Cuba Jamming Ham Radio? Listen For Yourself

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As anti-government protests spilled onto the streets in Cuba on July 11, something strange was happening on the airwaves. Florida operators reported the signals were loudest there, enough to make communication with hams in Cuba impossible. Wireless Networks Cuba Amateur radio Ham radi

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SpaceX navy deploys for back-to-back Italian radar satellite, Starlink launches


Bob is outbound for the CSG-2 mission and heading ~596 km downrange towards Cuba to recover the fairing.

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SpaceX set to conduct world’s first and second orbital launches of 2022


Several minutes later, Falcon 9’s upper stage will overfly central Cuba – hopefully not hitting any beloved cows with rocket debris. Fairing recovery north of Cuba ~606km downrange.

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Twitter discouraged from building HQ in Florida by Governor DeSantis


“Many in our state have experienced censorship and other tyrannical behavior firsthand in Cuba and Venezuela. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis discouraged Twitter from establishing a headquarters in Florida — despite supporting Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover.

SpaceX preparing for third rideshare launch with dozens of small satellites


Fairing recovery north of Cuba ~606km downrange. One week after SpaceX and the world’s first orbital launch of 2022, the company is a few days out from its second launch of the year – this time carrying dozens of small satellites for a variety of rideshare customers.

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SpaceX preparing salvo of polar Starlink launches from West and East coasts


Falcon 9 boosters will be landing around 40 miles off the coast of Cuba Reentry and landing burns should be easily visible for those on shore, especially at night… [link] — Eric Ralph (@13ericralph31) June 22, 2021.

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SpaceX Falcon 9 launch scrubbed by wayward cruise ship


Fairing recovery north of Cuba ~596km downrange. For the fourth time in four days, SpaceX has been forced to scrub Falcon 9’s launch of an Italian Earth observation satellite.

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Climate Talks End In Copenhagen Accord; Countries Settle On Non- Binding 2 ºC Warming Limit

Green Car Congress

In the end, 188 countries voted in favor of the motion, with Cuba, Bolivia, Sudan, and Venezuela voting against it. by Jack Rosebro.

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Perspective: Why Carbon Emissions Should Not Have Been the Focus of the UN Climate Change Summit and Why the 15th Conference of the Parties Should Have Focused on Technology Transfer

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Post Bali, two approaches to Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) have been articulated: Cuba, India, Tanzania, Indonesia, China and others argue that IPRs needs to be addressed as a barrier within the technology transfer discussion; Australia and the US argue that IPRs is a catalyst, rather than a barrier, to technology transfer. Perspective by Brian J. Donovan, CEO of Renergie, Inc.

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