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@LATimes Isn’t This Story Really About The Ugly, Bad Samaritans, Who Really Just Want The Homeless Dead & Gone? #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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Ballard fuel cell modules to power yard trucks at Port of LA in CARB-funded project

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Ballard Power Systems will provide fuel cell modules to power two port terminal yard trucks as part of a project being managed by GTI and partially funded by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Earlier post.). CARB has preliminarily awarded $5.7

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BMW sets up end-to-end battery recycling in Europe

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Teaming with a new Norwegian battery supplier and a Belgian recycling company, BMW is aiming to build a fully sustainable future battery supply chain. The company announced on Monday that it formed a partnership with Northvolt, which is building Europe's largest battery factory for electric cars in Sweden. At the same time BMW is working with. Battery recycling

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Volkswagen Group China building first factory specifically for MEB production; 300K unit capacity; 1st model a new VW e-SUV in 2020

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Volkswagen Group China is beginning construction in Anting of the Group’s first factory specifically designed for the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) platform. The first model that will be produced in the factory of SAIC Volkswagen will be an electric Volkswagen brand SUV in 2020.

2018 97

Porsche adds wagon to upcoming Taycan electric lineup

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Porsche announced Friday that it will expand its high-powered upcoming electric-car lineup from one model to two, with a new stretched-roof crossover hatchback joining the standard Taycan liftback. The Taycan electric sedan is a Tesla Model S competitor scheduled to go into production in 2019. It started out as the Mission E concept. The new. Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

2018 85

Aston Martin, TenCate Advanced Composites partner for Valkyrie program

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TenCate Advanced Composites, a leading global developer and manufacturer of advanced composite materials, and Aston Martin announced a technical partnership for the Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar program.

EPA: Cleaner power generation offset increase of vehicle emissions in 2017

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emissions of global-warming greenhouse gases fell 2.7 percent in 2017, despite the Trump administration's efforts to revive coal use in the U.S., the EPA announced on Monday. The EPA released data for 2017, showing an even larger 4.5 percent drop in emissions from power plants compared with 2016, as more coal plants are retired. So electric. global warming greenhouse gas air pollution

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Audi to pay $927 million fine over diesel scandal in Germany

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Audi agreed on Tuesday to pay a $928 million fine to put the diesel emissions-cheating scandal behind it in its home country, Germany. The 800 million Euro fine to German authorities, consists of $923 million (795 million Euros) in profits the company made selling diesels that didn't comply with emissions standards plus the maximum fine of $5.8. Volkswagen diesel scandal

2018 77

Volkswagen Group rolls out diesel swapping program throughout Germany

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The Volkswagen Group rolled out a new diesel swapping program in Germany. Environmental incentives for scrappage of Euro-1 to Euro-4 diesel vehicles of any make are again being offered by some of the Group’s brands throughout Germany. Vehicle keepers in the 14 cities classified by the federal government as having the highest levels of pollution and in the surrounding areas will be entitled to the new exchange premiums.

2018 69

Short(er)-range Tesla, Porsche Taycan wagon, U.S. cuts CO2: Today's Car News

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A new shorter-range Tesla Model 3 drops into the mix—but not the $35,000 model that many deposit-holders have been waiting for. Porsche will add a more utilitarian hatchback design to its upcoming Taycan electric-car lineup. And VW gives its vehicle lighting more of a message. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Tesla released a. EPA greenhouse gas

2018 77

MPs calls on government to ban new petrol and diesel by 2032

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The government has previously announced a ban on the sale of all new petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK from 2040

2018 63

Hybrid rumble: Toyota Prius vs Hyundai Ioniq vs Toyota C-HR vs Kia Niro

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Considering a hybrid as your next car? You aren’t alone

2018 52

Behemoth BMW, the Dutch reach and an electric shocker sends hybrids into hyper-drive

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Brexit, Brexit, Brexit… Boring, Boring, Boring

2018 41

As government pulls the plug on plug-ins, are we heading for a big PHEV fail?

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Remember, remember the ninth of November

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