Are There Electric Car Conversion Kits?

Electric Cars are for Girls

Is there an electric car conversion kit where a person can make their own electric car? Hi, Paul - Sure! It's what I would do myself if I were converting

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An Easy EV Conversion Kit For People

Open Source Civic EV Kit

After spending the past year and a half converting a Porsche 914 to an electric vehicle, I decided to expand my horizons by designing an open-source electric vehicle (EV) conversion kit for a commonly used car. What about the person who tinkers in their garage who drives like the typical person ( With that in mind, I sorted through the electric conversions over at EVAlbum and found several cars that you could purchase for under $2,000 on the local Craigslist classified listings.

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KIT presenting modular battery concept for electric bus

Green Car Congress

Source: KIT. At the upcoming IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) will present a modular battery concept for the efficient operation of an electric bus; an electric city bus demonstrator will illustrate the concept. Source: KIT.

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Ford and Intel demonstrate in-car personalization with perceptual computing; Project Mobii

Green Car Congress

The in-car experience is then personalized to display information specific to that driver, such as calendar, music and contacts.

First Body Kit For BMW i3 Electric Car: Looks Tougher, Probably Less Efficient

Green Car Reports

Many car owners have a strong desire to personalize their vehicles, and BMW buyers may be among the most enthusiastic when it comes to modifications. So while the BMW i3 electric car is more about efficiency than showing off, perhaps it''s not too surprising that there is now a body kit available for it. It had to happen eventually.

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Ford announces Smart Mobility plan; 25 initial projects

Green Car Congress

The 25 experiments address four global megatrends—explosive population growth; an expanding middle class; air quality and public health concerns; and changing customer attitudes and priorities—challenging today’s transportation model and limiting personal mobility, especially in urban areas. Ford engineers are working with HP to track the driving habits of 100 vehicles used nationwide by HP employees for work and personal commuting.

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smart, MINI Unveiling Electric Scooter Concepts at Paris Show; Central Role for Smartphones

Green Car Congress

The new, further developed smart drive kit app allows the rider to use online services when making stops on the road. This is fitted with a microphone and headphones so that riders are able to use the telephone function or access their personal music collection while on the road.

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Honda offers customers chance to build their own Fit

Green Cars News

It takes a special kind of person to want to build a car themselves at home. Now Honda is taking the kit car-building spirit to a new level; launching the first ever production car you can build yourself.

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Chevrolet previews Spark EV Tech Performance concept, other performance concepts including Cruze Diesel for SEMA

Green Car Congress

Features include: A Stage Kit, cold-air induction and a high-flow exhaust system allow the 1.4L A Personalization Sonic concept puts a larger emphasis on personalization. Chevrolet Spark EV Tech Performance concept. Click to enlarge.

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Daimler invests in the start-up Anagog; smartphone-based behavior analysis with no need for backend server

Green Car Congress

The JedAI SDK (Software Development Kit) uses the multiple sensors in modern smartphones to detect anonymously the mobility status and to understand the activity context of users. This app helps motorists decide whether it makes sense for them personally to switch to an electric car or hybrid.

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More parts but no instructions or hardware.

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

Since this kit is the 914 AC kit, I have no idea how to install the controller plate. I've contacted Randy Pollock, the first person to order a 914 AC kit and he and I are working to figure this out.

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Christmas Time!

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

Here's the delivery person rolling the crate on a pallet jack to my garage. On minor disappointment is that the cable supplied in the kit is #2 gauge cable. I suppose the AC kit doesn't require as much current as the DC kit, but I'll take all the efficiency I can get at this point.

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GM to acquire Cruise Automation to accelerate autonomous vehicle development

Green Car Congress

The acquisition of Cruise is GM’s latest step toward its goal of redefining the future of personal mobility. Since the beginning of the year, GM has entered into a strategic alliance with ride-sharing company Lyft ( earlier post ); formed Maven, its personal mobility brand for car-sharing fleets in many US cities ( earlier post ), and established a separate unit for autonomous vehicle development ( earlier post ).

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Reflections on Converting a 914 to an EV

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

Here goes (in no particular order): Things That Went Well During the Conversion The 914 AC kit from Electro Automotive is a good one. I modified the wiring in the original 914 AC kit (as suggested by Paul Jorg) to turn on the regen when the brake lights came on instead of controlling regen by releasing the accelerator pedal. I even received a few posts from Mike Brown at Electro Automotive, the designer of the kit. If I had to do things over, I might seriously use the DC kit.

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Opinions and Rants

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

I find out this morning from Ross Cunniff (who also recently completed the 914 AC kit), that he has had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS with his CCPower DC-DC converter. Since I finished the first kit, Electro Auto didn't want to replace my unit because they wanted me to find out more information before I simply blew up another one. The technical support person at Iota was extremely responsive and provided accurate information. Despite the above rants, the basic kit is good.

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Mercedes-Benz integrates iPhone and Siri into user experience of new A-Class

Green Car Congress

Via a new “Digital DriveStyle App”, developed in-house, together with the “Drive Kit Plus for the Apple iPhone”, drivers can now access all the key content of their iPhone through the in-vehicle display and enjoy safe and convenient operation of the device via the Controller on the center armrest. Its highlights include: Personalized internet radio by AUPEO!

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Talking with Mike at ElectroAuto

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

It seems that Mike is more of a mechanical person than an electronics person. Apparently I'm the only person with an operational AC kit currently, although several other people are hot on the trail to finishing theirs. Mike doesn't have an AC kit 914 back at the ranch. I just got off the phone with Mike at Electro Automotive. We chatted about the blown CCPower DC-DC converter and the engine vibrations.

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Taking a Break

Open Source Civic EV Kit

A few things that are in the works: getting the Civic S20 transmission to a precision measurement person to get an accurate diagram of all the holes and outline for repetitive fabrication of adapter plates ordering a clutch plate and sending it off to EV-America for a motor shaft adapter purchasing relevant EV kit parts (9" motor, etc.)

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VW unveils fully autonomous, electric Microbus I.D. Buzz concept at Detroit; all-wheel drive, 270-mile range

Green Car Congress

Buzz is built off the Modular Electric Drive kit (MEB). BUZZ is a next-generation vehicle based on the new Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB), offering comfort and plenty of space. As soon as a person approaches the vehicle, the sensor surfaces for opening the door light up.

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Ford opening up Silicon Valley research lab

Green Car Congress

Ford Motor Company plans to open a Silicon Valley-based Research Lab—its first dedicated R&D office on the west coast—to scout for new technology and to find new partners to innovate personal mobility solutions for the future. The first OpenXC beta developer kits will be shipped this month to several participating universities including MIT, University of Michigan and Stanford.

Aviat, Aviation Foundation unveil concept CNG-fueled single-engine aircraft

Green Car Congress

The tank is removable and can be refilled using a CNG refilling system, either personal or at a commercial location. manufactures the Husky, Pitts Special and complete kits for the Eagle biplane. Aviat Husky CNG. Click to enlarge. Airplane manufacturer Aviat Aircraft, Inc.

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Volkswagen’s MEB for EVs: long electric range, open-platform, open-space, pricing for the volume market; “tablet on wheels”

Green Car Congress

These four main kits are now joined by the all-new Modularer Elektrifizierungsbaukasten (“Modular Electric Drive kit”, or MEB), being developed by the Volkswagen brand. and the underlying MEB emphasize several additional functionalities: autonomy, connectivity, and personalization.

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X Prize, Electrathon teams to compete in Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen International

Green Car Congress

The afternoon Electrathon races feature single-person, lightweight, aerodynamic, high-efficiency electric vehicles. They may be built from a kit or from scratch. Automotive X Prize teams from New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Indiana will compete at the 7 th Annual Green Grand Prix Friday, April 15, at Watkins Glen International. Two of the vehicles are educational entries from Cornell University and West Philadelphia High School.

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German project exploring integration of electromobility with transport services

Green Car Congress

communities or municipalities), the number of persons, and mobility behavior, the system is intended to determine whether and under which conditions electric mobility is reasonable. Eleven partners are participating in BiE: The FZI Research Center for Information Technology and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with the Institute for Transport Studies (IfV) and the Institute of Product Engineering (IPEK) contribute latest scientific findings.

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Virginia Tech hosting debut student competition to design 3-D printed aircraft, ground vehicles

Green Car Congress

Separately, Maryland-based engineering firm Robotic Research LLC is donating vehicle electronic kits and the nonprofit energy investment Stiefel Family Foundation is providing cash awards. Those printers then can be used by engineers or even lay persons to simply download and print replacement parts, or fabricate novel mission-specific parts on-demand.

Down to the wire for final round of public voting in DOE Apps for Vehicles challenge

Green Car Congress

s software developer kit will support apps for consumers, service providers and automotive retailers, connecting drivers to their driving world in real-time. Fuel Economy Coach: based on actual vehicle data, road conditions, traffic, and personal driving habits, this app will not only show a driver’s fuel efficiency, but will tell hime or her how good or bad it is based on real world conditions. The MyCarma application uses the phone’s GPS to capture an owner’s personal drive cycle.

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Volkswagen unveils I.D. EV concept; 1st MEB-based vehicle, to launch in 2020; up to 373 miles

Green Car Congress

will be the first Volkswagen built off the Modular Electric Drive kit (MEB). MEB—Modularer Elektrifizierungsbaukasten (“Modular Electric Drive kit”)—was conceived to support the development of a family of pure electric vehicles within brands and across the Group.

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Audis e-tron quattro EV: evolutionary powertrain with a dash of revolution for production in 2018; MLB evo

Green Car Congress

This could eventually have a role comparable to that of the Volkswagen Group’s modular diesel and modular gasoline engine kits (MDB and MOB). (“Baukasten” = German for construction kit). The resulting two-motor system could become part of the MLB evo kit, said Prof.

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Solar Powered Greenius Producing Massive South Bay Energy

Creative Greenius

These are local investors who are very well capitalized and are personally known to the staff of the utility and city officials. Previous Prius conversion kits have been limited by Toyota programming to a top speed of 34 mph in all-electric mode.

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Ford opens new Silicon Valley research center; focus on connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, big data

Green Car Congress

A person sitting in the Palo Alto laboratory can access real-time video streamed over existing 4G/LTE technology to drive golf carts thousands of miles away.

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Enter To Win A 2010 Hybrid

Hybrid SUV Blog

50 people will win a green kit (mobile phone, case, charger, battery, etc.) and one really lucky person will be awarded with the hybrid Escape valued up to $35,000.

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Ford takes OpenXC research platform global, engaging local developers for market-specific connected vehicle apps in India

Green Car Congress

Ford is now shipping beta test kits of its open-source connectivity research platform, OpenXC ( earlier post ), to developers and universities around the world. OpenXC architecture. Click to enlarge.

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Ford OpenXC platform out of beta; open-source hardware and software platform

Green Car Congress

The OpenXC kit includes a vehicle interface module based on the popular Arduino platform developers can use to read data from the vehicle’s internal communications network. In addition, vehicle data from the growing list of sensing technologies built into the car can be used locally to provide for the creation of a more personalized, convenient and productive driving experience, and aggregated to help address congestion and improve efficiency.

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Volkswagen unveils BUDD-e electric van concept at CES; first VW based on new Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB)

Green Car Congress

Personalized light. It is conceivable that in the near future, consumables—such as windshield wiper blades—or other kinds of personal items could not only be ordered from the car, but also delivered to it using a “Drop Box” that is accessible from the outside.

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VW BUDD-e EV concept makes US auto show debut; 233-mile range based on EPA cycle; next-gen connectivity and HMI

Green Car Congress

Personalized light. It is conceivable that in the near future, consumables—such as windshield wiper blades—or other kinds of personal items could not only be ordered from the car, but also delivered to it using a “Drop Box” that is accessible from the outside.

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Ford, GM rolling out third-party developer programs for in-vehicle apps

Green Car Congress

The Ford Developer Program for open mobile apps provides a software development kit (SDK), technical support from Ford engineers and a developer community to enable utilizing the SYNC connectivity system and AppLink application programming interface (API). Once these apps are created and have been approved by GM, future owners of certain GM models will be able to download them directly to the vehicle through the app catalog to to personalize and to update the apps in their vehicles.

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An E-mail from Azure Dynamics about the DMOC445

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

I recently sent off an e-mail to Azure Dynamics, the maker of the DMOC445 AC motor controller in the 914 kit. Beth Silverman, the support person, has been very quick to respond with whatever information she can provide from the controller designers. I asked how I could tap into the motor encoder signals to create an RPM signal for the tachometer on the dashboard. It turns out that the DMOC controller already has a PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) output that can be used for this.

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Volt Blocher

Honda S2000 EV Conversion

This looks much cooler in person but thought I'd add a shot with most of the cells now shunting. Dimitri and Jim have ordered their DIY kits and will hopefully have them up and running soon.

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class INTELLIGENT DRIVE drives autonomously over 100km interurban and urban route with near-production technology

Green Car Congress

The required algorithms were developed by the Mercedes-Benz research team in collaboration with the Institute for Measuring and Control Technology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Networked sensor systems of the S 500 INTELLIGENT DRIVE research vehicle. Click to enlarge.

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Hyundai begins rollout of Ioniq Hybrid, PHEV and EV; most efficient non-plug vehicle, most efficient EV in US; powertrain discussion

Green Car Congress

The important thing to remember is that if we are serious about reducing carbon in personal mobility, we have to be very serious about efficiency.

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