American Sands Energy announces successful operation of oil sand pilot facility in Utah

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American Sands Energy Corp., an oil sands exploration and development company operating in the state of Utah, announced the successful operation of its oil sand recovery pilot facility. Approximately 80 tons of the company’s oil sands were shipped to the facility, which has been able to run at its designed rate of up to two tons per hour, generating consistent flows of oil and clean, dry sand over multiple, consecutive days of operation.

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SDTC awards Nsolv $13M to commercialize warm solvent technology for heavy oil extraction; 80% reduction in GHG emissions

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Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is awarding Nsolv $13 million in grant funding to commercialize its field-tested, proprietary warm solvent technology for in situ heavy oil extraction without the use of steam. Among its benefits, the technology reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by lowering the amount of energy needed to remove heavy oil from the ground. The oil is sent to refineries for further processing. Emissions Oil sands

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RAND reports suggest US DoD use less petroleum fuel to deal with high prices, not count on alternatives

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According to three new reports on “Promoting International Energy Security” issued by the RAND Corporation, because the energy purchases made by the US Department of Defense are not large enough to influence world oil prices—despite DoD requiring considerable amounts of fuel to function—cutting fuel use is the only effective choice to reduce what the Pentagon spends on petroleum fuels. Peak oil. Could oil production peak before 2030?

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National Low Carbon Fuel Standard study releases major Technical Analysis and Policy Design reports; providing a scientific basis for policy decisions

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Very broadly, they found that an LCFS would buffer the economy against global oil price spikes, trim demand for petroleum, and lessen upward pressure on gas prices. California’s original approach to heavy carbon oils resulted in a legal challenge that is still pending; the EU’s adoption of a similar approach has resulted in protracted discussion and negotiation with Canada that has yet to be resolved, either.).

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Coskata Unveils Semi-Commercial Feedstock-Flexible Ethanol Facility; Springboard for Full-Scale Commercial Rollout

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The Coskata process can produce more than 100 gallons of ethanol per ton of dry, ash-free biomass material at a cost competitive with expected gasoline prices—around $1.00 The process also uses less than half the water per gallon than required for the production of gasoline from conventional crude, and about one-third to one-quarter of the water per gallon required for the production of gasoline from oil sands oil, Bolson said.

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