Karma AWD Extended Range E-Flex platform supports pickup truck applications

Green Car Congress

Karma Automotive announced its newest flexible and modular E-Flex platform with two motor all-wheel drive (AWD) and extended range electric vehicle (EREV) architecture (e.g., Electric (Battery) Hybrids

2020 93

Karma showcases extended range E-Flex platform for utility van applications

Green Car Congress

Karma Automotive announced its E-Flex utility van platform with extended range electric vehicle (EREV) architecture.

2020 85

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Ford unveils all-electric Mustang Mach-E SUV

Green Car Congress

In Los Angeles, Ford unveiled the all-electric Mustang Mach-E SUV. kWh Li-ion battery) and extended-range (98.8 kWh battery) options with either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive powered by permanent magnet motors. Top: Standard range battery with AWD.

2019 134

Workhorse releases specs for coming W-15 extended range electric pickup

Green Car Congress

Designed specifically to meet the needs of commercial fleets, the W-15 is believed to be the first plug-in, range-extended pickup truck built from the ground up by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 80-mile all-electric range. gasoline-powered range extender.

Via Motors, Geely to co-develop medium-duty extended-range electric truck for China and Americas

Green Car Congress

a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Commercial Vehicle Group, to co-develop a medium-duty extended range electric truck. VIA Motors develops and markets extended-range electric (eREV) and all-electric (EV) powertrain systems for most vehicle classes from light-duty through Class 8. VIA’s vehicle integration capability, at both production facilities in Utah and Mexico, provides a range of commercial vehicles to meet zero emissions requirements.

2018 84

Verizon and VIA Motors unveil extended-range electric cargo vans

Green Car Congress

Verizon has collaborated with electric-vehicle developer and manufacturer VIA Motors to produce an extended-range electric cargo van. Because the average total miles per day traveled by Verizon’s fleet is low, the company expects the new vans to operate entirely under electric power most days; doing so would annually reduce CO 2 emissions by approximately 2.4

Jaguar Introduces C-X75 Gas Micro-turbine Extended Range Electric Vehicle Concept

Green Car Congress

Jaguar has unveiled the C-X75 concept, an extended range electric vehicle that uses twin gas micro-turbines from Bladon Jets to power two switched reluctance generators from SR Drives. Tags: Electric (Battery) Engines Plug-ins The C-X75. Click to enlarge.

Fisker names its all-electric SUV Ocean; unveils app-based leasing program

Green Car Congress

revealed the name of its upcoming all-electric luxury sports utility vehicle: Fisker Ocean. The all-electric SUV will come standard with an extended range (target of approximately 250 to 300 miles, depending on driving conditions), enabled by an approx.

2019 99

Chevy Volt Delivers Novel Two-Motor, Four-Mode Extended Range Electric Drive System; Seamless Driver Experience Plus Efficiency

Green Car Congress

The Volt is an electric-drive vehicle, powered by a 16 kWh Li-ion battery, incorporating an internal combustion engine and generator to serve as a range extender; an electrical plug is intended to be the primary source of stored energy used to deliver motive power.

2010 145

Lotus Unveils Concept Extended Range Electric City Car

Green Car Congress

The Lotus City Car concept provides a showcase for Lotus Engineering’s Electrical and Electronic Integration and Efficient Performance competencies, featuring an advanced series hybrid drivetrain with the Lotus Range Extender engine ( earlier post ). Equipped with a single-speed transmission, drivetrain provides the vehicle with an all-electric range of 60 km (37 miles) from its 14.8 Tags: City car Electric (Battery) Plug-ins

New EV company to commercialize Rasers extended range electric powertrain; led by investor in Valence and EVI

Green Car Congress

Elements of Raser’s current series plug-in hybrid (extended range electric vehicle) drive system. Berg to form a new electric automotive company focused initially on trucks and SUVs for fleet customers. Tags: Electric (Battery) Fleets Hybrids Plug-ins

2010 107

A123 Systems to supply Li-ion battery packs to VIA Motors for extended-range electric trucks

Green Car Congress

Li-ion developer and manufacturer A123 Systems will supply complete lithium-ion battery packs to VIA Motors, an electric vehicle company building next-generation electrified trucks, vans and SUVs. To be integrated into VIA’s Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV) Powertrain ( earlier post ), A123’s 24 kWh battery packs combine with a 300 kW electric motor and an onboard generator to deliver an expected all-electric driving range of up to 40 miles.

London adding 51 more all-electric buses to operating fleet

Green Car Congress

Transport for London (TfL) announced that two additional bus routes, the 507 and 521, will operate entirely with electric single-deck buses from autumn next year. The 5-year contract to operate the routes has been awarded to Go Ahead following a competitive tender process, and will mean that 51 electric buses will operate across the two routes that will become the second and third pure electric bus routes in the Capital. Electric (Battery) Europe Fleets Heavy-duty

2015 107

Pilot project kicks off with 20 Audi A1 e-tron extended range electric vehicles in Munich

Green Car Congress

Twenty units of the Audi A1 e-tron extended range electric vehicle ( earlier post ) are on the roads of the Munich pilot region in a fleet trial by partners Audi, E.ON, the public utility Stadtwerke München (SwM), and Technische Universität München (TUM). All electric fueling stations offer power generated via renewable energies. million) for electric mobility. The Audi A1 e-tron is an electric car with a range extender.

Velozzi Will Use Capstone Microturbines in Supercar and Crossover Extended Range Electric Vehicles

Green Car Congress

Velozzi, a Los Angeles-based car designer and manufacturer, will integrate Capstone Turbine’s C65 and C30 microturbines into its electric supercar and a crossover vehicle, respectively. The Velozzi Supercar will be powered by a 770 hp (574 kW) AC-induction electric motor charged by an on-board Capstone C65 microturbine. In November 2009, Capstone introduced a prototype range-extended electric supercar using one of its 30 kW C30 microturbines as the generator unit.

Arctic Whisper fast-charged extended range electric bus enters passenger service

Green Car Congress

Hybricon AB and Umeå Municipality have placed an Arctic Whisper fast rechargeable electric-drive bus in service running on Umeå’s busiest line. sbaar—an overhead, pantograph-based fast-charging station for buses—for 5-10 minutes at the end of its route to achieve nearly 100% all-electric operation but with the reliability of diesel. This will extend the all-electric range of the hybrid bus from 2 hours to 18 hours.

Volvo developing extended-range electric vehicle concepts with three different technology combinations

Green Car Congress

Volvo is taking the next step in its electrification strategy by producing test electric vehicles with range extenders. Supported by the Swedish Energy Agency and the EU, the project comprises three potential technology combinations: one a series-hybrid range extender configuration; and two parallel-hybrid range extender configurations. Two of the solutions are based on the Volvo C30 Electric. Electric (Battery) Hybrids Plug-ins

VIA Motors and Verizon to collaborate on extended range electric work vehicles; evaluation for possible wide-scale application

Green Car Congress

Verizon and VIA Motors will collaborate to develop and to demonstrate plug-in electric work vehicles using VIA’s proprietary eREV (extended range electric vehicle) technology ( earlier post ) and evaluate the technology for possible wide-scale application into Verizon’s fleet. Both vehicles use VIA’s proprietary eREV power train technology, enabling them to drive a majority of their daily work routes emission-free and entirely on electric power.

2012 71

Raser Technologies and Hyundai Heavy Industries To Collaborate on Development of Renewable Energy and Extended Range Electric Vehicles

Green Car Congress

The extended range electric vehicle drive system by Raser Technologies and its development partner FEV is targeted at providing up to 40 miles all-electric range for SUVs and light trucks. and Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the joint development of renewable energy and electric vehicles. SIDI turbocharged engine provides electrical power.

2010 83

2016 Chevrolet Volt EPA-rated at 53 miles all-electric range

Green Car Congress

The Chevrolet Volt’s all-new second-generation Voltec extended-range electric propulsion system ( earlier post ) delivers 53 miles (85 km) of all-electric range, based on EPA testing. The additional range would enable the average Volt owner to travel well over 1,000 miles (1,609 km) (in multiple trips) between gas fill ups, if they charge regularly. 2015) “Chevrolet Volt Electric Utilization,” SAE Int.

2015 107

Spirit Avert AG Seeking to Raise ~ $150M to Fund Mindset E-Motion Extended Range EV Project

Green Car Congress

Spirit Avert AG is seeking to raise CHF166 million (US$152 million) in financing to serve as the capital for mindset AG and its planned production of the E-Motion extended range electric vehicle for the European market. The E-Motion is driven by a 70 kW, 220 N·m electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack and a 17.5 The car offers 100 km (62 miles) of range in all-electric mode, and up to 800 km (497 miles) with the range extender.

2009 60

Meritor collaborating with Peterbilt on all-electric Class 8 trucks; selects UQM as supplier for e-axles

Green Car Congress

will supply all-electric drivetrain systems for two Peterbilt vehicle platforms through its alliance with TransPower. These include 12 Peterbilt all-electric Class 8 Model 579 day cab tractors and three Model 520 refuse trucks. Meritor will supply high-efficiency and lightweight axles, drivelines and brakes that maximize system efficiency, extend range and increase payload. Electric axles integrate electric motors into differentials or wheel-ends.

2018 65

Volt receives EPA ratings and label: 93 mpg-e all-electric, 37 mpg gas-only, 60 mpg-e combined

Green Car Congress

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued its fuel economy ratings and accompanying fuel economy label for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicle. All-electric range under the EPA rating is 35 miles; total range for the car is 379 miles.

2010 108

Range-Extended Electric Hummer H3E by Raser Drives 50+ All-Electric Miles in Test Drive

Green Car Congress

A recent preliminary road test of the Raser Hummer H3E, an H3 converted with a range-extended electric powertrain ( earlier post ), demonstrated more than 50 miles of all-electric range. Battery range of this innovative vehicle was more than sufficient to exceed our performance target of 40 miles in all-electric mode. SIDI turbocharged engine provides electrical power.

Hummer achieves 50 all-electric miles

Green Cars News

Once a symbol of gas guzzling Americana, perceptions of the Hummer may soon change for the good after a preliminary road test of the Raser Hummer H3E achieved more than 50 miles of all-electric range. The plug-in electric vehicle is powered by Raser’s extended range electric vehicle powertrain with propulsion delivered by a 200kW Raser Symetron traction motor which is mated to a four-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Mustang Mach-E EV improves charging time by ~30%

Green Car Congress

The all-wheel-drive version with extended-range battery is estimated to add an average of 52 miles of range in approximately 10 minutes as well. hours, while a standard 120-volt electrical outlet will result in an average range of three miles per charging hour.

2020 88

Karma adds Revero GTE to lineup; first BEV; based on E-Flex platform

Green Car Congress

The GTE will be the company’s first all-electric vehicle. The Revero GTE will join the GTS, GT and original Revero as the fourth model in Karma’s Revero family, initially offering two versions—both 200-mile and 300-mile range configurations. Electric (Battery

2020 88

Fisker Ocean electric SUV starts at $37,499, pre-tax credit; leases for $379/mo

Green Car Congress

Fisker is pricing its new Ocean electric SUV with an MSRP of US $37,499. The Fisker Ocean all-electric luxury SUV rides on a complete, fully-engineered platform which will also underpin two additional Fisker models. Electric (Battery

2020 91

BMW i3 plug-in hybrid recall to fix fuel-vapor problem, fire concerns

Green Car Reports

BMW is recalling more than 19,000 i3 REx extended-range electric cars due to concerns over the potential for fires to be started by fuel vapors. The REx uses a small gasoline engine to charge its battery pack, offering a longer range than the all-electric i3 when both gasoline and electric power are used.

2017 59

GM To Fall Short Of 500,000 Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Goal For 2017

Green Car Reports

That encompasses any type of vehicle that uses electricity as motive power, from mild hybrids to plug-in hybrids, and from extended-range electric cars to all-electric vehicles. In November 2012, General Motors announced a goal of putting 500,000 electrified vehicles on the road by 2017.

2015 73

Buick launches electric VELITE 6 MAV in China

Green Car Congress

Buick has launched the VELITE 6 MAV electric vehicle in China. Its new-generation pure electric drive system generates a maximum 85 kW of power and 255 N·m of torque. Last year, Buick unveiled the Enspire battery-electric concept SUV in China. China Electric (Battery

2019 138

Werner Enterprises testing Peterbilt 579 EV Class 8 electric truck; Meritor and Transpower

Green Car Congress

Werner Enterprises, a premier transportation and logistics provider, is testing a 2019 Peterbilt 579 EV Class 8 electric truck for a year on a dedicated account in Southern California. Werner’s first electric-powered truck is the result of a partnership with Peterbilt, Meritor and TransPower. The truck is 100% electric, releases zero emissions, and requires a 5 to 10-hour charge time. Electric (Battery) Heavy-duty

2020 76

Buick announces VELITE 6 PHEV, BEV models for China

Green Car Congress

Buick will add two new models to its China portfolio—the VELITE 6 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and VELITE 6 battery-electric vehicle (BEV)—to tap into the fast-growing domestic demand for new energy vehicles. China Electric (Battery) Hybrids Plug-ins

2018 99

One out of four consumers interested in electric vehicles

Revenge of the Electric Car

One out of four consumers interested in electric vehicles. From the USA Today Article: One out of four consumers say they would be willing to consider a plug-in electric car next time they are shopping for a new vehicle, Consumer Reports says one of its polls found. One out of four consumers say they would be willing to consider a plug-in electric car next time they are shopping for a new vehicle, Consumer Reports says one of its polls found.

2010 130

MBTA orders 194 series hybrid systems from BAE Systems for new buses

Green Car Congress

BAE Systems, a global provider of more than 10,000 electric-hybrid, battery-electric, and fuel-cell electric systems, announced that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has ordered 194 electric-hybrid buses using the BAE Systems Series-ER extended range propulsion system.

2019 102

TM4 receives follow-on order from Workhorse for more than 500 SUMO powertrain systems

Green Car Congress

that covers the supply of SUMO MD powertrain systems for the E-GEN battery-electric extended range and E-100 all-electric delivery truck platforms. The Workhorse E-100 all-electric, zero emission truck achieves 37.5 MPGe fuel efficiency, with an average range of 100 miles on a single charge depending on duty cycle. TM4 Inc. has received a new purchase order from Workhorse Group Inc.

2017 60

Ahead Of Paris Motor Show, GM In Worldwide EV Testing Frenzy

All Cars Electric

General Motors recently hit the headlines with its attempt to trademark the term “Range Anxiety” to use in advertising campaigns for its extended range electric vehicle, the 2011 Chevy Volt. At a glance, you’d think the automaker was trying to seriously slur the image of all electric vehicles, with implications that battery

PGE First to Receive Two Raser EREV Fleet Trucks by End of 2010

Green Car Congress

PG&E will receive two EREV (extended range electric vehicle) fleet trucks modified with Raser’s E-REV powertrain for initial testing and demonstration before the end of 2010. The extended range electric pick-up truck features a 40-mile all-electric range, with an additional 300 miles of extended range delivered via its small onboard gasoline-powered generator.

2010 74

Fisker Karma EPA-rated at 65 kWh/100 miles on electricity, with 32-mile electric range and 20 mpg US on gasoline

Green Car Congress

The EPA has rated the 2012 Fisker Karma luxury extended range electric vehicle as consuming 65 kWh/100 miles (52 MPGequivalent) when running in all-electric mode, having a 32-mile all-electric range, and consuming 5.1

2011 96

Efficient Drivetrains announces availability of EDI PowerDrive 6000ev electric drivetrain for medium-duty vehicles

Green Car Congress

EDI), a provider of advanced high-efficiency zero emissions plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrain solutions, announced the availability of its EDI PowerDrive 6000ev. The system is less complex, more efficient, and adaptable to a wide range of use cases and duty cycles.

2018 105

2019 Chevrolet Volt offers 7.2kW charger, improves convenience

Green Car Congress

kW charging system on the 2019 Chevrolet Volt cuts recharging times nearly in half by adding about twice the all-electric driving range per hour of charge. With about twice the range added during 240V Level 2 charging sessions, the 2019 Volt’s 7.2 A new 7.2

2018 78

Efficient Drivetrains announces production release of PowerDrive7000ev for medium- and heavy-duty vehicle applications

Green Car Congress

OEMs are able further customize their vehicle solutions with EDI’s Electric Power Export (Power2E) option—the capability to export a range of power directly from the vehicle for use in disaster recovery, jobsite maintenance, tool operation, and other applications.

2018 95

AT&T deploys 8,000th CNG vehicle; one of the largest corporate CNG fleets in US

Green Car Congress

In addition to CNG, AT&T has deployed hybrid electric, all electric and extended-range electric vehicles, achieving a total AFV fleet of more than 10,000 vehicles located in 43 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.