CSIRO and partners to test Direct Injection Carbon Engine to reduce brown coal emissions by up to 50%

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CSIRO notes that the idea of using a coal engine to generate electricity is not new; it was successfully investigated in the US some 20 years ago for use in diesel locomotives before development was terminated by persistently low oil prices. Australia has the second largest brown coal resource in the world but current utilisation technologies are carbon intensive so we need to implement cleaner and more efficient ways to generate energy from coal.

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Belfer Center Brief Urges Higher, Stable Energy Prices to Achieve Long-Term Energy Policy Objectives

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Higher and stable energy prices would help achieve all US energy policy objectives in the longer term—improved oil security, lower greenhouse-gas emissions, more efficient operation of the electricity system, more incentives for private-sector innovation in energy technologies, and more incentives for consumers to purchase cleaner and more energy-efficient products— according to a recent policy brief from Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

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BNEF forecasts EVs to hit 54% of new car sales by 2040; decreasing importance of PHEVs

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The forecast, put together by the advanced transport team at BNEF, relies on likely future reductions in price for lithium-ion batteries and of prospects for the other cost components in EVs and internal combustion engine vehicles. Consumers will find that upfront selling prices for EVs are comparable or lower than those for average ICE vehicles in almost all big markets by 2029. Since 2010, lithium-ion battery prices have fallen 73% per kWh.

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Can Electric Vehicles Speed Up As The Economy Slows Down?


Moreover, with the massive drop in oil prices , gas-powered vehicles are more economical to operate, which makes it harder to argue that EVs will help drivers save money on fuel.

Perspective: Ending Oils Monopolya Blueprint for Mobility Choice

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Oil is a strategic commodity second to none—it underlies the global economy and even the American way of life. Of course, other countries benefit from this fact, with about $900 million flowing out of the US to buy foreign oil every day, and about 40% of that going to OPEC. [ 1 ] Our dependence on oil also means that America must support military engagements in regions, such as the Persian Gulf, to defend energy sources, such as pipelines and sea lanes.

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BCG report finds advanced biofuels, concentrated solar power, and solar photovoltaic tracking to make significant market impact sooner than commonly assumed

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The fortunes of alternative energy have historically waxed and waned with the price levels of oil, gas, and other energy sources, rising when prices are high only to fall once they retreat. For the most part, the focus has been on the technical feasibility of various technologies, required subsidies, or need for carbon prices to make those technologies viable. Cleaner coal through carbon capture and sequestration.

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GSI/UNEP conference report finds fossil-fuel subsidy reform complex and challenges sobering; ~1% of global GDP spent on fossil-fuel subsidies

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For example, at peak oil price in 2008, Indonesia was spending 40% of its budget on transport fuel—more than health, education and infrastructure development combined. And yet now, subsidy reform is recognized as critical for addressing the policy challenges of our future: (i) the need to rethink how our economies are organized and transition to a green economy; and (ii) the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move to cleaner forms of energy to address climate change.

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KPMG survey finds majority of energy execs see oil over $121/barrel this year; shale expected to have transformative impact, investment in alternatives increasing

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Energy executives expect continued volatility in the price-per-barrel of oil for the remainder of the year, with 64% predicting crude prices to exceed $121 per barrel. The executives also foresee shale oil and gas having a transformative effect on helping to meet the world’s energy needs, according to the results of the 9 th Annual Energy Survey conducted by the KPMG Global Energy Institute. Biomass Natural Gas Oil Oil Shale Solar Wind

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IEA World Energy Outlook view on the transport sector to 2035; passenger car fleet doubling to almost 1.7B units, driving oil demand up to 99 mb/d; reconfirming the end of cheap oil

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Change in primary oil demand by sector and region in the central New Policies Scenario, 2010-2035. Under the WEO 2011 central scenario, oil demand rises from 87 million barrels per day (mb/d) in 2010 to 99 mb/d in 2035, with all the net growth coming from the transport sector in emerging economies. Alternative technologies, such as hybrid and electric vehicles that use oil more efficiently or not at all, continue to advance but they take time to penetrate markets.

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Toyota Plug In

Plug In Partners

Such plug-in hybrids can run longer as an electric vehicle than regular hybrids, and are cleaner. Event Summary Oil prices are at record highs. The overwhelming dependence of our cars and trucks on oil strains family budgets, threatens our national security and contributes to global warming. Plug-in electric vehicles have the potential to significantly reduce the United States’ dependence on oil.

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Bill aims to boost natural gas vehicles

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Speaking at a Press conference Menendez highlighted the problems of 2008 as an indicator of the problems that wild fluctuations in oil prices can cause, as well as the obvious problems that pollutants from dirty fuels cause for the environment. He stated that the recent economic downturn has “shined a spotlight on the urgent need for alternative, cleaner and cheaper sources of energy&#.

Expert panel report finds achieving 1M plug-in vehicles in US by 2015 would require concentrated action to overcome barriers

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However, consumer demand for PEVs is quite uncertain and, barring another global spike in oil prices, may be limited to a minor percentage of new vehicle purchasers (e.g.,

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Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Just as wireless service providers offer smartphones at discounted prices, Project Better Place will offer discounted electric vehicles with usage pricing plans. Millions of EVs and PHEVs would expand the sale of electricity as an alternative to oil. No more Big OIL - think of the extra money stimulating the economy! Let the Interstate trucks and farm equipment stay on oil until the residential is done and slowly begin to move them as their fleets age out.

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