KIT and e-bike manufacturer Coboc developing quick charging process for e-bike batteries

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To shorten the charging time of e-bikes—in particular during daily use in the city—Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Coboc GmbH & Co. For preventive maintenance, information on the battery state is updated constantly. Within the project, KIT is responsible for the selection and assessment of suitable lithium-ion cells, for investigating the service life of selected cells, and for developing the quick charging process and the SOC and SOH diagnosis system.

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smart, MINI Unveiling Electric Scooter Concepts at Paris Show; Central Role for Smartphones

Green Car Congress

The brushless direct current hub drive transmits its power directly to the rear wheel, and is clean and maintenance-free. The new, further developed smart drive kit app allows the rider to use online services when making stops on the road. This is fitted with a microphone and headphones so that riders are able to use the telephone function or access their personal music collection while on the road. Tags: Electric (Battery) Personal Transit The smart escooter.

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Tesla Inside: The Ultimate Vintage Land Rover Retrofit

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EV conversions here and elsewhere are seizing both imaginations and wallets, as classic-car fans focus on improved performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance, with the environmental benefits a green icing on the cake.

Li-ion Reserve in the World: How it Revolutionised the EV Industry

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Though steam was doing well powering the trains and factories incorporating a steam engine into a personal car was not a practical and efficient way and soon became obsolete mainly due to the long starting time and the need to fill water in a short span with other numerous other inconvenience.

Down to the wire for final round of public voting in DOE Apps for Vehicles challenge

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Pulling 200+ data points from the car sensors, as well as 100+ social and ambient data points (weather, traffic APIs), it provides real time diagnostics/alerts and historical data visualization, enabling the driver to maximize MPG, improve engine performance, gives tips/insights on carbon emissions and offset tools, as well as how to reduce running costs on gas, maintenance and insurance (along the marketplace model).

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Retrofitting three-wheeler to electric 

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To boost the electric vehicles on Indian roads the government has brought up a policy that can eliminate personal vehicles in the upcoming decades. The usage of these kits can be done for deregistered vehicles or currently used vehicles. Retrofitting three-wheeler to electric.

The World’s Most Popular EVs Aren’t Cars, Trucks, or Motorcycles

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They've been a boon to hard-working delivery persons during the pandemic (and their impatient customers), and commuters who don't care to be a sweaty mess when they arrive. Hub motors are relatively affordable, low-maintenance, mass produced by the millions. When the U.S.

Volkswagen’s MEB for EVs: long electric range, open-platform, open-space, pricing for the volume market; “tablet on wheels”

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These four main kits are now joined by the all-new Modularer Elektrifizierungsbaukasten (“Modular Electric Drive kit”, or MEB), being developed by the Volkswagen brand. It shows that we have four core innovations: smart sustainability, automated driving, intuitive interaction and personalized connectivity. and the underlying MEB emphasize several additional functionalities: autonomy, connectivity, and personalization.

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Largo Scooters :Stealth Hub ebike conversion kits Metric Mind :Siemens AC drive motors and controlers Nu-KarElectric Vehicles : Citicar and Comutacar Parts SD Scooters : Electric scooterparts {Returnto top of page} EV Component Manufacturers Analytic Systems: manufactureInverters, Chargers and DC Converters for mobile and Electric Vehicle applications AVT :"SuperMotor" 4QD : Controllersand indicators Advanced DC Motors : EV motors Adlee Powertronic Co.,

Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You - Green Inc. Blog -

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And with EV maintenance you are less exposed to being ripped off buy the ICE car repairman. A very low cost EV is taking a golf cart transaxle or whole GC rear/seat and weld, ect a MC front end, frame, title to it, change the batteries from 6vdc to 12vdc to double the voltage and use larger dia VW Rabbit tires and you can have a nice 1- 3 person MC trike that goes 45-55mph and 50+ mile range.