Looking to get in a hybrid for cheap? Used Toyota Prius 1.5 HSD 2004-2009 Review

Green Car Congress

I knew I wanted something for her that was cheap to maintain, had a reliable automatic transmission, came with cruise control, AC. You can use an independent hybrid shop to fix your pack for a much cheaper price. It is something very cheap to fix and to inspect.

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Metakoo Cybertrack e-bike review: A cheap off-road electric bike that doesn’t feel cheap


The company’s first model, the Metakoo Cybertrack 100, offers a quasi-mountain bike format designed for price-conscious consumers. more… The post Metakoo Cybertrack e-bike review: A cheap off-road electric bike that doesn’t feel cheap appeared first on Electrek.

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ICL researchers develop new membrane-based system for cheap, efficiently made biofuels

Green Car Congress

By combining our ultra-thin membrane with a highly efficient extraction liquid we can significantly reduce the cost of producing biofuels, which is an important step to driving down their overall price. Researchers at Imperial College London have developed a membrane-based extraction system for the production of biofuels which uses less than 25% of the energy of current processes and produces ten times more biofuel with more than 99.5% purity.

2020 264

Okaya launched Freedum electric scooter priced  at Rs 69,900

Electric Vehicles India

Okaya launched Freedum electric scooter priced at Rs 69,900. Okaya Group an energy storage solutions provider has recently launched a new electric scooter ‘Okaya Freedum’ with a price tag starting at Rs 69,900.

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Ethanol may be the loser amid cheap gas and an oil glut

Green Car Reports

As gas prices plummet toward the $2-per-gallon mark on a national level—with some regions already reporting $1 gas—forecasts are suggesting the bargain pump prices will last at least through the summer. The cheap gas, at a national-average $2.01

2020 117

A DIY E-bike Conversion on the Cheap

Cars That Think

Being an open-source design no doubt keeps the price of this hardware down: The controller I bought set me back a mere $85. In 2009, I wrote in these pages about my efforts to.

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Simple, Cheap and Portable: A Filter-free Desalination System for a Thirsty World

Cars That Think

That price will be far cheaper than portable desalination systems currently on the market—mostly models using reverse osmosis filtration, which go for around $5,000.

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Never mind the cheap gas; survey points to strong interest in mpg

Green Car Reports

Conventional wisdom says low gas prices are poison to sales of fuel-efficient cars, but a new survey indicates that may not be the case. Despite average gas prices of less than $2.00

2020 118

Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid Deliveries Begin In UK, And It Ain't Cheap.

Green Car Reports

We always knew the Volkswagen XL1 wouldn''t be cheap. None of that sounds cheap. And as Volkswagen UK reveals pricing for the light-weight plug-in hybrid, we now know just how not-cheap it actually is: £98,515, or just under $169,000 at current It''s a limited-run, carbon-fiber bodied, plug-in hybrid, gull-winged low-slung eco supercar.

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Oil is cheap, so Kuwait raised its own gas price to compensate

Green Car Reports

Cheap gasoline is good news for the economies of most countries, but not those that rely on oil exports. The sustained fall in global prices has led oil-producing countries to search for ways to keep their revenues up. In some cases, that means cutting back on cheap gas for their own citizens. DON'T MISS: Even Saudi Arabia vows to end its. oil Middle East energy policy United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia

Obama: Buy A Fuel-Efficient Car, Gas Won't Stay Cheap Forever

Green Car Reports

Low gas prices typically make fuel-efficient cars less attractive to consumers, and right now prices are very low indeed. DON''T MISS: Gas Prices To Plunge More After Oil Price Falls To 4-Year Low? He cautioned that cheap gas prices won’t last indefinitely, and Yet President Barack Obama hopes U.S. car buyers won''t clamor for gas guzzlers.

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A DIY E-bike Conversion on the Cheap

Cars That Think

Being an open-source design no doubt keeps the price of this hardware down: The controller I bought set me back a mere $85. In 2009, I wrote in these pages about my efforts to.

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Cheap gas and Tesla, Mach-E conquests, cooling down fast-charging: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

And is Tesla immune to the plunge in gas prices expected through the summer? Gas prices are falling fast, and The Mustang Mach-E electric SUV is finding the majority of its interest so far from people outside the Ford fold.

2020 102

Coming This Fall: The Return Of Cheap $2 Gas

Green Car Reports

drivers have enjoyed unusually low gas prices, due to a variety of factors. While gas prices are at their lowest in years, oil prices have dropped by an even greater margin, meaning there should be room for gas prices to decrease even more. DON'T MISS: Gas Prices Matter To U.S. So far this year, U.S. But it seems they could be even lower.

2015 121

Univ of Washington team working to make poplar coppice viable cheap, high-volume biofuel feedstock

Green Car Congress

Our research proved that poplar coppice can be a good option to meet the cheap, high-volume criteria of biofuel feedstock. We have the environmental incentives to produce fuels and chemicals from renewable resources, but right now, they aren’t enough to compete with low oil prices.

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Largest fast-charging site, better hydrogen station, Mach-E and cheap gas: Today?s Car News

Green Car Reports

And Ford isn’t worried about low gas prices and EV adoption. Hydrogen fuel-cell stations promise speedier throughput on busy weekends. A California city now claims to have the largest public fast-charging site. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

2020 95

Lux Research: despite cheap oil, niche plug-in vehicle sales will be resilient; conventional hybrids to be hardest hit

Green Car Congress

The current plunge in oil prices will likely negatively affect plug-in and hybrid vehicle sales in the short term; automakers such as BMW are already warning of lower sales of plug-in vehicles given the market context. However, an analysis by Lux Research suggests that despite some decrease in sales, sales of plug-in vehicles will likely be resilient, and rebound as oil prices rise back to the prior higher levels over time. Anticipated price of oil and forecast plug-in sales.

2015 215

Toyota to introduce cheap electric car

Green Cars News

Electric car fans who currently feel priced out of the market should keep their eyes on events in Japan – with Toyota revealing plans to introduce an ultra-cheap electric car. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Toyota cheap electric cars electric cars green cars Toyota COMS EVToyota Auto Body Corporation, which is a unit of Toyota Motor Corporation, is expected to introduce the two-seat COMS EV – which is based on [.].

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The $475 Honda U-BE seated electric scooter further lowers the floor on pricing


The new Honda U-BE electric scooter may take the cake for cheap seated electric scooters. more… The post The $475 Honda U-BE seated electric scooter further lowers the floor on pricing appeared first on Electrek.

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Top 5 : Best Cheap Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery 2021

Electric Vehicless

Good, you are searching to convert your bike into an electric bike & also searching for a cheap electric bike conversion kit with battery. Before selecting any cheap electric bike conversion kit with battery you must have gone through a small electric bike conversion kit selection guide.

2020 52

VW ID.4 Max Priced From £48,510 In UK


The sporty version of VW's electric SUV is well equipped, but it doesn't come cheap

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Tata Motors targets ultra-cheap electric car

Green Cars News

Tata Motors made its name with the cheapest car of modern times in the form of the Tata Nano (pictured) – and now, it wants to reach another landmark by offering an electric car with a price below $20,000. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Tata cheap electric cars electric cars green cars india Tata Nano

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Cheap Oil Will Last A Decade, Says Huge Oil Trader

Green Car Reports

The low oil prices that boosted new-car sales and caused average fuel-economy gains to sputter last year may be here to stay, for a while at least. With fuel prices low throughout 2015, Americans bought more new cars, but many of them were less-efficient SUVs and crossovers. And those oil prices likely won't increase dramatically for the next.

2016 91

Lexus lowers hybrid prices to reduce premium over gasoline substantially

Green Car Reports

Gas is cheap in the U.S. DON'T MISS: 2018 Lexus RX 450hL hybrid three-row SUV priced from $51,600 At their peak about five years ago, hybrids. Pricing Fuel Economy Pricesand has been for years. Hybrids are no longer a cutting-edge or cool technology; they're just another powertrain. The result is that hybrids have been quietly ebbing as a proportion of total vehicle sales.

2018 70

Why Isn't Cheap Gas Helping To Boost The U.S. Economy?

Green Car Reports

drivers have enjoyed low gas prices. That's been particularly true over the past couple of months, as gas prices have dropped closer to $2.00 Lower gas prices put more money into consumers' pockets, in theory allowing them to spend more on other things. For the past year or so, U.S. per gallon around the country. DON'T MISS: Why Electric Cars Make. Economic Economy Fuel Economy

2016 83

The cheapest full-suspension fat tire electric bike? Testing this odd-looking entry-priced e-bike


While electric bikes are loads of fun and make for great utility riding, they aren’t known for being cheap. Adding extras like fat tires or full-suspension only send the price higher. Testing this odd-looking entry-priced e-bike appeared first on Electrek.

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Why Did Hertz Choose Tesla Over Other EVs, And Pay Full Price?


The company could have picked up other EVs super cheap Hertz's Tesla deal was more about convenience than emissions.

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Era Of Cheap, Subsidized Gasoline To End In United Arab Emirates

Green Car Reports

Global oil prices have remained fairly low for most of this year, which should be good news for people in most of the industrialized world. The continued slump in prices has prodded the seven-state federation to make a somewhat radical change in policy. But that's not the case in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates. DON'T MISS: IMF: Fossil Fuels. oil Middle East energy policy United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia

CRU: Lithium prices plunging as hype meets reality; impact of new supply, disappointing BEV sales

Green Car Congress

CRU analysts observe that lithium prices have steadily declined since the end of Q1, finally crashing through the $10/kg LCE mark at the end of July. Weaker-than-expected demand in China is partly responsible, but the main driver has been the ongoing avalanche of new supply into the market, as plentiful cheap spodumene meets ample conversional capacity in China, the CRU analysts said. Lithium hydroxide has fallen by 30% to RMB 74,500/t, according to CRU’s price assessments.

2019 218

Cheap Gas Will Cause Electric-Car Sales To Plummet: True Or False?

Green Car Reports

In this case, it''s the notion that electric car sales will plummet with the arrival of vastly lower gasoline prices. There''s been a lot of conventional wisdom floating around lately. We''d suggest that perhaps this is not quite as much of a foregone conclusion as many pundits think. DON''T MISS: Green Car People: Who Buys Electric And Plug-In

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Saudis Expand Price War Downstream

Green Car Congress

The gross refining margin is nothing but the difference between the value of the refined products and price of the crude oil. In case of Saudi Arabia, the price of crude oil would be extremely low. The crude is so cheap it’s pretty much free for them, the margins are going to be massive. Is Saudi Arabia likely to win a potential price war against Asian producers of diesel? So, who will reap the benefits of the low prices? by Gaurav Agnihotri for Oilprice.com.

2015 188

Parisian Bollore Electric Car Is Cheap; Requires Battery Rental

Green Car Reports

Bollore has now put the Bluecar on sale to the French public, at a starting price of 12,000 Euros--only $15,500. Until now, if you'd wanted to drive a Bollore Bluecar electric vehicle, all you'd have required as a few Euros per hour to take one of the little vehicles around the crowded roads of Paris, France. As electric cars go, that's pretty

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BNEF report finds hydrogen promising decarbonization pathway, but carbon prices and emissions policies required

Green Car Congress

This is equivalent to gas priced at $6-12/MMBtu, making it competitive with current natural gas prices in Brazil, China, India, Germany and Scandinavia on an energy-equivalent basis.

2020 212

RIP natural-gas cars, doomed by cheap gas and electric cars

Green Car Reports

Their promise appeared to grow near the height of the global financial crisis, when gas prices hovered around $4 per gallon across much of the United States. Natural gas vehicles were first promoted starting in about 2000 as a way to reduce reliance on imported oil and cut tailpipe emissions. The domestic fuel promised to cut carbon-dioxide. natural gas LPG alternative fuel vehicles natural gas vehicle

2017 86

Nissan Drops 2012 Leaf Charging Station Price. Is It Cheap Enough?

Green Car Reports

Yesterday, Nissan announced that it had reduced the price of its official 2012 Nissan Leaf home charging station to make it more affordable to Leaf drivers. But while Nissan has dropped the price of a standard supply and installation of the Nissan-branded Aerovironment charging station from $2,200 to $1,818, we think it still isn’t low

2011 85

Microlino 2.0 Production Starts, First Cars Going To Swiss Buyers


Prices have risen compared to values initially announced, but it’s still really cheap for an EV that’s almost a car

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Gas is cheap; U.S. drivers use it to log more miles than ever

Green Car Reports

With the summer travel season more than halfway over and gas prices still quite low, U.S drivers have already logged a record-breaking number of miles traveled. The nation's vehicles collectively logged 1.58 trillion miles in the first six months of this year, according to U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) data. That's up 3.3 percent from. Fuel Economy Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT

2016 70

Electric Car Battery Prices Fall: When Will Car Prices Follow?

Green Car Reports

If you want something to blame for the relatively high prices of the current wave of electric cars, blame the cost of batteries. The technology required to produce the popular lithium-ion batteries used in most electric vehicles isn't cheap, and that cost is passed on to the consumer. Bring down the cost of batteries, and the cost of the cars

2012 105

18650 Battery Specification, Price, Charger, Holder, BMS

Electric Vehicless

In this article you know about 18650 li ion battery, 18650 battery charger, 18650 battery holder/spacer,18650 battery price, 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery etc. 18650 battery price in india. As mAh increases simultaneously the price of 18650 li-ion also increases.

Tesla Motors' Value, Cheap Ethanol, Attention-Focused Car: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

The city of Palo Alto, California, will require new homes to be wired for electric-car charging; ethanol marketers are emphasizing the biofuel''s lower price to win over the public; the U.S. Today on Green Car Reports, we''ve got a little bit of everything. version of the 2015 Honda Fit won''t have a start-stop function; and Florida minicar owners

2013 79

Bloomberg NEF forecasts falling battery prices enabling surge in wind and solar to 50% of global generation by 2050

Green Car Congress

BNEF predicts that lithium-ion battery prices, already down by nearly 80% per megawatt-hour since 2010, will continue to tumble as electric vehicle manufacturing builds up through the 2020s. The arrival of cheap battery storage will mean that it becomes increasingly possible to finesse the delivery of electricity from wind and solar, so that these technologies can help meet demand even when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining.

2018 197

Do Low Gas Prices Hurt Renewable Energy Adoption? Unlikely, Says Analyst

Green Car Reports

Gas prices have fallen dramatically in the U.S.--40 With the financial advantage of solar or wind energy curtailed by cheap oil, the logic goes, consumers will be less interested in switching from fossil fuels. 40 percent in six months--and it''s assumed by some that this will hurt the renewable-energy industry. DON''T MISS: As Solar Installations

2015 116

Opinion: Here’s what will send oil prices back up again

Green Car Congress

The question we should be asking ourselves is not if oil prices will recover, but when they will. From June of 2014 until now, the price of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil has fallen approximately 57 percent. In other words, oil is a volatile market, but prices are in a long term upward trend. Supply alone, however, doesn’t determine price. History tells us that the price of oil will bounce back, but so does basic logic.

2015 203