India's new four-door Mahindra Reva e2o electric car to be exported

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Mahindra's Indian-market lineup is mostly made up of trucks and SUVs, but it also sells the tiny Reva e2o electric car. India Mahindra neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) plug-in cars revaIndian automaker Mahindra is little known in the U.S., but it is one of the larger players in its home market. It recently unveiled a new four-door hatchback version, called the e2o Plus, that will be sold alongside the existing.


REVA Electric Vehicles to be renamed

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It’s the dawning of a new era for India’s REVA Electric Car Company with Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd to acquire a majority stake in the company and rename it as Mahindra REVA Electric Vehicle Co Ltd. per cent equity in Mahindra REVA. The agreement sees Mahindra & Mahindra own 55.2 The board has also been reconstituted [.].


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Northern Lights Energy and Reva Electric Car Company Sign Agreement to Develop the Electric Vehicle Market in Iceland

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The REVA NXR. NLE will have exclusive distribution rights for the NXR, the new model premiered by Reva at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and consequent follow-up models, such as the sports coupé NXG, which will be launched in 2011. Tags: Electric (Battery

Mahindra E2O Electric Minicar Launches In India, Nee Reva NXR

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The car you see in the images above has actually been in the making for several years, and for drivers in India it's one of the more significant vehicles released this year. It's called the Mahindra e2o, and you may recognise its previous name, the Reva NXR. The Reva name is already big in electric vehicle circles, though not necessarily for the


General Motors India And REVA Form Partnership To Develop Electric Vehicles for Indian Market

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The new REVA NXG introduced at IAA, due for production in 2011, features a Li-ion phosphate pack. General Motors India and Reva Electric Car Company (REVA) have entered into a collaboration agreement to develop electric vehicles for the Indian market.


Mahindra Reva Halo: Indian Electric Sports Car Debuts In Delhi

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Perhaps understandably, most automakers producing electric vehicles have concentrated on fairly humble, practical vehicles--compact hatchbacks, sedans, city cars.

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Electric cars about to be profitable, says India's Mahindra

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The market for electric cars continues to grow, but vehicles powered by fossil fuels remain dominant across the globe. Many analysts believe electric cars will reach price parity with vehicles powered by internal-combustion engines sometime within the next decade. Indian maker Mahindra, however, says its own small, limited-range electric cars are. India Mahindra plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) reva

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Electric vehicle sales slump in India

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With a subsidy scheme on electric vehicles reaching its conclusion in India, there has been a 75 per cent drop in sales of electric cars (such as India’s first electric car, the Reva, pictured) and other battery powered vehicles in the country. Electric cars Green cars Latest news electric cars electric vehicles green cars india REVA

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Reva EVs to Be Built in New York State

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million to open a plug-in electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Onondaga County. Bannon will use technology based on that developed by REVA Electric Car Company Private, Ltd., RECC) to build REVA’s NXR model ( earlier post ), which was recently introduced to the public at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany. REVA, India’s first zero polluting electric vehicle for city mobility, was commercialized in June 2001.


REVA to develop electric car market in Iceland

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It’s not just Mum who has gone to Iceland… it is electric cars too, with the REVA Electric Car Company signing an agreement with Northern Lights Energy (NLE) to jointly develop the market in Iceland. Northern Lights is the initiator of the 2012 charging infrastructure project and provides infrastructure and services for electric vehicles based in the country.


Reva: A little company with big ambitions. The Green Piece

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Slow, clunky, even potentially “life-threatening” – these are just a handful of the insults that have been thrown the way of electric car maker REVA and particularly its G-Wiz model. It will allow REVA to boast one of the lowest dirt-to-dust carbon footprints in the automotive world.


REVA to unveil electric cars in Frankfurt

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It’s not just the big name manufacturers lining up new concepts for the Frankfurt International Motor Show – the Reva Electric Car Company (REVA) will also be getting in on the act. The company plans to unveil two new electric cars at the show which kicks off next week. One is the REVA NXR, which is a four-seat, three-door hatchback family vehicle that will be available for order at the show even though production is not scheduled to begin until next year.


GM teams with Reva to develop electric car

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US car giant GM is to develop and market a small, cheap electric car for the Indian market. The car maker will develop the car in conjunction with Reva, the manufacturer of electric vehicles, best known for its G-Wiz models in the UK. General Motors India and Reva Electric Car Company announced today in New Delhi the signing of an agreement to cooperate in the development of electric vehicles for the India.


Mahindra prepares for new electric car launch

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Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles is ready to begin production of its follow-up to the G-Wiz electric car, with the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Bengalore, India. The new NXR electric car, while still compact, looks more like an ordinary car compared to the small G-Wiz. Electric cars electric car india REVA

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Johnston stays on board with Energetique

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Australian electric car systems maker, Energetique, has renewed its partnership with marketeer Keith Johnston, known for his part in the successful relaunch of the Reva G-Wiz electric vehicle. Latest news Electric cars electric vehicles Energetique GoinGreen Keith Johnston London Future Car Challenge REVA G-Wiz

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Mahindra inaugurates EV plant, describes its vision of “future of mobility”

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Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Mahindra Reva also introduced a range of of technologies, all of them directly inspired by the vision of the future of mobility. Mahindra Reva was founded in 1994 as the Reva Electric Car Company, a joint venture between the Maini Group of Bangalore and AEV LLC of USA. billion, 144,000-employee Mahindra Group acquired a majority stake in the company, which was renamed Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd.


Reports: GM to offer all-electric city car in US

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The Detroit News reported that GM will announce on Wednesday it will introduce a full battery-electric city car in the US. Green Car Reports fleshed that basic item out with additional details: The vehicle is the Chevrolet Spark EV, unveiled as the Chevrolet Beat EV, in India. In 2009, General Motors India and Reva Electric Car Company (REVA) entered into a collaboration agreement to develop electric vehicles for the Indian market.


Fatal G-Wiz Crash: Confirmed - Another Car Was Involved

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Just over a week ago we discussed the aspect of electric car safety, specifically that of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles or NEVs, after 47-year old mother Judit Nadal was tragically killed in her Reva G-Wiz in an accident in London, U.K.

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Call to support current generation of electric vehicles

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The European Association for Battery Electric Vehicles -Going-Electric -has written an open letter to Transport Secretary, Geoff Hoon following the announcement of a £250m programme of support for electric vehicles. Central to the policy of investment into electric cars, was the announcement of subsidies worth up to £5,000 to be given to buyers of electric cars. Second, electric quadricycles should be included in the scheme.

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What Consumers Should Know About Electric Car Crash Tests

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owner of a Reva G-Wiz, the tiny neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) sold in Europe as a quadricycle, was killed when her all-electric runabout hit a garden wall. Yesterday, we heard the tragic story that a U.K. The 47-year-old woman was thrown clear of the diminutive G-Wiz as it split in two just beneath the front seats where the heavy under-seat

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Green Automotive Company to Acquire Going Green Limited, biggest retailer of EVs in Europe

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California-based Green Automotive Company, having recently acquired Liberty Electric Cars Ltd in Europe ( earlier post ), has signed a binding agreement to buy UK-based electric vehicle distributor Going Green Limited. Going Green, doing business under the brand name “GoinGreen,” has sold more than 1400 G-Wiz electric vehicles, making it Europe’s largest single retailer of electric vehicles and generating annual revenues in excess of $1 million.

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Are You Plugged In?

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Some of the first plug-in electric passenger vehicles are slated to roll onto U.S. For all the fanfare, sales of electric cars are currently negligible (outside of golf courses, that is). How many plug-in electric vehicles does President Barack Obama wish to see on U.S. The president is hoping to use incentives to get one million plug-in hybrid vehicles to consumers by 2015. Which electric-car developer counts former U.

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London Calling: Congestion Charge Recharges Electric Cars

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London could soon replace California as the electric car capital of the world. The policy, which exempts electric cars from hefty daily taxation, is resulting in increasingly significant vehicle choices for English consumers. India's Reva was first into the market with the G-Wiz.

2007 130 IBM to build smart grid for electric cars - R&D

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Hide Header Also in this section Up to 6,000 jobs planned for Ireland as part of green tech vision UK is up to speed with electric car proposals The future looks good  on paper R&D IBM to build smart grid for electric cars 26.02.2009 Technology giant IBM is working with a Danish research group to build a smart grid that will support electric cars. “That is why we are making it possible for electric cars to enter the market in order to replace conventional fuel.

Plug In America - Links and Resources

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Real Life EV Stories A Case for Electricity Plug In America Positions Energy Policy Frequently Asked Questions About Plug-in Buses Who Killed the Electric Car? Prop 87 Missed Opportunity RAVs to Keep Rolling in LA Holiday EVangelism ZEVTech Saving RAVs Holiday EVangelism Who Killed the Electric Car? nk City Electric car Documentary about electric cars, hybrids, hydrogen and the future of transportation. Who Killed the Electric Car?"

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MAEAA Web Links

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Brockmans electric Porsche Porsche914 : Bill and Sharon Hoopes EVs Porsche 944 :JBs cool project and pusher trailer Renault12 : Darryl McMahons Electric Vehicles, nice EV history page. Volkswagen Rabbit :Zigs Amazing Electric Vehicle VolkswagenRabbit : Bill Dubes Wild Electwik Wabbit VolkswagenRabbit : yduJ drives an electric car! :Electric scooter and bicycle retailer. RileyEnterprises : Electric and hybrid DIY plans.

Who is winning the green car race? Part II. The Green Piece

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Founded in 2003, Silicon Valley based Tesla Motors is currently the only car manufacturer in the US or Europe manufacturing and selling highway capable electric vehicles in serial production. REVA: An Indian company that markets the G-Wiz in the UK.

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