehicle concept, unveiled earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show ( earlier post ) at Auto China in Beijing for its premiere in Asia. The two-seat Beetle speedster, features an 85 kW electric motor or 38.3

Overhead fast charging system for electric buses from Fraunhofer and partners

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In order to recharge a passenger bus sufficiently, charging stations with different charging capacities are needed to reflect the different amounts of time available—i.e., Recharging takes less than 6.5

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Lux: future use of wide bandgap materials in power electronics will reduce EV cost

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In electronic devices, WBG semiconductors can eliminate up to 90% of the power losses that currently occur during AC-to-DC and DC-to-AC electricity conversion, and they can handle voltages more than 10 times higher than Si-based devices, greatly enhancing performance in high-power applications. Applied in an EV, WBG materials could cut electricity losses by 66% during vehicle battery recharging, the DOE says. Power savings in plug-in vehicles versus total savings per car.

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UPA installs 500 kWh containerized Li-ion system from BYD for grid storage

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BYD mega-watt-scale energy storage stations are installed in several locations in the US and are rated at a 91% AC-DC-AC round-trip-efficiency but have shown actual performance at this site as high as 95.3%—a Highlights of the ESS include: Rechargeable battery chemistry containing no heavy metals, no toxic electrolytes and manufactured with no caustic or harmful materials.

10Connects Broadcasting "Spirit of DC" Story from St Petersburg, FL

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Asher drives a modified Toyota Prius nicknamed the Spirit of DC and in the back this hybrid has an extra battery boost. Whenever Asher stops at a destination, he just plugs into household electricity to recharge the batteries. "It Video to be forthcoming Tarpon Springs, Florida - Over the past year, Jerry Asher has driven some 33,000 miles through 48 states. "I I haven't had a problem with anything - just my tush," he says with a laugh. Asher's a kind of a traveling preacher.

Nissan introduces the e-NV2000 electric van

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The battery can be recharged overnight using a domestic 16-amp single-phase 3.3 A dedicated CHAdeMO DC 50 kW quick charger can recharge the battery from 0-80 percent in 30 minutes or less if the battery is already partially charged. e-NV200. Click to enlarge.

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Hyundai showcasing new Tucson 48V Hybrid Concept and diesel Plug-in-Hybrid Concept at Geneva

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Especially suited for application in larger cars and SUVs, the show car’s 48V Hybrid technology comprises a Hybrid Starter Generator (HSG), inverter and a low voltage DC/DC converter.

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