Hydro-Québec and Sony forming JV to develop large-scale Li-ion energy storage system for power grids

Green Car Congress

Hydro-Québec and Sony Corporation will establish a joint venture to research and develop a large-scale energy storage system for power grids. Furthermore, the energy storage system for such power supplies must be highly safe and reliable due to the need for an efficient and stable source of high capacity power. Sony and Hydro-Québec plan to establish the new company in June, 2014.

2014 91

Mitsubishi Heavy to supply 500 kWh (normal) containerized Li-ion energy storage system to power grid of Orkney Islands

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MHI), jointly with SSE plc (formerly Scottish and Southern Energy plc), will begin an energy storage system demonstration project using the power grid in the UK’s Orkney Islands, which has a high proportion of renewable energy generation in relation to demand. In the project, Mitsubishi Power Systems Europe, Ltd. MPSE), the business base for MHI’s power system operations in Europe, and SSE Generation Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

2012 91

Vattenfall contracts with BMW for up to 1,000 new 33 kWh Li-ion batteries this year for storage projects in wind farms

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The first energy storage from the BMW-i3 batteries is being built at the 122 MW onshore wind farm “Princess Alexia” near Amsterdam. Pending on a final investment decision the largest battery storage will be built at the Vattenfall wind farm Pen y Cymoedd (230 MW) in South Wales—a 22 MW storage facility, which will help to support the stability of the country-wide power grid in the UK as part of the so-called EFR (Enhanced Frequency Response) service.

2017 64

A123 Systems to supply Li-ion energy storage system to Dongfang Electric Corporation for evaluation for wind power solutions

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Li-ion battery manufacturer A123 Systems will supply a 500kW Li-ion energy storage solution to Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC), the third largest manufacturer of wind turbines in the People’s Republic of China and the country’s largest exporter of power equipment. The government has set ambitions goals to increase wind power in China to about 170GW by 2020, and DEC looks forward to doing our part to help reach this target.

Wind 79

AMSC Power Electronics Support Nearly 10% of Global Wind-Generated Electricity

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American Superconductor Corporation ( AMSC ), a global power technologies company, announced in conjunction with Global Wind Day 2010 on 15 June that it has achieved a significant milestone by supporting the production of more than 15,000 megawatts (MW) of wind power worldwide with its proprietary power electronic solutions. This amount of zero-emission electricity is sufficient to power approximately 4.5 AMSC’s Wind Farm Interconnection Systems.

Wind 71

PNNL study finds that PHEVs and BEVs could serve as feasible resource to offset grid imbalances caused by integration of large amounts of intermittent wind generation

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trafficThis scenario is highly desirable to automotive manufacturers, who harbor great concerns about battery warranty if vehicle-to-grid discharging is allowed. Infrastructure Plug-ins Power Generation Smart charging Smart Grid Wind

Wind 96

IBM introduces new wind and solar forecasting system for utilities; big data analytics and weather modeling to predict output

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IBM has developed an advanced power and weather modeling technology that will help utilities increase the reliability of renewable energy resources. The solution combines weather prediction and big data analytics to forecast accurately the availability of wind power and solar energy. This will enable utilities to integrate more renewable energy into the power grid, the company says. This amount of additional energy can power roughly more than 14,000 homes.

2013 100

Lightweight electromobile with ROHACELL body crosses Australia almost exclusively on wind energy

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The Wind Explorer pilot vehicle is a two-seated electromobile that weighs just 200 kg (441 lbs) and with a range of 400 kilometers (249 miles) per battery charge. Its lithium-ion batteries, based on yet another Evonik technology, are charged by a mobile wind turbine or in the conventional way from the power grid. The Wind Explorer weighs just 80 kilograms (176 lbs) without the batteries and wind turbine.

E.ON developing pilot hydrogen plant for storing wind power in the German gas grid

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is developing a pilot plant in Falkenhagen in the north east of Germany to convert power from wind energy into hydrogen which can then be stored in the country’s gas grid. Using power from renewable energy sources, the plant will produce about 360 m 3 (30 kg) of hydrogen per hour from 2013 onwards through electrolysis. This makes the gas grid a storage system for power from weather-dependent renewables.

Store 83

DOE to award up to $180M for offshore wind demo projects; targeting lowering levelized cost of energy (LCOE) below 10¢/kWh

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) is soliciting ( DE-FOA-0000410 ) proposals for up to four offshore wind energy projects to receive up to $180 million over six years, including an initial commitment of $20 million in fiscal year 2012. The US has offshore wind resources estimated at more than 4,000 gigawatts, with strong, consistent winds located in the Atlantic, Pacific, the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico.

2012 76

Audi unveils e-gas project: synthetic methane from the methanation of green hydrogen; series production of CNG models in 2013 powered by e-gas

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Starting in 2013, Audi will begin series production of TCNG models whose engines—derived from TFSI units—will be powered by e-gas: synthetic methane produced via the methanation of hydrogen produced by electrolysis using renewable electricity. Hydrogen Natural Gas Wind

2011 153

New GE combined cycle power plant delivers both flexibility and efficiency; enables greater use of wind, solar and natural gas on grid

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GE unveiled the FlexEfficiency 50 Combined Cycle Power Plant, engineered to deliver a combination of flexibility and efficiency in power generation. The FlexEfficiency 50 Combined Cycle Power Plant. —Paul Browning, vice president thermal products for GE Power & Water.

2011 109

Secretary Salazar Approves Cape Wind Energy Project; First US Windfarm on Outer Continental Shelf

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Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar approved the Cape Wind renewable energy project on federal submerged lands in Nantucket Sound, but will require the developer of the $1 billion wind farm to agree to additional binding measures to minimize the potential adverse impacts of construction and operation of the facility. At average expected production, Cape Wind could produce enough energy to power more than 200,000 homes in Massachusetts.

2010 64

Researchers developing DC micro smart grid for charging EV fleets; Li-ion, redox flow batteries and renewables

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The aim of charge@work is to design a micro smart grid (MSG) capable of supplying the EV fleet with electricity produced exclusively from renewable sources. A 30-meter-tall wind turbine delivers 10 kW. The MSG is designed as a direct current (DC) grid.

2014 109

Volkswagen introduces near-series design study of the MEB-based flexible quick charging station at Geneva

Green Car Congress

Connected to the grid or even off-grid, the station can charge up to four electric cars simultaneously, based on the principle of a ‘power bank’, two with DC quick charging. At the same time, the interim storage of energy relieves pressure on the mains power grid at peak times.

2019 91

New nanoparticle copper compound cathode could enable low-cost, long-life and high-power potassium-ion batteries for grid storage

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Yi Cui has developed nanoparticle copper hexacyanoferrate (CuHCF) battery cathode materials that demonstrate long cycle life and high power for use in grid storage applications. Short-term transients, including those related to wind and solar sources, present challenges to the electrical grid. Stationary energy storage systems that can operate for many cycles, at high power, with high round-trip energy efficiency, and at low cost are required.

Grid 100

INEES report shows intelligent integration of EVs reduces power fluctuations, but not currently economically viable

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The findings of the report show that it is technically possible to absorb grid power fluctuations by connecting electric vehicles to the power supply. The supply of electrical power is undergoing a fundamental change. Electric (Battery) Smart charging Smart Grid V2X

2016 78

Audi involved in EEBUS standard for intelligent connection of EVs and buildings

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The electric car will play an important role as a power consumer in the digital energy world. Buildings, electric cars and household appliances, heat pumps, and other consumers can coordinate their particular power requirements, thereby preventing overloads.

2019 100

ARPA-E issues $5M funding opportunity to support upcoming grid optimization competition

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The Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) issued a funding opportunity announcement ( DE-FOA-0001952 ) of up to $5 million for research and development of algorithms to modernize the electric grid. If successful, awardees will participate in Challenge 1 of ARPA-E’s Grid Optimization (GO) Competition , set to launch in fall 2018. the generating plant’s control set points of active and reactive power output and terminal voltage.

2018 60

Virtual power plant project starts in Toyota City; leveraging PHEVs

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Chubu Electric Power Co., together with Toyota City, have launched a “virtual power plant” demonstration project, which aims to achieve the local production and consumption of renewable energy. Denso Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Turbine and Systems Inc.,

2017 85

Obama gives $2.4bn Jump Start To Battery Makers

Revenge of the Electric Car

“Even as our economy has been transformed by new forms of technology, our electric grid looks largely the same as it did half a century ago,&# Obama said. President Obama is making good on his promise to spearhead the EV revolution. During a visit to Southern California Edison’s Pomona EV test facility, he launched a $2.4 billion competitive grant program for US battery makers.

Obama 116

Daimler and partners deploying world’s largest 2nd-life EV battery storage unit for grid support

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With an increasing supply of electricity from fluctuating renewable energies, such as wind farms or solar power stations, they can help stabilize power grids, levelling out energy fluctuations with virtually no loss—a role that is partly fulfilled by fossil power plants at present.

2015 149

Denmark to examine vehicle to grid technology

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The Technical University of Denmark will look into vehicle to grid operation after AC Propulsion delivered its eBox to its research team. With the aim of advancing integration of electric vehicles with Denmark’s electric power grid, which has extensive wind power generation capacity, the team will look into buffering intermittent renewable energy resources.

BMW Group commissions second-life battery storage farm at Leipzig

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With wind turbines located on the grounds of the plant, the BMW Battery Storage Farm Leipzig links decentralized captive production from renewable energies with local energy storage and an industrial consumer. The stationary battery storage farm is also integrated with the public power grid, which enables its electricity to be marketed as primary balancing power.

2017 65

Could plug-in electric vehicles solve grid energy imbalances?

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Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles don’t just have the potential to reduce emissions – they could also help meet the significant energy imbalances on the power grid that can be created by large amounts of wind generation. Electric cars Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news battery electric vehicles grid grid imbalances plug-in hybrid electric vehicles V2GFull V2GHalf vehicle to grid

Grid 50

US Navy launches its first solar-powered EV charging station

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Naval Support Activity (NSA) Mid-South officially welcomed into service the US Navy’s first solar-powered electric car charging station. The carport will enable NSA Mid-South to recharge its current fleet of 17 electric vehicles with renewable electricity in approximately four hours, while reducing demand on the commercial power grid. Since then, the carport has successfully generated enough electricity to power more than 60 typical homes for a day.

2013 76

Groupe Renault, Connected Energy install EV charging with 2nd-life batteries at highway rest areas

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With the E-STOR system, the batteries are recharged at low power, and the stored energy is then released at high power. It thus becomes possible to offer electric vehicle charging services in locations where constructing a high power connection to the power grid would be very costly.

2017 78

Mass. startup licenses PNNL’s vanadium redox flow battery technology

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A Massachusetts startup has signed a license agreement with Battelle to commercialize battery technology that can help store large amounts of renewable energy and improve the reliability of the nation''s power grid. Smoothly integrating intermittent renewable power such as wind and solar onto the electric grid while also maintaining grid stability has been challenging.

2014 84

UC Riverside study to evaluate best ways to achieve California’s 100% renewable energy target

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State officials have approved requirements for the power grid to consist of 50% renewable energy by 2030. The study will examine the limitations of intermittent renewable options, such as wind and solar energy, which are only available at certain hours of the day. The research team will predict and forecast high renewable energy scenarios in for both electric and natural gas grids.

2017 69

Smart Meters and Electric Cars

Revenge of the Electric Car

While many people are wringing their hands over how the grid, old and cranky as it is, will be able to handle the millions of EVs that will be on our roads in the years to come, several forward-thinking utilities are beginning to implement the smart meters that will enable the grid to handle the added load by timing the charging to when the capacity is there to handle it. The grid today could handle many millions of EVs charging late at night when rates are lowest.

2009 116

H2FUTURE building world’s largest green hydrogen pilot plant; targeting the steel industry

Green Car Congress

The partners from industry and power generation will use this facility to research into future breakthrough technologies which are needed to meet global climate goals over the long-term.

2018 109

GE and PowerStream launch Ontario microgrid demonstration project; Durathon batteries

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Using the MCS, PowerStream can determine when it is most economical to use the resources powering its microgrid or when they need to revert to using power from the provincial power grid. GE and PowerStream Inc.

2014 96

Audi e-gas plant qualified to participate in balancing market to stabilize grid

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The Audi e-gas plant in the city of Werlte in Lower Saxony ( earlier post ) produces CO 2 neutral-fuel (synthetic methane from water, renewable electricity and CO 2 ); it now also contributes toward stabilizing the public power grid.

2015 147

BMW Group plants stepping up activities in balancing-power market to contribute to grid stability

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The energy control stations at BMW Group Plants Dingolfing and Landshut are stepping up their activities in the balancing-power market in Germany. Electricity balancing serves as a versatile energy reserve that can be used to even out fluctuations in the grid.

2018 91

AC Propulsion sends eBox EV to Denmark for V2G research focused on buffering intermittent renewable energy

Green Car Congress

AC Propulsion has delivered an AC Propulsion-powered eBox to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), where it will be used to evaluate Vehicle to Grid (V2G) operation as part of a research program. The research aims to advance integration of electric vehicles (EVs) with Denmark’s electric power grid, which has extensive wind power generation capacity.

Mitsubishi Motors, NewMotion, Nuvve in vehicle-to-grid pilot in Netherlands with Outlander PHEV

Green Car Congress

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has launched a Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) pilot, with the first charge point already being utilized with Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV’s in-vehicle storage batteries. Electric (Battery) Hybrids Plug-ins Smart charging Smart Grid V2X

PGE showcases 5MW Li-ion grid energy storage system; transactive control

Green Car Congress

Portland General Electric showcased its 5 MW lithium-ion energy storage system to the public today at the utility’s Salem Smart Power Center in South Salem, Ore. The energy storage facility is part of PGE’s contribution to the Battelle-led Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project. The battery and microgrid are examples of the innovative technologies and methods being tested through the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project.

2013 71

Plug-In Hybrids (or Plugin Hybrids)

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

A PHEV can provide power to an entire home in the case of an outage; A fleet of PHEVs could power critical systems during emergencies. Scientist have confirmed that unlike gasoline cars, plug-ins will get cleaner as they get older -- because our power grid is getting cleaner.

China’s State Grid and BYD launch 36 MWh battery system for grid energy storage

Green Car Congress

BYD and the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) have finished construction on what may be the world’s largest battery energy storage station. This large utility-scale project, located in Zhangbei, Hebei Province, combines 140 MW of renewable energy generation (both wind and solar), 36 MWh of energy storage and a smart power transmission system. The first phase investment with 100 MW of Wind, 40MW of Solar and 36MWh of Battery is worth more than US$500 million (~3.3

Grid 85

ARPA-E awards $35M to 12 new projects to support medium-voltage devices for grid, industry and transportation

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy announced $35 million in awards for 12 projects that find new ways to harness medium-voltage electricity for applications in industry, transportation, on the grid and beyond. The 8 BREAKERS projects will work to develop new direct current (DC) devices to better manage power by eliminating electrical faults, improving efficiency and reaction times, and potentially enabling greater proliferation of energy storage and renewable resources.

2019 74

Nissan and Endesa collaborating to deliver vehicle-to-grid systems to market

Green Car Congress

The two companies have agreed to collaborate on the following activities: Introduction of V2G services in the European market; Exploring the use of second-life EV batteries for stationary applications (including households, buildings, grid); and. This Vehicle to Grid (V2G) system consists of the Endesa two-way charger and an energy management system that can also integrate such off-grid, and renewable, power generation as solar panels and wind turbines.

2015 84

Renault & Eneco collaborate on smart renewable energy charging solution for electric vehicles

Green Car Congress

This app makes it possible to charge electric cars using renewable energy at times when the market prices are most favorable, such as at night, when the production of sustainable wind energy exceeds demand in most European countries. To reduce CO 2 emissions, it is essential that this vehicle fleet will use green power. It is also important to prevent power grid overloads as a result of peaks in demand if all the cars would be charged at the same time.

2015 69

DOE seeking feedback on regulatory barriers to hydrogen infrastructure

Green Car Congress

duty vehicles, marine or rail power, and information processing centers, including but not limited to the needs relating to large?scale Grid Support (H2@Scale). Hydrogen can be produced via water electrolysis or other hydrogen production methods for electric power grid support providing storage and/or ancillary services to grid operators (e.g.,

2018 74