Frost & Sullivan: market for lightweight materials in automobiles to reach $95.34B in 2017

Green Car Congress

These laws have resulted in the lowering of vehicles’ weight through the replacement of heavy materials in certain systems with lighter alternatives, as the weight of the automobile has a direct bearing on its fuel efficiency. Prices in automotive metals and automotive plastics markets are closely linked to global crude oil prices, Frost & Sullivan observes, and any price fluctuation upstream gets reflected in the downstream products and allied product lines.

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Nikkei: popularity of fuel-efficient vehicles lowering demand for gasoline in Japan

Green Car Congress

The Nikkei reports that the nationwide average price in Japan for regular gasoline was ¥139.8 Prices at the pump are falling in Japan not only due to lower crude oil prices, but also because the widespread popularity of fuel-efficient vehicles has lowered demand for gasoline.A Next-generation cars will account for 56% of all automobiles in Japan in fiscal 2030, the agency predicted in a report released in mid-June.

2012 221

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Opinion: Stop Blaming OPEC For Low Prices

Green Car Congress

OPEC altered the course of the oil markets last year when it decided to cast aside its traditional role of maintaining balance through production cuts. Instead it pursued a strategy of fighting for market share, contributing to an immediate rout in oil prices. OPEC is widely expected to continue its current strategy at its next meeting, and as such, no rebound in oil prices is expected, at least not because of the results of the group’s meeting in Vienna.

2015 192

Panasonic Group confirms it will supply Li-ion batteries for Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

Green Car Congress

Given the growing public concern for conserving the environment and escalating oil prices, the demand for rechargeable batteries for eco-friendly vehicles is expected to grow rapidly. The Panasonic Group is already supplying nickel-metal hydride batteries and systems for hybrid vehicles to a number of automobile makers globally and is also carrying out joint development of lithium-ion battery systems for hybrid vehicles with other car manufacturers.

2011 179

Volkswagen Group invested €11.5B (US$12.9B) in R&D in 2014; ongoing focus on electromobility and digitalization of vehicles

Green Car Congress

It may come as a surprise for you, but I highly welcome the interest of Apple, Google and others in the automobile. Winterkorn introduced Future Tracks at the Geneva Show in 2014, saying that over the next few years, the automotive industry will face one of the greatest upheavals since the invention of the automobile. Winterkorn also emphasized that Volkswagen remains committed to its environmental goals, and noted that the present low level of oil prices would not change that.

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RAC Foundation: 830,000 households in UK spend at least 27% of their income on running a car; “transport poverty”

Green Car Congress

The Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Foundation for Motoring is a transport policy and research organisation which explores the economic, mobility, safety and environmental issues relating to roads and their users. For people already drowning under the weight of motoring costs, cutting a penny or two off the price of a litre of fuel will help but is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic—ultimately futile. Diesel prices are a few p higher per liter.

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Navigant forecasts global annual natural gas vehicle sales to reach 3.9M in 2025, up 62.5% from 2015

Green Car Congress

Navigant expects that with a wider gap between natural and liquid fuel prices and more aggressive incentives, Western Europe and to a lesser degree Asia Pacific, will continue to see NGV growth, but at a lower rate than previous projections. However, the collapse in global oil prices has eroded a significant portion of the natural gas cost advantage. In Europe, Volkswagen is challenging longtime LD NGV leader Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

2015 150

Can Electric Vehicles Speed Up As The Economy Slows Down?


As a result of the lockdown, automobile production ground to a halt in several leading car manufacturing countries. Moreover, with the massive drop in oil prices , gas-powered vehicles are more economical to operate, which makes it harder to argue that EVs will help drivers save money on fuel.

KPMG study identifies 10 sustainability “megaforces” with accelerating impacts on business; imperative of sustainability changing the automotive business radically

Green Car Congress

Fossil fuel-dependent transportation industries such as aviation, shipping and manufacturers that use petroleum as a process input, such as plastic or chemical producers, will need robust strategies and plans to address fuel price volatility and potential shortages, KMPW warns. Businesses may be vulnerable to water shortages, declines in water quality, water price volatility, and to reputational challenges. Global food prices are predicted to rise 70 to 90 percent by 2030.

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CAR releases study on use of bio-based materials in automotive sector; potential for the Great Lakes Region

Green Car Congress

Encouraging bio-manufacturing and its associated value chain development, and building upon its current expertise in producing conventional parts for automakers, may position the Great Lakes region at a global competitive advantage as oil prices climb, and the demand for more bio-based parts increases. The difficult issue is determining how to create a labeling system for complex products (such as automobiles) that integrate numerous components.

2012 191

NYT Editorial

Plug In Partners

The price for what could be China's first foray into America's overheated love affair with cars: around $10,000. The United Automobile Workers union was absolutely right to say, as it did yesterday, that Ford would be better off trying to design more appealing cars and trucks. With the global oil market operating at close to zero excess capacity, oil prices are not coming down anytime soon.

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Heard At The Show: Snippets from SAE 2009 World Congress

Green Car Congress

In a session on total vehicle energy consumption, several people shared similar pie charts showing the flow of energy within an automobile. How did the high fuel prices impact customer behavior in 2008? A $1 change in gas prices can lead to a 4-6% shift in take rates (i.e. Alexander Edwards, President, Automotive Strategic Vision believes the exodus from full size SUVs was caused by economic caution as much as higher gas prices. Where does all of the energy go?

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Interview with Chris Paine in the Whole Life Times

Revenge of the Electric Car

I never liked automobiles because I don’t like burning gasoline. I never liked automobiles because I don’t like burning gasoline. Q: When gas prices went up, people started driving less, and interest in EVs soared. But now, gas prices have fallen below $2 in some places. A: Certainly, when oil prices are down, it makes it harder for the competition. Chris Paine in the Whole Life Times.

2009 100

VW Chief Executive Says Company Will Introduce EVs Based on the Up! New Small Family in 2013; Cautions Against Electro-Hype

Green Car Congress

Within a decade, he added, Volkswagen wants to offer significant numbers of pure electric cars at affordable prices and with the range expected by customers. With electromobility, the automobile industry faces a fundamental technological upheaval.Our path leads away from oil, to emission-free mobility, and the electric car plays a key role.CO The perspective of rising oil prices is a turboboost for a change in customer behavior, he said.

2009 150

Renault Powertrain Strategy: Focus on Electric Motor Development for EV Powertrains, New Technologies for Conventional Engines

Green Car Congress

Renault is currently working on the development of low-emission and zero-CO 2 emissions vehicles in what it calls “ a determined bid ” to introduce as many effective technologies as possible at an affordable price. which already operate in numerous sectors and which can be carried over to the automobile.

2009 150

Andy Grove: The U.S. must create an electric car industry - Apr. 17, 2009

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

News | Markets | Technology | Personal Finance | Small Business | RSS Newsletters Video Home Fortune 500 Technology Investing Management Rankings Andy Grove on battery power To wean itself from imported oil, the U.S. But with oil prices toppling since, the push for new energy technologies is being shoved aside by the nations other economic woes. will be competing for the same finite supplies of oil and gas.

2009 35

Intel Founder: Look to Silicon Valley for Electric Car Development - GoodCleanTech

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

In a guest editorial in Fortune , Grove writes that just as how power and efficiency of the internal-combustion engine were at the coreof the development of the automobile, batteries willbe a competitive advantage for the automakers of the future. As oil prices fall, "the push for new energy technologies isbeing shoved aside by the nations other economic woes," Grove said.

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Buffett's Chinese electric car company

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Then Mr. Wang, as he’s known, got into the automobile business by buying a failing state-owned carmaker. BYD’s conventional gas-powered cars are selling well these days in China, and his electric plug-in electric model looks like it will come to market with a longer range and a lower sticker price than the new Toyota Prius much-hyped Chevy Volt.

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