Cummins selects Spain for GW electrolyzer plant, partners with Iberdrola on green hydrogen value chain

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joined government leaders and partner Iberdrola, one of the world’s largest energy companies, to announce its plans for one of the world’s largest electrolyzer plants for the production of green hydrogen to be located in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. This investment in Spain comes on the heels of Iberdrola and Cummins’ decision to partner together on large-scale hydrogen production projects in Spain and Portugal. Cummins Inc.

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Groundbreaking innovation at Audi Spain launch


Our state of the art technology was chosen to be part of an immersive, real-life charging experience for the launch of Audi’s e-tron GT in Spain. Alex Pérez of Audi Spain. The post Groundbreaking innovation at Audi Spain launch appeared first on EVOLVE.

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Plug Power expands hydrogen supply chain partner network in Spain with CLH

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Through the agreement, CLH will develop hydrogen production assets and downstream markets in Spain, in the industrial, mobility and power production/storage sectors for distribution to Plug Power customers throughout Europe. The CLH Group is the leading company engaged in the transport and storage of oil products in the Spanish market and the second-largest logistics operator in Europe in terms of the extension of its pipeline network and storage capacity. Plug Power Inc.,

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Mercedes-Benz EQC EV soaking up summer heat of up to 50?C in trials in Spain

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Mercedes-Benz will run the Mercedes-Benz EQC electric vehicle through hot weather trials in Spain. Optimum management of these physical characteristics is the aim of the extreme tests in Spain. Fine dust is also a particular challenge during the trials in Spain, as the test technicians want to know where this dust might be deposited in the components, and whether the sealing concept works in practice.

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ACEA map: Affordability of electric cars, correlation between market uptake and GDP in the EU

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The European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) has published an interactive map that illustrates the correlation between the market uptake of electrically-chargeable vehicles (ECVs) and GDP per capita for each of the 27 EU member states and the United Kingdom. Spain – 1.4%

2020 235

Motor vehicle taxation brings in €440.4B for governments in major European markets

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New data shows that motor vehicles generate more than €440 billion in taxation per year for national governments in the major EU markets plus the UK, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) reports. Spain ? Europe Market Background Policy Regulations

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ACEA: plug-in vehicles take 6.8% market share in Europe in Q1 2020; HEVs at 9.4%

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In the first quarter of 2020, the electrically-chargeable vehicle segment in Europe significantly increased its market share, rising to 6.8% (from 2.5% Diesel now holds a market share of 29.9% (down from 33.2% of the total EU car market.

2020 224

Sales of chargeable vehicles more than triple in EU in Q3 to take 9.9% new market share

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During the third quarter, cars powered by conventional internal combustion engines lost further ground, with their overall market share going down from 88.6% This represents a market share of 47.5%, with gasoline going below the mark of 50% for the first time since 2016. With the exception of Cyprus, all EU markets saw declines in demand for gasoline cars during the three-month period, including the four major markets. of the EU car market.

2020 227

Sales of EVs in Spain low; 314 units year-to-date, 0.04% of new registrations

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Sales of electric vehicles in Spain are low, reports El Mundo: 314 units were sold during the first eleven months of the year, representing 0.04% of the total 741,600 units sold during that time. For the month of November alone, sales stood at 45 units, or 0.07% of the market. to 830 units, representing 1.37% of the market.

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New EV market share in Europe hits 7.2% in Q2 2020, up from 2.4% in same period last year

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In the second quarter of 2020, the market share of electrically-chargeable vehicles increased to 7.2% This represents a market share of 29.4%, down from 32% in 2019. All EU markets recorded strong double-digit drops so far this year. in Spain and 48.8%

2020 267

Renault-Nissan, Enel and Endesa to Partner on Electric Mobility in Italy, Spain and Latin America

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Enel, Endesa and the Renault-Nissan Alliance signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at developing electric mobility across several geographical areas in Italy, Spain and Latin America. Joint evaluation for development of pilot projects in areas to be identified in Italy, Spain and Latin America. In late 2010, Nissan will launch LEAF, an all-electric vehicle for the global mass market.

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Renault to Produce EV Based on Twizy ZE Concept in Spain

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Renault, which already produces Mégane Hatchback, Mégane Estate, Modus and Grand Modus exclusively in Spain, has chosen to manufacture the future electric vehicle (EV) based on Twizy ZE Concept ( earlier post ) at Valladolid, 150 km north west of Madrid. The Group also chose to produce its future EV in Spain as close as possible to the sales market, namely Western Europe, in order to simplify logistics.

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Hybrid Supercar Being Developed By Spain's Izaro

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Small companies developing hybrid and electric sports cars with Ferrari-rivaling performance may seem fairly common these days, and the latest entrant into this growing market segment--Izaro GTE--seems determined to follow in the footsteps of other fledgling green sports car start-ups. Izaro is based in Spain and its proposed GTE is a new sports

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PSA Peugeot Citroën and General Motors agree on building B-MPVs in Zaragoza, Spain

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The first vehicles will come to market in late 2016. General Motors and PSA Peugeot Citroën announced that as part of their existing alliance agreement ( earlier post ), B-MPVs from both companies will be built in the GM España plant in Zaragoza. As previously announced, the Alliance is responsible for developing a next generation of B-segment MPVs based on a PSA Peugeot Citroën platform.

JATO: global vehicle sales fall by 39% in March; electrified vehicles up to 17.4% new registration market share in Europe

Green Car Congress

With the pandemic spreading across the globe, strict lockdowns in key markets, combined with consumer panic and economic uncertainty, have all contributed to the huge decrease in sales last month. Registrations fell in all 27 markets, but with varying severity. Markets were significantly hit in Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Slovenia, Greece and Portugal, where the combined volume fell from 634,600 units in March 2019 to 161,800 units last month.

2020 223

Think expands to Spain

Green Cars News

Having already established an electric vehicle testing programme in Austria, Think will continue its European expansion in Spain where it will deliver 550 City electric vehicles. A pre programme demonstration project that begins with five Think City vehicles will start in the early summer with the intention of gaining real time experience of running and operating electric cars in Spain. According to Richard Canny, CEO of Think, Spain is an important market.

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JATO Dynamics: in decline of Euro new car market, electrified vehicles increase share to almost 13%

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The decline of the European new car market has continued throughout February. As of 29 February, JATO data has shown that the impact of COVID-19 had yet to hit the European automotive market.

2020 211

New battery-electric vehicles take 5.7% share in Europe in Q1; hybrids 18.4%, gasoline 42.2% , diesel 23.2%

Green Car Congress

of total passenger car sales in the EU, almost doubling their market share in a year, according to data from the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA). of the car market. Diesel now holds a market share of 23.2%, down from 29.9%

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Spain invests €590 million into electric cars

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The Spanish government has pledged €590 million to promote and develop a market for electric cars. Tags: Electric cars electricity fund grant production Spain subsidy The fund includes incentives for electric car buyers of a 20 per cent subsidy up to the value of €6,000. Spanish Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero made the announcement yesterday as his government pledged to increase the number [.].

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Think Receives Pan-European Homologation Certificate for TH!NK EV; MOU for 550 Units to Spain

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Think signed an MOU for 550 units for Spain. NK city EVs to the Spanish market. NK city EV in all European markets. NK city EV was already fully homologated for many European markets through the previous country-by-country NTA national certification process. NK city EVs, five of the vehicles will be delivered to Spain this summer for a demonstration program. Click to enlarge.

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Siemens and FCC bid to become leaders in Spain’s EV market

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Technology specialists Siemens and infrastructure experts FCC have joined forces to develop and implement electric vehicles in Spain in a bid for the companies to become leaders in electric vehicles. Electric cars Latest news charging points FCC Siemens SpainSiemens will act as a technology partner and provide the technology related to charging systems and FCC will be in charge of building the charging [.].

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Passenger car registrations in Europe rise in September for the first time this year

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In September 2020, the EU passenger car market registered the first increase of the year, according to figures from the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA). The four largest markets, however, posted mixed results. Europe Market Background Sales

2020 242

ICCT: European cities driving diesel out of the market

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Diesel car registrations are down in Europe: March 2017 saw a 5-year low in France, Germany, Spain, and the UK, which together make up almost 60% of the European new car market. Dieselgate sparked this development and revealed national regulators’ failure to police the car market, but cities are now leading the charge against diesel cars. ICCT chart of diesel shares of new car registrations in France, Germany, Spain, and the UK.

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Mercedes-Benz Vans shows pickup truck concepts; market launch in late 2017; diesel V6

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Daimler AG will make investments in the high nine figures (euro) in the new model series by the time of the market launch. The key markets will be Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Australia with New Zealand, and Europe. Production for the European, Australian and South African markets will start at the Nissan plant in Barcelona, Spain, in 2017. Extensive market research studies conducted by Mercedes-Benz with potential customers in the target markets bear this out.

2016 206

Bultaco brand returning to market with electric two-wheelers

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A start-up is bringing the old Bultaco motorcycle brand back to the market with the planned launch of a line of electric two-wheelers. The new company unveiled the Rapitán and Rapitán Sport prototypes—close approximations to the Bultaco motorcycles that will be brought to market later in 2014. The original Bultaco, based in Spain, manufactured a line of two-stroke racing motorcycles from its founding in 1958 to its dissolution in 1983. The Bultaco Rapitán.

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European car market logs best year for alternative fueled vehicles, lowest diesel share since 2001

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The European car market remained stable during 2018, as 15.6 It was the best result since 2007, when the market peaked with 16.02 Strong results in Q2, where the market was up by 4.8%, and Q3, where the market was up by 1.1%, were enough to offset the large decline posted in Q4, where the market dropped by 7.5% Globally, Europe was the world’s third-largest car market behind China and the US. market share.

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Renault to manufacture electric car in Spain

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Though Renault may be a French manufacturer, it can boast a number of roots in Spain where it already produces the Megane Hatchback, the Megane Estate, the Modus and the Grand Modus. The company also hopes to produce its future electric vehicle in Spain as close as possible to the sales market in order to simplify logistics. Tags: Electric cars Latest news Renault Renault Twizy ZE Concept Spain Valladolid

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HyDeal Ambition to deliver green hydrogen across Europe at the price of fossil fuels; 3.6Mt green H2/year by 2030

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A phased approach is anticipated with first deliveries in Spain and the Southwest of France followed by an extension towards the East of France and then Germany. A series of projects and partnerships are currently being launched involving several of the 30 participants of HyDeal Ambition, with a first initiative expected within a year in Spain, based on a portfolio of solar sites with a capacity of close to 10 GW. Europe Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Market Background

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Tesla Model 3 Europe’s best-selling pure EV in February in its first full month on the market

Green Car Congress

The hotly anticipated car excelled during its first full month on the European market and became the best-selling BEV. Overall, the European car market registered its sixth consecutive month of decline in February 2019, as 1.14 The Swedish and Finnish markets also saw declines of 15% and 11%, respectively, as the two countries continued to struggle to come to grips with the introduction of WLTP.

2019 195

ACEA: EU commercial vehicle registrations: down 23.2% in Q1 2020; -47.3% in March

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Each vehicle segment was strongly affected by the fallout of the COVID-19 outbreak and all 27 EU markets recorded substantial declines last month. The strongest drops were posted by Italy (-66.1%), Spain (-64.4%) and France (-63.1%). and Spain saw a 67.2%

2020 235

European new car market continued to shrink in October

Green Car Congress

In October, the EU market of new passenger cars continued to shrink, although at a slightly slower pace than in the previous months, according to data released by the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA). While the German market remained quite stable (+0.5%), the UK expanded by 12.1%. France (-7.8%), Italy (-12.4%) and Spain (-21.7%) performed worse than in the same month a year ago.

2012 202

Renault gives away free Twizy EV (if you live in Spain)

Green Cars News

We almost can’t believe this next story, but Renault is giving a free Twizy with every Laguna or Espace model it sells in Spain. The newly-launched electric quadricycle is a tasty little tempter designed to help boost vehicle sales in Spain’s flagging car market. Unfortunately that means that Renault has already ruled out the possibility [.]. Renault Renault Twizy Twizy ZE

Spain 50

Euro Big 5 auto markets up 8.6% in April, SUVs continue to dominate; shift in segment shares

Green Car Congress

Led by strong growth in Spain and Italy, new car registrations in Europe’s Big 5 markets grew by 8.6% million, April produced further gains across the top five European markets with SUVs driving higher volume and counting for 24.4% Germany continued to lead the market, with volume up by 8.4% However, the largest growth figures were recorded in Italy and Spain, where April’s volumes grew by 12.3% market share at 116,400 units. market share (vs.

2016 150

JATO: European car registrations up 5.2% in November; SUVs post record market share

Green Car Congress

France, Spain and Germany, along with mid-sized markets including the Netherlands and Austria, experienced the biggest increases in volume for the month, off-setting a decline in the UK market where registrations were down 11.2%. of the market, an increase of 4.3 percentage points from a market share of 27.6% Latvia and Estonia held their positions as the European markets where SUVs are most popular, with market shares of 44.1%

2017 150

Diesel new vehicle market share in Europe in February dropped to 39.5%; SUVs still driving growth

Green Car Congress

The market share of diesel vehicles fell to 39.5% compared to the same month last year, meaning SUVs accounted for 33% of the total market in February. This growth can be attributed to key markets such as Germany, Spain and France, as well as five other markets (Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Estonia and Luxembourg), which posted double digit growth. However, the performances of these markets offset volume declines in 13 other European markets.

2018 174

Euro car market has best H1 of century; diesels down 17%; AFVs up 31% for 5.4% of total; SUVs booming

Green Car Congress

The European car market recorded its best H1 performance of the century, with 8.6 Despite uncertainty in the UK, where the market was down 6.3% on H1 2017, the growth recorded in Germany, France and Spain allowed the overall market to keep growing. It was certainly a good first half for the European market and this is due to the choice that consumers now have. They accounted for 56% of the total market in Norway, 13% in Finland and 11% in Sweden.

2018 207

Bosch overview of global diesel markets; optimistic about US, China

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In addition to the ongoing strength in the European market and India (the second-largest diesel market after Europe, Bosch sees potential strength in North America and China. Because diesel vehicles already account for a high share of the European market, opportunities for growth are correspondingly moderate. The European countries with the highest sales of diesel vehicles are Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK.

2013 218

ACEA: data show EU market for electric cars highly fragmented; need for inclusive measures

Green Car Congress

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has published new data demonstrating the correlation between the market uptake of electrically-chargeable vehicles (ECVs) and both GDP and customer incentives. ACEA’s new data shows that an ECV market share of above 1% only occurs in Western European countries with a GDP per capita of more than €30,000 (US$35,000). By contrast, almost half of all EU member states have an ECV market share of 0.5% Spain.

2017 150

Enel acquires eMotorWerks to provide grid balancing solutions and tap into US e-mobility market

Green Car Congress

The acquisition of eMotorWerks marks Enel’s entrance into the US electric mobility market. This acquisition further substantiates the implementation of Enel’s strategy to deliver, innovative customer-focused products and services to the market, such as smart charging, integration between electric vehicles and distributed generation resources, as well as grid balancing and V2G services. Enel S.p.A.,

2017 163

Why New Production Sources of Tungsten Are Critical for Increased Global Supply

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and global economies with businesses and manufacturers having to close doors and furlough employees, the global trade markets plummeted to an 11-year low of 41.5% China controls the market for nearly 35 precious minerals and metals that are important to the U.S.

SEAT manufacturing automated ventilators with adapted windshield wiper motors

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The SEAT Leon line at the Martorell, Spain, plant is producing automated ventilators to collaborate with the healthcare system in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Health Manufacturing Market Background Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 276

Refineries in the Americas produce a greater share of gasoline per barrel of crude oil than refineries in other world regions

Green Car Congress

OECD Europe: Austria; Belgium; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Switzerland; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Turkey; United Kingdom.

2020 242

JATO: new diesel car volume in Europe in October dropped 9.9%; 41.4% market share lowest in 10 years

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of the market—an increase in market share of 5.1 of the total market, the lowest market share for October in the last ten years. In contrast, alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) reported the second highest market share ever recorded in October 2017, with 66,000 electric and hybrid vehicles registered. of the market. New vehicle sales in Europe in October 2017 increased 5.6% year-on-year to 1,202,877 units, according to figures from JATO Dynamics.

2017 162