Thu.Feb 07, 2019

Pecan Street launches Texas’ first grid-connected vehicle-to-grid research and testing center

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Austin, Texas-based energy research organization Pecan Street Inc. launched Texas’ first grid-tied vehicle-to-grid (V2G) testing center at its lab in Austin, turning electric vehicles into a dispatchable load shaving tool for the municipally-owned electric utility, Austin Energy.

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Would Like to Convert a 2004 Jeep Liberty Limited to Electric

Electric Cars are for Girls

I would like to convert a 2004 Jeep Liberty Limited into electric. Complete noob here. Any advice or suggestions would help. It's max weight is 5600

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UCSC team develops novel ruthenium catalyst that outperforms platinum in alkaline hydrogen production

Green Car Congress

A novel ruthenium-based catalyst developed by researchers at UC Santa Cruz (UCSC) has shown markedly better performance than commercial platinum catalysts in alkaline water electrolysis for hydrogen production.

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BMW reveals prototype iNext electric SUV in winter testing

Green Car Reports

After revealing the concept-car at a private event last September, BMW has revealed the, well, next iNext. Following the concept, the next version of the car is a test mule, complete with camouflage covering, undergoing cold-weather testing in northern Sweden—a typical place for automakers to test things like heaters, cold starts, and power

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U Toronto, Ford LCA study finds lightweighting an important near-term GHG reduction solution

Green Car Congress

A study by a team from the University of Toronto and Ford R&D in Dearborn has found that lightweighting is an effective solution that could provide important near-term GHG emission reductions especially during the next 10–20 years when the fleet is dominated by conventional powertrain vehicles.

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Lyft plans to give riders and drivers an electric lift

Green Car Reports

Lyft is the latest car-sharing company to sign onto an effort to make ride sharing cars more efficient. The post-millennial taxi service announced that it plans to introduce "thousands" of electric cars onto its platform and make it easy for riders to choose them using a new "Green Mode" in the Lyft app. These efforts will provide cleaner. ridesharing Lyft

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Bank of America: Oil Demand Growth to Hit Zero Within a Decade, EVs the Culprit

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by Nick Cunningham of By 2030, oil demand could hit a peak and then enter decline, according to a new report. For the next decade or so, oil demand should continue to grow, although at a slower and slower rate. According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the annual increase in global oil consumption slows dramatically in the years ahead. By 2024, demand growth halves, falling to just 0.6 million barrels per day (mb/d), down from 1.2 mb/d this year.

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TenneT and Daimler testing use of automobile battery systems for grid stabilization and recovery

Green Car Congress

Transmission system operator TenneT and Daimler AG, through its wholly owned subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH, have researched and tested the feasibility of innovative system services in the transmission grid as part of a joint development partnership.

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Tesla Model 3 price cut another $1,100, for base price of $44,100

Green Car Reports

For the second time in barely more than a month, Tesla has cut the price of its entry level Model 3. On Jan. 1, the company cut prices $2,000 on all its models to partly compensate for a $3,750 reduction in the federal tax credit its buyers can receive. Tesla's tax credits are phasing down as originally scheduled after it reached 200,000 sales

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DENSO Group company NSITEXE takes a stake in processor developer; high-performance semiconductors to support automated driving

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NSITEXE , Inc., a DENSO Group company that designs and develops semiconductor IP cores, acted as lead investor and has a stake in startup The purpose of the investment is to help’s s development of edge processing units (EPUs)—high-performance semiconductors that could be used as a foundation for enabling automated driving technology.

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BMW iNext, electric Lyft, Tesla Model 3 price cut, profitable GM EVs: Today's Car News

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Tesla cut prices on the Model 3—again. BMW revealed the next version of its iNext SUV winter testing in Sweden. Lyft plans to give customers and drivers electric lifts. And GM CEO Mary Barra says the company's electric cars won't be profitable until the early 2020s. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Responding to cuts in its tax. GM Lyft

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First production of isobutene from wheat straw at demo scale; OPTISOCHEM

Green Car Congress

Global Bioenergies reported that runs using wheat straw hydrolysate provided by its partner Clariant were successfully performed in its Leuna demo plant, leading to the production of cellulosic isobutene for the first time at this scale. These runs were part of OPTISOCHEM (OPTimized conversion of residual wheat straw to bio-ISObutene for bio based CHEMicals), a project which started in June 2017 and was granted €9.8

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A brief history of… the Volkswagen Passat

Green Cars News

The Volkswagen Passat ranks among the biggest-selling badges in the world, easily surpassing its much more famous Beetle sibling

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Want your say when it comes to a review of WLTP and vehicle taxes? Time is ticking…

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The BVRLA is urging industry colleagues to respond to a government consultation which closes on 17 February

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