BMW Group to build future MINI E vehicles in China with Great Wall Motor

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group and Great Wall Motor have launched a new joint venture—Spotlight Automotive Limited—and are building a joint plant in China, where the BMW Group will produce future fully-electric models of its MINI brand.

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MINI E arrives in US

Revenge of the Electric Car

The first batch of MINI Es has arrived in the US. Tags: Production News BMW MINI E A sharp-eyed ‘Revenge’ fan sent us these exclusive pictures from a holding facility in Central California, where the cars are being prepped for delivery. BMW have promised 500 cars for the US market - and judging by what we saw, most of them are already here and ready for roll out. Watch this space for delivery news.

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Classic Mini converted to electric previews 2019 Mini E to come

Green Car Reports

With a new, all-electric Mini E set to arrive in dealerships in a year or less, BMW wants to highlight the idea of a Mini Cooper powered by batteries. That's what led it to display an "old Mini" converted to electric power at a reception before last week's New York auto show. New York Auto Show History plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) youtube BMW Mini E

MINI E charge station initial site inspection

Revenge of the Electric Car

Stefano Paris at the November 19th, 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show unveiling of the MINI E. If you’ve been following the BMW MINI E program unveiled officially on November 19th, 2008 at the Los Angeles Auto Show you’ll know the process for being selected as a potential MINI E driver is a multistep one. The window to apply for a lease of a MINI E was from November 19th to December 24th, 2008 via an hour long online questionnaire.

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BMW considers extending MINI-E leases

Plugs and Cars

The MINI-E program is going well enough that BMW is considering allowing leases extensions, Richard Steinberg the program manager said at CARB's ZEV Technology Symposium today. Tags: BMW bmw mini e

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Mini E Makes LA Debut

Revenge of the Electric Car

BMW’s just held an event for the lessees of their Mini E at the Science Center, next to the University of Southern California, a really stellar venue when you consider the product they were showing. orders of magnitude faster than the 95 mph Mini E. It got us in the mood to see some equally exciting engineering, this time a combination of AC Propulsion’s drive system packed into the tight confines of the German engineered Mini.

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2020 Mini Cooper SE urban electric car revives Mini E formula

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The fully electric 2020 Mini Cooper SE will bring back everything early Mini pioneers loved about the company's first electric effort, the 2009 Mini E, in a more conventional, practical package. It will still be the sportiest Mini, with quicker powertrain responses, and a lower center of gravity, than the gas-powered Mini Cooper S.

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UC Davis study highlights results of MINI E field trial in US; MINI E met 90% of daily driving needs

Green Car Congress

The University of California, Davis and the BMW Group released the largest publicly available study of electric-car users yet conducted, including more than 120 families who drove the fully electric MINI E automobile more than 1 million miles in California, New York and New Jersey from June 2009 to June 2010. Respondents said the MINI E met 90% of their daily driving needs. Drivers start talking about the MINI E as a special way to explore their region.

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BMW MINI E trial enters second phase

Green Cars News

The trials of the MINI E aren’t over yet, with BMW Group and Vattenfall Europe now entering a second phase of testing in Berlin. A total of 70 MINI E electric cars have been transferred to private customers (30 units) and fleet users (40 units). BMW Electric cars Green cars Latest news MINI BMW MINI E electric car trials MINI E electric car MINI E trials Vattenfall

Exclusive: MINI E arrives in US

Revenge of the Electric Car

The first batch of Mini Es has arrived in the US. Tags: Production News BMW MINI E A sharp-eyed ‘Revenge’ fan sent us these exclusive pictures from a holding facility in Central California, where the cars are being prepped for delivery. BMW have promised 500 cars for the US market - and judging by what we saw, most of them are already here and ready for roll out. Watch this space for delivery news.

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BMW releases MINI E trial results

Green Cars News

It is the most in-depth trial of its kind – and now BMW has released data from the MINI E testing across theUKthat involved 62 members of the public and 76 pool users. BMW Electric cars Green cars Latest news MINI BMW electric car trial BMW electric cars BMW MINI E BMW MINI E trial results MINI E trial

Snarky CNBC report on "obsessed" Mini E driver

Plugs and Cars

The first consumer with a Mini E lease, Peter Trepp, was interviewed on CNBC. Tags: peter trepp bmw mini e cnbc The vroom- obsessed anchor concludes with an erroneous and unprofessional "gotcha" about coal. The report exudes such bias, you may want to let CNBC know how you feel here.

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BMW MINI E Powered by AC Propulsion?

Revenge of the Electric Car

The automotive and green electric vehicle blogosphere has been abuzz with talk of the BMW MINI E ever since July 9th, 2008, when AutoblogGreen published the rumor that 500 of the intriguing new electric cars would be released later this year in California. From the news that has been trickling in along with a BMW October 18th, 2008 press release , these MINI Es will be worthy electric vehicles. Click here to see more photos of the BMW MINI E. ]. MINI in the US.

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BMW and UC Davis Partner on MINI E Study

Green Car Congress

MINI E customers, based primarily in Los Angeles with a few in the New York City-area, will participate in the study. Marking the first comprehensive study of its kind since the mid-1990s, the UC Davis-led research will focus on user interactions with the MINI E, and is expected to yield insights into real-life usage and perceptions about electric vehicles. Jim McDowell, Vice President, MINI USA.

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BMW Delivers 40 Electric MINI E Cars for UK Trial

Green Car Congress

Components of the MINI E powertrain. BMW handed over forty electric MINI E cars to their test drivers on Sunday—all members of the public—in the start of two consecutive six-month field trial periods which will evaluate the psychological, social and technical aspects of living with an electric car. Following the launch of the MINI E research projects in North America and Germany, the UK trial is a collaborative effort from a BMW Group UK-led consortium.

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New all-electric Mini E to launch in 2019 as halo for brand

Green Car Reports

The first Mini E, cobbled together by putting a battery pack where the rear seat used to be, was BMW's very first attempt at building a modern electric car. Only a few hundred were built, back in 2009, but the quick project gave the German company real-world experience on how electric-car drivers used their cars, recharged them, and otherwise. Future Cars Minicars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

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BMW Group and Vattenfall Europe begin second phase of MINI E fleet test in Berlin

Green Car Congress

BMW Group and Vattenfall Europe have begun a second phase of the Mini E test fleet in Berlin, with the transfer of 70 MINI E electric vehicles to private customers (30 units) and fleet users (40 units). The aim of the project, funded by the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMU), is to optimize the charging strategy to the use of wind energy for the MINI E to achieve the best possible.

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Want To Lease A 2009 MINI E? If You Live In Delaware, You Can

Green Car Reports

One of the earliest electric-car prototype test fleets of the modern day was made up of several hundred MINI E two-seaters, which hit U.S. MINI E drivers who loved driving electric--which is to say, many of them--were offered replacement BMW ActiveE electric cars, and the electric MINIs were taken roads on two-year leases from 2008 through 2010.

What’s up with the BMW MINI E?

Plugs and Cars

The BMW Mini E has hit the streets. Barely one year ago, word surfaced that an electric Mini was in the works. More money was probably spent advertising the car than went into the electric Mini program. Why, if millions are being poured into a few dozen Hydrogen ICE cars and their promotion, should BMW rather suddenly decide to produce 500 electric Minis? In the case of the electric Mini, that means no backseat.

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User Results from First Phase of the MINI E Field Trial in the UK

Green Car Congress

The MINI E. As the second half of the twelve-month MINI E field trial begins in the UK this week, BMW has released an overview of the outcome of interviews and objective data collected from the first three months of the December to June 2010 phase of the trial. The MINI E is a two-seat development of the MINI Hatch. The 40 MINI E Pioneers were selected from applicants in the South East of England. For MINI Cooper and 116i it is 27.0

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BMW to debut electric-car concept at LA show; electric Mini makes U.S. debut

Green Car Reports

Los Angeles Auto Show mini e plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) BMW Mini EBMW will use media days at the Los Angeles auto show, which begin on November 29, to unveil a new electric car that's never before been seen. The electric model that will debut in California wasn't otherwise specified in the German maker's announcement, which called it simply "a world premiere vehicle." It's entirely possible, however, that it.

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Tesla Taxi, MINI E In Delaware, Carbon-Capturing Cars: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today on Green Car Reports: Tesla Model S taxis (in Norway), the possibilities of carbon-capture technology for cars, and how to lease a 2009 MINI E in 2014. All this and more on Green Car Reports. The Carice Electric Sports Car is tiny and beautiful, but it''s also kind of expensive. The Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid will go rallying in

BMW Group Taking Applications for MINI-E Trial Drivers in Munich

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The BMW Group has begun accepting applications for drivers to participate in the electric MINI-E trial in Munich, a joint project of the BMW Group, Siemens and the Stadtwerke München (SWM). Applicants must be resident in Munich or the surrounding area and have access to a private parking space. The monthly lease fee is €400 (US$517). The application period runs until 20 June, the handover of the vehicles will take place in September.

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Will There Be Another Electric Mini E Within A Few Years?

Green Car Reports

Back in 2009, the MINI E electric car was BMW''s very first attempt at building a battery-electric vehicle. The fleet of several hundred electric MINIs was leased out to volunteer test drivers in the U.S., Europe, China, and the U.K. to let the company gather data on how drivers used plug-in cars in real-world circumstances. Now it appears that BMW

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BMW MINI E to participate in UK electric car trial

Green Cars News

BMW has handed over 40 electric MINI E vehicles to test drivers at the start of two consecutive six-month field trial periods meant to evaluate the social, psychological and technical aspects of [.]. Tags: BMW Electric cars Green cars Latest news BMW MINI E MINI E MINI Electric Scottish and Southern Energy UK electric car trial A fresh take on one of the most iconic designs in motoring will play a central role in the UK-wide trial of electric cars.

MINI E Meetup: End Of The Line For Electric Car 'Experiment'

Green Car Reports

was the venue for the final MINI E Northeast Meetup before the cars must be returned. After a two-year run, BMW’s MINI E adventure is nearing its end. The car may seem old hat to people like Tom Moloughney, who has clocked over 65,000 miles on his MINI E--and who hosted the event at his Nauna’s Bella Casa Restaurant in Montclair, N.J.,

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BMW Megacity EV to Launch in 2013; MINI E and Concept ActiveE Fleet Trials in China

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group has been gathering insights into the day-to-day use of electric vehicles since mid-2009, when it launched a global field test involving more than 600 MINI E models. During the test phase some 50 MINI E cars are also being delivered to customers in China in 2010. Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG at the BMW Group Future Mobility Night 2010 in Beijing. A Concept ActiveE is in the background. Click to enlarge.

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BMW Group: ActiveE Field Trial Fleet in the US Will Be At Least As Large as MINI E Fleet

Green Car Congress

While the exact size of the fleet has yet to be confirmed, BMW said, it will be at least as large as the MINI E fleet which is currently in operation. There are 450 MINI Es on the road in the US right now, being driven by a group of individuals and select fleet users. More than anything we have been impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm that MINI E drivers have brought to this project.

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Electric Mini officially confirmed by BMW CEO, also electric BMW X3

Green Car Reports

The carmaker has said it would add all-electric versions of the next-generation X3 crossover, as well as an unspecified Mini model. mini e plug-in carsIt's increasingly evident that BMW will offer all-electric versions of existing models, departing from its previous strategy of building dedicated plug-in models under the "i" sub-brand. The move comes as BMW seeks to.

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Green Manhattan Beach Going Plug-In. Here Comes BMW’s Mini E!

Creative Greenius

And we’ll have fun, fun, fun, till daddy takes the Min-E Away. Reliable sources inform your Creative Greenius that Manhattan Beach is about to be named the first Southern California city to be part of BMW’s test of the new plug-in Mini E, the EV version of the popular Mini Cooper. We wrote about the new electric Mini coming to California last July and we’re thrilled it’s coming right to our own backyard in green as can be Manhattan Beach.

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Motorists falling for the MINI E

Green Cars News

Customers trailing the new electric MINI around the world don’t want to give them back- that’s what BMW’s chairman Norbert Reithofer told news agency Headline auto. Reithofer said: "Some drivers have told me they would love to keep their MINI E. Tags: BMW MINI BMW ActiveE electric car love Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator MINI E trial

Next electric MINI confirmed by development team?

Green Car Reports

Before the BMW i3, there was the MINI E. Along with the BMW ActiveE—based on the 1 Series coupe—this electric version of the second-generation BMW MINI was built to provide real-world testing data that helped form the foundation for i3 electric-car development. The MINI E was leased to customers as part of a pilot program, but was. minicar Future Cars mini e plug-in cars

2016 87

Could we see the return of the Mini E?

Green Cars News

BMW could revive its Mini E electric car, according to BMW Blog, as the carmaker looks to expand the use of its i3 electric drivetrain. The limited production Mini E was launched in 2009 as a research vehicle and used extensively in road trials across Europe, including the CABLED programme here in[.]. Electric cars MINI

New MINI E trial starts as feedback proves good

Green Cars News

Feedback from the first trials of the Mini E has been released, as the carmaker embarks on a second six month trial of its electric model. Tags: MINI BMW electric MINI E The BMW-owned carmaker begins the second half of the twelve month testing this week, with private individuals and company fleets recruited within the UK to take part in the [.].

Mini E Driver Study: Some Caveats On Electric-Car Happy News

Green Car Reports

drivers who were picked to test the BMW Mini E between June 2009 and June 2010 are one happy bunch. The 450 lucky U.S. They love their cars, they like electric driving in general, they're willing to overlook the car's faults, and they willingly talk not only to BMW but also amongst themselves about it all. BMW released the most recent study of

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MINI E joins Government electric vehicle announcement

Green Cars News

Both ministers drove a MINI E electric car at the event as they announced plans to support motorists by providing help worth £2000-£5000 towards buying their first electric or plug-in hybrid car when they hit the showrooms. Ian Robertson said, “We believe the MINI E is an excellent vehicle for trialling this alternative form of sustainable mobility. And what better time to do this than in the year we celebrate the 50th birthday of MINI.

After 30 Months In A Mini E Electric Car, BMW ActiveE Coming Up

Green Car Reports

I took possession of my 2009 Mini E electric car (serial number 250) on June 12, 2009. At the time, I signed up for a one year lease, which is all BMW was offering. It was made perfectly clear that after 12 months, we would have to give the car back and that there would be no exceptions. One 12-month extension after that, plus a further six-month

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BMW's UK MINI E Test Ends: Drivers Happy, But.

All Cars Electric

A few months after BMW and MINI's electric car study ended in the United States, a similar scheme run in the U.K. Basically, all the drivers loved driving the MINI E, as you has also come to a close, and the results are in.and if you've read the results of the American tests, the figures coming from the U.K. will all look very familiar.

US Mini E leasing program to begin

Green Cars News

A leasing program of 450 Mini E model cars is set to begin in the US. Over the next few weeks a select number of customers in New Jersey, New York and California will take delivery of a fully electric version of the Mini Coupe as part of a trial program. With a driving range of around 150 miles, the Mini E’s lithium ion batteries achieve. At a high voltage 240v charge, the Mini E takes just 4.4 Tags: MINI e electric LA lease

Mini E road test

Green Cars News

So what better to persuade the driving public that a car that you plug in can actually be fun to drive than an electric Mini, one of the most popular cars on the road today. We drove the prototype Mini E that will be trialled in the UK over the next year by private and fleet users and discovered that electric cars really could be the future, if they’re as good as this. Mini E consumer car reviews Mini E lease prices Mini E new and nearly new.

Mini E Drivers Mostly Happy; Cold Weather, Service Problematic

Green Car Reports

In the case of the Mini E, BMW offered data to back up the claim. At the Washington Auto Show today, BMW released early results from a study of 57 customers who leased its Mini E electric vehicle, conducted with the It's always good to be suspicious when an automaker sends out a press release saying customers are "delighted" with its products.

Mini Electric Concept revealed before Frankfurt auto show debut

Green Car Reports

We've known since last July that an all-electric Mini Cooper will go into production in 2019. The Mini Electric Concept is recognizable as the three-door hardtop version of the famous British small car, but numerous design. Frankfurt Auto Show Frankfurt Motor Show plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) BMW Mini ENow, we can see the first renderings of the car that will make its official debut at the Frankfurt auto show in two weeks.

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BMW Launches ActiveE Electric Car Forum, Mobile App, Extends MINI E Leases

All Cars Electric

In its final Plugged-In newsletter to all its current MINI E Lease participants, BMW announced that the new website will form the backbone of BMW’s next electric car program. In addition, BMW has told MINI E drivers that it is working on a BMW made a step towards its electric car future today by launching its ActiveE electric car forums.

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